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Image by Austrian National Library


Honor the people who came before you by helping the people who came after you. 

Guy Kawasaki

We are launching the initiative to be grateful to women's self-sacrificing attitude. "We can do it" in memory of women living during the wars' epoch. These women have made an impact to the return back to peaceful life being soldiers, workers at factories, or family members rescuing their families through self-contribution of their own lives, health, habitual course of life, and sometimes losing all to go a long way for saving the life of family members, completely forgotten about own interests and needs. Within that initiative, we organize and maintain an infrastructure for women in distress. That shall make it possible to turn their life around regardless of the underlying cause changed this before to the worse. Whatever it takes can happen in your life, and nobody insured from hanging at the end of the rope. The probability of being alone in this period of your time is very high. No matter what and why happened with you and who you were. Any kind of domestic violence, loss of a job, health issues, death of family members that were taken hard, you were robbed, you became homeless - or any other sensitive situation when you alone, have nowhere to go, and nobody can help you. If you are in hot water and need to change something - we are here to help. We provide you with the infrastructure of living and working communities consisting of women like you that is sufficient to solve all your problems and reload your life to make it happy. We offer premises for living, medical help, legal support, financial aid, job, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics if you need them. You can stay in our centers until you feel that's all your problems are solved, you are ready to live stand-alone, and it's time to go. The project is launching. Follow us to get the news about the progress and upcoming roll-out.

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