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Take a Gamble on Your Business's Success with Business Tuning Atelier

Get ready to have fun while boosting your business! With the Business Playhouse, there’s no need to choose between play and work. Our tuning atelier offers a unique environment for individuals and teams to collaborate and get inspired. From freelancers to small businesses, our atelier is the ideal place to work in a motivating environment. Allow us to help you unlock your full potential.

Adult Games

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Get ready to revolutionize your business playing experience with Business Playhouse. As a resident of our Game business, you’ll have exclusive access to this remarkable feature that enables you to play in your business, not just work in it. Say goodbye to boring meetings and hello to a new way of thinking. Join us today and see your business soar!

Business gambling

Sometimes business can be a dull routine. Sometimes it can be a "trouble maker" getting you into a bad mood just from the early morning. When you run a toxic company, startup, or late-stage enterprise with many inherent problems - doing business for you is transforming from the pleasure of wealth and independence to chronic stress and the source of the headache. At the BOOST, you may not only solve many business problems and enhance your enterprise. We offer you to turn your business into the black chip and play, not work. How it becomes possible?


All your user sessions - no matter, do you interact with the Game or use our services - are hashing to ensure data protection, confidentiality, and security. At the same time, these transactions generate cryptocurrency. The more you use our products or services, spending your time interacting with them, proceed with business tasks by using them, or interact with a Game, the more you get cryptocurrency that can be convertible to the reserve currencies and gold. In parallel, this process creates cryptocurrency of the Game - the Unicoin. Unicoin is exchangeable for real money and gold. Уou can spend that on the products and services acquired inside the Game or selling by the Game residents. The more you interact with the Game for your business, the more cryptocurrency you get. 0,25% of all generated cryptocurrency is accumulated daily to the Prize fund. Play in Business Playhouse to win that. The sum is unlimited.

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Business Competitions

New way of life

Do the best business compared to your peers or competitors. Win in fair, competitive battle by creating and developing sustainable, profitable, transparent business in the Game's virtual universe. Use the privileged gain tool - our business tuning features for your company calling "tricks on track," to become #1 in business competition. Measure the benchmarks and compete fairly. Win the bona fide money being the best for your customers and the most efficient on the market. You can select your opponent for the PvP area or participate in the Team competition. The performance and scores are tracking automatically. If you don't break a bank, you don't fail anyhow. Fair competition is a great way to motivate your executives and employees to achieve better business results.

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Play Your Way to Business Success

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Maximize your business potential with our top-of-the-line business artifacts. Our atelier is dedicated to creating the most effective tools in the market to ensure your business success. Our artifacts serve as entrance tickets to the business playhouse, giving you full access to all the features you need to thrive.

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