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Kids for Kids

Protect kids from adults

Serial killers and criminals do not become. They are born. Society and family are the finger that pulls the trigger. A born genetic criminal may not realize a criminal career if he gets a happy childhood and the life that a person lives is primarily due to his genetics and heredity. The second factor that causes a poor quality of life and dissatisfaction with it in adulthood - all the so-called "complexes", bad habits, addictions, in a word, any that limit a person in development and creation - this is childhood. A person who had a happy, serene childhood will never become a serial criminal, never pick up a rifle and go shoot his classmates in the face. Our programs are aimed at changing the consciousness of society towards the perception of children and childhood, so that childhood memories for any adult would be only good.



They scoff at the most defenseless, and those who cannot stand up for themselves. Children are one of these vulnerable categories. We help single and confused teens and children who are bullied and bullied at school and home by peers, teachers, and often even parents for many reasons. By extending a helping hand to children, together we can resist bullying. No matter whom it comes from and in whatever form it's carried out. For teens who are bullied, we provide sports and academic scholarships at the most prestigious schools. In partnership with designated school boards, they will no longer be victims of peer violence, and will feel good about themselves. Physical and mental abuse of children prevents them from reaching their full potential and finding the path they want to take. Our "Kids for Kids" Initiative is dedicated to foster acceptance, unity, and kindness in sponsored anti-bullying projects.

"Kids for Kids": a project to help children and adolescents who are bullied. We firmly believe that humiliation and bullying are neither the norm nor an acceptable way of raising a child. We strive to help children who are victims of bullying with their education, counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation and create a non-traumatic environment that protects them from the recurrence of unpleasant situations. We're launching. Stay tuned to find out more.


The commission of serious and especially serious crimes by children is not a response to bullying and harassment in schools. No child can independently plan, organize, prepare, and execute the Columbine crime. In addition to weapons, and appropriate training, children who carry out mass executions require a certain psychological impact, including chemical genesis. The training of child soldiers is one of the activities of terrorist organizations. In addition to working to prevent bullying of children, wherever it occurs, the second important component is to prevent the involvement of children in organized crime and terrorist activities, including participation in terrorist attacks and serial massacres.

Domestic Violence

If born to kill is inherently a weapon of mass destruction, humiliating a child, suppressing his personality, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and harassment from outside including family members is the finger that pulls the trigger on such a weapon. Prevention of domestic violence, education of attitude towards the child as a full-fledged personality despite age, respectful attitude towards minors, absence of humiliation, insults, harassment, and other ways of psychological deformation of the personality, encouragement of the development of skills to form an independent choice of one's life path following desire, innate and the acquired abilities of the child - is the main way to prevent the transformation of a person from a carrier of potentially deadly genes for the surrounding genes of a serial killer, terrorist, thief, swindler into a real criminal. This program is designed to educate adults, not children, in the skills of a respectful attitude toward the personality of the child, and to create a working mechanism to support children who find themselves in families where parents prefer to raise a child with fists, insults, humiliation, corporal punishment, and other equally cruel ways of "educating obedience."

Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse crimes are latent. Those that are identified and reach justice are, as a rule, especially grave crimes, with atrocities, when an already mutilated, mutilated corpse of a child is presented as weighty evidence. A direct consequence of a disrespectful attitude towards the child's personality and the perception of a minor as someone like a domestic ferret is distrust of the words and complaints of the child, the cultivation of a child's feelings of guilt, and low self-esteem. As a result, in a situation of sexual harassment, rape, and other ways of involving a minor in sexual relations, trust will primarily be in the elders - parents, priests, teachers, and other adults. The child will be silent to the last, out of shame, guilt, or fear that he will be punished for the crime against him. Also, children do not report acts of sexual crimes because they do not understand and do not know what is happening, because they do not receive appropriate information about such situations and about the actions that need to be taken in such a situation. This program is primarily designed to raise children's awareness of what sexual offenses against minors are, why they occur, how to recognize potentially harmful activities or people in a child's social environment, and what to do in such situations. It is also designed for appropriate changes in the mechanisms of juvenile justice, allowing protection of the rights of the child in crimes against the person, including those on sexual grounds.


Life that adult life is determined by how others treated him in childhood. These are parents, and teachers, members of his family, peers, those around him. Adults are very fond of cultivating self-respect, but they rarely treat a child with respect. This is easy to see when addressing a child - it is always on "you". Even pets often have more rights than a child. Therefore, family relations and education are not based on mutual respect, but on the primacy of parents, and the cultivation of the uncontested correctness of their opinion and behavior, which, as you know, is far from being the case. The child is given the role of a creature that must always agree with the opinion of the parents, even when the parents, as we know from the reports of criminal news, having raped their own child, give him the command to jump out of the window of the 8th floor of the house. This program is focused on promoting the value of the child's personality and fostering a respectful attitude towards the child from both parents and society, as well as a conscious attitude of the child to adult teams, including their own parents. Our task is to educate a child in critical thinking, allowing him, with all his love for his parents, not to blindly follow the insane commands of his parents and any other adults just because they are older.

Happy Childhood

All our projects are aimed at creating a happy childhood in children, an atmosphere of serenity and happiness, in which fertile ground appears for educating a child with the right values, critical thinking, and conscious independent choice. In addition to business projects, the "Happy Childhood" project is focused on changing the attitude of society towards the role of the child's personality and attitudes towards the child's childhood, as the main factor in the formation of personality, which determines how a person will live his life. The life and career of an adult is dominated by two factors - genetics and childhood. And if the first child cannot change, the second is something that can either neutralize all the negative aspects of genetics, or vice versa, start these processes. Our task, through our business and all initiatives, including social and charitable ones, is to make sure that every adult can honestly say that he had a happy childhood. Happy children mean a happy future in the literal sense.

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