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At HASHEIGHT, we are dedicated to creating products that are inclusive of everyone. Our Switch On division is focused on utilizing the latest technology to develop products that cater to people with disabilities. We believe that everyone deserves to have equal access to the same technology that the rest of the world uses, and we are making it our mission to bridge that gap. We are proud to be part of the movement to create a more empathetic, inclusive world.


Accessible digital world

When technology is designed with inclusivity in mind, it can be a powerful tool for empowerment. At HASHEIGHT, we know this first-hand thanks to our Switch On program. Using our immersive technology and methodology, we can provide individuals who are deaf-blind-dumb with an accessible and engaging way to learn, explore and have fun. Our approach is built around the unique challenges this community faces, and the result is a technology that can help break down barriers and open up new possibilities for communication and growth.

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  • VK


HASHEIGHT develops products and services to create an inclusive, friendly, supportive environment for daily life, education, personal development, travel, and leisure for blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, deaf people, and people with other types of disabilities limited them in their daily life experience. The Game itself, among other things, targeting the development of neuronet connection between people. We create products that improve the quality of their life and eliminate boundaries. "SWITCH ON" stream combines projects and initiatives developing and enforcing in-born capabilities of neuro communication. That makes it possible to include all people without exception in the broadest communication network. We create tools and instruments to train people suffering lack of core senses on how to train neuro communication and be switched on.

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