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Neurophysiology, biology of human behavior, biophysics, psychiatry, neurochemistry, quantum mechanics, quantum biology, economics, criminology, law, artificial intelligence, neural networks, information technology, consumer electronics, medical equipment

UP & RIGHT. HIRO Neuronet Connector. Connecting people with no devices. The Game Artifact and a freemium HIRO game. The HIRO is part of the Game artifact family.

Like many species, a human can communicate with another using the human in-born brain and body capabilities to generate, detect, recognize electromagnetic brain waves and sound of a frequency that isn't recognizable by a human ear. Even though these "communicating devices" are invisible, a human can communicate using them. This capability applies not only to the communication among humans. A human can communicate with other biologically diverse species and detect the electromagnetic waves generating by the other objects of wild-life and inanimate nature.

The role of the Hiro.

The HIRO is a tuning fork guiding the human to catch the wave of other objects, to handle that, and recognize the message. HIRO interacts with the user through visual, tactile, audio patterns that stimulate specific cognitive activity. That impacts the frontal cortex, ventral tegmental area, limbic system, reward system, inducing the reverse chain reaction in the brain neurochemistry, and stimulates the production and transmission of biochemical substances drove by the changes in the brain biophysics.

The HIRO demonstrates samples guiding a user to the targeted "up and right" segment marking the desired behavioral outcome and creates the settled behavioral patterns through conditioning.

As a result of the changes in cognitive activity, the human brain changes its electromagnetic potential, the frequency of the waves, becomes capable to detect the waves of other people, recognize the transferring information, and communicate through it. By neuroscience processes of the human body, a human can recognize the infrasonic producing by other species and manage both types of non-verbal connection. Use that to learn how to set up the connection and communicate in the same way as you practiced to go, sit, eat, or swim when you were a child. The expected secondary effect of the HIRO is its ability to normalize the biology of human behavior. That results in deliverance from addictions, elimination of criminal behavior, dysfunctional aggression, and debauchery in daily life.

The side effect of the HIRO is the reverse chain reaction of the internal systems of the human organism to the changes in the neurochemistry of the brain and body. The HIRO can provoke changes in brain neurochemistry, and normalize it by non-invasive biophysical processes. That can make it possible to use Hiro to treat schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, psychoses, and epilepsy. Until the completion of clinical studies, the effect shouldn't be considered guaranteed. We are working on scientifically proof of the side effects. Now the HIRO is preparing for clinical studies at the University of Oxford and several USA clinics.


Artificial intelligence, automation of management process, electronics, AR/VR solutions for business

BUSINESS TUNING ARTIFACT FOR SMEs. #8 plug & play business tracker, providing access to the sharing economy and business playhouse. Revolutionary AR business product for small and medium businesses. The Game’s artifact and freemium mobile application together delivering real-time financial reporting, render automated turnaround and automated advisory services to guide your business to achieve desired financial and strategic outcome, and track your performance on this route to ensure the arrival to the expected destination.



Artificial intelligence, automation of management process, electronics, AR/VR solutions for business

HANDS-FREE MANAGEMENT. Crystal Ball is the business artifact, a revolutionary AR product dedicated to automated management and automated turnaround of large late-stage companies. The artifact provides access to the Crystal Ball Planet inside the Game. Being a part of the Game artifact family, it works as your ticket pass to the BOOST shared services & business playhouse. The Game is the inclusive massively multiplayer online game with the circular shared economy that had gradually evolved into the globally networked virtual reality most of humanity will use daily.



Artificial intelligence, automation of public administration, electronics, AR/VR solutions for public sector

SUPREME POWER. The Pink Sapphire is an AR product specially designed for public sector to manage wealth of a nation, control country's performance, and manage public administration in the game form. Plug & play AR device to ensure 24/7 user immersion. Working tool for the Game government. Part of the Game artifact family.



Artificial intelligence & data processing, data mining, antifraud, law enforcement, defense, public administration

Hybrid Extract-Transform-Load data analysis module has been developed for heterogeneous data environment processing Big Data. HETL provides an opportunity to execute data extraction from data warehouse without participation of company's personnel and expensive integration. HETL is inside all HASHEIGHT B2B products.


Artificial intelligence & data processing, data mining, antifraud, law enforcement, defense, public administration

SEEING BIG. Smartlinks is a technology to extract data from supermassive disintegrated heterogeneous information environments. Smartlinks synthesizes available analytical data using the deduction method to identify significant phenomena, situations, and events staying behind the chain of small-scale and unrelated facts, as that seems to be at first glimpse. Smartlinks allows you to see a large significant event, which is difficult to notice when analyzing low-level data, even if in large quantities.

Application area:

  • modeling and forecasting complex economic and political phenomena and processes

  • automation of management processes for complex economics and organizational structures

  • identification of fraudulent activities, primarily white-collar crimes in organizations of various forms of ownership, which standard control methods or standard checks can't detect

  • cybercrime, cybersecurity, cybercrime investigation

  • automation of consulting

  • automation of business valuation, valuation of other types of complex objects of economic activity

  • identification and elimination of discrepancies (normalization of data and synchronization of reference books) between databases, reference books, data warehouses in complex, heterogeneous, disintegrated environments

  • crimes detection and investigation

  • defense and national security.

Smartilinks is the methodology combined with various hardware and software products.

Where is Smartlinks applied. All HASHEIGHT products contain Smartlinks inside: business artifacts (including Pink Sapphire for the public sector), automated consulting module, automated turnaround module for Turnaround Guide, integrated anti-fraud at Ultra Antifraud, HIRO artifact, cybersecurity system in the HASHEIGHT Game. Smartlinks is built in all HASHEIGHT artifacts as a boxed pre-installed solution with a different scope of functionality.