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Innovation is the cornerstone of everything I do. Creating inventions in human augmentation, criminalistics, biotech, organizational behavior, and general management was a direct consequence of years of hard work and dedication. I think that technology can assist us in achieving our goals, whether it's improving human performance or increasing workplace productivity. I am grateful for your visit to my inventions page and hope it inspires and provokes thought. If you have any inquiries or are interested in collaborating on a project, don't hesitate to contact me.

Neuronet Connector

The Hiro Neuronet Connector is an amazing artifact that allows people to connect without using any devices. This technology harnesses the innate human capabilities of electromagnetism and the physiology of the brain and body, making it possible to connect with others in a new and exciting way. Visit the website of the Hiro to learn more about this incredible invention that is changing the way we connect.

Plug-and-play Business Tracker

#8 is a one-of-a-kind AR business product that enables small and medium businesses to achieve new levels of yield and prosperity. I am thrilled to introduce this revolutionary product to you as a member of the hereditary military aristocracy of royal descent. With our plug-and-play business tracker, you can gain full access to the sharing economy and business playhouse. By using our cutting-edge AR technology, you can track all your business activities efficiently and effectively. To learn more about how #8 can benefit your business and assist you in achieving your goals, contact us today.

Crystal Ball

Late-staged Turnaround

The challenge of revitalizing a large-scale, mature company can be daunting, but this business artifact will guide you through each step of the way. Countless companies have experienced prosperity and growth in their turnaround journey thanks to the proven methodology. Don't wait any longer to steer your company towards a brighter future - contact us today!

Pink Sapphire

Wealth of Nation

The Pink Sapphire is an innovative tool that aims to streamline state-owned organizations' processes, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. This groundbreaking artifact of augmented reality is only available to select clients, making it an exclusive and sought-after resource.


Smartlinks allows a range of criminalistic cybernetics products that have been designed to aid in the investigation of serial aggravated crimes. From DNA analysis to identification of serial crimes, the Smartlinks product family has been designed to provide you with the most advanced tools essential to sort out complicated homicide cases. I would be happy to discuss how my products can help you in your investigations.

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