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Holy Bitch Diary: August 19th, 2023

📖 Holy Bitch Dairy

🦈 August 19, 2023.

Among the many details of my life, a variety of "friends" also missed the fact that my

grandfather is an FSB colonel. I want to share one professional tale about it. He told me such a story. He had material in one case, but lacked a written explanation of the person against whom the material was collected and against whom a criminal case was to be initiated. And on a formal basis, there should be an written statement of future prosecuted. Grandpa solved the problem masterfully. He called this dude, the future convicted criminal, and said: "Hey, friend, listen, a bitch Raevskaya-Repnina wrote a statement on you, that's a scoundrel! Will you come in, can you tell me?" Well, the man certainly says indignantly: "Oh, she's such a bitch, well, I'll show her. When and where to come?" And so, burning with righteous anger, this deer comes to the FSB to my grandfather, and with a pull, on several sheets writes a written explanation, which my grandfather lacked to initiate criminal proceedings against the most indignant deer himself. The morality of this fable will easily reach Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna and Ramazanova Asiya Kuanyshevna, and others, who with detraction in different police departments at the places where they performed their feats, where they claimed, wrote their declarations about what a bitch I am with a mental disorder. Write more, girls! Let's laugh together.

However today, as my diary, I give with small exceptions the text of the explanations that I had to send to the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. That's exactly where the main criminal cases are. I deliberately do not correct the text, and attach documents with the seizures of only personal data.

Just in case: there are a number of criminal cases initiated by the investigative authorities in Russia and outside. I do not reference here their complete list intentionally. However, I have to notice that participation in the described crimes of Police Dept employees is a subject for investigation as well. The criminal cases themselves, which are in discussion, do not belong to the district police departments accountability, since the main compositions are "slaughter" Article 277 and Chapter 34 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The difference between articles 105 and 277 is privileged composition, maximum sentence is life imprisonment. The 2008 episode in GKB 31 and clinics Mother and Child is qualified as fetal violence, according to the laws of the state of New York, USA (the crime falls there to jurisdiction and investigation accountability), it is punishable by the death penalty. In fact, other qualifications and other investigative bodies have allowed criminals to remain in the dark for so long that there are some criminal cases somewhere. For sure, they are. A whole bunch of hellish pleasures for everyone from "friends and family."

The text of witness statements is available below.

Documents - scanned copies of contracts related to my apartments - are available on Pinterest on the "Housing Issue" table.

👩‍💻Link is here:

🦈The statement:

Investigation Department

Head of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Colonel-General of Justice Lebedev S.N.

Raevskaya-Repnina Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna

In addition to the applications I have previously submitted, I ask you to initiate a criminal case against [****] and other persons, including those referred to me in my previously submitted statements on the facts set out below in this statement because these persons jointly and in an organized way executed a series of crimes against me in purpose of:

- operational seizure of my property in order to make it impossible for me to dispose of it and to simulate the acceptance of property after my death

- organization and execution of activities for the onset of my death imitating natural death or death from an accident

- preparation for imitating the entry into the rights to my property (falsification of documents, destruction of traces of my existence - photos, documents, samples of signatures, anthropological data, photos and profiles in social networks, my stable contacts - so that there are no people who can identify me).

At the moment (since March 16, 2023) I live in an apartment located at the address Samara, Maslennikov Avenue, 16, apartment 13. The rights of my testators are directly associated with this apartment: Irina Romanovna Shumilova, Mikhail Nikolaevich Shumilov, Elena Yakovlevna Kuznetsova, and my father Sergei Mikhailovich Shumilov. Since these persons did not have other legal heirs of the first stage who are entitled to their inheritance, and I am their only living descendant who is in biological and legal kinship with them, the onset of my death in this apartment will allow criminals to seize the inheritance rights of all five of us.

In this apartment, besides me, lives Shumilov Sergey Mikhailovich (Shumilov S.M.-2), who introduces himself as my father. However, this man is not my father. He has no external resemblance to my father, has no resemblance in behaviour, lexicon, everyday and eating habits, does not own information about me and my family, and does not treat me as my father treated me. According to his words, this man got into the apartment with his passport. The passport was issued by the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Samara on the name of Sergey Mikhailovich Shumilov, a native of Kuibyshev, date of birth August 04, 1955.

The passport contains a stamp on the registration of this person in the specified apartment on Maslennikov Avenue, house 16, apartment 13. This man has no other documents confirming his relationship with me and my testators.

My father, Sergey Mikhailovich Shumilov, was previously registered in the apartment, born on August 04, 1955, the place of birth is the city of [****]. I have the original my father's birth certificate in my hands. In November 2022, I applied to the MFC in Donskoy district to provide me with information about the information entered about my parents in my registry office. In response to my requests, I was refused to provide documents due to the fact that I am not authorized to receive information about living parents (as directly follows from the text of my statements, in November 2022 my parents were not alive, and this was directly followed from the documents available at the registry office, as set out below).

An employee of the MFC in the Donskoy district Voronkova, who received my statements, said that the information about who was recorded as my parents is secret, and I cannot get it, moreover - according to Voronkova, I do not need to know this information at all, since the employee of the MFC Voronkova believes that there is no any meaning who are my parents. When conducting an inspection at my application, please check Mrs. Voronkova, who presented these theses to me, to inspect her beliefs more carefully, including in terms of kinship with a certain Alexander Voronkov (the application was submitted by me to the Department of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District and the Department of Emergency Department of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Moscow in relation to Kachalkov, Voronkov, the organization Center (Stroy) Invest).

During further visits to the Donskoy MFC, I managed informally (since I was not given official answers on paper) to find out that in the registry office databases the information specified in my father's original birth certificate was changed. In this regard, it was impossible to find this act record in the registry office database. The modification was made as follows: an extra letter "A" was added to the surname of my grandmother Shumilova I.R., my grandfather Shumilov M.N., and their son - my father Shumilov S.M. Thus, my whole family turned into Shaumilovs by father. Again - informally - I managed to find out that the information contained in this certificate was entered into the databases of the registry office of the Samara district of Samara. In response to my request to provide an official answer on paper, MFC employees (31.12.2022) answered me that they could not give me an answer on paper, since such answers are not given by the registry office, and I may be offered just to call the registry office (ZAGS) together to hear how they will read out loud on the phone Information about my parents, contained in my birth records.

I rediscovered the surname Shaumilov and its derivatives in April-May 2023. In the specified apartment on Maslennikov Avenue, 16, apt. 13, who lives in it under the guise of my father Shumilov S.M.-2 handed over to me briefcases with documents as my dad's documents. They found a passport with a photo of my father, issued with the surname Choumilov. My father went to Germany in 1993. Due to the destruction of almost all of his photos, I do not know exactly the date of his murder and loss, and I can only restore the approximate time intervals in which the murder could have occurred according to the chronology of events. So the presence of such a passport means that according to official data, my father Shumilov Sergey Mikhailovich, a native of the city of [****] from Russia, never went to any Germany and anywhere at all, and he never went to Germany, Turkey and Israel at all.

The second intersection of the episode of falsification of information in the registry offices in relation to me, was my marriage to Andreev E.V., modification of the surname of my father and his parents - became at the same place of falsification of records, this is the Samara registry office again (Samarsky ZAGS).

In November 2019, after the robbery on me on 11/18/2019 in my house in the cottage village of Opushkino in Istra, I contacted the Istra registry office (Istrinsky ZAGS) to synchronize the information contained in my personal documents and the records of the registry office due to the fact that my place of birth was incorrectly indicated everywhere. I asked that I be given a re-birth certificate of my birth, a divorce certificate, a marriage certificate, a certificate of change of name with an indication of my correctly written place of birth: the city of Kuibyshev, Kuibyshev region, RSFSR. Duplicates of documents in Samara, and changes in the act records, were drawn up by the Istra registry office of the Moscow region, Samara and Oktyabrsky registry offices of the city of Samara. The circumstances of the "registration" are set out in detail in the statement I attached. As a result of the joint creativity of these registry offices (the degree of guilt in accordance with the contribution of all participants should be determined by the investigation), I was given:

- a second birth certificate indicating the place of my birth, the city of Kuibyshev, Kuibyshev region of the RSFSR, which did not contain information about the place of birth of my parents. The content of the act record of my birth made in the electronic databases of the registry office was not provided to me (it is the most important record - zit contains the information about who my parents are). According to the Yermokhina, head of the Istra registry office and her subordinate, who processed the documents, this information (information about the surname, first name, patronymic of my parents, date and place of birth) is an official secret that I should not know. After several meetings, I was waved in front of my nose with a piece of paper allegedly sent by the Samara registry office, in which I was given to read only a part with information about me very quickly and from afar. According to Yermokhina and her subordinate, information about the place of birth of parents is not indicated in the records of

the registry office, and the birth records of me and my former "husband" Andreeva E.V. indicate the same place of birth: the city of Kuibyshev. The same place of birth - the city of Kuibyshev - is recorded as the place of birth in the passport of the person living in the apartment at Maslennikov Avenue 16, apartment 13 under the name of my father Shumilov S.M.-2. However, none of my personal documents ever included the place of birth specified as the city of Kuibyshev. Moreover, the acts of the birth of me and Andreev E.V. were made in different registry offices within the same city with a difference of 4 years, while the same mistakes were made in the records. Consequently, these "errors" are not errors, but the same intentional modification of the registry office record.

This modification can serve two purposes:

- creation of falsification to prove kinship towards me as the "father" of Shumilov S.M.-2, a native of the city of Kuibyshev (in the absence of other documents, the same place of birth can be interpreted as proof of kinship)

- impersonation of another person.

The number of settlements with the names Kuibyshev and Samara, and whether they differ from them by one letter, is much larger than one. These are several dozen settlements not only in different regions and republics of the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS and far abroad.

How can such inconsistencies and "errors" (from the point of view of an uninformed person) be technically applied in real life?

Let's look at an example of my father's murder. How did outsider oligophrene Shumilov S.M.-2 materialize in someone else's apartment? In the wake of the documents and facts that I have, as doctors say, anemnestically, the replacement of my father with foreign oligophrene happened technically.

In a long-suffering apartment on Maslennikov Avenue, house 16, apartment 13, my father died suddenly. Death was presumably unnatural.

After the onset of death at my father, or directly in front of it, Shumilov S.M.-2 arrived in this apartment (a native of the city of Kuibyshev with a passport, which he demonstrates as the basis of settlement and kinship with me). Therefore, someone gave him the keys to the apartment and a passport with a residence permit in this apartment. My father, Shumilova V.S.-2, Petrova Marina Ivanovna, and two her kids had the keys to the apartment since 2003. The passport presented by Shumilov S.M.-2 raises great doubts about its authenticity, since the photo shows obvious traces of editing (hair cover, no ears, facial features are blurred, the photo is bleached with artificial chiaroscuro). Thus, either the entire passport is fake, or it has a fake photo or a fake stamp of residence in the specified apartment. Shumilov S.M.-2 considers this document as the main basis for living in the specified apartment, and the passport is with him 24 hours a day. Consequently, its loss entails the impossibility of its restoration legally. Shumilov S.M.-2 keeps his passport in a bag that he hangs over his shoulder, and he can't leave the apartment without it. I want to hope that the passport is fake, because otherwise the issue of criminal prosecution of employees of the passport office of the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs of the city should be resolved. Samara, which issued a passport to a person as my father, only the person in the photo and his place of birth do not correspond to the photo of my father (external appearance) and my father's place of birth, but in the passport there is a stamp of registration in the apartment where my father was registered.

In addition to the passport of unknown origin issued to Shumilov S.M.-2, in which an unknown way stamped the registration in the apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16, apartment 13, as grounds for living in the specified apartment Shumilov S.M.-2 used a set of court documents (decision and definitions), the authenticity and fact of real issuance I did not manage to challenge which I legally, presumably due to the fact that such court decisions have never actually been made, or at least had a different form. Thus, according to the text of the

decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Samara of May 20, 2003, the court considered a claim for recognition of the right to this non-privatized apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13 behind Shumilova V.S. and Shumilova T.V. By a court decision, they were denied recognition of the right (without specifying what right specifically) to this non- privatized apartment, and the same court decision somebody with the name "Shumilov S.M." has been universed in the specified apartment. The text of the decision does not specify the personal data of any of the parties and participants, allowing them to reliably and accurately identify their identity. Such a court decision will work for the benefit of the one in whose hands it is. At the time of my arrival at the apartment, it was Shumilov S.M.-2. According to the text of the decision, it is indicated that I was at a court session (this is not true), that I testified in favor of T.V. Shumilova and V.S. Shumilova (this is not true), information about my place of residence is not corresponding to the actual circumstances, information about my marriage and divorce from Andreev E.V. is mentioned many times. Even further, the case goes in the rulings of the Samara Regional Court, the texts of which are also replete with detailed descriptions of events that have never happened, and in particular - one of the definitions considers the casation appeal allegedly "filed" by me (I did this never), in which I personally renounce the right to privatize this apartment because I have a place to live. Thus, all court decisions are essentially a prejudition for moving into the apartment of Shumilov S.M.-2, a denial of me the right to privatize this apartment, as well as a prejudition for the presence of a real marriage with Andreev E.V.

I note that the text of the decisions is a subject to a brisk discussion (including with my personal participation) of the details of my biography and addresses of residence, but in 20 years since the date of the decisions, none of them has ever been sent to me, and I have not been to any meeting. Facts that:

- The Oktyabrsky District Court did not provide me with any response regarding the confirmation of the existence of such proceedings in principle

- Rosreestr unhinderedly registered the transfer of ownership of the specified apartment in the name of V.S. Shumilova (who was denied this right by the court)

- [***],

Together confirm my version that such a case has never been considered by the Oktyabrsky District Court.

The court decisions themselves, and the documents on the basis of which the privatization of this apartment was formalized in the name of V.S. Shumilova, in addition to obvious discrepancies and traces of falsifications, are invalid documents that serve one purpose of obtaining operational control over this apartment:

- inhabitings in it Shumilova S.M.-2

- nominal ownership of the apartment Shumilova V.S.-2.

Both persons, Shumilov S.M.-2, Shumilova V.S.-2, have encumbrances in favor of banks of PJSC VTB and PJSC Sberbank.

Thus, the package of invalid documents plus off-balance sheet debt (the apartment is free of encumbrances, and the debt is a personal debt of Shumilov S.M.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2) allowed both banks to instantly re-register ownership of this apartment in their own name at any time.

Supposing the above, this became possible with the help of the simplest things:

- incomplete indication of personal data of the subject of legal relations in official documents, which allows namesakes to use other people's documents and property

- falsification of information in the registry office records and databases (which allows any person to claim kinship only in case of partial overlapping of personal data

- falsification of personal documents (indication of knowingly incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information, falsification of photos, including on the Internet)

- encumbrance of the object with unregistered obligations issued to nominal holders of operational control (Shumilov S.M.-2, Shumilova V.S.-2).

Obtaining control over the apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13 was required for extrajudicial acceptance of the inheritance by taking the ideal real estate object from the point of view of legal quality - the place of opening the inheritance for 3 family members (Shumilova S.M., Shumilova I.R., Shumilova M.N.), the object of heritage for Kuznetsova E.Ya.

The possession was required to extinguish the inheritance rights associated with this object. In fact, having taken possession of this apartment and making it the only formally registered object of property for these persons, the criminals created for me the impossibility of entering into inheritance rights out of court, since other objects of property of these persons had previously also dropped out of their and my control [****].

Thus, the criminals consolidated in this apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13 hereditary rights of 4 heirs of the dynasty (Shumilova I.R., Shumilov M.N., Kuznetsova E.Ya., Shumilov S.M.), and I am their only legal heiress of the first line. With which it is extinguished by destroying or transferring this property to third parties (like the "parents" themselves from the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group) in order to make it inaccessible to the rights of the heirs of the next queues, if any.

After my arrival in March 2023 at an apartment in Samara for about the first month and a half, the situation was calm. Around the beginning of May, both dogs fell ill, the clinical symptoms were unusual, but identical to those I used to see in dogs and in my apartments in Moscow

- apartment 13 in building 19 on Bakinskaya St. (owned by Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.- 2)

- apartment 12 in the house 2/1 k.3 on Malaya Tulskaya St. (I was evicted to the apartment by Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2, the apartment was handed over to me by Fomina S.Yu. together with Galushko A.)

- apartment 36 in the house 24 on Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St. (I was evicted to the apartment by Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2, provided an apartment for the residence of Ramazanova A.K., who was in contact with Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2)

- apartment 196 in the house 64/2 on Leninsky Prospekt in the city of Moscow acquired by me because I was suddenly asked to move out of a rented apartment in Moscow by O.V. Shashkina (about 2.5 months after moving, I had acute poisoning in the apartment, after the completion of which about a month later Shashkina asked me to move out. Stated in the Department of Internal Affairs for YuZAO, OMVD in the Kotlovka district).

- a house in the cottage village of Opushkino in Istra, where I was also forced to move in 2016 (episode with NP Bunkovo)

- apartment 13 in house 16 on Maslennikova Avenue in July 2003 (this was the only housing available to me where I was forced to move, as I was kicked out of the house Andreev E.V. By this time, my apartment on Novo-Sadovaya St., 25 apt. 108 was already under the control of Shumilova T.V.-2, I had no keys or documents. The fact of the actual execution of T.V.-2 Shumilova's transaction with Kaplan B.M. seems doubtful to me due to the specific execution of documents - the transaction is also formalized by invalid documents that do not allow it to accurately identify its parties, therefore, any namesakes can become parties to the transaction at any time. The apartment has not been renovated in 20 years, and as far as I could see it from the outside, is in the same condition. It is unlikely that people who bought an apartment for 20 years have not even made cosmetic repairs in it. Therefore, the apartment was bought not for living, but for investment. However, if the apartment were a real investment, the contract and transaction documents would have been issued with valid documents. Obviously, a reasonable investor would take care of the safety of his investments. As follows from the text of the contract and the condition of the apartment, Kaplan Boris Mironovich was either a very unreasonable investor or a poor tenant, which refutes the legend of the millions he earned in

Tyumen (Tyumen is also associated with those previously declared in the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow by me episodes against Mitrofanov P.P., Strizhkov F. V. and Kushnikov V.V.., All of them are directly related to the bank PJSC VTB and M.S. Gutseriev.). In July 2003, an apartment on Ave. Maslennikova 16 apt.13 I was forced to move by Andreev E.V. and Shumilova T.V.-2 because the keys and documents from other apartments where I was the owner were with Shumilova T.V.-2 (my apartment 108 in Samara on Novo-Sadovaya St., 25, and the apartment where I participated in privatization - Samara, Lenin Avenue, 16, apt. 10. As follows from the above-mentioned court decisions handed over to me by Shumilov S.M.-2, in July 2003 Shumilova T.V. -2 applies to the court to postpone the execution of the decision to evict her and Shumilova V.S.-2 from the apartment on Ave. Maslennikova house 16 apartment 13 on the grounds that she has nowhere to move, as the apartment installed by her by the court for living - the city of Samara Lenin Avenue house 16 apartment 10 - were occupied by me (!), where I live and where I moved after divorcing my husband (!). However: I didn't have a divorce from my husband in July 2003. Secondly, at the time of filing an application to the court (July 2003) that she had nowhere to go, Shumilova T.V.-2 together with Shumilova V.S.-2 were already living in another apartment, at the address Samara, Volzhsky Prospekt, 39, apartment 29. Thirdly, in July 2003, in an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue 16, apartment 13, I lived with my Dalmatian dog named Mirek. After Shumilova T.V.-2 left the apartment together with Shumilova V.S.-2 (a few weeks before that we lived together in June 2003), Mirek began to get sick, covered with stains and ulcers in the same way as my dogs were covered in other apartments, he also developed acute cystitis, and his hind legs refused

It's pure magic - when 10 different dogs get sick and die the same way at 7 different addresses at different times. The only thing that united these episodes was the symptoms of the disease (I set them out in a request to the MBA named after Scriabin and in statements about the alleged poisoning of me and my dogs at the same time). As follows from the above, in the same way my dogs were sick and died in the apartments of Fomina and Ramazanova, as well as in 2023 from May in apartment 13 on Maslennikov Avenue house 16, where in addition to me and dogs Shumilov S.M.-2 lives, and the apartment was re-registered to Shumilova V.S.-2.

Without exception, all episodes of poisoning, illness and death of my dogs are united by one thing: the availability of access to the apartment where I and my dogs lived Shumilova T.V.-2. The only exception was Fomina's apartment, as I had no direct evidence of communication. However, in correspondence with me in March 2023, Shumilova T.V.-2 wrote me several messages, from which it directly followed that she was in contact with Fomina. Also in Fomina's apartment, I found traces of the presence of strangers, identical to those that I observed in Ramazanova's apartment, and which were opened in the apartment on Bakinskaya boldly performed by Shumilova V.S.-2. Thus, I have reason to assume that poisoning of me and my dogs is carried out in relation to me directly by Shumilova T.V.-2 herself, or by other persons, but at her request, and by drugs provided for poisoning by Shumilova T.V.-2. Consequently, the process of my murder on the territory of the right apartment (real estate object), which would become the place of opening my inheritance, was led directly by T.V.-2 Shumilova, whose role as a role as a technical organizer, since her intellectual level does not allow me to claim that she is able to independently plan and organize such a technically complex crime.

Thus, after my arrival in March 2023 at the apartment at the address of Samara Ave. Maslennikov house 16, apt. 13, in about one and a half to two months with me and mine dogs began to reappear unusual clinical symptoms observed by me before, and the combination of which together did not allow me to correlate their onset with any objective traditional external causes (disease, trauma, infection) and which were not cured by any traditional means for use in such cases, but passed from the means used to treat chemical burns that I used completely accidentally. Around the same period of time in May 2023, I visited the library, and among other

books I was flipping through books on military toxicology. The symptoms of lesion described in them seemed to me similar to those that occurred to me and my Dogs. Then I dug into the Internet, and immediately on the Wikipedia page I found an accurate description of the symptoms of exposure to mustard gas microdoses, which coincided in detail with the clinical symptoms in my dogs. Having studied the issue more substantively, I found that Samara is unique in that on the territory of the Samara region and Samara proper, just in the area where apartment 13 is located in house 16 on Maslennikov Avenue, there are uncontrolled mustard gas burials in industrial quantities. Needle in microdoses (!) is an ideal way to kill, since it is easily synthesized even in a home laboratory, leaves no traces, and has a very specific clinical picture of exposure, which is easy to confuse with other diseases. The only differentiating signs that allow you to reliably identify the poisoning with mustardium gas microdoses will be changes in the clinical picture of blood (which were observed in my dogs) combined with the disappearance of symptoms of lesion when using chemical protection and the treatment of skin lesions as burns, rather than purulent infections. I did not have money for expensive tests to determine exactly what was the source of the substance from which I and my dogs had symptoms of lesion similar to those described as a result of exposure to the microdose mustard gas. Therefore, gradually observing the reaction of me and my dogs to interaction with certain things and premises in the apartment (enhance or disappearance of symptoms), I found that:

- acute clinical symptoms described as symptoms of exposure to mustard gas, appeared in me and dogs after being in close proximity to the financial and economic documentation I brought from Moscow, which was immediately before that in Fomina's apartment, several suitcases of documents, from contact with which I experienced carving and burning in the lungs and nose, also I and the dogs had abundant course of pus from the eyes, nose, lungs, boils and ulcers, cough

- After contact with the floor (lying on the floor), dogs had ulcers, boils, conjunctivitis, cough, rash

- After I removed the documents as far as possible, put them in sealed bags, bags to somehow reduce the level of exposure, and began to be with a constantly open window (ventilation), the symptoms have significantly weakened. Then I moved the dogs to the couch and forbade them to sleep on the floor. As a result, the well-being of animals has improved, and I thought that all sources of poisoning have been found, and therefore the problem has been solved.

However, after a week and a half of a comfortable existence on the couch and away from documents, dogs again began to have ulcers on their legs, pus from the nose and eyes, acute cystitis. I washed everything that was in the access area close to us, our window did not close, after which I found that the sofa on which we actually lived with the dogs, as well as the space behind the sofa and under the sofa was covered with some yellow substance, from the inhalation of vapors of which I began to cut and burning in my throat, lungs and nose. This meant that after I ruled out other sources of potential poisoning with which it was produced, it was applied to the sofa on which I slept with my dogs, and everywhere around it. Since at the time of my arrival in March 2023, I and the dogs did not have such symptoms from interaction with documents and sofa, I assume that these things could have been treated with a poisonous substance in May 2023, during my absence from the apartment. I don't know who did it (many persons had keys) but Shumilov S.M.-2 himself during this period also began to have a severe runny nose, redness of the face and eyes, itching of the eyes, conjunctivitis. I assumed that poisoning of me and my dogs is caused by Shumilov S.M.-2 with the same substance that was used against me and my dogs in Moscow in an apartment on Bakinskaya and Malaya Tulskaya. Since Shumilov S.M.-2 himself experienced the same clinical symptoms, and from the rooms where he was, together with the dog of the empty levretka I gave to my father, I heard the terrible smell of dog excrement from which I also had pus with mucus stream from my nose, throat and eyes. It was quite likely that such symptoms could have been the result of my allergies, but the answer to everything was given by the conclusion of the veterinarian. Since Shumilov S.M.-2 in the rooms he occupied presumably made a solution of the poisonous substance (mustard gas is a liquid), which further processed my things,

documents, interior and furniture that were in my personal use, which means that he himself received a dose of poisonous substance daily, and with it the same dose through inhalation of inhalation vapors was received by levretka, which lived in the same rooms. By the beginning of July, a bloody vomiting began at the levretka from a constant chemical attack. To hide the fact of poisoning, Shumilov S.M.-2 told me that the dog has a intestinal inversion, and she just needs to get hungry for a couple of days to recover. Since Shumilov S.M.-2 is barricaded in the rooms, and I don't have access to them and to the dog, I haven't seen the dog's condition. After another vomiting, Shumilov S.M.-2 urged me to see the dog. A fist-sized hematoma was found on the chest in the chest area. In combination with the nature of vomiting (bloody foam), I assumed that the dog has a rupture of the diaphragm due to injury (a severe blow to the chest, presumably with the leg), and that this is treated not by starvation, but only by surgery. As a result of starvation, two days later, blood vomiting, of course, did not go away. Shumilov S.M.-2 went to a veterinary clinic, where the dog was diagnosed with poisoning and prescribed treatment. But according to nasology and purpose, Shumilov S.M.-2 did not treat the dog. Consequently, the levretka dog had two things at the same time: an aperture injury due to the impact, and poisoning confirmed by a certificate from a veterinarian. This in itself proves the fact that the poisoning of me and my dogs since May 2023 in the apartment located at the city of Samara Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13 was produced by Shumilov S.M.-2. The substance with which he poisoned us was presumably the same as the poisoning of me and my dogs at the above addresses due to the identity of clinical symptoms, the difference between which is due only to the dosage of the substance, but not to the difference in substance. In a lethal dose, the substance was taught in May 2019, May 2020, September 2019, from which three dogs who received it died at once.

At the time of poisoning of me and my dogs in 2023, if I had a fatal outcome in an apartment in Samara on Maslennikova Avenue house 16 apartment 13, the heirs of the first stage for me would be Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilov S.M.-2, who introduced themselves as my parents. The apartment itself would be the opening place of my inheritance. Since the apartment was previously rewritten to V.S. Shumilova, accepting my personal belongings with which I came to Samara in this apartment, my newly made "Orekhov parents," without any formalities and courts, would have instantly entered into inheritance rights to my property.

Approximately the same benefits would bring them my death in the apartment of Ramazanova, Fomina, or on Bakinskaya street - my inheritance would be accepted instantly just by receiving my personal belongings, among which were all the title documents for my business and property, and personal documents, as well as my photos, logins and passwords to enter social networks and emails of my accounts, my wardrobe. Having these documents and things in hand, they can be used to quite easily replace my corpse with Raevskaya-Repnina - 2, according to the model by which my father was wiped off the face of the earth. I do not know all the details and exact dates of his death, judging by the photos in social networks and the condition of the apartment on Maslennikova Avenue house 16 apartment 13, and the documents handed over to me by Shumilov S.M.-2 as documents of my father, my father was killed in the same apartment around May 2017, after which Shumilov S.M.-2 I draw this conclusion based on the following facts:

- there was no fire in the apartment, but the whole bathroom was covered with a thick layer of red dust, similar to soot. Shumilov S.M.-2 explained this pollution by the leakage and bay of the apartment. However, traces of the bay are on other walls outside the apartment, and where they are present, there is no such plaque inside the apartment. The leakage report specifies only the corridor, and there are also no traces of red dust in the corridor. The conclusion is that red dust did not appear due to the bay of the bathroom. It's most likely soot. In the bathroom, the toilet looks like bonfires were made in it, and the toilet chair is melted. Upon arrival, I found several ordinary hand saws, a box of chainsaws, a large cleaver with notches, in the bathroom there are knives, which, according to Shumilov S.M.-2, "he is washed". This citizen does not use washcloths and shower gel, he washes with knives (!). Photos and documents of my father with his personal live signature are almost completely absent. Conclusion - so you can smoke

the toilet and bathroom with a layer of soot in a finger thick only if you burn the whole corpse, documents leave black smoke when burning. Therefore, this confirms the version of the approximate date of my father's murder in 2017. In addition to the bathroom, the floor in the apartment is irreparably damaged right at the exit of the apartment (swollen like from a bay with water), the floor in the kitchen (ceramic granite) is broken. The place of damage to the floor in the corridor from the bay does not correspond to the place of the bay of the apartment (the outer wall of the apartment near the outer wall of the house, this is the part of the apartment opposite to the corridor). Therefore, something was happening in the apartment, from which the floor in the kitchen was broken, and the entrance to the apartment was flooded with water. My father did not lead an activity and lifestyle during his lifetime, in which the apartment could have such damage.

I also found personal belongings of Shumilova T.V.-2 in the apartment on the date of purchase of which they relate to 2017-2018 (ingredients for cooking), and to 2020 (blender and scales, exactly the same as Shumilova T.V. bought for herself in Moscow). In addition, the apartment had a large number of personal belongings of Petrova M.I., new pillow, blanket, bed linen, which were stored in the closet together with other things of Petrova M.I. and Shumilova T.V. The apartment also had a non-residential appearance, expired products and medicines date back to 2014-2018.

It is difficult for me to comment on the situation in which not only someone else's man who looks different from my father settled in the apartment, but who apparently has such a lobby and administrative resource of this level that allow him to feel confident in someone else's apartment as an offspring of the most noble monarchical dynasties, not having not only an external resemblance, to my father, whom this oligophrene should replace, but not even considering it necessary at least out of decency to try to be like my father.

This is a miserable creature Shumilov S.M.-2, with microcephaly, blue eyes, a skull half the size of my father's skull, with completely different anthropological dimensions, wears a Zekovskaya (prisoners') vest, rubber bots called "chobots," cut bald under the convict, washes with knives, barricades in the rooms, poisons me and my dogs, calls me epithets "bitch," "whore," and others, in response to a request to let me into the room, he screams with a falsetto "dick to you."

That is, this citizen does not even try to create at least out of decency the appearance of a human appearance and similarity, and all his legal grounds for living in this apartment are based on a fake passport with a stamp of residence in this apartment, which is not clear how it ended up there, a set of falsified court decisions where only surname, first name and patronymic are used from personal data. Also, confidence of Shumilov S.M.-2 is based on my dad's phone (I bought my dad for 49 thousand Samsung phone, with the help of which Shumilov S.M.-2 easily gained access to profiles of my father's on social media, and those where he could not erase or replace photos, simply deleted, such as on Instagram).

Thus, at the moment I am in the apartment, being evicted here as deprived of a home with the direct participation of Shumilova T.V.-2, Shumilova V.S.-2, NP Bunkovo, PJSC VTB, PJSC AFK Sistema, Kim N.N., Bogatyreva G.Yu., and other

According to the intentions of criminals, I must die in this "sweety flat," after which Shumilov S.M.-2 will enter into the rights to my inheritance, which will be transferred next to Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Group, PJSC AFK Sistema to repay the off-balance sheet obligations drawn to him. Thus, according to the spraquiry about operations on the credit card of Shumilov S.M.-2, the amount of his loan is more than 800 thousand rubles.

A similar situation in which I was evicted to the same apartment, only Shumilova T.V.-2, Andreev E.V. with the participation of his parents, after which my dog and I began to have similar symptoms of poisoning, was July 2003. In order for this to happen, Shumilova T.V.-2 together with her parents Andreev V.N., Andreeva G.A., and Andreeva O.V. deprived me of two apartments that were in my property:

- Samara, Novo-Sadovaya St. 25, apt. 108 - Samara, Lenin Avenue, 16, apt. 10.

The apartment on Novo-Sadovaya Street 25 apartment 108, which at the moment according to the data in the EGRN is listed on Kaplan Boris Mironovich, was purchased by me in 1998 from Irina Batarchuk. We made a deal with a notary. I received a certificate for the apartment at the registration chamber in the city of Samara.

I don't have original documents for the apartment.

In November 2022, according to the statement from the Rosreestr which I requested, no registration records were made to the EGRN extract until 2002 for this apartment. This is refuted by the marks placed on the copies of the contract of sale of this apartment, concluded, as follows from its text, by Shumilova Anna Sergeevna (my maiden name), who lives at the address Samara Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13, and Batarchuk Irina Viktorovna, who lives at the address of Samara, Novo-Sadovaya Street 25, apartment 108. This copy of the contract was issued to me at the MFC of the city of Samara, as a document on the basis of which an entry was made in the EGRN on registration of ownership of the specified apartment in the name of Andreeva Anna Sergeevna (the same name I had in invalid marriage) in April 2002. However, there are no marks on the copy of the contract on the commission of any registration actions on this date. There is a note of registration actions with the specified apartment on May 14, 2002. However, I did not perform any registration actions with this apartment, and the contract concluded with Kaplan contains information about the power of attorney issued by me in June 2002, which is certified by the notary Polovinkina. In June, I did not issue a power of attorney, and the fake seal of the notary Polovinkina was with a friend of Shumilova T.V.-2. Using this fake seal, he certified bank cards issued with stolen passports or passports of dead people. In March 2023, I applied to the MFC of Samara to provide me with a copy of the document on the basis of which an entry was made in the USRN (EGRN) on the transfer of the right to this apartment from me to Kaplan B.M. - according to the extract from the USRN, this is a sales contract of 27.06.2002. In response to my request to provide me with a copy of this contract, Rosreestr gave me an answer that it could not provide the contract, since Rosreestr does not have it due to the statute of limitations. This is the third discrepancy in the EGRN in relation to only one apartment with an area of pathetic 32 m2 (35 m2 according to Rosreestr is the fourth discrepancy). Such a number of discrepancies and inconsistencies with regard to some provincial one-room apartment suggests that this apartment is not quite an ordinary property. Then I applied for cancellation of the entry in the USRN about the transfer of the right to this apartment in the name of Kaplan B.M., since I did not sell the apartment, did not receive money for it, and Shumilova T.V.-2 claimed the same thing and not only to me. And Rosreestr answered, that I have sold this apartment on the basis of sales contract dated of June 26, 2023. So, 3 iterations were required to get this information, and the numerous mismatches, discrepancies, and errors occurred at every stage. However, following the copy of contract finally given to me, the flat was sold by Shumilova T.V.-2.

But, according to the witness statements of Shumilova T.V.-2, I am sick with schizophrenia and delusions of persecution, in connection with which it seems to me that the apartment was I own it. According to Shumilova T.V.-2, I have never owned this apartment, the fact of owning this apartment is the fruit of my patient with schizophrenia, and I need to urgently treat schizophrenia. According to T.V. Shumilova, which she widely communicated to third parties, including police officers, that the apartment on Novo-Sadovaya belonged to Andreeva G.A., and the apartment on Lenin Avenue Andreev V.N. And, according to Shumilova T.V.-2, since I have schizophrenia (diagnosed by her), the kind Shumilova T.V.-2 has already agreed on everything, and that schizophrenia and the delusions of persecution, consisting in the fact that

it seems to me that the presence of apartments I own, will treat me on an outpatient basis in the city of Samara, on Maslennikov Avenue, house 16, apartment 13, a certain doctor from the Samara Psychiatric Hospital Mina Sardarovna, with whom Shumilova T.V.-2 (a pensioner with technical education, almost never worked parasite who diagnosed me) agreed on everything.

The same legend - about my seemingly apartments, cars, and my other property - Shumilova T.V.-2 told police officers and emergency psychiatric doctors, which Shumilova T.V.-2 together with police officers in the city of Samara summoned to organize urgent illegal forced hospitalization against me in a psychiatric hospital, and tried to push me into the psychiatric ambulance car. According to Shumilova T.V.-2, which she told the police and doctors in my presence that I went crazy after everything was taken away from me, and since I'm crazy, no criminal case has been initiated, and that my stolen car has not been wanted for four years. Attempts to forcibly shove me into the psychiatric ambulance stopped after Shumilova T.V.-2 saw a backpack with documents on my back, and began to shout that no, wait, I will write a receipt that as a mother I will provide her with outpatient treatment. Information about my surname, first name and patronymic entered in the call database was written with the same errors, made on 18.11.2019 in Istra ROSP where against me the Bailiff Chestnykh falsified the protocol on bringing me to administrative responsibility for my refusal to transfer to the bailiffs all my property and the Porsche 911 Turbo S car stolen earlier from me.

Threatening me that if I call the police, or make statements somewhere else, these persons will involuntarily hospitalize me a psychiatric hospital forever, the police and the ambulance left.

Shumilova T.V.-2 did not present any documents confirming my kinship with me or her version of events. An amazing level of trust in criminals exists in the city of Samara.

Thus, as the example of three apartments in Samara shows: - pr. Maslennikova house 16 apartment 13

- 25 Novo-Sadovaya St., apartment 108

- Lenin Avenue 16, apartment 10,

Shumilova T.V.-2, taking possession of these apartments together with Shumilova V.S.-2 and Shumilov S.M.-2, and transferring them further to third parties to ownership or encumbrance, announced to third parties, including police officers, that I had never owned apartments, that the fact of owning them is the fruit of my ill mind.

Thus, the actions of Shumilova T.V.-2 confirm the intentions with the help of these actions to create me a double by analogy with Shumilov S.M.-2. Nobody wouldn't look for me under someone else's name and with a different date and place of birth.

This episode, which occurred in 2023, has a very similarity to the following episodes. First, the case occurred in 2020 in Ramazanova's apartment (city of Moscow, Verkhnyaya Koasnoselskaya St., 24, apt. 36). In this apartment, I was robbed, my title documents for my business and property were stolen, including documents for my apartment at Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 64/2, apt. 196. Then on May 12, 2020, my dog, world champion Betty BIS Moon Blues, was poisoned in this apartment. On June 13th, Ramazvnova came to the apartment to evict me to a house in Bunkovo "for a couple of days," but so that my belongings and documents remained in Ramazanova's apartment. At the same time, Shumilova T.V.-2 forbade me to stay on the days of Ramazanova's arrival in the apartment of Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2 on Bakinskaya 19-13, motivating it by the fact that Shumilova V.S.-2 works as a dogsiter, and took the dog, which was contracted a long time before. However, I found an overexposure contract on my iPad, which was concluded on 11.06.2020 by Shumilova V.S.-2, that is, on the date when A.K. Ramazanova informed me about her arrival. Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2 knew that Ramazanova would come on June 13, 2020, and I would have to be with the dogs somewhere, but leave things and documents in

Ramazanova's apartment. I assume that Shumilova T.V.-2 together with Shumilova V.S.-2 and Ramazanova A.K. planned their actions so that I would go to the house in Bunkovo for a few days, and Ramazanova would have things and documents. Since I did not have any official residence agreements with Ramazanova, the actions of these three citizens could have the purpose of

killing me in a house in Bunkovo (in agreement with the performers), and the appearance of Ramazanova in Ramazanova's apartment with my wardrobe and documents of my double, or just receiving my things and documents for extrajudicial entry into the rights to my inheritance. Earlier in my statements, I wrote about preparing to set fire to my house with me and my dogs. If I went to the house with things and documents, they would burn down with me, so the criminals needed them to keep safely. The demands put forward to me by Ramazanova with the complicity of Shumilova T.V.-2 to leave things and documents in Ramazanova's apartment, and in fact the creation of situational pressure for me to go to the house in Bunkovo without things and documents, go well with the episodes I announced earlier in relation to:

- Kim N.N. (who reported to the Federal Penitentiary Service after selling this house in Bunkovo to me, that Kim had moved to this house with the whole family after making a deal with me)

- Alexander Baev, who was hired by me to work at Boost Capital Management Group on the recommendation of Anna Zimina, whom I trusted. Then Baev resigned, after which he immediately got a job at PJSC AFK Sistema under my former head Ali Uzdenov. After employment has been started, Baev called me asking who is the dentist treating my teeth, as he broke his tooth, so he needs a good one dentist. Baev called me the day when my front tooth broke after using the strips for teeth whitening bought at the Romanov Dvor fitness club. Since Baev had his own dentist, it is unlikely that he was interested in himself. Given the context of the proceedings, I assume that information about where I treat my teeth was required to know where the information about the fotos of my teeth is located. From tooth templates, the identity of corpses (usually disfigured and burnt) is established, whose personality cannot be established except by tooth casts. Casts of my teeth and photos of teeth are available at the Kraftway Clinic in Moscow, the European Medical Center, Artikon Clinic, Denta El, St. Daniel's Clinic, two dentists in Samara.

However, I did not go to the house in Bunkovo, and instead I filed Ramazanova's claims into theft of my title documents for business and property. On 14.06.2020, I came to Ramazanova's apartment to call the police on the fact of theft of documents, Shumilova T.V.-2 was with me. In the presence of Shumilova T.V.-2, Ramazanova A.K. began to claim that I do not have any property, that I did not have any title documents, because there is no property for which I had title documents at all, and the fact of its presence and theft of documents is the fruit of my alleged patient with schizophrenia and ill brain, per Ramazanova's theses completely coincided with the statements of Shumilova T.V. -2 regarding the fact of my possession of apartments alienated by her.

Thus, the behaviour of Ramazanova A.K. and Shumilova T.V.-2 was identical: both of them convinced me in the same terms of the absence of any property and things of which I accused them of, claimed that the fact that I had such things and property is the fruit of my sick imagination, that the fact that I have things and property exists only in my head, and that I owned any property never.

Earlier in my appeals (personal and electronic), I have repeatedly provided certificates from 6 medical institutions (public and private) that I have never been registered in psychoneurological and narcological dispensaries, I do not have a burdened heredity, mental illness, signs of personality disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and other similar diseases. Moreover, my personal, professional, and educational track record clearly confirms that I do not have any mental illnesses, because in their presence, what I do is impossible. At the moment, I'm getting the fifth degree from The University of People in the USA (Bachelor of Health Science), which I need for my inventions and their sale in the United States. I study for free because I was

granted a full scholarship grant. The number of my diplomas, certificates, the languages I speak, I have previously also declared in the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and the territorial subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In addition to these certificates and facts, I attached photos of notarized constituent documents missing from my apartment of A.K. Ramazanova. The charter documents for my business, the existence of which, according to Ramazanova, seemed to me, are induced nonsense for a dozen other people who were able to exertify, translate, notarize these documents, and even receive their scans by e-mail even in the UK. This is just one small example, since it makes no sense to duplicate once again the content of my statements with the annexes I submitted earlier regarding the episodes in A.K. Ramazanova's apartment. I have documents and evidence confirming that I have things and documents stolen in Ramazanova's apartment, including bank statements and checks for stolen things.

I am also attaching scans of the contract for the privatization of the apartment at the city of Samara, Lenin Avenue, 16, apartment 10, the contract for the sale of the apartment at the address Samara, Novo-Sadovaya Street, 25, apartment 108, extracts from the EGRN and correspondence with Rosreestr from which it clearly follows that the fact that I own these apartments is the result of group hallucination not only of me, but also of employees of Rosreestr, BTI, notaries, the registration chamber, and Shumilova T.V.-2 herself, since she considers herself completely educated and mentally healthy enough to afford in the absence of any special knowledge and education, including in the field of medicine, diagnose mental illnesses and broadly communicate the "diagnosis" made by her to the third parties.

However, Shumilova T.V.-2, as follows from the copies of the sales contracts I attached, issued to me by Rosreestr through the MFC, alienated on my behalf two of these apartments, the existence of which I own, according to T.V. Shumilova, is my hallucination. Both contracts for the sale of two non-existent apartments are signed by Shumilova T.V.-2, while one of the contracts is certified by VTB Bank. That is, I conclude that my non-existent share in the non- existent apartment, Shumilova T.V.-2 was not only able to sell it, it was also able to be purchased by VTB Bank, which, as follows from the text of the contract, and the context of the situation, paid real money Shumilova T.V.-2, who considers mentally healthy, for the acquisition of non-existent flat from the people who never owned it.

Group hallucinations of such a scale, when, according to the statements of Shumilova T.V.-2 (a pensioner who almost never worked, and lived all her life by seizing and selling someone else's property) and Ramazanova A.K. (apparently not a freelance accountant, but a luminary of psychiatry), many people process invisible documents regarding my non-existent business, the non-existing invisible things were sold to me for which real money was written off from my bank cards, history did not know yet.

I note that neither Ramazanova A.K. nor Shumilova T.V.-2 have never shown any documents confirming their testimony to anyone in my presence, and had certificates and documents confirming their mental health. Moreover, they have never required such certificates and documents in my presence, but in Samara on 10.07.2023, a police officer called an ambulance psychiatric care for my emergency illegal forced hospitalization, as grounds for calling which he named two facts:

- "she has a certificate from a psychiatrist of 2021," said a police officer to someone on the phone, referring to me. However, I had certificates for every period of my whole life confirming the fact that I did not have mental illness, and the last commission voluntary examination under the law (medical examination) was really dated October 2021, and it indicates the date of the next scheduled examination: 2026. But the police officer, apparently, was also a luminary in the field of medicine and psychiatry, because according to his opinion, at the age of 45, a person in the absence of any mental illness before, injuries, and a burdened heredity can get acute

schizophrenia in a year and a half, the symptom of which, according to the policeman, is the date of the mental health certificate issue;

- oral testimony of Shumilova T.V.-2 that I went crazy after losing all my property, and even my car is still not wanted, because I'm crazy and write statements to the police because I have schizophrenia.

Please note that Shumilova T.V.-2 did not show a single document confirming the speech of Shumilova T.V.-2, including the fact of kinship with me, she did not show any of the police officers and emergency psychiatric doctors. I also remind you that I had original certificates of my absence of mental illness. However, the words of T.V.-2 Shumilova, who previously sold, as follows from the text of the attached contracts of sale, two non-existent apartments, for one of which was paid by VTB Bank, turned out to be more important than everyone in the world of documents and certificates.

The only examples of such a group hoax, in addition to the literary session of magic with exposure, when naked citizens in shoes ran around Kuznetsk, these are examples of hoaxes against other "relatives" of Leo Tolstoy, Bagrations, and Romanovs:

- an invented legend about the emigration to the United States of my great-grandfather Ilya Lvovich Tolstoy, who during the First World War, leaving his wife and five children in Russia, famously on foot (there was no transport links and the border was closed) and went his way to emigrate to the United States to a city with the talking name New Haven where he married satanist of Polish origin Katulskaya

- a photo of "Iliya Ilyich Tolstoy" in Moskvich magazine (note Moscovskiye Tolstiye), where the photo as Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy's parents depicts: the body of an unknown man to whom the edited head of Sofia Nikolaevna Filosofova is drawn, taken from her previous photo with Ilya Ilyich Tolstoy. As a wife to this character "Sof Philosophov" from the lucky hand of Moskvich magazine, a woman with the head of Anna Andersen from Wikipedia, who has an accurate photo and anthropological resemblance to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, is offered. The "Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy" himself in the photo is depicted as a child with Williams syndrome. This cutest portrait is completed with the results of the genetic examination of the "remnants of the royal family" commissioned by D.A. Medvedev and completed by a whole research institute of genetics and plant breeding (!). There are no references to genetic tests itself in the long impressive report. The information leaked from unknown source as a part of report (which report did not have) on the Internet about the haplogroup and alleles completely refutes the belonging of the remains in Sverdlovsk to the family of Emperor Nicholas II: between father and son, the difference in the haplotype is 2 alleles (this is the relationship between uncle and nephew, but not father and son). Secondly, the Romanovs - allow me to say: they are genetic Germans. So the hereditary monarchs of Germany never had haplogroup R1a. Thirdly, the conclusions about the actual belonging of the remains to the royal family are made on the teeth and jaws, which unmistakably (!) were matched with the teeth of Nikolai and Alexandra (see above the episode about Alexander Baev, as well as the results of examinations of the corpses of the leader of the Orekhov organized criminal group Sylvester Popkov, Vyacheslav Ivankov, and their other comrades, the fact of whose death was established only by the teeth - just a kindly reminder, they all staying alive). Fourthly, the fact of the existence of my real mother, born from the marriage of Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov and Edda Göring, clearly refutes the mysteries about the murder which occurred never. In the Sverdlovsk region there was a cluster of the cosa nostra clan, and a strong presence of group of thieves-in-law. In Sverdlovsk during the revolution, fake documents were redistributed to nobles, and the archive was headed by a certain lady named Shumilova. Thanks to her, my grandfather, son of Mikhail Ilyich Tolstoy and a member of the imperial family Elena Lvovna Kochubey (granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas I) had an amazingly convincing fake passport - with the documents of Mikhail Nikolaevich Shumilov killed in the war, my granddad Tolstoy Nikolai Mikhailovich was easily resurrected like alive and lived until being murdered. After the resurrection with the surname Shumilov, my grandfather had got about 30 brothers and sisters with the same surname

Shumilov. This incredible fertility of the employees of the Sverdlovsk archive is not explained by a biological miracle, but by quite unusual falsification of documents: the fact of death of a real person was not registered, the corpse disappeared, and with the documents of the corpse and impeccable peasant biography, the new Shumilov Mikhail Nikolaevich resurrected. With the same documents, most likely, the royal family, in their native region in terms of clan affiliation, resurrected there in Sverdovsk. And since it is necessary to find a series for each such case, I inform you that earlier the families of Hitler and Goebbels, as well as Herman Göring, who rose in the United States with John Bogle's passport, the place of his "suicide" prison in Nuremberg, were identified by similar pieces of bones and teeth. Let me note the fact that Göring, among other titles, was Earl of Nuremberg, and this territory was his home fiefdom. Including Nuremberg Prison. As follows from the results of my investigation, the ruling elite of Nazi Germany consisted of two categories of people: hereditary monarchs with a pedigree (examples - Hermann Göring, Rudolf Heß), and members of the cosa nostra clan (Hitler, Goebbels and others - they can be seen with the naked eyes.

The family of Emperor Nicholas II was a family of members of the cosa nostra clan. The "shooting" of the family was carried out in Sverdlovsk, which for the Romanov family (cosa nostra cosca) was about the same as Nuremberg for Hermann Göring, Earl of Nuremberg. Finally, the method of destroying the remains was applied in Sverdlovsk was implemented in the same way as happened to the families of Hitler and Goebbels, whose children and great- grandchildren completely refute the legend of their death (in particular, Yuri Dud, Goebbels' grandson).

Examples of other hoaxes and invented biographies were previously stated by me in the FSB of Russia, so I do not duplicate them (cases of Onoprienko-Tolstoy, de Jesus Gonzalez - Bagration and Romanova, biological phenomenon of Matteo Dinero - Peter Olegovich Tolstoy with his Y-chromosomal haplogrupe I1a, etc.). The simplest analysis of dynasties, in which doubles appeared according to the scheme of replacing real dynasts with serial killers with fake biographies, suggests that they coincide with the main dynasties in my pedigree. These are:

- Tolstoys

- Romanovs - Bagrations - Göring.

Also of the remaining ones - Volkonsky, Repnins, Rakhmanovs, Kochubeys, Golitsins - I also managed to find similar cases, but they are less loud. I also declared them to the FSB of Russia and the territorial subdivisions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The probability that it is so accurate repetition of profile of dynasties in which doubles were reproduced was accidental, I assess it as extremely low. I still had only one question - why when creating doubles of Tolstoy, criminals used photos of Grand Duchess Anastasia and wife of Albert Göring, as was done in the publication of the Moscovskiye Tolstoiye in Moskvich magazine. The crucial thing is the fact of absence of such marriages: before Mikhail Ilyich Tolstoy, my great-grandfather, the Tolstoys did not marry the Romanovs and Görings. So at first I thought that the photo of family members of Nicholas II and Albert Göring was used because of attempts to create the appearance of a relationship with the dynasties that were in the pedigree of my great-grandmother Elena Lvovna Kochubey, the daughter of Daria Evgenievna Beauharnay, in whose pedigree there is a house of Anhalt.

Anhalt House is a dynasty branch through which I am directly related to Hermann Göring and the family of Nicholas II. And although this version is also true in factual evidence, another version that the purpose of the criminals to kill both of my parents is much more real and significant, since their pedigrees had the priority inheritance rights of all the dynasties listed above, in this blend. It's a unique combination, and there's no other one family repeating this. Since the scale of the batch in itself excludes the possibility of anything insignificant (e.g., mesalliance committed by my father married to my mother), my father did not have a direct obvious relationship with Hermann Göring (for the sake of the order of my nephew, they would hardly bother so much), I did not have any documents of my mother's birth documents at all, in order to fully understand the question of what and why I am suffering, I decided to go the way from the facts I have:

- photos of my mother

- laws of genetics (Mendel's first law says that the child will always be like a father and mother, will be their exact copy, and no other way)

- My father's pedigree with my genetic test

- a curve picture of fake pedigrees, which criminals tried to recreate as described above with the help of falsification of biographies, fake doubles. I discovered the topic which dynasties were in the precise attention of the criminals, and what kind of relations between dynasties the criminals tried to reproduce. As follows from this, the zone of interest of the criminals was the marriage of the Tolstoy dynasty to the daughter of Göring, with the participation of the Romanov dynasty in the form of the imperial family of Nicholas II.

Over the past 8 years, I have thoroughly studied the pedigrees and biographies of many noble families, and I assure you that there have been no such marriages in pedigree books. General dynastic connections were present, but not explicit, let's call them an unconditional and direct kind of kinship. At the same time, some of the characters of the dynasties, who were the subject of falsifications of criminals, were unconditional in my father's pedigree. I lacked several links for the full picture, and I began to try to reconstruct my mother's pedigree. Obviously, my father did not marry a peasant woman, and for the sake of a child from a mesalliance with a peasant woman (I mean myself), no one would bother so much.

So, I took photos of my mother - the only ones available to me on which my mother was guaranteed:

- 2 photos from my parents' wedding

- 1 photo where my mother holds me in her arms after childbirth, on a walk with her father. Next, I took the remaining photos of my grandparents, known to me as the parents of my mother: Andreev Vladimir Nikolaevich and Andreeva Gera Andreevna. I also took a photo of Andreeva Olga Vladimirovna, known to me as the own sister of my mother. I have no information about Andreeva G.A.'s parents and their photos, she was listed as an orphan in the family. Andreev V.N.'s parents were Nikolai and Alexandra Andreev. V.N. Andreev also had no resemblance to his parents.

In accordance with Mendel's first law, my mother and Andreeva O.V., being sisters, had to look like Andreev V.N. and/or Andreeva G.A. However, to my amazement, neither my mother nor Andreeva O.V. looked like any of their parents to the extent that it is possible to conclude about their direct biological kinship. Throughout my life, I have not seen a single personal document of any of the members of this family (birth certificates, passports, marriage and divorce certificates, education documents, and others). The only personal documents I saw were a copy of Shumilova T.V.-2's passport, and the original diploma of higher education issued on the name of Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova from the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute, of course, there were no photos in it. Almost all the photos of my mother and father were destroyed, and the Orekhovskaya gang's oligophrene Shumilov S.M.-2, living in the apartment on Ave. Maslennikova house 16 apartment 13 under my dad's name also left documents for my father's memory without photos - a diploma of higher medical education and retraining.


- the remains of personal documents of Shumilova T.V.-2 corresponded to the set of documents of the fake "dad" Shumilov S.M.-2

- my mother depicted on the photos made when the authenticity of her appearance is beyond doubt, had no resemblance to her parents and, according to legend, her sister O.V. Andreeva, which directly indicates the lack of biological kinship between these people

- Shumilova T.V.-2 has no external resemblance to my mother and had different genetic profile. It was the key to me.

As follows from my genuine mother's photos from my dad's wedding, my mom had satire ears. This is a rare genetically caused pathology, which is on average less common than one case per 10,000 people. This is a recessive gene that, in my personal experience of observations, is found:

- in the population of almost all members of goat nostra clans

- in the population of almost all serial killers sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty (those who do not have such a pathology have a different genetic mutation - usually the ear of macaque).

As a rule, the mutation is transmitted through a generation: that is, the grandson of the ancestor with a satire ear will have a pronounced pathology of the outer ear.

Therefore, if my mother had satire ear pathology, it meant that:

- some of her grandparents had such a pathology

- my mother's parents had other chromosomal pathologies linked to the pathology of the ear satire.

However, my mother's parents had neither satire ear nor pathologies linked to it. Of the living parents of my grandparents, I communicated only with Nikolai and Alexandra Andreevs, they also did not have satire ear pathology. Also, Andreeva did not have satire ear pathology in O.V.

These facts gave me a reason to assume that:

- my mother was not a biological child of Andreeva V.N. and Andreeva G.A.

- my mother's parents were carriers of the recessive satire ear gene, therefore, one of their parents had such a pathology

- one of the couples of grandparents presumably bore the names Nikolai and Alexandra

- my mother's grandparents belonged to representatives of some hereditary monarchical dynasties, who became the object of attention of criminals in terms of the appearance of doubles, while representatives of these dynasties were married to Tolstoy

- the real origin of my mother and her parents was duplicated by similar family ties that fraudsters tried to reproduce

- the origin of my mother was of such caliber that she was killed almost immediately after my birth, and all traces of her existence were exterminated almost without a trace (the approximate dates of the murder of my mother are evidenced by an episode with an injury to my leg caused to me in 1982 by Shumilova T.V.-2 with the participation of N. Mileshin and Andreeva O.V. That means by 1982, my mom was not alive already). The episode of causing me a leg injury was announced by me in the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Samara region in 2023.

Thus, I formed a list of fixed restrictions within which I could form hypotheses about the origin of my mother. A genetic test can confirm the correctness of my hypotheses, a clearly visible and visual representation of the results of which is myself and photos of people with whom I calculated my mother's kinship logically with the help of my documents and information.

Of the dynasties whose representatives were the object of close attention of criminals, whose family ties they attempted to reproduce, representatives of only one dynasty had the pathology of the satire ear: this is a dynasty of the so-called Hohenzollern, to the origin of which the origin

of the family of Nicholas II is attributed. If you look at the photo of Nikolai and Alexandra, it is easy to notice that both of them had similarity of phenotypes, and therefore the genome (reverse connection), in particular - both had the same pathology of the satire ear. Thus, known in the history of Russia as the family of Russian emperors Romanov Nicholas and Alexandra, were not genuine monarchs of origin. This couple ascended the throne after the murder of all the heirs of hereditary monarchs from the Carolingians ruling in Russia. In particular, my great- grandfather Nicholas I, with whom I am directly related through my great-grandmother Elena Lvovna Kochubey, daughter of Daria Evgenievna Beauharnay, Duchess of Leuchtenberg, a member of the Russian imperial family, granddaughter of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (daughter of Nicholas I from his marriage to Frederica Charlotte Louise Wilhelmina of Prussia).

In short, the Hohenzollerns are not strictly speaking a "dynasty," they are the brood of the inbrid graphs of one castle, which were related to the Counts of Nuremberg. The Hohenzollern family had a fixed number of chromosomal pathologies, the presence of which was caused by inbride origin. In the dynastic relations of European monarchies, Hohenzollern was used as a special brood of harmless candidates for dynastic marriages, if at the time of conclusion there is no suitable partner among the offspring of monarchs of weighty caliber. The Hohenzollerns have never been a monarchical dynasty, representing a genetic add-weight from the counts (governors of one castle) to the genome of hereditary monarchs by birth. So, through the Hohenzollern line, in the absence of direct kinship, kinship with Hermann Göring (son of King Frederick III of Germany and Crown Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Gott of England), and the Earls of Nuremberg, where Göring himself was "condemned" in his own prison, the breed of Hohenzollerns was actively exploited by criminals when trying to replicate dynastic connections similar to those existing in my family:

- false Empress Maria Romanova (Dolphine de Jesus Gonzalez) was called as the grandniece of Nicholas II. She was also attributed to marrying a certain "Mikhail Pavlovich," Grand Duke of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

- the head of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna (daughter of Nicholas II) appeared in the photo as the head of Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy's mother according to Moskvich magazine (in the same photo, to the body of "dad" Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy, with the help of Photoshop, the head of Sofia Nikolaevna Filosofova, has been attached).

This stunning mesalliance of two of my great-grandmothers, whose unfortunate heads cut from their original photos, were used instead of documents to confirm the genealogy of characters such as Marfa and Fyokla Tolstoy, led to the birth of a child with Williams syndrome. This genetic pathology is also visible immediately from the face, and tests for this can not be done (people with an amputated limb usually do not do an X-ray of it to make sure that such part of the body is absent). The version that the heads of my two great-grandmothers were transplanted on the body of a man and a woman, successfully took root, and gave life to Ilya Lvovich Tolstoy's grandson, does not stand up to any criticism. Firstly, so far only experimental transplantation of the dead head into a dead body has been carried out, and even this experiment was carried out much later than the legendary date of production of such a photo. Secondly, the women who gave birth to Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy are not Tolstoy: one of them is Sofia Nikolaevna Filosofova, and the second Anastasia Nikolaevna with permission to say Hohenzollern. These ladies are not in original pedigrees of the Tolstoy family. Thirdly, there was no pathology of Williams syndrome in the Tolstoy family. Finally, the presence of such a pathology is linked to dementia and dyslexia. However, according to the Moskvich magazine, a demented man with dyslexia, suffering from Williams syndrome, became a professor of linguistics Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy. And in conclusion, so to speak, coup de grace to the magazine Moskvich and other PR agencies of my failed fraudulent relatives, this demented creature was born from the sexual intercourse of two dead bodies with transplanted heads of Sophia Nikolaevna Filosova and Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, was able to marry already married at the same time to Albert Göring Svetlana Mikhailovna Shur. And it was in this, with permission to say the most unique marriage, that two wonderful girls were born, by misunderstanding for some reason received the surname Tolstoy (in family of

Filosofova,Hohenzollern, and Shur), and in addition to it they got the peasant, not princely names Martha and Fyokla (one of them is named after Anna Tolstaya's passport). With permission to say, if my grandparents had not taken the surname of the head of the Sverdlovsk archive, that's how I would have been called according to the birth certificate - Anna Tolstaya. I no longer note such trifles as the complete absence of external resemblance between all granddaughters and grandchildren to Leo Tolstoy and his direct descendants. They are taken for granted! You can falsify documents, genetic analyses, pedigrees, biographies, photos - but appearance and behavioral genetics cannot be falsified. "But who is he, I'm asking you? Klim! Klim Chugunkin! Divide everything... and all together a boor and a pig." (Heart of a dog). By transplanting heads from photo to photo, hereditary monarchs do not appear. Summing up this sad part, I've got the following introductions for the reconstruction of my mother's pedigree:

- my mother's marriage was the marriage of Romanova from Hohenzollern, and Tolstoy (and this is what is drawn in the photo of Sofa Filosofov and Anastasia Nikolaevna)

- I know for sure that my father is of Tolstoy origin, and at birth he would have to bear the surname Tolstoy

- my mother's maternal grandparents in the male line Romanovs from Hohenzollern with satire ear pathology

- by age, my mother's father's year of birth falls approximately between 1910 and 1935

- if my mother Romanova is from Hohenzollern, then her father Romanov is from Hohenzollern, and of large caliber.

Only one family meets these criteria - Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna. Therefore, my mother's father should be Tsarevich Alexei. But this version initially seems untenable due to the fact that on the Internet and other sources of dubious quality spread extensive misinformation that the family of Emperor Nicholas II was shot in Sverdlovsk, and this was allegedly confirmed by the results of genetic examination. In response to this objection, having spent several years studying the subject of which I am writing about, I consider this objection possible to refute as untenable; with the following arguments:

- the "murder" of the family of Nicholas II was carried out on the territory of the Sverdlovsk region. This area is distinguished by the fact that it had a strong presence of thieves' criminal groups and a cosa nostra clan. Without immersing myself in geopolitical factors that can be separately described in the topics of several theses, I will simplify the explanations to a minimum. The head of the Sverdlovsk archive Shumilova was one of the cosa nostra clan who concoughted fake documents to my grandfather Tolstoy, and several dozen other brothers and sisters with whom they could live safely in the era of the USSR. Only those who made documents for them could find out my grandfather and his family. Therefore, the roots of the murder of my family members in the USSR in the post-war era stretch to the Sverdlovsk archive. Thus, the murder of Nicholas II according to legend took place in a region specializing in creating doubles for nobles - a kind of head transplant (replacement of nobleman's documents with peasant documents, that is, reverse transformation in relation to the one we are now seeing in the actions of criminals)

- there is no evidence of the genetic identity of the remains found in Sverdlovsk, and promoted as the remains of the royal family, to the remains of the royal family: the examination was carried out by a non-core institution, without compliance with the legal requirements for the production of such expertise. In the "genetic" examination claimed, the genetic part is actually absent, and the persons who conducted the examination are researchers of plant genetics. However, fragmentary stuffing of human genetic information is widespread on the Internet, from which the remnants of the dentition and a piece of hip bone immediately connected to the pedigree to Queen Victoria (which is a grandmother of Hermann Göring, and, in fact, my great- grandmother). At the same time, the haplogroup allegedly "identified" by the remains contradicts the haplogroup of people with whom the pedigree is attempted to be linked. In addition, there is a difference of 2 alleles between the haplotypes of remains unknownly accurately identified as the remains of Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei (the general range is not disclosed, and does not appear in the official report at all). Two alleles according to the rules of

forensic examination to confirm kinship are the difference that is maximum permissible between uncle and nephew. Therefore, this confirms at least the fact that the father and son are not buried in Sverdlovsk, and therefore the fact of the survival of any of them makes the birth of my mother from any of them probable and possible.

- the fact of the shooting of the royal family is refuted by the case of Anna Andersen, who has an accurate photographic and anthropological resemblance to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna as announced in Europe. As follows from my data, based on an in-depth study of scientific sources in the field of history, genetics, genealogy, anthropology, the family of Emperor Nicholas II had different genetic parameters, since it was an inbreed family of genetic Germans. Consequently, Anna Andersen (the name under which she became known by the criminals), communicated as a fraudster of Polish origin Shklovskaya. Being a Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna (Anna Andersen) could not have a haplogroup and allele identical to those allegedly found during the illegitimate examination of the remains of the royal family in Sverdlovsk (first of all, because the actual and legitimate genetic examination of the remains was not carried out at all). Even if such an examination were carried out by a

"schmexperts" (Research Institute of Plant Genetics), it has no legal sit and proveful significance in the framework of criminal proceedings, since its quest, conduct, execution, communication of results, qualification of Schmexperts do not comply with the law. The law establishes the final list of rules and requirements to forensic examinations, and the "examination" conducted by the Research Institute of Plant Genetics does not correspond to them. In addition, my personal case, when I was awarded the surname and name of Anna Andreeva née Shumilova, after which the criminals tried to close me to a psychiatric hospital under the same name with a different date of birth, as set out above. So the use of Anna Andersen's case (Scklovskaya) with very similar names combination is very convenient to build a series of crimes when there is already one promoted case, which is a "worked." It is with this, first of all, that I associate the marriage of E.V. Andreev with me (about this read further). And, after all, in the history of falsifications of the biography of my family, Poland is a donor of false characters: along with the Satanic Katulskaya, whom my great-grandfather Ilya Lvovich Tolstoy allegedly married, after walking on foot through the theater of operations he got to New Paradise.

- the mass death of the families of the cosa nostra clan, whose remains were communicated as identified in a similar way (and destroyed in a similar way), and which then resurrected, has already been repeatedly observed in history. Firstly, it is Adolf Hitler himself (a man from Hohenzollern), secondly, it is Joseph Goebbels. Joseph Goebbels' grandson feels great in Russia in the image of Yuri Dud, and therefore the version of the death of the whole family of Joseph Goebbels is completely untenable, and promoted as well as the murder of the family of Nicholas II. Joseph Goebbels' dead children could not give birth to Yuri Dud in West Germany. As for the place in the hierarchy in the 3rd Reich, Goebbels was not a hereditary dynasty, he belonged to the category of cosa nostra.

Thus, no objective reliable facts and evidence confirm the death of Nicholas II and his son Tsarevich Alexei, while the version of their death is easily refuted by well-known and publicly available facts of evidentiary value for criminal proceedings. While the arguments of persons claiming the death of the family of Nicholas II are not based on such evidence. And finally, such diligent attempts by criminals to glue and photoshop their relationship with the Tolstoy family and descendants of Nicholas II suggests that such a family existed. However, such a family was not registered according to pedigrees until the 20th-21st centuries. Therefore, there was such a marriage during this timr. Of the available information, such marriages in the 20th-21st centuries were not concluded by other heirs. All that remains was my father, who married my mother. The attempt to simulate the heirs of dynastic marriages, present in a unique combination only in my parents, confirms the hypothesis of the origin of my mother, which is quite easy to confirm by genetic tests. First, there are the results of Anna Andersen's tests. Secondly, there is me, and the results of my genetic test (which I would double-check a couple of times as a guarantee). Thirdly, my mother has a clear third resemblance to persons who,

according to my version, may be her parents, but there is no third resemblance to persons who officially introduced themselves as her parents during her lifetime. Their corpses were not cremated, buried in Samara in the cemetery, Andreeva O.V. is also alive. There are no obstacles to conduct a genetic examination to confirm the hypothesis about the real origin of my mother: I, Andreeva O.V., Andreev V.N., Andreeva G.A. according to the test will almost certainly not be identified as being in genetic kinship, and of course, Shumilova T.V.-2 will also not be related to anybody of us.

Thus, as my alleged ancestors of my mother in the direct male line is Alexei Nikolaevich, the son of Nicholas II and his wife Alexander Feodorovna, with whom my mother has an external resemblance.

As follows from the profile of dynasties operated by criminals to replicate false heirs, the latter remains - the Göring family. I previously explained that Marfa and Fyokla Tolstoy, by using falsification of photos in Moskvich magazine, were recorded as the daughters of Albert Göring's wife, calling her Svetlana Mikhailovna Shur of Romanian origin. Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy (boy with Williams syndrome as described above) was chosen as the spouse for Madame Göring - Shur (double-husbands lady). Thus, the criminals had to desperately create a relationship in a couple, where the male role is played by the Tolstoys and Romanovs, and the female line is Göring's wife.

This story, in my opinion, based on the study of evidence and facts, has the next background. Hermann Göring was a Crown Prince of Germany and England, who was to ascend the throne in the early 20th century. However, after the murder of his parents and the assassination attempt on himself, he was officially declared dead, after which he "resurrected" in the United States with the name Walter Morgan, who founded the Wellington Fund, and later transformed it into the Vanguard. The Vanguard group was led by Hermann Göring in the United States under the name John Bogle, after the tale when in his home prison (as Earl of Nuremberg), he imitated suicide and avoided the death penalty. Herman Göring (John Bogle) according to official data died in the United States on January 16, 2019. According to official data, he was married to Princess Louise of Prussia, who was in her civil life Emma Göring. Marriage was not a mesalliance, and therefore the child born in it received the full volume of all monarchical titles and privileges. Edda Göring became this child. In open sources (Wikipedia and other sources of disinformation) there was widespread information that Edda is not the child of Hermann Göring, as he was allegedly wounded during a beer putsch in the childbearing organ, and could not have children himself. We won't really know how it really was before the genetic examination is produced. However, one thing is reliably known - Hermann Göring openly recognized Edda as his own child, and therefore she is in any case his only heiress of the first stage. The photographic similarity between Edda Göring and my mother is present: it is a unique line of smile, bite and shape of the front teeth, which exactly repeat these features in my mother. Thus, combining two photos of Tsarevich Alexei and Edda Göring, I received photos of two people who can be parents of my mother due to the obvious external resemblance of my mother to both of them, and who may be the parents of my mother, taking into account the above genetic, forensic, documentary prerequisites.

The last nuance without which the picture would be incomplete is an explanation of why criminals needed to deduce dynastic kinship with Albert Göring.

According to official sources of disinformation, Albert Göring was the brother of Hermann Göring. However, the laws of genetics tell us that brothers had different parents. Herman and Albert have no external resemblance, and Albert does not have the slightest resemblance to Hermann Göring's parents: King Frederick III of Germany and Crown Princess Victoria of Saxe- Coburg-Gott. Simply put, without unnecessary fabrication, Albert Göring is not their son. Therefore, he is not the heir to Hermann Göring and his parents. What so sweet and desirable

does it give to fit into the pedigree of Hermann Göring? The three simplest things that pull everything else:

1. Rights to the Vanguard group, which consolidates all U.S. government and corporate debt, including pension obligations.

2. Rights to the throne of Germany. For reference: after the announcement of the surrender, all the loot during the war became U.S. property, including all intellectual property and industry, which became the basis for the U.S. DARPA and CIA defense programs, including the ZR/ RIFLE and MKULTRA. Simply put, the real gold of the 3rd Reich, it's about $91.2T.

3. Rights to the throne of Great Britain, which was illegally occupied by the "windsors" instead of Hermann Göring. And from this point begins the depletion of the Albert Göring dynasty and the explanation of the motive why it was woven into a big history. As I explained above, a child always looks like his parents, this is the first law of genetics. Albert Göring has no resemblance to Hermann Göring and his parents, but has a photographic resemblance to Salvador Dali, Marquis de Pubol, and his Russian wife Galina Diakonova. Salvador Dali is certainly a talented artist, but he is not a crown monarch. Meanwhile, comparing further portraits, it is easy to notice that King Charles, from the windsor impostor dynasty, has a great portrait resemblance to the face known as Pablo Escobar of Spanish origin (in the world better known as David Berkowitz, an American serial killer), and a resemblance to the family of Salvador Dali. Thus, the throne in Great Britain was occupied by the Windsors (a dynasty of Spanish origin, existing by analogy with the Hohenzollerns), and this was done according to a model exactly repeating the one by which Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna came to power in Russia after the murder of legitimate heirs. Consequently, attempts to imitate the relationship between Tolstoy and the Marquis de Pubol (Albert Göring) are an attempt to extinguish the rights of Hermann Göring's heirs to the throne of Great Britain.

Thus, in the design where my mother's parents are Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov and Edda Göring, and my father's parents Nikolai Mikhailovich Tolstoy and Irina Romanovna Bagration, we get an accurate dynastic picture that the criminals tried to depict by creating doubles, which they weaved into the biographies and documents of real people. Therefore, in relation to these ancestors, I am currently the only living legal heir of the first stage.

In order to seize my inheritance rights and extinguish them, criminals needed me not to leave the legitimate children born in marriage, to die in the most controlled property in order to exclude any possibility of accepting my inheritance by any legal heirs. Also, as far as I understand their strategy, the criminals needed to create a double for me according to the model they had previously repeatedly applied, as I indicate above: the corpse is not registered and destroyed, but with the corpse's documents and things, phones, contacts and profiles in social media of the murdered genuine dynast, continues to live another person who is already fully controlled by criminals (for example, Shumilova T.V.-2, Shumilov S.M.-2, Shumilova V.S.-2, Anatoly Onoprienko, Peter Olegovich Tolstoy; and others).

The "sweetest" place where all my inheritance rights would have been extinguished with my death was an apartment in Samara, located at 16 Maslennikov Avenue, apartment 13. I was eventually exiled here to die in March 2023, the circumstances are set out in my earlier applications to the Department of Internal Affairs for the Southern Administrative District for the city of Moscow, Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Moscow region, Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Samara region, SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the FSB of Russia.

Before this episode, they tried to evict me to this apartment in 2022 (Shumilova V.S.-2 and Shumilova T.V.-2) with the help of beating me, poisoning, and bullying, as set out in my applications to the Department of Internal Affairs for the Southern Administrative District for the city of Moscow. Personal belongings and title documents for business and property, as in the case of June 2020 with Ramazanova, I also had to leave in the apartment of Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2. As I explained earlier, I found my personal children's photos, certificates

of praise, certificates, diaries, documents including those missing from Ramazanova' apartment, wedding photos of my parents, and my entire personal library of professional literature on jurisprudence and accounting with my personal signatures in the room of Shumilova V.S.-2. At the same time, my personal photos in adulthood are completely gone. I want to note a spicy detail in the field of dentistry: Shumilova V.S.-2 had one tooth growing crooked sideways, and an implant was installed. With the help of talented doctors in the Denta El and Kraftway clinics, a similar picture was recreated in my mouth, it remained only to remove the tooth destroyed by doctors and put an implant instead.

In 2020, in the episode with Ramazanova, as I pointed out above, Ramazanova and Shumilova T.V.-2 convinced me that I did not own any property, documents, or apartments. As I reported earlier, Ramazanova claimed that I would have nothing for theft, and I had to be illegally forcibly hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital, confirmation of which, according to Ramazanova, she had, and she was ready to demonstrate it with some SMS that she allegedly had in correspondence on her phone.

After my throw from Ramazanova's apartment back to the apartment of Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2 in the apartment on Bakinskaya (it is described in dozens of applications submitted by me to the OMVD in the Krasnoselsky district of the city of Moscow, Department of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District and Southern Administrative District of the city of Moscow, Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow, Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Prosecutor General's Office, FSB of Russia), Shumilova T.V.-2 began to force me to go to the city of Samara, and "live with my dad" (Orekhov's oligophrene in an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16, apartment 13) where Shumilova T.V. was going to agree that I would be examined at the Samara Psychiatric Hospital for some reason. There is an attempt to reproduce the entire episode she performed in July 2023.

Also in 2021, when Shumilova T.V.-2 and Andreeva O.V. forced me to go and get a directly contraindicated coronavirus vaccination, after which I've got an anaphylactic shock, Shumilova T.V.-2 called me a psychiatric ambulance to the vaccination point.

Earlier in August 2021, when Shumilova V.S.-2 caused me a cut head injury in the presence of Shumilova T.V.-2, and a cut back injury to my dog Harry, Shumilova T.V.-2 called an ambulance only after my whole face was filled with blood. Calling an ambulance, Shumilova T.V.-2 reported there that the she has Anna Sergeevna Andreeva in the apartment, who herself fell and hit her head against the corner of the wall. Then I was taken to the State Clinical Hospital 68 of Moscow, where instead of providing medical care, they took blood for ethanol in an incomparable volume comparable to the purposes of the analysis, and took excellent photos of the bones of my face and skull, calling it CT of the brain. As a result, I was forced to go to the medical center at the place of attachment of my state insurance to State Clinical Hospital No. 4, from where I was then sent for examination at the Research Institute named after Sklifosovsky in an ambulance. On the way, an ambulance officer non-stop corresponded with someone, and when we arrived in Sklif, he said that I had a bruised head injury, instead of a cut one. When I said that the injury was cut, he yelled at me and shouted that I didn't think of anything. Meanwhile, replacing the description of the wound from cut to bruised entails not only the retraining of the criminal composition, but also a change of versions. The presence of a bruised wound confirms T.V. Shumilova's version of an independent head impact on the corner of the wall, since there is nothing to cut off head in the wall. And therefore, it gives her reason to say further that I'm crazy who beats my head myself against the walls, and that the kick to my head by Shumilova V.S.-2 was my hallucination.

Thus, I come to the conclusion that the task of knowingly illegal forced hospitalization of me in a psychiatric hospital (preferably under someone else's name and another date of birth) was performed by Shumilova T.V.-2 with the participation of other persons involved in this activity,

including my acquaintances, through contact with them and spreading slander about me by Shumilova T.V.-2 (who had access to all my contacts in social network by misleading me about my kinship with her, and I reliably know that she entered into correspondence with my acquaintances and informed them about my alleged inadequacy and never existing mental illness). This is primarily Ramazanova A.K., as well as my former confessor, rector of the Church of the 12 Apostles in Khovrino in Moscow, Ilya Boyarsky. Applications against him were previously submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs for the Southern Administrative District and the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow, so I don't duplicate them here.

Before these episodes in a "sweet" flat on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13, I was actually evicted once again - in July 2003 (I assume that for the same purposes), by Andreev E.V. and Shumilova T.V.-2.

I want to focus on this episode, as it is key to giving a legal assessment of my marriage and actions in connection with it.

In January 1998, on the initiative of Alina Protsenko, my classmate at the technical lyceum, I went for the company with her for a preventive examination to a gynecologist. I had no complaints. At the examination, the gynecologist said that I allegedly had a right ovarian in- born cyst that needs to be removed. After that, about a few weeks later, known to me as my grandmother Andreeva G.A. told me that she was giving me a gift for a dowry, in the form of an amount of money to buy my own apartment. The apartment was picked up for me for purchase by Andreeva G.A. herself (city of Samara, Novo-Sadovaya St., 25, apartment 108). I do not have the original documents for this apartment, since they were taken away from me by Shumilova T:V.-2 together with the keys in 2002. My request to the Chamber of Notaries of Samara regarding the contract remained unanswered. Therefore, I operate only with what I have - a copy of the contract of sale of this apartment issued to me in August 2023 by Rosreestr. According to this document, the parties to the transaction were the seller Batarchuk Irina Viktorovna, who lives at the address Samara Novo-Sadovaya Street 25 apartment 108, and Shumilova Anna Sergeevna (my maiden name by passport before marriage) living at the address Samara Maslennikov Avenue 16 apartment 13. It did not contain any information other than the full name and residential addresses to identify the parties to the contract. As it directly follows from my father's case, documents (name and address) were drawn up in a similar way, which were then used by criminals to settle in an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13 Orekhov's oligophrene. With such parameters - Anna Sergeevna Shumilova living at Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13 - in the apartment I purchased on Novo- Sadovaya could any same-named person will come in.

I do not have the original contract in my hands, but I have great doubts that the contract available in Rosreestr, allegedly a copy of which was issued to me, is also authentic in the version originally signed by me. Such a contract with such introductory parameters of the parties could not be made by a healthy notary. Consequently, the contract was forged, or, as in the case in the city of Moscow when I sold apartment 196 in house 64/2 on Leninsky Prospekt, there were other copies that were submitted for registration and which I did not sign (embroidered and glued together again - I signed one version of the contract with the notary, but another one returned from registration). In the same way, technical passports for an apartment on Maslennikova Avenue house 16 apartment 13 with its illegal re-registration in the name of Shumilova V.S.-2, to the house transferred to me in Bunkovo (in return for the passport for the house for sale, a technical passport was collected for another building with similar characteristics).

One thing I know for sure: that I did not sign the contract of purchase of the apartment at the address Samara Novo-Sadovaya street, house 25 apartment 108 without specifying my full personal data. I.V. Batarchuk was interested in signing such a contract to make the purchase and sale transaction initially invalid. According to this scheme, a house in Bunkovo was sold to

me in 2016. Also, this form of contract was interested in someone who intended to seize my apartment or illegally inherit through its receipt.

Now history is not as important as the essence: with documents of similar in spirit and design (without complete accurate data allowing to identify the parties to legal relations), Orekhovsky oligophrene settled in an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue under the guise of my father, and Shumilova T.V.-2 inherited the property of Andreev V.N. and Andreeva G.A.

Thus, the transaction for the sale to me the apartment found by Andreeva G.A., initiated by Andreeva G.A., was originally in a format that makes the transaction invalid and leaves the opportunity to take possession of the apartment as a double - a person with similar names.

At the time of the transaction, my grandmother Shumilova I.R. was alive, and I was registered and lived in a "sweet" apartment at the address Samara Maslennikov Avenue dlm 16, apartment 13.

After the conclusion of the transaction to buy an apartment on Novo-Sadovaya, at the insistence of the owner of the clinic IDC Karnaukh V.I. (the clinic belongs to Alfa-Group), who studied with my father, I underwent a laparoscopic operation allegedly to remove the dermoid cyst of the right ovary found during the visit with Alina Protsenko. However, I note that a cyst of this kind is congenital, but it has never been found before. I requested medical history and video of operations. IDC did not provide this to me, on this occasion I had previously submitted applications to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow. Thus, there are no documents confirming the reliable fact that I have a cyst at all. I have not been given an answer since 2008, and three months before the expiration of the storage period of the medical history by law, in 2022, IDC sent me a selective piece of medical history instead of requested complete one. However, even it was enough to draw conclusions about the direct complicity of the IDC clinic in the series of inheritance law crimes referred to in this statement.

The operation was performed with a gross violation of the technology, as a result of which I had adhesions in my small basin. During the obsteeding in an unaffiliated clinic, I was diagnosed with secondary infertility due to postoperative adhesions in small pelvis. Thus, the operation was carried out for me after I purchased an apartment on Novo-Sadovaya (that is, my personal object of hereditary property appeared), and as a result of the operation I lost the opportunity to give birth to an heir to whom this apartment could be transferred.

But in addition to this linear conclusion, there is more interest details. After the operation, I was closed in the intensive care unit alone, where I was smeared with iodine from the heels to half of my torso. I'm acutely allergic to iodine, and Quinke's swelling began. There were no nurses in intensive care, and for some reason my bed was covered with some rags, that is, I could not be seen. After a while, Shumilova T:V.-2 came into the ward, who called for help, so I didn't die.

In 2023, when I began to study a piece of medical history sent to me by the IDC clinic 14 years after the first request, I found at least 8 my blood group different test results and rhesus factor, which contained tear data. From time to time, my rhesus factor changed from positive to negative and vice versa, and in one case I had 4 blood type. These magical transformations are akin to the "paradoxical excretion" invented for Chikatilo, when due to a mistake they incorrectly determined the belonging of his blood and sperm, considering them belonging to different people. The blood type and rhesus factor do not change during life. And blood transfusion of the wrong group and rhesus leads to death from shock, an acute allergic reaction develops. Therefore, I do not know what really was the cause of the acute allergic reaction that I've got in IDC clinic in 1998.

Thus, after I made a deal to buy an apartment on Novo-Sadovaya under a contract without my full personal data, I was hospitalized on the initiative and with the support of Protsenko A.,

Karnaukh V.I., Shumilova T.V.-2 to the IDC clinic, where I developed an acute allergic reaction, during hospitalization.

Of course, there are still paired cases for this case:

- an episode of 2008 in the State Clinical Hospital 31 of the city of Moscow, where after I bought an apartment 196 in the house 64/2 on Leninsky Prospekt, I was urgently hospitalized, where instead of fetal microsurgery I had a forced abortion, the right fallopian tube was removed, after which I was closed alone in the dark ward without help for a 24 hours. As a result of histology, I didn't have a remote embryo at all. Later I was refused to provide a certified copy of the medical card and video of the committed operations, which was explained that they were destroyed as a result of a "technical accident." The medical card statement indicated that I have a "weakly positive" Rh factor, and the clinical picture of the tests corresponds to acute drug poisoning. Later, when studying professional literature, I found that the symptoms of acute poisoning that appeared after the operation, and the memory problems observed further, are a clinical picture of synthetic opioids poisoning, and were observed by hostages of the Nord-Ost terrorist attack after exposure to gas. While in the hospital, the medical staff tried to forcibly inject me unknown drugs without giving me their names, including narcotic substances. Also, the medical staff with the participation of Shumilova T.V.-2 talked to me about the need to remove the second fallopian tube, since by the way I was in the hospital so that then I could immediately make a free eco at the expense of the budget. Shumilova T.V.-2 also insisted that I do eco from Dmitry Mirny, using the services of a surrogate mother. Thus, this is the second case of hospital lawlessness combined with the destruction of my reproductive function, which followed immediately after I purchased housing. The purchase of apartment 196 in the house 64/2 on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow was also formalized by invalid documents, as in them my place of birth was the city of Samara. The same city was listed as the place of birth at Shumilova T.V.-2. In the absence of other documents confirming kinship, the same places of birth in my passport and passport of Shumilova T.V.-2 could become proof of kinship with me for the fraudster.

I don't have any copies of my first passport left, most likely they were destroyed as well as my other documents. The first time my place of birth as the city of Samara, Samara region, appears in the marriage certificate with Andreev E.V. The application against Andreev E.V. was previously submitted to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow and the Moscow region, the Samara region, the Presnensky Court of Moscow. Briefly, after I bought an apartment on Novo-Sadovaya under the above circumstances, and I underwent an operation to destroy my reproductive function, as a result of which I moved to an apartment bought under invalid documents from an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16, apartment 13 where I lived and where I had a residence permit, I began to live in an apartment on Novo-Sadovaya. Since the end of 1998, an unpleasant smell has appeared in this apartment, the source of which I could not establish. In January 1999, I began to work as the dealer at the Boris Fradkov Club casino. A few days after the start of work, I was met by Andreev E.V., a casino client who started dating me. At the end of March 1999, Andreev disappeared, after which he appeared in May 1999 telling me that he needed to marry me. It seemed strange to me, but since he treated me well and the relationship was developing normally, I agreed. The wedding was scheduled for November 1999. Before the wedding, starting in September, Andreev E.V. disappeared again, and did not appear. I thought I would find myself in the position of a disgraced bride abandoned before the wedding. Andreev appeared a few days before the wedding, without explanation. The marriage was concluded on 19.11.1999, and was formalized with completely invalid documents: they indicated incorrect information about the place of birth of me and Andreev E.V. Andreev had the documents during the marriage, I didn't see them. The church wedding was also formalized with an invalid certificate without the signatures of the church, the document was also held by Andreev E.V.

After the marriage, Andreev E.V. insisted on my move to his mother's non-privatized apartment, located at the address Samara, Flotskaya Street 18, apartment 24. This is a village outside Samara, where it takes several hours to get by public transport from the civilized center. Andreev E.V. took the keys to my apartment on Novo-Sadovaya to "look after" it. As a result, I completely lost contact with my friends, as I began to live in fact in another city. Andreev hardly lived with me, was absent at night, had no intimate relationship. Since I worked and studied, and was very tired, I did not have the time and opportunity to realize and compare these facts. Andreev didn't work, the money was sent to him by his parents. I supported the family, worked and studied at the same time. In the summer of 2000, I received a diploma of my first higher education, and got a job at 70 Tovarnaya Street, then at Paritet. Andreev E.V. refused to take me to work, so I again began to live in an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13, as it was impossible to live in the apartment on Novo-Sadovaya because of the stench. In January 2001, my grandmother Shumilova I.R. died in an apartment at 16 Lenin Avenue, apartment 10, presumably due to poisoning, our dog, who moved with her to this apartment, also died before her death.

Circumstances of grandmother's eviction to this apartment and falsification of personal account statements for the apartment on Ave. Maslennikov house 16 apartment 13 to divide hereditary rights were previously declared by me in the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Samara region, I do not declare it again. I am attaching a contract for the privatization of this apartment. It is issued in the same way as the contract of purchase and sale of an apartment on Novo-Sadovaya, court decisions on the apartment on Maslennikov Avenue, and documents for its privatization - without specifying the full personal data of the persons on whom the apartment was privatized, while Rosreestr generally limited itself to the names shortenings - T..V., V.S., A.S. (!!). Also, for some reason, a non-standard inheritance clause was made in the contract, although of all three - Shumilova T.V.-2, me and Shumilova V.S.-2, no one was able to suggest the occurrence of sudden death. Thus, back in 1995, the privatization of an apartment on Lenin Avenue was formalized by an invalid contract drawn up in the spirit of all subsequent documents, so that the contract could be easily and simply used by the namesake. The contract was signed by the 1st Deputy Head of the Samara City Administration Pikalov. Alina Protsenko's sister, Ira Protsenko, in this period she met with Vitaly Pikalov.

After the death of Shumilova I.R., Andreev E.V. suddenly ignited with love, as a result of which since the spring of 2001 I began to live with him on Flotskaya Street again. During the same period, my father painted Petrova M.I., who entered into a relationship with him, and my father went to her. After I and my father immediately after the death of I.R. Shumilova in the apartment on Maslennikov Avenue, house 16, apartment 13 stopped being, Shumilova T.V.-2 changed the locks in the apartment, and accusing me and my father of betrayal, stopped letting me and my father into the apartment.

For this period, there are photos of Andreev S.G.'s daughter (his murder I had previously claimed), taken in this apartment together with Shumilova V.S.-2, who starting from this period, instead of a cute girl, begins to look like a fat overfeded representative of the dinar race of the Balkan Peninsula. Since Andreev S.G. was killed, I admit that he could be directly involved in the case of the murder of Shumilova V.S. and her replacement with Shumilova V.S-2. Such a replacement is evidenced by the deliberately executed execution of title documents without specifying full personal data, discrepancies in the dates of birth of Shumilova V.S. according to the text of court decisions.

Immediately after the death of my grandmother Shumilova I.R., my father and I were deprived by T.V. Shumilova of access to a sweet apartment on Maslennikov Avenue house 16 apartment 13, Shumilova T.V.-2 untied a lawsuit seeking the registration of an apartment in the name of Shumilova V.S.-2.

Thus, Andreev E.V. and Petrova M.I. jointly committed actions, as a result of which Shumilova T.V.-2 began to live alone in a "sweet" apartment located at the address Samara, Maslennikov Avenue 16, apartment 13. During this period, there was a sharp change in the appearance of Shumilova V.S., giving reason to assume that this interval of time involved the murder of Shumilova V.S. and her replacement with Shumilova V.S.-2. In this regard, the actions of Andreeva E.V. and Petrova M.I. should be qualified accordingly.

Then in 2002, Shumilova T.V.-2 took away my keys and documents from my apartment on Novo-Sadovaya, and changed the locks in the apartment on Lenin Avenue, which became the opening place of my grandmom I.R. Shumilova's inheritance. I have never had documents for this apartment at all, I received a copy of the privatization agreement allegedly available in Rosreestr from the MFC a few days ago.

When I arrived at the apartment on Novo-Sadovaya, before handing over the keys, I found Alina Protsenko living in it with her lover Oleg Ovcharenko, who were settled there by Andreev E.V., which none of them told me about. Since Alina Protsenko and I had some similarities in appearance, the goals of such settlement could be any. Before giving the keys to Shumilova T.V.-2, she forced me to make repairs in the specified apartment at my own expense. During the repair, I found that the entire wall at which my bed was covered with black mold under the wallpaper, which is the source of the stink - there was a wet wall under the synthetic wallpaper. It turned out that about six months after I moved to the apartment, the upper neighbour did renovation, and the battery was moved to the area above the headboard of my bed. Thus, I began to be constantly flooded, and it's still good if it was water.

After Shumilova T.V.-2, and Shumilova V.S.-2 were denied the right to live and register in a "sweet" apartment on Maslennikov Avenue (May 2003), and I was left without access to all housing, Andreev E.V. kicked me out of the apartment on Flotskaya, and I was forced to return to Maslennikov Avenue In the apartment on Maslennikova 16-13. Shumilova T.V. -2 let me move here in exchange for attending one court hearing on divorce proceedings and supporting her property claims. Further, after I drove into the apartment on Maslennikova 16-13, and Shumilova T.V.-2 left it by court decision, my dog Mirek began to have clinical symptoms of poisoning as described above.

After Shumilova T.V.-2 in November 2003 received a refusal from the supervisory authority to review the court decision on an apartment on Maslennikov Avenue, Andreev E.V. announced to me a divorce, the divorce of Shumilova T.V.-2 and my father, and me and Andreev E.V. occurred synchronously, and the only heirs of the first stage for me were my parents, or rather my father, because my mother was killed earlier according to my assumptions.

Then, around 2017, my father was killed, and since the apartment on Maslennikova 16-13 earlier on forged documents in violation of court decisions was re-registered for Shumilova V.S.-2, a fake heiress of the first stage for my father, she actually made it impossible for me to incurate my father's inheritance through the adoption of this flat. But the case is that Shumilova V.S.-2 was never a daughter of my father, as her father was according to the documents Shumilov S.M.-2.

The remaining objects, through the receipt of which I could extrajudicially enter into my father's inheritance - the barn and garage were seized by Morozov Yu.A., dacha - by Petrova M.I., the last object of property owned formally by my father was a Subaru Forester car, the car was sold two weeks ago by Shumilov S.M.-2 and Shumilova T.V.-2, who shared the money.

At the moment I am in this apartment without means of subsistence, without the opportunity to get them in connection with the seizure of all my property, food for me "parents" do not bought, I'm not allowed to enter into the rooms, I sleep on the floor on dog bedding together with dogs in the kitchen, Shumilov S.M.-2 constantly insults me obscenely. I can't call the

police because of my threats, Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilov S.M.-2 promised me to close the psychiatric clinic forever.

Thus, the episodes previously stated by me in relation to Andreev E.V. and in terms of falsifications of registry office records against me, my parents, my grandparents, regarding the conclusion and dissolution of marriage with Andreev E.V., regarding harm to my reproductive health by IDC clinics, CPSIR on Stepan Razin in Samara and Moscow on Sevastopolsky Avenue in Moscow, cases regarding causing harm to me by dentists of Kraftway, Denta El, Articon clinics, please reclassify and consider them as complicity in a general organized crime in the field of inheritance law committed for a long time against me and my family.

In particular, E.V. Andreev's actions to enter into an invalid marriage with me served the following purposes of the criminals:

- keeping me in a formal marriage to prevent my birth and dynastic marriage

- manipulating me to ensure my location and residence in the real estate necessary for criminals

- creation of objective factors of intersection with the case of Anna Andersen for my physical and procedural elimination, presumably in a similar way - through illegal forced hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic under a different name and with a different date of birth.

I also ask you to give a different legal assessment of the episodes I have previously stated:

1. Falsification of my diagnosis of thyroid cancer, made in the OBP of the Department of Internal Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation. As mentioned above, I was poisoned presumably with the substance of mustard gas, which is currently used in chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. With such a diagnosis, my presence of mustartitis in my organs and tissues when I have a fatal outcome would not cause suspicion. Needle has one important impact on criminals - it irreversibly destroys DNA, that is, my genome. And since I have been exposed to either mustardium or substances of a similar class for a long time, this was done in my opinion to destroy my dominant genes and create exogenous factors of chromosomal mutations. Simply put - so that I never give birth to anyone and never, and if I gave birth, that my child would be born disabled.

2. In the personal documents of Shumilov S.M.-2, I found a medical appointment made by the handwriting of the doctor of the OBP Department of the President of the Russian Federation, the record of which is in my medical record.

That is, Shumilov S.M.-2 previously lived in Moscow and visited this hospital, about the same period as I visited it, and there was received by the same doctor.

3. As mentioned above, the levretka dog I bought to my father as a gift was found by me with hematoma in the diaphragm area, with blood vomiting foam. According to the results of the diagnosis, the dog was diagnosed with poisoning (the dog was taken to the veterinarian by Shumilov S.M.-2 and of course he reported the details of the disease only those he considered necessary). However, the dog was not treated for poisoning. Hematoma of this size can only be man-made, and arise from a strong blow. Earlier in 2016, in December, my dog of world champion Dalmatian Yasha had a rupture diaphragm in three hours of my absence in apartment 360 in building number 2 on Bolshaya Tulskaya Street in Moscow, where in addition to me Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S.-2 lived. Yasha's diaphragm rupture could occur only in case of a strong impact comparable to the collision of a car. Since Shumilov S.M.-2 also visited or lived in Moscow, allegedly Yasha's diaphragm rupture occurred as a result of an injury caused to him by one of the three of them. Since now Shumilov S.M.-2 caused a similar injury to the left-handed dog, I believe that Yasha's injury to his own legs is a matter. To save Yasha, I had to urgently pay for the operation at the Biocontrol clinic, for which, since I no longer had any other sources of income, I sold my Ducati Superbike 848EVO motorcycle worth about 1.5 million rubles for 500 thousand, the motorcycle was bought by Major Auto on Novorizhskoye highway in Moscow, the contract of sale disappeared from my house

Due to technical limitations, I attach only those documents that I have not provided before.

In conclusion, please take into account the following.

Of course, there is a possibility that I am mistaken in everything, but please note that being mistaken and raving are different things. Misconception is the result of an erroneous interpretation of events and documents, from which neither I nor anyone else is immune. While delusions are really a figment of imagination, a hallucination that has no embodiment in physical or other tangible form. I understand that the evidence and documents I have to confirm my version of events may not be sufficient. However, I note that the lack of evidence and documents is not a hallucination, but only an objective reality that I am aware of and is due to my financial constraints, which prevent me from conducting expensive examinations at the moment. They could strengthen the confirmation of the correctness of my hypotheses, but in themselves, in the absence of the logical conclusions I give here and the facts and documents already existing, could not be a substitute for them. Therefore, such expertise and actions are desirable to strengthen

Of my position, but in themselves will not be able to be the only proof or refutation of my version of the interpretation of the facts.

I can be wrong, and I reserve such a right and opportunity to do it. For this purpose, adjudicative criminal proceedings have been established, and evidentiary procedures have been established by law. I think they should put an end to this case.


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