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Holy Bitch Diary: September 14th, 2023

📖September 14, 2023.

🦈There is such a joke: four childhood friends decided to open a joint business. The first one says: I'll be the CEO, I've always been the boss. The second says: and I will be responsible for the production, this is my topic. The third one says: and I'll be a CFO, I'm a financial comprehended. And the fourth one says: and who will I be then, since you have dismantled all the positions? The first answers: well, since you can't come up with a position, then you'll be our vice president for sex and music. - How's that? - asks the fourth. - And that's when we need your fucking opinion, we'll call you to whistle something to us! - the first answers him.

The history of the HASHEIGHT project begins in 2014. The project is unique in every sense, which has repeatedly become the object of raider capture immediately after describing just three of my inventions and applying for their registration in Russia: these are Smartlinks, #8 plug and play business tracker, HETL (hybrid data extraction and processing module). The last thing that was discovered post-factum in 2023 was the fact that the constituent documents of the Russian company HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC were stolen from me, where the criminals tried to embroider and replace the sheets with information about me as the founder with "new owners." In MI FNS №46, the employees of the tax authority who were helpful to the raiders removed information about me not only from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, but also from the constituent documents of HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC. When the raiders failed to rewrite the company, they, together with their accomplices from IFNS №4 and MI FNS №46 for the city of Moscow liquidated this legal entity by falsifying records in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The day after the illegal liquidation of HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC, in Lipetsk, an LLC of the same name appeared on the territory of the SEZ, registered for some Armenians, and a little later BOOST TECHNOLOGIES LLC in St. Petersburg.

In addition to the paper part of the capture, another real action was performed - in the form of a series of attempts to send me to the other world, with the help of a series of poisonings, disabling the brakes on my car and control system, wheel explosions. In the end, as I wrote earlier, I was repeatedly beaten, the criminals tried to pass me under someone else's name by lawlessness in a psychiatric hospital, and they tried to burn me alive in my own house with my dogs.

The degree of human meanness, vileness, abomination in the HASHEIGHT case has exceeded all the boundaries within which the perpetrators of such crimes can be called people.

Who, in addition to the employees of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, took part in this lawlessness? I want to list by name famous people who directly with me tried to "participate" in my project in the manner described above:

- Founders of Smart Expert LLC (now ITIKVIK LLC) Shishkin Dmitry Vladimirovich, Alexander Seldemirov, Nigmatyanov and Manolov

- IITD, its managers, co-owners and employees Dmitry Mochenyat, Sergey Mednov, Joseph Khamer, Anatoly Dralin, Artem Mazur, Ksenia Kalemberg, and others

- FIPS under the leadership of Neretin

- My friends-colleagues-employees Romanova Tatiana Nikolaevna, Ramazanova Asiya Kuanyshevna, Zimina (Borisova) Anna Viktorovna

- NP Bunkovo, and other affiliates of Alfa-Group, PJSC AFK Sistema, A1, MTS, MTS-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, and their related parties

- VTB Bank

- Denis Volgin, Sergey Malkov, Alexey Kononov, ICB Bank

- Oksana Bobyleva, Oleg Yakovlev, Oleg Andreev, Kirill and Oleg Martynov

- Tatiana Evgenievna Sergeeva, and her son-in-law Alexey Popenkov and Lebedev from SUE Medical Center

- Orekhovskaya gang's "family:" Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna, Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna, Shumilov Sergey Mikhailovich

- Bailiff Matenkov from the OSP for the Central Administrative District of the city of Moscow, bailiffs from Istra ROSP, bailiff Sitnikova from the MO of IPNO, and others

- Judge Kuzmina of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region, Judge Pivovarova 10 Arbitration Court of Appeal

- Other characters, a full list of which is available to the investigative body in charge of the criminal case (more precisely, criminal cases).

Does all of the above mean that I or BOOST have lost the rights to the HASHEIGHT business? Of course not. A legal entity is not a concept identical to the concepts of "business" and "product."

We did not lose, we earn in terms of future loss indemnification. Thanks, guys, for giving me a sound reason to file you in the criminal case combined with the review of the Nüremberg Trials.

After the illegal liquidation of HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC, the rights to a 100% stake in its authorized capital, and the entire property complex were transferred to the BOOST. I continue to be its sole beneficiary, owner, and manager, the reasons for which I hope are obvious from the above. The experience of cooperation with "partners" in such a project, as is clear from the first part of my story, has shown that partnership in the HASHEIGHT project does not add value, but creates a negative effect on both business and cash flow.

The fact that a project of this scale exists peacefully, quietly and imperceptibly in the vastness of Russia is not something exceptional. For me, these "partners," "friends," and others who care about what property I own (in terms of how to participate in its capture and division), somehow made a mess like that I still need someone to make a project, and they are the best candidates for this. However, I have a completely different opinion on this matter, and that's why.

At the heart of any successful startup are not investors, and not ready-made projects where it would seem that a startup can be leaned. This is from the series - you have a nice coat, we are ready to be your buttons at the cost of your coat. At the heart of a successful startup is a founder who has a clear head with a vision of business on his shoulders, who knows how to create a saleable product made and sold with his hands and the same head, and can raise money for its mass production. Start production in the garage and at your own expense.

It so happened by chance that I was lucky to have a healthy one and not a stupid head on my shoulders, as well as I have got all the basic experience and education I need to create the HASHEiGHT business and its products. After, at the stage of writing essays on my inventions, yesterday's "friends" and "partners" decided to implement several of my ideas on their own, by stealing my documents, and trying to send me to the other world, I stopped cooperating with them. At the moment, all the circumstances of their exploits are the object of attention of the investigation.

I refused the idea of finding new "partners," because at the stage of creating prototypes and their engineering part, a detailed acquaintance with what is happening in the industry in Russia and abroad, it turned out that in Russia there are no production facilities that can produce and engineers who can program the chips I need for my devices and hardware. Moreover, it turned out that the components I need are not produced not only in Russia. That is, the entire engineering part of the HASHEIGHT must be created from scratch. Actually, for this reason, among other things, I hang out in the library and read various uninteresting books about silicon, germanium, tellurium, selenium. This, in fact, is the main raw material for the production of the components I need, including ION-exchange alloyed glasses and plastics.

The process of creating prototypes and engineering in my case was interrupted several times due to the fault of the above-mentioned citizens, who constantly tried to contribute (to shit) to my project, business and inventions. In particular, the stinky one from my posts is Sergei Mikhailovich Shumilov, the hero who beat me up to the rapture of my ovary occured, which is why I spent 10 days in a horizontal position so as not to go to the hospital for an emergency operation with bleeding and peritonitis. This stinky is currently poisoning me and my dogs, beating me, and together with his "friend" from the Orekhovskaya gang family, Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova is falsifying his own medical history. Alongside together they try to declare me crazy and put me in a psychiatric hospital under someone else's name. This is only because parents are the heirs of the first stage in relation to their own children, and elderly infirm people like a stinky bastard simulating a stroke, loss of memory and speech, have a mandatory share in the inheritance. "Orekhov's parents" do not need all my inventions and finished products, they will actually enter the rights to my inheritance and transfer HASHEIGHT to those who actually ordered it. A couple of years ago, Orekhovskaya "mother" Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna together with her "daughter" engaged in prostitution in Moscow Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna, and my other "friends" and "partners" (Ramazanova, Romanova, Zimina, Shishkin, Seldemirov and others) stole from me the constituent documents for HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC, and applications to FIPS for patents for my inventions and software products.

When the theft was detected, the embroidered charters were returned to me, and I was told that I had gone crazy, and I never had any business, inventions, or documents, and the fact that I had them "seems" to me (this was performed jointly by Tatyana Vladimirovna Shumilova and Asia Kuanyshevna Ramazanova). In the understanding of these citizens, and their leaders on whose orders they performed the fraud and theft, and tried to declare me crazy, the acquisition of the rights to a good startup looks like this (venture capital business according to the business practice of AFK Sistema "Alfa-VTB:"

- Theft of originals of constituent documents with the replacement of sheets of legal founders with new "owners"

- Removal of information about the legal owner of the company from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities by means of "correction of technical error" and replacing them with new "owners"

- Italian strike to register the rights to trademarks, patents and software products to the legal owner, and their subsequent registration to the copyright holder of the applicant, but in which new "masters" have already appeared. That is, either after the falsification of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and constituent documents, or after entering into the rights to my inheritance. I remind you that traditionally they inherit after the death of the testator.

This is certainly not the whole story, but I didn't plan to tell everything today. Now I am engaged in the development of prototypes and the creation of the HASHEIGHT products, for which I spend a lot of time on education and work with literature in the library. In case you missed it - yes, I can code (that is, I don't need programmers yet either), but I have to learn programming languages quite intensively after a 28-year break. In fact, I'm building up new ones on my old knowledge. I need money for the creation of products and the industrial launch of the oasis, for this I bought the rights to toxic assets, and I also do the Heritage project. Other people's money - debts, loans and other investors who want to profit from someone else's property for a penny, therefore, I do not need. I have enough competencies to raise 100% of funding for my business on my own. That's exactly what I'm doing right now. It is the question of my competence in finance, law, and private equity, and I've got 3 universiry degrees in these fields, including the University of Oxford. So, in fact, I do not any advices how to better fund my business. Thanks God, I have the academic knowledge, experience, strategy, and skills to realize it.

This work is not known to the general public, but I did not plan to share it. Large and important projects love silence, and do not tolerate unnecessary eyes and ears. And law enforcement officers, whose activities are now directly tied to the financing of the HASHEIGHT business, know much more about me than all my "friends" and "family members" and other "partners" have ever known. Their opinion is really important to me, as it is existential for the further development of the HASHEIGHT business and me personally. If someone believes that attracting financing and collecting assets for the HASHEIGHT production base is not a job, is not a business, and is not an ordinary part of the usual regular business activity - isn't it better for such an "shmexpert" who allows himself to evaluate my work and business, instead of judging me to go to study, to courses or seminars, for novice entrepreneurs. On these corses teachers usually tell what business is and what its founders do. Listen to Guy Kawasaki or something, for beginners in business lamers. By the way, even I lectured on this topic, in a state business school as a senior teacher. Absolutely officially. Until I've got two own business schools. It is only in AFK Sistema "Alfa-VTB" believe that dumplings grow on trees, hamburgers appear from stores, and money is borrowed by investors.

What do Asia Ramazanova, "Orekhovskaya gamg family" made of from Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna, Shumilov Sergey Mikhailovich think about me, and their "Daughter" from the non-existent city of Ola, working as a prostitute in Moscow Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna, and their bosses: Angara maniac Mikhail Popkov, graduate from the Black Dolphin colony Andrey Leonidovich Kostin, two acrobat brothers of General Vlasov's children, shamefully avoiding wearing their father's surname Vladimir Petrovich Evtushenkov and Peter Olegovich Aven - I don't care. Worrying about what a gang of oligofrens with a pathology of criminal behavior thinks about me is like asking for a review of the products from dog shit lying on the lawns. Don't talk to shit - they bypass it so as not to get into it.

Do I need people? Of course. In the form of hired, well-trained and proven employees in the staff of my companies. I no longer invite friends, family and partners to my business - they will not create values, because they do not have the knowledge, experience and money I need for the business, but on the contrary, they tried to squeeze me from my own business, where I kindly invited them.

What was the actual anecdote at the beginning of the post? To the fact that there is nowhere without a financial director. Thankfully, I have it.

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