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Holy Bitch Diary: September 23rd, 2023

📖September 23, 2023

🦈The stinky has just surpassed himself today. I'm telling you. Like any stupid criminal, he is driven by a very clear and simple motivation: he needs me to die faster than him. Since he is still at large and has not yet been detained for state maintenance, this moron inspired by impunity believes that it will last forever. That's why for the last three days my dogs and I have been suffocating from the smell of stinking and its chemical pouring. To be honest, sleeping in this is terribly unpleasant, because it strangles a cough and pus flows from the throat, eyes, nose and lungs. That's why I open the door so that somehow the stinky’s chemistry and stench pull out with his urine. Now the stinky began to close the door, and he doesn't let me ventilate to enjoy his chemical poison to the fullest. At night, I wake up from being strangled by a cough from the stench. But the most important indicator is the condition of my dogs. You can see everything from their paws and skin at once. In short, the stinky has now decided to kill me with his chemistry, or just crash, so now he doesn't let me ventilate, and makes me breathe death the stench of his rotten urine, his dog's excrement, and his killer chemistry. Today, while I was going on business, a stinky stole a trash can, and when I returned to the apartment, he began to complain to me about the fact that I allegedly stole a trash can. I usually see what's going on in the apartment while I'm away, and then I got distracted and looked at the cameras half-eyed, I just saw it all the time while I was gone, the stinky rubbed in the kitchen. Fuck him, the trash can is really theft of the century. Snead the trash can from the kitchen to accuse me of theft! I should have thought of it!

But then everything turned out to be even funnier - the trash can was discovered half an hour later when I threw the packaging from my dogs’ food, in the drawer under the sink where it always stood. Only now it lies on its side, and the garbage bag is taken out of it.

And in the afternoon the stinky arranged a whole comedy when he took out his stinky dog - he clasped with it from the street, and played a show as his money fell from his pockets, cried loudly with his squealing voice so that my dogs began to show interest in what was happening. His phone kind of broke yesterday. The day before yesterday, this moron came out into the corridor and shouted "call the dogs, call the dogs, call the dogs," while I and the dogs were sitting quietly sitting in the kitchen in our corner, until the stinky began to yell on one note, call the dogs, call the dogs, call the dogs. In the afternoon, the kitchen was flooded with some kind of fish shit. In short, this moron is now either trying to drag me into the conflict on any shit, or he's a real schizophrenic. I did not tell the story of Pirogovka, Samara Hospital, where the only trauma center is nearby. I'm not in the mood to write today, in short, the stinky didn't just beat me until the ovary broke. A closed abdominal injury is a very unpleasant bullshit, which is not noticeable externally, but it feels very well inside. In my body, in addition to the ovary, I also had a stomach, pancreas, intestines, and many other different organs. What I want to say is that a bruise of the kidneys, stomach and pancreas is not a ram sneezing to you. And in addition, since the poisoning of the mustard gas is very clearly visible from the tests, Pirogovka did not just draw up my documents on this incident with the stinky for several different names and surnames (of course, the wrong ones). In principle, I was not given a medical history on request, blood tests evaporated in an unknown direction, along with abdominal ultrasound and images. Can you imagine what kind of stinky and his girlfriend Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova's roof is? In 2021, her daughter Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna broke my head with a glass cup, a piece of cup flew away and cut the back of my unfortunate lovely Dalmatian Harry. Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova (this is a bitch that many of my acquaintances mistakenly knew as my mother) calling an ambulance and said that Anna Andreeva was visiting their home, who herself fell and hit her head against the wall.

So the falsification of the medical history after the assault of Sergei Mikhailovich Shumilov's and other members of the Orekhovskaya family of prostitutes Valeria Sergeevna Shumilova, Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova, and their friends like Asya Ramazanova and Sveta Fomina is the norm. They have such a method of work - to break my head, or to break my tooth, at worst to poison with something, and then to tell that no one beat anyone, and did not poison, did not break teeth. Is the blood flowing from the cut wound? So she herself fell, slipped probably, was drunk and had schizophrenia, and she has hallucination Actually, that's what they tell the police and others, including their neighbors. Scum, rare scum. They hit me all evening again. When will the disinfectants from the seven come to pick them up? It is unbearable to breathe this crap anymore and listen to how the Orekhov bastard asks not to slam the door to the bathroom filled with his chemistry. They're all fucked up.

It's like in that joke:

- Tell me how your wife died.

- She ate mushrooms and died.

-But why does she have marks on her head from forty blows with a heavy blunt object and 12 knife wounds?

-She didn't want to eat mushrooms.

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