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Our Business

Roadup creates ultra innovative ready-to-use business products to increase enterprise value, improve performance, reinforce business sustainability, ensure legal compliance.

Business Streams

  • Business artifacts

  • Ready-made business products

  • Exclusive ultra-complex craft projects

  • High-end business education. 


Value Chain

We develop those rare and valuable competencies that we constantly need on a 24/7 basis. They create for us a sustainable competitive advantage that is inaccessible to other market participants. We invest in intellectual property, science, intangible assets, infrastructure, equipment, research and development, and people. We sell our products in the form of out-of-the-box gadgets and solutions. That makes our experience and knowledge available to the mass market at an affordable price. We do a limited number of exclusive projects per year serving UHNWI, large-scale conglomerates, public sector.

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Adult Games

Fear, discomfort, and stress affect cognitive activity, creativity, and human behavior. That makes an impairment on your business and conveys value destruction processes. Being under stress, people can't make effective management decisions and generate value. To fix that issue, we produce human-faced, simple, native, and gamified business products. Even to solve complicated problems, all our gizmos, software, solutions do it in a playful form. Our goal is to eliminate the business impairment of stress and discomfort of enterprise founders, management, and employees of any level. Application of our products will change the corporate culture of your organization for the better, significantly increases productivity of your team, and refocuses your employees to the really important matters.


Our products are scalable. They are applied to small businesses, corporations, government agencies. Scalability is based on special algorithms, strict standards, and rules that allow us to create a solution that can be automatically self-adapted even to the most difficult, irregular, and unusual situation.


Our products and solutions do not require expensive integration, customization, and complex implementation. They are plug-and-play. This was made possible by our vast business knowledge, which we were able to transform into digital language and algorithms.


All products and solutions are based on common principles, standards, approaches, methodology. Companies that provide services as part of our business solutions also operate in accordance with these same business standards. These business standards apply to both external operations and our internal activities.


 Our products do not create any stress. Even a child can use them. They are simple and easy to use, do not require complicated, neverending, extensive, and expensive traditional integration. They are made for businesses and organizations, meeting the real needs of founders, shareholders, and management in the best possible way. All interfaces are gamified, and the products are a pleasure to use. 



Business and management are very complicated and very difficult things. You will never get all the knowledge that will bring you closer to the ideal condition. We transform genuine best business practices - "the right way" and "the wrong way" - into a mass of digital algorithms. Our products, interacting with you, select from this vast knowledge the dosed information that you need exactly at this moment in time to solve your problem. That's flawless truly made customization perfectly fitted your business or management necessities. Your user experience is unique, and only you know it. Your problems and their solutions are confidential and literally in your hands - when you hold one of our devices. All user sessions and interaction activities are encrypted. This process generates real cryptocurrency.