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3rd Reich


Passions of Christ


Spear of Longinus (Spear of Destiny, Spear of Christ) - according to the Gospel of John, one of the Instruments of the Passion, a peak that the Roman soldier Longinus plunged into the hypochondrium of Jesus Christ crucified on the Cross. Like all Instruments of the Passion, the spear is considered one of the greatest relics of Christianity.

In the New Testament, the episode of piercing the body of Christ with a spear is contained only in the Gospel of John: “one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out” (John 19:34). According to the gospel story, the warrior pierced the already dead Jesus with a spear (this statement was regarded as implausible by the famous ancient critic of Christianity - Celsus).

In apocryphal literature, the earliest mention of this episode is found in the Gospel of Nicodemus (presumably from the 4th century). The Roman soldier who pierced the body of Jesus is named in this Apocrypha by the name: centurion Longinus.

Gaius Cassius Longinus (lat. Gaius Cassius Longinus; born no later than 86 BC - October 3rd, 42 BC) - Roman statesman from the plebeian family of Cassius Longinus, known primarily as one of the main killers of Gaius Julius Caesar. Longinus is something very special since his namesake centurion Longinus killed Jesus Christ, crucified on the cross, with a spear. The spear was later called the "spear of fate", and was characterized as a spear, the possession of which allows you to decide the fate of the world. The last owner of the spear of fate was Adolf Hitler.

In addition to the spear of fate, the 3rd Reich brought various talismans, amulets, icons, relics, and other artifacts from all over the world, designed to bring victory and grant invulnerability to the 3rd Reich and its leaders. In terms of the number of talismans collected, Reich was similar to Hawk's room in the moving castle from the Studio Ghibli cartoon of the same name. Presumably, one of the leaders of the 3rd Reich became the prototype of the main character, who lived in a room completely littered from floor to ceiling with amulets from witches. Hawk turns into a black eagle in the film, fighting for the royal empire on the side of the Nazis. The same prototype we can see in Porko Rosso animation film - in the bewitched pilot, one can easily recognize a reference to the commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany. Thus, the spear of fate and European artifacts were not the only, Japanese witchcraft industry served the 3rd Reich as well.

So, in addition to the spear of fate, the 3rd Reich received the originals of the Pentateuch, the Apocrypha, the ark of the covenant, the instruments of the passions of Christ, the imperial kleinods, the sword of King Arthur, the goblet of the Holy Grail, and many other relics from Old Norse mythology, the existence of which the majority of the population of the planet does not know in principle, except for representatives of tribal dynasties who owned such artifacts as, for example, the Draupnir ring, Thor's hammer, and things similar in quality to them.

Since the Reich has accumulated the largest collection of items with unusual properties, it has hardly suffered defeat. Therefore, the Reich perceived any lost battle extremely painfully and preferred to respond to it not just with military actions, but also with appropriate rituals. This is very clearly seen in the case of the "Romanovs."

For 2000 years, mankind has not been able to defeat the 3rd Reich by any rational method known to man. It can be assumed that victory over the 3rd Reich cannot be achieved by ordinary human means, and belongs to a different area of confrontation. In such a situation, any most staunch atheist and agnostic is unlikely to be able to oppose something to our opinion regarding the strategy of the process - justice and law are great. But remembering Nüremberg, let's first take the spear of fate from them. This may be sufficient.


Nazi Germany (Third Reich, German Das Dritte Reich) is a German state during the Nazi regime beneath the totalitarian dictatorship of the NSDAP from 1933-1945. The officially declared goal of the 3rd Reich and the backbone of the Nazi regime was National Socialism, which formally announced as its goal the creation and establishment of a racially pure Aryan state on a vast territory, which has everything necessary for a prosperous existence for an indefinitely long time.

The legal predecessors of the 3rd Reich in its current form from a legal point of view were the Holy Roman Empire, Weimar Republic, the Ottoman Empire, the Temporary Government, the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, and other state-political associations that consolidated territories and property to implement one holistic strategy of the 3rd Reich, executed military operations associated with a policy of brutal genocide on social and national grounds. The 3rd Reich existed in the form of political, financial, public, and criminal organizations, and various state institutions under the management of persons controlled by the 3rd Reich due to business or related hierarchical relationships.

The 3rd Reich in 1933-1945 pursued the most brutal domestic and foreign policy, including the persecution and mass destruction with particular cruelty of representatives of various ethnic and social groups (e.g., Soviet prisoners of war, Slavs, Poles, Jews, gypsies, sick, disabled, aged people, children). However, mass extermination on social and national grounds was carried out by the 3rd Reich long before the start of hostilities formally went down in history as the 2nd World War. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, during the 3rd Reich inhumanly exterminated on the territory of Turkey, Austria-Hungary, the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Ukraine, and Russia, millions of Slavs, Jews, Armenians, as well as persons of noble origin. The latter were destroyed because, under the law, in relation to the leaders and beneficiaries of the 3rd Reich, they had priority rights and priority for titles and property. These titles and properties belonged to the dynasties in the territories that the 3rd Reich planned to consolidate into an ideal flourishing Arian country for immortals. This activity of the 3rd Reich and its legal predecessors was inscribed in history as the Armenian genocide, the genocide in Austria-Hungary and Galicia, the genocide in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the Red Terror, and the Great Terror. The first episodes of the consolidation of the territories of Eurasia using similar methods - extermination on a religious and social basis, illegal acquisition of property rights and associated titles - entered the history of Russia as unrest, church schism, and the extermination of the Old Believers, wars with the Golden Horde, the era of palace coups, which led to gaining control over the administration of the territory of Russia, Ukraine, and Europe by the descendants of one dynasty, whose roots grow from the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and Ynglings, historically fighting against rulers of Russia. They entered into closely related marriages, allowing only a small number of third parties into their inbred relations, who, by definition, did not have priority for inheritance due to the lack their attribution to ancient eminent respected families. It applies to the Welf dynasties, the House of Anhalt, counts of Nüremberg (later named as "dynasty of Hohenzollerns," "dynasty" of a single castle, whose descendants suffered mental and genetic deceases), so-called Weimar dynasty, the Romanian princes, one of whom we know as Vlad the Impaler, and other marginal elements for whom a dynastic marriage with the 3rd Reich meant to reach the top level of happiness. Entering into the marriage with the 3rd Reich, these dynastic chains were secured for the 3rd Reich by the lack of real ambitions of such "dynasts." To make the family union with the 3rd Reich was the limit of desires and accessible title rights for these impostors or low-leveled nobility, in the absence of any risks for the 3rd Reich to get any claims from such partners. Hence the opposite situation: in the dynastic model of the 3rd Reich of expanding influence and territories through dynastic marriages, a marriage in which, compared to a partner from the 3rd Reich, the partner had significantly greater rights, titles, and property, usually ended with the death of the latter. We traced this across multiple examples, which we observed in the dynasties of Rurik, Gediminids, Piasts, and Habsburgs.

Mass extermination which was consistently applied by the 3rd Reich is not an only result of dynastic ambitions. It was the synthesis of religious beliefs, explained by the origin of Nazis. They followed the Old Norse cosmology, distinctive pagan cults, marginal Christianity, Babylonian cults, and finally attempted to follow their genetically explained behaviour fighting against sins, trying to satisfy various gods, and execute the God's will based on their understanding of the Moses' Pentateuch and prophets. The consequences we can easily observe in the methods of mass killings, military operations, onomastics, tropes of Nazis' slang, and many other very specific traits observed case by case in every serial crime committed by Nazis.

The 3rd Reich did not conduct an aggressive war and maintenance of a criminal organization at the expense of its financial resources. The Reich received money for the war and the creation of the corporation of immortality by extracting them from organizing handmade financial crises, looting, nationalization, expropriation of assets, theft, murders, and robberies, not disdaining to rob their victims to the last thread. It is enough to look at hundreds of pairs of shoes, glasses, utensils, and other things taken from those who came to death in Auschwitz-Birkenau, which are still kept in the museum of this death camp.

One of the most famous crises that provided money for the transformation of the 3rd Reich into the modern operating model of the NSDAP was Black Tuesday in 1929. It brought the first "equity" for the 3rd Reich and continued to bring in a systematic and regular income even later, after gaining control of depreciated companies and consolidating markets. Having created the NSDAP and launched the war machine, in 1939, Nazi Germany began the Second World War, during which tens of millions of people died. The exact number of victims is still unknown due to the destruction of traces of war crimes and evidence of their commission. In 1945, as a result of the defeat of the Soviet Union and its allies, Nazi Germany formally announced its surrender and cessation of its existence, then reorganized and continued its activities.

After the official announcement of the end of the 2nd World War, almost all participants in the crimes committed by the 3rd Reich escaped any responsibility for cruel crimes, including mass serial atrocities. The vast majority of Nazis did not fall into the hands of justice. Thus, in several Axis countries, e.g., Japan, the Nazis whose crimes brought benefits to the Axis countries were not subject to trial. Numerous crimes preceding the war of aggression and carried out within the framework of the same criminal plan, including the receipt of funds to finance the aggressive war launched by the 3rd Reich from the beginning of the 20th century, were not charged at all to anyone, were not criminalized, and punishments for them not discussed. No need to mention the systematic serial acts of regicide that preceded them, the deprivation of holders of titles and rights, military operations, the destruction of archives and documentary evidence of the rights of states, the territories, and associated assets of which the 3rd Reich planned to integrate into its ideal immortal state. In particular, these are the infamous Moscow fires, the war of 1812, and the burning of churches along with archives and parish registers in the era of church schism and post-revolutionary terror.

Almost without exception, the top of the 3rd Reich and persons who held a high position in it, who went down in history as the perpetrators of especially aggravated brutal murders and especially grave crimes, escaped responsibility and are still at large, continuing to implement the strategy of the 3rd Reich. After the formally announced death of Adolf Hitler, his powers passed to Hermann Gœring, under whose leadership the 3rd Reich continued to implement the Ost, Oldenburg (also known as Green Folder of Gœring), and other strategic initiatives of Nazi Germany. In addition to Gœring, other Nazis emigrated to the territory of North and South America - Hermine Brausteiner, Ilse Koch, Irma Grese, and many other persons who escaped any responsibility for the crimes already committed. After emigration, the criminal activities of these individuals continued after transforming them into a new organizational form - a mega-corporation created at the expense of the gold of the 3rd Reich and consolidating the right to own the giant financial organizations and enterprises of the real sector at costs of these funds. The injection of funds into the economy to gain control over these states was carried out with the help of criminal organizations controlled by the 3rd Reich - the drug cartels of Sinaloa, Los Zetas, CJNG, Cali, the Medellin cartel, and others. The management of the share price, public markets, and the value of non-public assets for consolidation at floor prices, which allowed the Reich to buy more for less money, was carried out with the help of controlled terrorist organizations, media corporations (including Internet companies), financial institutions, and organized crime, which solved local tasks for the 3rd Reich with the help of the local population. The Reich motto - more income, fewer expenses - was consistently applied not only to the usual business for the layman. It marked the transformation of the corporation of immortality into criminal entrepreneurship, where capitalization is carried out not of the regular business models but of the art of extracting maximum income by committing crimes at a minimal cost. Without exception, all nominally "business" companies and criminal organizations of the 3rd Reich have very notable distinctions that are repeated almost without change from case to case that they cannot be overlooked.

According to our estimates, the truthful headcount of the army of Germany and its allies in the Second World War was more than 40 million people, excluding collaborators. At the same time, no more than 1000 people appeared before the court during the post-War trials, including Nüremberg, court hearings in death camps. In the time of the parodies of justice under the guise of the Nüremberg, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Khabarovsk trials, and trials in death camps, the Nazis got the right to judge themselves. The Nazis in prisons were waiting for this comedy show under the control of the same Nazis. As a result, according to our statistics, for the brutal monstrous massacre of more than 100 million people in this satanic bacchanalia, death sentences against the mad mass murderers were imposed on less than 0,000002%. The captured Nazis, including Gœring - the number two after Hitler in Reich, imitated the deaths and evaporated. The rest continue to be free. Those who faced the parody of justice were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, including ridiculous ones - for example, 13 months. After this, they were released ahead of schedule, including for good behavior, received a pension from the government of Germany, and a quiet old age in a boarding house at public expense. For the brutal murders of more than 100 million people, the Nazis were mildly scolded (those who were caught) and released, provided with a pension for a decent old age.

As a result, after the formal announcement of the end of the 2nd World War, almost all the Nazis collectively killed more than 100 million people only in the period of the 20th century, just moved to the territory of other continents, where they are on the freedom without hindrance. The werewolves continue their ongoing activities with new passports, names, and faces, using standard methods of changing the appearance to prevent the investigation and disclosure of current and past crimes committed in the interests of the 3rd Reich. A few war criminals of Nazi Germany were convicted in several trials, but there is no evidence to support the actual execution of sentences in cases even where the criminals were sentenced to the death penalty. Known as the main in history, the Nüremberg trials of the German war criminals - the top leaders of Nazi Germany, took place in 1945-1946, and were actually a sham, since the process was conducted on the territory of same Nazi Germany. Nüremberg trials and death camps hearings were executed by persons included in the structure of the 3rd Reich or associated with it by close personal, family, and business ties. The Nazis were left to judge themselves for their own crimes. To hide the actual circumstances of the Nüremberg Tribunal, the 3rd Reich used the military propaganda machine familiar to it - hundreds of demonstration films were shot, and thousands of articles and books were written, which turned out to be in fact the only significant consequences of the Nuremberg Trials - attracting public attention and misleading the public that the criminals were punished and justice prevailed.

The war not only did not end in reality. Moreover, all the people who led it in the form of an organized 3rd Reich were never actually brought to justice. They just transformed the 3rd Reich into a new organizational form, where they occupied the places of leaders and employees with the same former employees of the 3rd Reich - the same people and their relatives, collaborators, and immigrants from the Axis. The same propaganda machine continues to be used now against Russia within the framework of the same criminal activity - the execution of the "Ost" plan by the 3rd Reich with the help of the same collaborators and the same Axis countries, with the involvement of the same personalities who survived plastic surgery and changed their passports. Now the 3rd Reich presents to the general public the continuation of the 2nd World War by the 3rd Reich using its' own media and technology companies controlled by Nazi Germany. It engages the same military propaganda machine that worked 120 years ago from the beginning of the 20th century as "Russia's military aggression against Ukraine." It is one more masterpiece of German propaganda, like previously filmed Hitler's propaganda template "The Furher gives the Jews a city" about the death camp Theresienstadt. Throughout its history, the 3rd Reich has not changed its methods, and over the past 100 years, it has not even changed the people in its organization.

The historical, economic, and political phenomenon of the 3rd Reich was born in the era of the Holy Roman Empire, and one of the first events of the crimes recorded in its piggy bank was the condemnation and crucifixion of the innocent Jesus Christ, the son of David, followed by the burning of Jerusalem, mass extermination of Jews (later replicated in the middle of 20th century in the 3rd Reich Death Camps), and destruction of the Second Temple. Since that time, the 3rd Reich has mutated in form staying the same by nature. Taken on different forms, its essence has remained unchanged - the desire to obtain immortality, endless political influence, and total control over all economic benefits by capitalizing on human vices and sins. One of the tools of the Reich was an attempt to recreate the Holy Roman Empire and restore its power. The ambitions of the 3rd Reich were based on dynastic and religious aspirations, considering the specifics of the development of the dynasties of noble origin included in its structure. Later, the core operational organization of the 3rd Reich, which is the nominal beneficial owner of all the property of the Reich, received its direct name identifying it with the corresponding characters of religious themes, directly describing the essence of the thinking and strategy of the Reich - a leviathan, monetizing envy, and human vices, absorbing into itself all objects of the material world. The 3rd Reich named its' organizations by their direct names quite straightforwardly, identifying their substance and the meaning behind it with the tasks performed in the Reich. Onomastics for the 3rd Reich is not an abstract science. As one of the inherited parts of the specific features of the military intelligence to use non-standard ways of communication, onomastics is an art and daily operational tool that allows the 3rd Reich to exercise operational control across many of its companies. The 3rd Reich continues to work as a military organization moving towards the achievement of its strategic military objectives. No surprise that the 3rd Reich use the military approach to manage its assets - it is part of its military resource. Many of them are earning income through the activities of organized crime to achieve the 3rd Reich goals. The consequence is also the need to control communications - both technical means and communications in the public field, and the use of specific means of communication. Therefore, the Reich actively consolidated the industry of telecoms, the Internet, technology, media space, and entertainment.

World War II was not an isolated event. In fact, it was a direct continuation of the policy of the 3rd Reich to gain control over the entire territory of the Eurasian mainland and other territories, which the 3rd Reich pursued in an explicit form on the territory of Eurasia starting from the 7th century AD. These actions were not just wars. They included dynastic marriages, serial regicides, inciting religious hatred, ethnic terrorism with extermination on racial, national, and social grounds, handmade state and financial crises, and other events that brought the 3rd Reich not only forward movement towards the intended political goals, but as well as obvious material benefits in the form of obtaining control over territories, property, businesses, funds, and other types of rights. The 2nd World War stand alone, according to our estimates, based on the results of available historical publications, brought in more than $91.3T in revenue to the 3rd Reich. After the transition of World War II into a hybrid extended military operation, the 3rd Reich not only got the largest technology, defense, and consumer companies under control with the help of these funds. This money entered the economy of these companies with the help of their preliminary laundering through drug cartels, the banking system, and various types of non-monetary and commodity transactions, after which the 3rd Reich Gold was transformed into a fine shareholding. Markets were controlled by media companies managed by the 3rd Reich, financial institutions, and terrorist corporations. As a result, the 3rd Reich has transformed into a military mega-corporation whose core business is to extract entrepreneurial income from the activities of organized war crimes. Since the enterprises controlled and operated by the 3rd Reich (individuals and legal entities) extracted the benefits of the criminal activities described in the Hateful Eight and Heritage sections, all accumulated claims on the balance sheet of BOOST in connection with toxic assets shall be addressed to the 3rd Reich, its beneficiaries and the leaders involved in the implementation of the strategy of the 3rd Reich. First of all, they are the Vanguard group and Hermann Goering.

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