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Permission to use images can only be given by their rightful owner, and only the rights of the rightful owner can be violated. The materials posted on this site were taken by us from sources that previously, without any of our permission, as the legal owner, these materials were stored, signed as their own, and sold, or placed in the public domain for an indefinite number of persons. We hereby notify that we have not requested and are not going to ask anyone for permission to use any photographs of people posted on this site, premises, as well as digitized images of art objects, since the photographs depict family members and relatives of the beneficiary of the BOOST company, the originals of art objects are included in the heritage of the BOOST beneficiary, as well as the premises in which the shooting was made. If there are any claims from the "right holders," they will be considered only if the "right holders" have a written express consent of the person depicted in the photograph to take photographs, and posting a photograph of this person on the Internet for public access by third parties, including photographs from the family archive, or if there is also a written express consent of the legal owner of the object of art or premises (palace, estate, and other personal objects) to shoot his property and post the photos on the Internet. We recommend that such false copyright holders who post the photos of other people's property and other people's family archives as their own or "national treasure" act in accordance with Article 31 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - that is, remove such photos from publication, stop posting them, remove any mention of to third parties other than those shown in the photographs as the "owners" of these images and photographs. This means that before using any images of Hermann Göring and John Bogle, as well as images of their homes, property, art, and any of their images, you must obtain express written consent from BOOST for such use. You can get acquainted with the list of people, the use of images and photographs of which, or whose property, requires obtaining the written express consent of BOOST, on the website of the beneficiary of the BOOST company, in the Genealogy section.

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