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Prince Repnin's Grave

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Erasure of people.

The change of power in Russia and its legal predecessors was a result of the adoption of illegal documents regarding the succession to the throne after the murder or deprivation of the legitimate rulers of the state and the extermination of their heirs. The ritual desecration of their graves, the erasure of their remains, the burning of archives, and any documentary evidence of their existence and ruling rights were all crucial parts of these serial killings targeting the one - to leave no documentary and physical evidence of their existence.

The Church Issue.

Participation in Atrocity Crime

For centuries the church performed in the role of the archives holder and the guard of the corpses and graves for royal dynasts and nobles. The consolidation of these two, together with the unhealthy ambition of the head of the church perverted the role of church from the religious institute into paramilitary organization focuses on the field of the state power misappropriation. Among the erasure of traces of legal heirs, the church worked as a Slater for the tributes of legal heirs in cooperation with the ZR/RIFLE CIA program. This explains why the comission of the US Senate had the same name - the Church Comittee.

The Full Story

For many years the tradition to bury the dynasts of royal dyansties on the premises of monasteries and churches existed in Russia and across the globe. Many of royal dynasts decided to become monks and changed their monarchical attributes to the monk's dresses. After the death, the royal dynasts and nobles obtained the status of holy, which was granted by the church staff. And, externally, the situation looked very respectful - former kings, queens, dukes, counts, and other nobles dedicated their last years to God (by their opinion), to leave our world being rest in peace. However, the peaceful poetic picture in reality has absolutely different colouring and meaning, having nothing in common with the real substance. In fact, the church got for keeping the corpses and remains of the entitled monarchs and princes, together with all documents fixing their marital status, personal data, identity, number of kids.

In Russia and all over the world, it was customary to bury the dynasts of royal dynasties on the premises of monasteries and churches for many years. Numerous royal dynasts made the decision to become monks and altered their monarchical attributes to monk's clothes. Following the passing, the royal dynasts and nobles were granted the status of holiness by the church staff. From an external perspective, the situation appeared to be respectful. Former kings, queens, dukes, counts, and other nobles believed that they should devote their final years to God, leaving our world to rest in peace. In reality, the peaceful poetic image has a completely different color and meaning, with no relationship to the actual substance. In fact, the church was responsible for keeping the corpses and remains of the entitled monarchs and princes, along with all documents pertaining to their marital status, personal data, identity, and number of children. The remains of deceased dynasts were destroyed or replaced due to the use of holiness as a justification. The church used animal bones as a substitute for holy relics in their worship. Rather than the holy relics of Prince Daniel of Moscow's, the bones of turkey are located in the Danilov Monastery, as an example.

When a monarch or nobleman dies, the church institution where they were buried receives the most potential for falsification. Desecration and destruction were carried out on the remains, including the use of fire simulations to burn the archives. The disappearance of both reference DNA sources and archival documents was a result of this. The circumstances provided a wide-open platform for abuse and became a breeding ground for fraudsters, fake heirs, and the illegal seizure of someone else's inheritance property. The Donskoy Monastery wasn't unique among these organizations.

Several thousand graves were buried on the territory of the Donskoy Monastery, making it the largest noble cemetery. Despite everything, the records for burials and remains were lost. The massive necropolis has now become the 'territory for administrative development' in the urban development plan of Moscow. The soil that will be completely wiped away from the earth, destroying the last traces of physical existence in the necropolis, has been prepared. Since there is no one to visit the graves of the dead because they have no living heirs left, the probability that the activity to destroy the last remains of reference DNA will be stopped in time tends to be zero.

In addition to destroying documents and bodies, ritual desecration was carried out on a number of graves. Tombstones have been removed from the graves, and cast iron slabs with the Nazi symbol Totenkopf have been placed on them instead. Instead of tombstone epitaphs, these plates contain short biographical references with derogatory content written with lexical and spelling errors, including errors in names and dates. These plates were put on 13 gravesites of those who were involved in the Russian-Turkish conflicts, including the burial of Prince N.V. Repnin (named "Prince Repnia"). The tombstone belonging to Prince Repnin N.V.'s grave, which has his coat of arms and crown, was moved to the basement of the largest cathedral's lowest level, where alleged restoration work was carried out. On the tombstone there is a trace of ritual desecration of the name - a trace of a blow with a knife weapon in the name of the prince. The tombstone is intact and surrounded by old furniture that supports the wardrobe belonging to Bishop Feognost Guzikov's house. Also in the small cathedral, where the grave of Prince Repnin and his relatives and contemporaries who wrote themselves in history in the era of the Russian-Turkish wars, the tombs of the Golitsyn and Bagrations are located, the furniture has been rearranged in such a way that as a result, there is a continuous flow of people trampling on the remains of members of the monarchal dynasties with their feet. At the same time, the staff of the monastery tells the parishioners the lie that this is the last will of the dead. Obviously, in contradiction, the high tombstones were placed on the graves not to walk on them with their feet. Cast iron slabs with Totenkopf and offensive inscriptions were laid instead of the tombstones by the monastery staff. Every day, thousands of parishioners wipe their dirty shoes on the graves of people, which are decorated with monarchical coats of arms and crowns. Obviously, none of the deceased made these orders. People who do not respect power do not respect God, because the core of real monarchical dynasties has legendary references to divine origin.

The Russian church employed blind trust in people wearing church clothing to disprove the existence of actual monarchs, princes, and nobles, giving fraudsters a vast array of false documents and gaps in archival data. Fake heirs could not only create fake documents, but also massively distribute knowingly false data through the media and the Internet, even through falsifying biographies on Wikipedia. Fraudsters bravely pleaded for a lot of ridiculous information about the DNA and pedigrees of deceased nobles and monarchs, profiting from their contribution to the destruction of traces of people granted power and sovereignty by the Russian Church. It's not a surprise that the population is highly disrespectful towards any authority, whether it's a monarchical or democratic form of government. Disrespect, offensive statements, and the permissive murder of government officials by those who do not like them are the ubiquitous norm in our society. The genetics of legal nihilism and the denial of the foundations of the theory of state and law as the basis for the functioning of civil society are the following effects of the functioning of the church institution.

Thus, historical facts indicate that for centuries the church has been a stronghold of the destruction of Russian statehood and the physical destruction of representatives of legitimate power. The origins of this ugly phenomenon are traced back to the history of the Roman Catholic Church, which is a military organization independent of the Borgia dynasty clan. Despite being unable to take the monarch's chair and gaining power and influence comparable to real monarchs, Borgia managed to hold onto power for hundreds of years through murders and falsehoods. Case with the tombstone of Prince N.V. Repnin in the Donskoy Monastery and its closest associates, relatives and contemporaries is the main line of proof of these facts, as well as an independent episode for proving the identity of a series of cases on the organizer and executor in the era of the war of 1812, the Armenian genocide, the Red Terror of 1919-1921, and crimes committed by the 3rd Reich, including in the modern era, after the official declaration of the end of the war.

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