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Prince Repnin's Grave


The change of power on the territory of Russia and its legal predecessors was a result of the adoption of illegal documents on the succession to the throne after the murder or deprivation of the legitimate rulers of the state and the erasure of their heirs. An integral part of these serial killings was the ritual desecration of their graves, the destruction of their remains, the destruction of archives, and any documentary evidence of the existence of the murdered and their ruling rights.

Substance of the case

Prince Field Marshal Nikolai Vasilyevich Repnin was one of the prominent diplomatic and military figures of his era, whose contribution is known to us as the signing of the Kyuchuk-Karnadzhi peace, the disintegration of the Polish statehood, the victory of Russia in the Russian-Turkish wars. However, this activity found a kind of "recognition" primarily among the offspring of the Ottoman Empire, who could not forget the Prince his military and diplomatic contribution to obtaining Russia's access to the Black Sea, and territories as a result of the victory over the Turkic Kaganate in the 19th century. For these achievements, Prince N.V. Repnin was awarded not only the orders of the highest military prowess but also hatred towards himself and his family members by the losers. This was expressed in the murder of Prince N.V. Repnin and his wife, the desecration of their graves, as well as in the murder and desecration of the graves of persons associated with Prince N.V. Repnin by close family and business ties. Kinship and ties with Prince N.V. Repnin were honored with the desecration of graves, series of ritual murders, the dismantling of tombstones, the desecration of the remains, and the replacement of honorary tombstones with family emblems and epitaphs with ugly cast-iron plates with family curses. In addition, the direct male descendants of Prince N.V. Repnin also discredited the honor and dignity of the Prince. One of them, Prince N.G. Volkonsky, in violation of the decree of Alexander I, did not take the name of Prince N.V. Repnin. The second, Prince S.G. Volkonsky, allowed himself to be drawn into the activities of the Decembrists, monstrous in their consequences. In addition to a direct threat to life for Prince S.G. Volkonsky himself in the form of a sentence for rebellion, and deprivation, regardless of its illegal status, the Decembrist uprising led to the brutal death of several thousand people.

It is extremely difficult to assume that the deeply religious Prince S.G. Volkonsky, with heredity in the form of also deeply believing Prince G.S. Volkonsky and Prince S.F.Volkonsky, voluntarily participated in the act of mass bloody massacre. In addition to Prince S.G. Volkonsky, as a result, the Decembrist uprising was used as a pretext for depriving the titles of several dozen representatives of the princely dynasties of Rurikovich-Gediminovich, who posed a real threat to the rootless dynasty of German impostors who chose the surname "Romanovs" for wearing in Russia.

Thus, on the territory of Russia and its' predecessors for several centuries was implemented activity to eliminate all legal descendants of princely titled families who had the real legitimate power to govern the Russian state. This activity was a direct consequence of avoidance to execute the obligations taken by various ruling dynasties from other countries as a part of dynastic marriages with the Russian princes. Russian princes for the development of the empire used such a tool as dynastic marriages. However, foreign princesses did not bring Russia the effect that the Russian princes were counting on. Instead of expanding territories and consolidating Russia's influence in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, as soon as the time came to fulfil their obligation to Russia, Russian princes and their heirs began to suddenly die en masse, along with newborn heirs and wives. After a series of murders and imitations of a bona fide acquisition, a group of Germans gained control over the administration of Russia, who, to imitate Russian origin, took the surname familiar to the Russian ear. As a part of this process to eliminate the legitimate descendants through regicide and illegal deprivation, the criminal group committed such crimes as the destruction of any documentary evidence of the titles bearing and associated rights, destruction of burial remains to hide the reasons for death and to do not allow the DNA expertise. But the most awful thing was that the Russian Orthodox Church - the largest archive and the largest cemetery in Russia in form of its churches and monasteries - was an integral part of this illegal activity of the illegal governing power capture. Since the very beginning of its presence in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church made a tragic input into the decomposition of Russian statehood, serving as the vendor of impostors, the provider of trust increase services to impostors, and as an outsourcer that performed the destruction of graves, remains, and the archives. Starting from the case of Prince Repnin's grave desecration, we discovered the series of crimes confirming the ongoing series of acts of regicides committed against legitimate heirs of the first Russian rulers, which include Gediminid, Rurikids, Russian boyars, and other representatives of noble-born origin having the legitimate right to inherit titles with the associated rights. Prince Repnin, as one of the most prominent representatives of both dynasties, entered his name into history as a participant in the Holy War against the Ottoman Empire, which is a part of the 3rd Reich in its previous organizational form, and faced the highest degree of hate. This activity of dynastic serial murders which were performed ritually, started by the Russian Princes during the Golden Horde epoch, and has not been stopped even now. Even in our time the family members of ruling dynasties living not only in Russia, but every day also bear the risk to be murdered as long as death is the only way to legitimately eliminate the legitimate heir of the inherited titles. This case represents an investigation of this crime series and establishes the connection between them and the activity of the 3rd Reich which started its attempts to consolidate Russian territories much before WWI. BOOST is a company that is performing assets management services for Prince Repnin's legitimate heirs. In this role, we pursue the investigation of the deaths of his heirs, family members, and grave desecration, to recover their violated rights and violated last wills, and to protect the reputation of Prince Repnin's family members and his closest relatives.

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