The Romanovs are representatives of the Holstein-Gottorp dynasty, relatives of the Nazis of the 3rd Reich. They came to power at the end of the 16th century with the help of organizing unrest and regicide. The same trick was repeated with brilliance in 1917. They do not have legal rights to the throne, all decisions made by them have no legal force, and are subject to revision by the legitimate government of the legal successor of the Russian Empire. If you have any further queries regarding the information in this section, contact our PR department.


Holy regicides

Walter Morgan, invented by Bogle, corresponds to the character Henry Morgan (eng. Henry Morgan; January 24th, 1635, Cardiff, Wales - August 25th, 1688, Port Royal, Jamaica). Morgan (Red Bloody Henry) was an English navigator (originally from Wales), pirate, privateer, later planter, and vice-governor on the island of Jamaica who actively pursued the British colonial policy. He went down in history as a man who plundered Panama. Mogan returned to Jamaica, and just after that was arrested (during his campaign, Spain and England entered into a peace treaty) and, together at the side of the recalled governor Thomas Modyford, which actively contributed to his predatory campaigns, was sent to England. Everyone thought the royal court would hang the pirate on the gallows for all the sins, but the court could not forget the services rendered to him. After a staged trial, the court made a decision: "Guilty has not been proven." Morgan was sent back to Jamaica as lieutenant governor and commander in chief of her naval forces. The same "justice" we observed in the 3rd Reich case as explained above. It confirms the baseline of investigation that Nazi Germany is a creature of Brits, its royal dynasties.

Walter Morgan was a fictional character whose last name Bogle wanted to characterize the meaning of his activities in the United States by creating such a fund. Combining the image of a pirate-robber and colonialist with Black Tuesday, after which the Great Depression began in the United States, we get the key to who stayed behind the market crash, the Brits from the Wellington dynasty acting under the mask of "H" - the 3rd Reich. Nazis (Wellingtons) used the rune H (Hitler, Herring, Himmler, Hess, Hebberls, and others) - Rune Hagalaz means "hail" and symbolizes the monstrous destructive power. The phrase "Heil Hitler" may mean "Hail Hitler." Hitler may identify himself with Christ since heil in German means "salvation." After that, when people should greet Hitler as the Jesus the Christ, no more question why we observed as a patriarch serial criminal Vyacheslav Ivankov under the guidance of the Vanguard fund, and the performances of Pussy Riot in the Christ the Savior cathedral.

Thus, the plundering model was probably the basis of the Wellington fund. The same plundering approach was used by Hitler in the Barbarossa plan, as we cited the Mein Kampf before. Of course, the representatives of the Third Reich (or its American branch - Skull and Bones) were not any Christians and Lutherans, just as they were not Jews.

The reality of the names Rockefeller and Rothschild, and the legend spread in connection with them about the "secret rule" of the Jewish society and the Jewish conspiracy, is questionable. We assume that this legend was created based on general ignorance in matters of history, religion, and linguistics. Jews are accused of all mortal sins (blood libel against Jews) starting from the date of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, imputing it to them. However, it was not the Jews who crucified Christ, but the Romans. Secondly, as obviously Rockefeller and Rothschild are not commoners. According to the etymology of the surnames Rockefeller and Rothschild, they are more like nicknames, by analogy with the invented surname "Bogle." Both surnames are not Jewish but have a German pronunciation and etymology. The surname Rockefeller is a composite of the words Rock + Feller, that is, the rock guy. The surname Rothschild is a composite of the words Rot + Shield, that is, a red shield. The nobles were not called this way. Consequently, both surnames are nicknames of some nobles who have a strong German branch in origin. For example, in Russia, the family of the Repnin princes comes from the Rœriks of Chernihiv. The ancestor is Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky, nicknamed Repnya (XVIII generation from Rœrik). A strong German branch is the house of Vettines and its senior lines. The strong British-German branches started from the dynasties of Wessex, Kent, Bernizia, Gothi, East England, Mercia, Westfalen, Deira, and Lindisfarne. Therefore, Rockefeller and Rothschild may be descendants of the Windsor and Wellington family. In particular, Baron Rothschild went down in history as a man involved in the financial operations of the Wellingtons. The Wellingtons would hardly have entrusted matters of their treasury to a person, not of their kind. The reason these people don't use their real names is different than the obvious at first sight desire to hide who's behind all the shit that's going on. With a royal origin, the full name is compound and may include more than five names and surnames that are written together. Also, the name should include the title, in full. This will not fit in any passport. It is very inconvenient in ordinary everyday life - for documents and communication. And this confuses everybody who does not understand how to name such a person. Therefore, for everyday life, the aristocracy always had a simplified name, which may not correspond to the real one at all. And, in some cases, more than one.

The House of Habsburg-Lorraine (German: Habsburg-Lothringen) is an imperial dynasty in Europe whose members are descendants of Franz I and Maria Theresa. One of the most powerful royal dynasties. They occupied the throne of the Holy Roman Empire - Austria - Austria-Hungary from 1765 to 1918.

The Habsburgs (German: Habsburger) is one of the most powerful royal dynasties in Europe throughout the Middle Ages and the New Age. From 1342 they continuously ruled in Austria, from 1438 they occupied (with a brief break in 1742-1745) the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, after the dissolution of which (1806) they headed the multinational Austrian (1804-1867) and Austro-Hungarian empires (1867-1918). ). The rulers of all these states had a residence in the Vienna Hofburg. Habsburg royal family members were Grand Masters of the knightly Order of the Golden Fleece. From the end of the 15th century, a strongly protruding lower jaw (which we see in the portrait of Goering) was considered a distinctive feature of their appearance. At various times, the Habsburgs were also the rulers of many other states, such as Bohemia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, the Kingdom of Naples, Portugal, Transylvania, Tuscany, Parma, Modena, and Mexico.

"An empire on which the sun never sets." As you can easily see, in all the symbols of the 3rd Reich, and related companies, including Solntsevskaya OCG, as well as coats of arms, we see the sun. Many companies combine black and yellow (Beeline, Yandex, Tinkoff), these are the colors of the flag of the Austrian Empire.

The ancestral house of the Habsburgs is the Etihonides. The Etichonides were a dynasty of Alsace rulers during the Early Middle Ages. There are versions of the Frankish, Burgundian, or Visigothic origin of the dynasty. Subjects of the Duke of Alsace. In the Habsburg dynasty, there is the so-called Tyrolean branch, presumably from which Adolf Hitler descended. In the era of the Napoleonic Wars, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved, the Austrian Empire arose from its ruins, and the Habsburgs lost the last fragments of the legacy of Mary of Burgundy (they formed a new state - Belgium). In the 19th century, the House of Habsburg-Lorraine broke up into five main branches (not counting the morganatic family of the Counts of Meran, descended from Archduke Johann). The genealogy of the Wellingtons and the Habsburgs gives us the key to why certain states became allies of Nazi Germany (in particular, Spain, Italy, and Portugal). This is purely based on the bloodline of the 3rd Reich. The neo-Nazis and their ancestors (in particular, Windsors and Romanovs) established their origin based on the so-called Welf dynasty. The house of Welf does not have any roots in the genuine royal dynasties and started from the person without origin, who is without origin, who is the father to himself, and the son of himself - the looped person. Moreover, even if we trust that Welfs are the real royal dynasty they are not, the dynasties of Windsors and Romanovs never were senior Welfs. The Welfs themselves are impostors, but the Windsors and Romanovs are the juniors among them. Meanwhile, the Welf dynasty, from the word Wolf, gave birth to Nazi Germany and the 3rd Reich. The wolf (werewolf) is a symbol of Hitler and the Nazi Reich and is actively involved in the symbolism of the Nazis. The wolf is the character of Ragnarøk, identical to the dragon or beast in the Apocalypse of John the Theologian.

The ancestors of Rockefeller and Rothschild, being a part of Romane dynasties, could indeed crucify Christ. That's just Rockefeller and Rothschild are representatives of the Holy Roman Empire, but certainly, not Israel, and they are not Jews. The last confirmation of the falsity of the conclusions about how the world is ruled by Jewish Zionism is the Holocaust, and the complete inconsistency of the behavior of our characters with the norms of behavior established for Jews - the laws of Halakha, Kitzur Shulchan, Torah, and other commandments and rules that every Jew must follow. Moreover, according to Jewish law, a Jew is obliged to observe the secular law of the country where he is. As is evident from the Toxic Assets section, the trinity of Bogle, Rockefeller, and Rothschild disregard not just the laws of Halakha and secular law, but even generally accepted moral standards. Even if we assume that due to some kind of tribal intricacies they may turn out to be Jews by origin, they are not Jews in the sense in which the Jewish people understand it. In the religion of Judaism, especially Orthodox Judaism, there is a ban on the use of blood. This applies to the laws of kashrut, the rules of Jewish behavior in life, and the rules of sexual life (Nida). The same applies to the ban on killing in any form, the ban on theft and robbery, the ban on causing material damage, and the ban on cruelty to animals. Jews are forbidden to do this.

We do not know the genealogy of people who are members of the Russian Jewish Congress. It is enough for us to know that the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church is the turned thief-in-law Vyacheslav Ivankov, and we need to greet him as holy by analog with a greeting of Hitler the "Saviour." The Jewish Congress now consists of people who, in the interests of the Vanguard Foundation, commit robbery, serious fraud, theft, mass murders, mutilation, killing and poisoning of animals, and other grave sins, malum in se and malum prohibitum. The parishioners of the synagogue on Bronnaya are people who run companies that massively commit not only sins and actions prohibited by the Halakha law. These people commit serial aggravated crimes, including mass murders, for which the highest penalty in secular law is provided - the death penalty or life imprisonment without the right to pardon. These people have nothing to do with Jews or with God. They dishonor the reputation of the Jewish people and create a false image of both the Jews and the rules by which they live. They operate in the interests of the Nazi Vanguard Foundation and its allies, and, consequentially, the Brits, Irish droids, Romanian vampires, and German Nazis' offsprings. Behind the actions of the Nazi Reich are, among other things, people known by the nicknames Rockefeller and Rothschild, and the Nazi Reich went down in history by the complete extermination of the Jews, these persons are not any Jews. The same applies to Russian oligarchs who are members of the so-called Jewish Congress, at the same time have surnames of German origin. All these "Jewish Congressmen" were born in Ukraine, the German collaborator. This is just a special act of mockery even against the Jews, when the descendants of the Nazis who organized the Holocaust, with the direct participation of Ukrainian werewolves, dressed up as Jews, and now they are also hanging noodles on their ears. These "persons" are not Jews, do not live by the laws of the Jews, and only dishonor the nation of the people of Israel, posing as those they are not.

Therefore, the names Bogle, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Schwartzman are nicknames. Nobles were called by the name of the territories they ruled. But the characteristic surnames (e.g. in Russia Tolstopuzov, Mordashov, Lyubomudrov, Molibog, Krasnoshtanov, Bogdanov) were given to the peasants. Most likely, we are dealing with representatives of the old influential dynasty of the royal houses of the Habsburgs and Wellingtons, one of the branches of which - namely the British - traces its history back to the Irish Druids and King Arthur. The Habsburg dynasty, in turn, includes the rulers of the country of Transylvania. Therefore, the version that we are dealing with the Celtic druids, who own the secret of immortality in the form of vampirism, seems very plausible.

As for the execution of the Romanovs, they were representatives of the Holstein-Gottorp dynasty (that is, the closest relatives of the Wellingtons and the Habsburgs, the Nazis of the 3rd Reich). Romanovs came to power at the end of the 16th century with the help of organizing unrest and regicide, dethroning the hereditary Rœrik dynasty, which received the throne through call-up to reign. The same trick was repeated by Brit-Austrian-German nobles with brilliance in 1917: they cut out almost to the ground all the noble families of the legitimate heirs to the throne and destroyed archives and documents confirming kinship and property rights. Romanovs, as the ancestors of murderers, the hereditary regicides, did not have any legal rights to the throne of the Russian Empire, all decisions made by them have no legal force and are subject to revision by the legitimate government of the legal successor of the Russian Empire. Thus, the reality of the death of the Romanov family - the 3rd Reich Werewolves dynasty - raises serious doubts. They disappeared immediately before the hard-killing capture of the state power over the Russian Empire by their Nazis relatives. By analogy with films made about the Nuremberg Trials, the film Doctor Zhivago, although, it was skilfully filmed in the USA, is not evidence of the execution of the royal family. Which, by virtue of its pedigree as described above, has a special talent for imitation of its death and reincarnations.

The surnames with the "stein", "berg", "mann," or "err" or "er" ending are not Jewish, these are surnames of German origin. German (German Deutsch (inf.), pronounced: [ˈdɔʏ̯tʃ]; Deutsche Sprache, pronounced: [ˈdɔʏ̯tʃə ˈʃpʁaːχə]) is the national language of the Germans, Austrians, Liechtensteiners, German-Swiss, and German Americans. But not Jews, or Israel.

The following surnames are not Jewish as well:

Müller - miller

Schmidt - blacksmith

Schneider - tailor

Fischer - fisherman

Meier - property manager

Weber - weaver

Wagner - carriage master, carriage maker

Becker - baker

Messer - knife

Berg - town

Berger - citizen

All surnames created using these words, or with the endings -stein, -err, -berg, -mann, -man, and -er are of German origin. All surnames with the endings -ski, -cki, -i, -y are of Polish origin. Raevsky - is a Polish surname (e.g. Raevsky of Swan Coat of Arms). Do not make Jews laugh with the "Jewish" surnames Friedman, Vekselberg, Morgenstern, Khan, Aven, Rothschild, or Abramovich. They are not Jews, they are the werewolves of German-Ukrainian origin.

- Hello! The Memory Society is listening.

- Hello! This is Rabinovich. Tell me, did the Jews sell Russia?

- True, of course, the muzzle of a Jew! What else do you want?

- Can you tell me where I can get my share?

To get acquainted with typical Jewish surnames, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the list of members of the Israeli government. And remember: with the German name German and with the nickname Khan instead of a surname, you can pretend to be a Jew in the Moscow synagogue only during the Nazi epoch. It just needs to be fucked up to the end to be called the German Tsar and sit in the Russian Jewish Congress to rule. The surname Oven which means the "chamber" (a kindly reminder about gas chambers in the 3d Reich death camps) also sounds nice in this context. It seems unlikely that the pious Jew Mikhail Fridman would have got himself a pocket psychiatrist, the same pseudo-Jewish Pavel Ryvkin, who does divination on a crystal ball and runs a casino in Germany.

What the hell is a Jewish congress that is made up of German Nazis? What the hell are Jews like? Are you all fucking blind? We believe that the only people who should today primarily take care of the purity of the nation are Israeli Orthodox Jews. Israeli citizenship, using loopholes in the law, was acquired by those who, to put it mildly, is extremely far from the God of Israel and not only have nothing to do with the Jews but directly participated in their extermination during the Holocaust. Moreover, he continues to do this now, having already changed his shoes into the image of a "Jew." At the same time, it is especially cynical for the Nazis to hide behind a passport and Israeli citizenship to escape criminal prosecution.

As for their canonization, the Holstein-Gottorps (Habsburgs) came to power in Russia through the murder of the heirs of the legally ruling royal dynasty of Rœriks, and the elimination of Vasily III's wife, Grand Duchess Solomonia Yuryevna Saburova (St. Sophia of Suzdal), who was pregnant by the legitimate heir, using deceit. The Grand Duchess had a son in the monastery, whose father was Tsar Vasily III. The son was named George, in honor of Rœrik's great-grandfather, the legendary Scandinavian king Siegfried, who was known in the history of the church and religion as Saint Georgius, who killed the dragon. He and his descendants - Grand Duke Georgy Vasilyevich and his offspring - are currently the only legitimate ruling monarchic dynasty for Russia. The Romanov regicides are not saints, just as vampires imitating their death are not holy martyrs. It's time to stop mocking God and faith. The entire contribution that the "saints" of the Romanovs made to the Orthodox faith is the devilish perversion of the liturgy and the massacres of the Old Believers, and the smuggling of all shrines, including "holy" relics, to Germany.

The New Jerusalem, located in Istra, the capital of criminal activity in Russia, got the coat of arms with the sun drawn on it. The relics of a canonized murderer Nikon lie in the New Jerusalem. Among other deeds, he led the transformation of liturgies into satanic masses. For more than 400 years, they have been held in Russian churches under the management of "new-age patriarchs" - serial killers, and thieves-in-law. Until the canonized murderers and undead still be the objects of worship, the sun of the criminal Solntsevo organized criminal group under the leadership of their Austrian well-born "sunny" leaders will never set. Thus, no questions about the reasons of the closest relationships of the Solntsevskaya OCG with Austria, Spain, Italy, Chezh Republic, the US, UK, Panama, and South America remain.

This description of the case is not complete, exhaustive, may be outdated as soon as the litigation goes on, and is displayed here only for information purposes. Read the legal disclaimer for details.