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Smart Heat


In 2018, BOOST acquired the rights in connection with the serious fraud regarding Smart Heat business from its two shareholders Oleg Martynov and Kirill Martynov. Initially, BOOST received information from them that these individuals invested their money to create a crypto farm business, which Bobylev, former nominal director from the Sunrise business, was hired to manage. Bobylev received the money from Martynovs in the form of black cash, bought equipment in unknown quantities, and did not account the acquired property on the balance sheets of companies. Revenues from cryptomining operations were not reflected in the companies' reports. The chips and components for the assemblement of miners themselves were smuggled into Russia from Ukraine and China. Thus, in the Smart Heat Bobylev recreated the Sunrise business model that he had previously used in Sunrise business. As it turned out after we started the investigation, the invested money of the "investors" was received by them as income obtained via activity of financial pyramids in the early 90s. Under the image of trustful Leonya Golybkov, these fraudulent schemes stole from the pockets of the Russian population trillions of dollars, and obtained ownership rights for the largest industrial enterprises. Like Russian retail, these disposable financial organizations MMM, Chara, Concern Hermes-Finance, Hopyor-Invest, Vlastilina, etc., were managed by the same nominees, who informally managed the 3rd Reich money previously went through the first circle of laundering and legalisation in LA. Money came into Russia under the face of various non-cash schemes like barter, traditionally used by the drug cartels to move money in form of stock to the secured place where they can convert this stock into cash. The distinctive sign of company involved into this kind of operation was the part in the name ImpEx, you may find this in the name of Slater and other companies involved into the money laundering scheme of Hermitage Capital through Alfa-Bank and its' allies. Once tried, the financial pyramids scheme was reused many times under the names of various mid-sized banks, small financial companies using the habitual criminal tool of dividing the large transaction for many of small size. One of Martynov's last projects was the Rossiysky Capital bank, over which Martynov lost control by analogy with other denominations of management companies in the interests of the 3rd Reich, at the time of artificial mortgage crisis in 2007-2008. When investigating the circumstances of the ruin of the Smart Heat company, the following was revealed. After Sergey Bobylev was squeezed out of the Sunrise business, he, together with his now ex-wife Oksana Bobyleva, began to create a black cryptocurrency mining business together with Radius Group. The project was called RMC. The sources of RMC's assets were chips and spare parts stolen from Smart Heat companies. Mining was carried out on the territory of the ZIL plant. The territory of ZIL and its development were jointly managed by enterprises under control of Solntsevskaya and Chechenskaya organized criminal groups. The income and expenses of the project were not officially accounted on balance anywhere. The transfer of property has not been formalized on accounts of any companies. In addition to the stolen equipment from the Smart company, money from investors received during the fraudulent ICO was sent to the RMC project, as well as money from another subsidiary of the 3rd Reich under the leadership of the nominees - the Qiwi group. The peak of the project was the period of the highest activity of protest moods in Russia. These sentiments had a trajectory similar to that of the price of bitcoin. After the completion of the presidential elections in March 2018, the bitcoin rate began to decline due to a decrease in demand. Consequently, the protests in Russia and the activities to overthrow the official state power were financed at the expense of cryptocurrency. One of the recipients of funds from the black crypto farm was Alexei Navalny and the FBK fund. In addition, Navalny was also financed from the money of the 3rd Reich through a chain of Spanish companies associated with the operations of the Reich. The 3rd Reich was also connected with Spain by the operations of the Medellin cartel, whose head Pablo Escobar was from Spain by origin. In addition, a swindler, the wife of Charles of Prussia, Knight of the Iron Cross of the 3rd Reich, False Empress Maria Romanova, was originally from Spain. In addition to Navalny, Maria Romanova was also a creature of the Reich, under the guise of restoration monarchy to bring to the government another candidate connected by family and financial ties with the 3rd Reich. The second sharp surge in the bitcoin rate began in preparation for the military operation in Ukraine. With the help of bitcoin, the 3rd Reich financed the formation of Ukrainian collaborators and neo-Nazi organizations. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were created for the fastest injection of the 3rd Reich money into the economy saving the anonymity of transactions.

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