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BOOST consolidated 100% of voting rights for 100% of the Sunrise business. That allowed us to increase our voting rights for SLATER IMPEX LTD. up to 100%, connect these raider captures with the Bananamama, Bank of Moscow, BOOST's raider seizure attempts, murder of Magnitsky, and Hermitage Capital cases gathering the evidence that the same criminal group committed all these crimes. After the official announcement of the end of WWII, the war was still being continued and targeted to implement the Oldenburg plan known as the Green Folder of Göring. On this path, the Nazis named the parts of the continuous Oldenburg plan realization in the newest history of Russia with the names of the war operations, using the 3rd Reich symbolics previously used by the 3rd Reich in Germany during the official time of WWII.

The foundation of the Sunrise business was the reference to the Sunrise operation undertaken during WWII by the US, UK, and Germany to reach separatist peace. The Sunrise worked as the largest laundromat washing money of the branch of the 3rd Reich on the territory of modern Russia and consisted of the Nazis' collaborators from the Russian organized criminal groups. The business was controlled by the Solntsevskaya OPG, and managed by the treasurer of Sergey Mikhailov, Felix Komarov, a friend of Dad Nose - Kirill Gundyaev, also known as Vyacheslav Ivankov. Sergey Bobylev was the nominal manager of the Sunrise business. After several years, the Russian branch of the 3rd Reich decided to consolidate its property on the territory of Russia. They intended to engage the Russian Orthodox Church under the management of Ivankov. To redirect the cashflows to other paths, the Russian 3rd Reich started asset buyouts. Nominees, like Bobylev, erroneously decided to green-mail the genuine "all mighty" beneficiaries. As a result, after the series of murder assaults, Bobylev became a victim of illegitimate prosecution based on falsified criminal evidence and sham court judgment and was squeezed out of the business initially he never owned. There were many similar cases - Eldorado, Euroset, Svyaznoy, and others. Being lucky to save his life, after the exit from prison, Bobylev and his wife Oxana continued the same criminal activity joining the other subdivision of the same organized criminal group - the cryptocurrency generation RMC later engaged in illegal financing of protest outсries before the presidential election in 2018 to overthrow legitimate state power. In the core business, Sunrise was a laundromat, like other importers-resellers of consumer electronics in the territory of Russia. These companies - retailers - were used for money smuggling and drug trafficking. We discovered these details after the acquisition of the rights appeared as a result of the Sunrise erasure. The existence of the Heritage case and additional claims against Sergey Bobylev and Oxana Bobyleva allowed us to consolidate controlling rights for 100% of the whole Sunrise business. These rights, among others, gave us rights to claim the real damages incurred by us against the representatives of the organized criminal groups in Russia - Solntsevskaya OPG and Russian Orthodox Church under the management of Vyacheslav Ivankov. 

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