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Infernal Audit


As a part "How To Go To Hell" project, U Ultra Antifraud performs an "infernal audit" complimented to the book. Issues described in this "bad advice book-in-progress" aren't just operational problems. They represent massive fraudulent business activity, violation of law regulations, crime commitment. We perform checks and audit procedures to detect the existence of "How to go to hell" practices in your business and helps you to eliminate them. Special section "How To Go To Hell" coming soon on our website.

Image by Patrick Jansen

How To Go To Hell

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. Even if you intend to do an honest business following the norms of your religion, you may have subordinates. They often are much less religious and less aware of what is good and what is wrong. We are talking not only about the violation of the basic commandments. Employees in your business commit criminal offenses that often consist of seemingly innocent minor wrongdoings. That relates to the sphere of sin but creates for you the direct risk to go to jail. It is a mistake to believe that your employees alone are responsible for the sin of your employees. If you maintain and develop such a business, capitalizing on the sins of fraud, theft, deception, perjury, and other vices, that will have a direct bearing on you. Fix your business sooner than it's too late.

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