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In memory of Amy Winehouse

EverIone cAn bEE a hiro

According to the World Health Organization, more than 186 million people die or become disabled every year due to alcohol consumption. This figure does not reflect the whole picture since it does not take into account latent alcoholism. Latent alcoholics will never call themselves alcoholics. They are fully confident that daily alcohol consumption is the norm, recommended by doctors, relieves stress, and find many other reasons to explain the daily alcohol consumption. These are the daily drinking of beer or wine "to relax after work," a glass of wine at night "for the nerves," and other similar explanations for drinking alcohol every day. However, scientific studies that reliably confirm the benefits of drinking alcohol don't exist. At the same time, there are quite convincing medical statistics on the mortality of alcoholics, statistics on liver diseases, congenital defects in children of alcoholics, and a variety of experiments confirming the destructive effect of alcohol on the human brain and nervous system. Intellectual work is incompatible with the use of alcohol in any dose. Even a portion of vodka deprives a brain of the ability to think abstractly for about a month. And latent alcoholics keep themselves in this state for years. The Vision project was created to implement an example of good quality leisure and communication without drinking alcohol. We do not judge people who drink alcohol. However, we consider it unacceptable to participate in the process of destruction of the human personality, even if this process brought us more money. Therefore, we do not sell alcohol, and we provide free rehabilitation for addicted people. Also, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages in any form, we don't serve dishes with alcoholic ingredients, and we do not accept smoking on the territory of the Vision. On our premises, people intoxicated with any substances also cannot present. We do not care what and where you consumed. Only sober people are on the territory of Vision, the rest shall stay beyond the glass. If you are a latent alcoholic understanding the problem but cannot give up daily beer, wine, and other forms of doping, we allow you to use the services of a rehabilitation center in a HIRO product for free. On the territory of rehab centers, you can change your usual lifestyle to one that frees you from daily alcohol consumption. You will be able to continue to work and live your ordinary life, but only without alcohol. You will be able to stay on the territory of the center as long as you need to form a new sustainable lifestyle and diet, which you can maintain on your own and in your usual environment. If necessary, on the territory of HIRO's rehab center, you can receive the necessary qualified medical and psychological assistance, as well as career guidance if you plan to change your job after giving up alcohol. The HIRO rehab is launching, follow us to learn more and join our Hiro Rehab Community.

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