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About Happy Kids

Happy Kids is a global integrated company producing food, apparel, toys, electronics, other goods & services to make children happy. Happy Kids develops multi-format retail: a chain of children's malls specially created for children and retail outlets under the brand name Bananamama acquired in 2018.


We produce and sell sustainable vegan goods for children that are awakening curiosity, willingness to discover the world and learn new, independent behavior, conscious buying choice from a young age, and ingrain the right values.


Business streams


Dear Client

Our primary Client is a child. At the same time, we understand that the payer and the Client are different. Inside our business, we are building user experience to eliminate the gap between kids' expectations, real necessity, and the bank account balance of parents. We save money for parents through avoidance of aggressive marketing that targeting kids by stimulating the right conscious consumer behavior of the kids nevertheless of the capability to buy all goods in the shop. 


Kids Mall

Happy Kids is a global company producing food, apparel, toys, electronics, other goods & services to make children happy, integrated with multiformat retail. #happykids #bananamama #kidsmall #toys #childrengoods #бананамама #boost #буст #детскиймолл #adultfreearea #добропожаловатьиливзрослымвходвоспрещен #franchise ##raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepnina #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepnina #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #раевскаярепнина #oxfordbusinessalumni #startedinoxford #saidbusinessschool #oxfordsbs #oxford #moscow #london #russia #uk #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #theuniversityofoxford #innovateuk

Adult-free shopping & entertainment.

Kids Mall is a conceptual store format dedicated to entertainment, leisure, and shopping aimed at kids at age 0-16. The Client of the Kids Mall is a child. Our conceptual stores are adult-free areas with large entertainment, servicing, shopping sections, and food-court where only kids can have access. In the kidmall, you never face the traditional kids' retail problem with the identity of who is the consumer inside the children's retail store. The mantra of the Kids Mall is "Adult Free Area" that means that the client, the user, and the payer is the only person - the kid. Adults can follow the shopping process remotely, through the CCTV, validate the purchases, and confirm the choice. But the shopping process is done by children. Kids decide whether they need to stop shopping and go to the cash desk, or to go to the children's SPA to make a manicure with friends, stay in the entertainment area with AR/VR computer games, or find something interesting that seems necessary to them in the shopping area. The largest space of the store is busy with the entertainment area, including video games.

We are launching. Visit us soon!

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