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Meggi's Genealogy

Royal dynasts

For a long time, our family's genealogy has been meticulously recorded and preserved. Navigating through this section will allow you to discover our family's lineage and gain knowledge about the significant events and accomplishments that have shaped our history. Our family members, whether they be legendary military commanders or influential political figures, have made a significant contribution to the world's rich history.



My father Sergey Nikolaevich Tolstoy was born in the family of Nikolay Mikhailovich Tolstoy and Irina Romanovna Bagration. Nikolay Mikhailovich Tolstoy was a son of Mikhail Iliyich Tolstoy (son of Iliya Lvovich Tolstoy and Sofia Nikolaevna Filosofova) and Elena Lvovna Koutchubei (daughter of Lev Mikhailovich Koutchubei and Daria Evgeniyevna Bogarne). Irina Romanovna Bagration was a daughter of Roman Ivanovich Bagration (son of Ivan Konstantinovich Bagration and Anna Goldberg) and Elena Alexandrovna Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova (daughter of Elena Sergeevna Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova (Koutchubei, Molchanova) and Alexander Alexeevich Rakhmanov).



My mother Tatijana Alexeevna Romanova was born during the marriage of Alexey Nikolaevich Romanov and Edda Goering. Alexey Nikolaevich Romanov was a son of Emperor Nikolay II (son of Alexander III and Mariya Fyodorovna) and Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (daughter of Ludvig IV and Alice). Alice was a daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Saxen-Koburg-Gottha). Ludvig IV was a son of Elizaveta Prusskaya and Karl Hessensky). Edda Goering was a daughter of Emma Goering (Emma Carin Louise Johanna Nassau-Orange von Prueßen) and Hermann Goering (Karl Wilhelm Friedrich IV, Duke of Wellington). Hermann Goering was a son of Friedrich III, King of Germany, and Crown Princess Victoria Saxen-Koburg-Gottha. Emma Goering was a daughter of Johann Nassau-Orange and Dagmar of Denmark.



I was born with the name Anna Sergeevna Tolstaya. Two fraudsters: Tatijana Shumilova (maiden name Andreeva) and Sergey Shumilov posed as the illegal adoption of me in my childhood after my parents were murdered. From 1999 to 2003, I was in an invalid marriage with Evgeny Andreev. After the genetic investigation found no biological connection between me and my fake parents in 2017, and after the criminal investigation regarding the annulled marriage, I changed my name and passport to prevent the fraudsters claiming me as their legal relative. Despite not having any legal relationships with me, they harmed my reputation and legal interests to pursue their criminal objectives. My choice to change my name to Anna Maria Seraphime Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina made the process of falsifying my documents difficult. Access to my precise personal data is restricted to those who have a legal relationship with me. The absence of legitimate connections with me prevents fraudsters from replicating my correct personal data, resulting in numerous errors and misprints in the documents submitting by them. However, due to my origin, it is not possible for me to have a surname in principle. The majority of my direct brethren were recorded in history with only one name, consisting solely of one word. In my family, only one person has changed their official name multiple times, taking into account their activities during certain periods. I mean Hermann Goering, the hereditary King of Germany and King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who took many names, staying the same person: Walter L. Morgan, Hermann Goering, John Bogle. Anna Maria Seraphime Raevskaya-Repnina is the name I use on my passport to comply with Russian Federation law. For many years, I used the short dynastic name Meggi Goering to reflect both my origin and my current activity. Taking this name is not a shame to me. I know the story of my great-granddad, and advise you to discover the reasoning for this by following the story #whoframedblackrabbit and #battleonthekrupskayabulge on the website and social media of the BOOST.

Fate of Hermann Goering

My great-grandfather moved to the US after the official announcement of the end of WWII, and managed family assets like the Wellington Fund. Afterwards, he created the Vanguard Group, which handles the collective wealth of numerous royal families throughout the world, as well as other private and institutional investors. In the US, he was known as John Bogle. As a hereditary royal monarch, he only had one legal wife, Emma Goering, who belonged to the Nassau-Orange and Denmark royal dynasties. The sole child they had was my grandmother Edda Goering, who died in December 2018 as a result of the murder. No one in my family, including Hermann and Emma Goering, passed away from natural causes. Almost all cases involved a killing that was violent and ritualized. The website of BOOST, my asset management company, has the story of my great-grandfather that you can read. Following the murder of my great-grandfather, I accepted all of his hereditary rights as the senior legal and biological heir, and they have been recorded on the BOOST balance.and they are now recorded on the BOOST balance.

Name and Titles

I possess mass hereditary titles, being a senior biological and legitimate heir of numerous monarchical dynasties: Carlovingians, Gediminid, Rurikids, Johi, Minamoto, Nassau-Orange, Saxen-Koburg-Gottha, Oldenburgs, Vittelsbachs, Inglings, Skjoldungs, and many others. The extracts from my list of titles can be found below. To see the genealogy tree for the 8th generation, visit the appropriate website.

Extracts from the list of titles

Meggi Goering (Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina).

Dynasties of Nassau-Orange, Saxen-Koburg-Gottha, Ynglings, Saxony, Alsace, Lorraine, Oldenburgs, Hohenstaufen, Mercian, House of Godwin, House of Skjold, Stenkils, Salian, Munsö, Ottonian, Vukanovici, Pjasts, Znojmo, Udonens, Conradines, Udalrichings, Knutlings, House of Gediminid, Angevin, Maison de Limbourg, Altena-Berg, House of Ascania (House of Anhalt), Bagratids, Carlovingians, Etichonids, Komnenos, Skleros, Angelos, Mouzalon, Tribe of Judah, Khongirad, Borjigin, Terteroba, Yamato, Minamoto, Liao, Yarlung, Johi, Buonaparte, de Bogarne, Rurikids.

Her Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess of Lithuania, Grand Duchess of Russian Empire, Crown Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Crown Princess of Netherlands, Crown Princess of Denmark, Crown Princess of Japan, Crown Princess of Spain, Crown Princess of Italy, Crown Princess of France, Crown Princess of Luxembourg, Crown Princess of China, Crown Princess of Thailand, Crown Princess of Vatican, Crown Princess of Poland, Crown Princess of Bohemia and Moravia, The Duchess of Leuchtenberg, The Grand Duchess of Frankfurt, Princess of Eichstädt, Grand Duchess (Velikaya Knyaginya) of Moscow and all Russia, Grand Duchess of Kiev, Chernigov, Galicia, Volyn, England, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Hungary, Italy, Czech, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Luxemburg. Grand Princess of Serbia and Rascia. Duchess of Swabia. Pfalzgräfine von Lotharingen-Sachsen. Crown Princess of Holy Roman Empire, Prussia, Britain, Burgundy, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Norway, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Sussex, Kent, Wessex, Croatia, Dalmazia, Czech, Jerusalem, Scotland, Finland, Schleswig, Pomerania, Courland, Saxony, Estonia, Gardariki, Northumberland of Northern England with the capital in Riga. Duchess of Berg, Bohemia, Moravia, Carinthia, Saxony. Gräfine zu Lauffen-Bretten van Egisheim from Alsace. Duchess of Sussex, Kent, Wessex, East England. Margravine of Austria, Bavaria, Burgundy, Turin, Tuscany. Princess of England, Countess of Berg, Blois, Châteaudun, Chartres, Meaux, of Sancerre, Saint-Florentin, Provins, Montereau, Vertus, Oulchy-le-Château, Château-Thierry, Châtillon-sur-Marne and Montfelix. Shogun of the Kamakura, Kyoto, and Edo shogunates. Crown Princess of Western Liao, Mongol Empire, Yamato Kingship. Tegin of the Turkic Kaganate.

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