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Dear Warden. You were right. Salvation lay within.

Andy Dufresne.


Who is Meggi?

Meggi Bogle is a lifelong servant-leader who is always striving to make a difference in the world. As a member of the hereditary military aristocracy of royal origin, I bring a inherited wealth of unique experience, and singular insights to every task that I commence. The 10 years of remarkable track record of the BOOST, the alternative investment firm, which I serve in the role of CEO, owner and founder, is an example of this. Finally, I am a great-granddaughter of John Bogle. Read about me here.

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The Dynasty

My kins from the Johi, Minamoto, Carlovingians, and Bagratid dynasties, along with the Rurikids, Gediminids, Ynglings, Skjoldungs, Bonaparte, Saxen-Koburg-Gottha, Oldenburg, and de Bogarne families have made a substantial impact on the evolution of humanity. It is a source of great pride for me to have a pedigree that represents an outstanding family tree of the most powerful royal dynasties from throughout history. At the same time, it is a source of heavy burden of responsibility to stay in line with my family making an honorable contribution into the world wealth and history, at least not less than my ancestors. I extend a warm invitation to explore my pedigree and discover more about the rich heritage that has been passed down to my royal family.

If anyone is interested in what I'm doing, tell them I'm dead.

John Bogle.

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black rabbit instead

The BOOST is a firm that specializes in alternative investments worldwide. USD 98.385T is the amount of assets under management, according to US GAAP on 31.12.2023. Since John Bogle's passing, the BOOST has reconciled the legacy and inherited rights, including the Vanguard Group, the claims is against the 3rd Reich, and royal trusts worldwide. Nowdays, the BOOST includes more than 400 businesses and legal entities across the globe. Started by me in Russia in 2014, with a $83K of equity, the BOOST transformed into the largest private company with the highest concentration of capital. The headline project of the BOOST is a Nüremberg Ring.


I act to push the boundaries of what's possible in different fields like human augmentation, criminalistics, biotech, and general management by creating inventions. With my proficiency and knowledge, I can breed transformational solutions that can have a substantial impact on health, human lives, and your organization's competitive edge.

To fight against war, we have an only one thing in our hands, but the most powerful weapon in the world: the truth.

Leo Tolstoy.


My personal philosophy and worldview are reflected in Black Sarcasm, which is not just another graphic blog. Through my art, I aim to uncover the dark and sinister aspects of life and society. Each post on Black Sarcasm prompts my readers to think beyond the surface and discover the underlying truths that shape our world. Whether you are a cynic like me or simply seeking something unconventional and thought-provoking, Black Sarcasm is the perfect place for you.

Signature Story

Ragnarøkkr is the last battle between good and evil, which according to prophets will lead to the end of the world and the rebirth of the Universe. When only two humans and a few sons of Odin will give birth to the new generation of life, Ragnarøkkr marks the beginning of a new epoch of the world history.

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.

Queen Victoria.

Holy Bitch Diary

If you're looking for thought-provoking content that shuffles science, business, education, and entertainment, then Holy Bitch Diary is the blog for you. My blog focuses on criminalistics, history, asset management, business, entrepreneurship, health science, and corporate turnaround, providing a range of comprehensive and enchanting topics. So why not join the conversation and start exploring my blog today?

The size difference between a shrimp and a kingfish is not the sole reason for the distinction.

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