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Holy Bitch Diary: August 20th, 2023

📖August 20, 2023

🦈There is such an expression esprit d'escalier, the effect of stairs. It metaphorically means that the right answer to someone's statement or question comes already on the stairs, after the completion of the polemic itself.

This morning I walked my dogs. On an empty street this Sunday morning, one lady in orange sneakers was meeting us. The dogs wandered peacefully on the lawn and pinched the grass. After finishing the morning process of devouring vitamins, we went back towards the entrance to the house. By this point, the orange-sneakers lady was equalizing with us, and loudly saying "Oh, Dalmatians!" Broke to pet my dogs. I wasn't ready to wash the traces of dog's feet off her, and politely said to her: "Please don't approach the dogs." The lady answered me: "Don't you need to remove shit?" I said, "No" (in Russian that sounds "net"). And then the lady responded to me: "Homosexualist is swelling" (in Russian it pronounced like "pidora otvet"). And as if nothing had happened, she continued to move on. I was a little bit surprised, politely speaking. Going back, I thought that I should have to answer to this hallucinating poetess, who offered me to remove non-existent shit something like that: "whose shit? Yours? Just shut your mouth and the shit will be removed." Well, I was upset that such a nice thought came to mind late. But this small issue was very quickly supplemented by another story when I remembered another home-made poetess. Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna usually says "pidora otvet" as a line to the word "net," who introduces herself as my sister. The same legend was promoted by Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilov S.M.-2. And then I remembered whose shit I forgot to remove!

So, in short, in 1992 Shumilova T.V.-2 gave birth to a child - a girl, and the child was not my father's child. It is quite possible that he was the child of Shumilova T.V.-2, but in any case, this cute girl was not biologically related to either me or my father. And her parents were recorded as Shumilov S.M.-2, and Shumilova T.V.-2. I explained earlier, in our common nightmarish life there was a period from 2001 to 2003, when Shumilova T.V.-2 and Shumilova V.S. lived in isolation together, not allowing me or my dad to see them. As a result, in 1995, one girl moved into a long-suffering apartment on Maslennikova 16-13, and in 2003 by court decision another girl left this flat, also Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna, only with a different date of birth - April 28, 1992. In addition to the date of birth, the girl's appearance has changed dramatically, which completely rejects the possibility of identity of the girls who came into the apartment and left it. As for the health of the psyche Shumilova T.V.-2, it is extremely controversial, since she had a child according to her legend born on April 28, 1992, but in court for the recovery of alimony for the maintenance of someone else's child she appealed to my father, while the child indicated a certain Valeria without a surname and patronymic, and with the birth date May 28th, 1992.

In short, this collective schizophrenia of Shumilova T.V.-2, Shumilov S.M.-2, and all their numerous children are now dealt with by the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. From investigators, I have information about the murder of Shumilova V.S.-1, who, although she was the cutest child, was not biologically and legally related to either me or my testators, as she was born in another marriage and other people. Therefore, I don't have any sister Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna with any date of birth.

In addition:

  • Valery Sergeevna Shumilova was called my last name on social media

  • In the Kraftay and Denta El clinics, my two teeth were spoiled, as a result of which formally a picture of congenital dental pathologies which present in Shumilova V.S. was recreated in my mouth.

  • V.S. Shumilova misappropriated all my children's photos, documents, personal professional library signed by me

  • V.S. Shumilova kept descriptions of my inventions previously stolen from me at the apartment of A.K. Ramazanova.

  • When living together with these beauties Shumilovs, and in the apartments of their friends Fomina and Ramazanova, I had the charters of BOOST Management Company LLC and HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC, where there was information about me as a founder, and from the charters they were going to build a new version by replacing a leaflet with information about me with someone else. HASHEIGHT charter documensts they stole from Ramazanova's flat.

  • After the theft of my car for more than 300 thousand dollars (Porsche 911 Turbo S), Shumilova V.S. bought herself Porsche sneakers and signed up for a driving school. And of my personal belongings when I lived in the apartment of Fomina, Shumilova T.V.-2's friend, the second key to my stolen car disappeared. Frankly speaking, I don't give a shit who and from where stole the key, because there is an ended list of places where it could be, and who did that. My documents for the car disappeared from Ramazanova's apartment. Since theft of my car, Shumilova T.V.-2 was the most concerned about the only question in my life - do I know where my stolen car is, and what the police say to me about it. It was the main question for her which she asked me everytime - do I know where my car is?

I do not know where the car is, however investigators possess this information which was not communicated to me yet for many reasons. Instead, I've got another details about the case of my car theft, and communicate them now. In general, it is not the question of the car at all. In response to that, I answer the question of TV viewer Shumilova T.V.-2 from the area of the Orekhovo-Kokosovo cemetery. This case does not concern the police, as it is not their jurisdiction. And those people to whom this case belongs to the jurisdiction report that my own mother and sister have been killed. So you'd better shut up and go fck yourself because your comedy party is over. And, in the second, it's not good to steal other people's cars, Tatiana Vladimirovna. And to become related to other people's children - that is, to me - is also a criminal offense, like theft of my car. Hast du mich verstanden?

Conclusion is clear and concise: I'm an orphan now, and I've never had any siblings. So the poetess Valeria Shumilova, who wanted to become like me in Andreeva's invalid marriage, should not be considered as my sister, since she is not. And she was an inventor of my inventions or owner of my business, or owner of my car, apartment 196 on Leninsky avenue 64/2 in Moscow never. She is nobody to my business, deals, inventions, cars, flats, education, and wealth. She is the person who broke my head, my Apple magic keyboard, tried to bite off my hand, poisoned me and mine dogs, stole my documents, wrote false denunciations against me, spread slander about me, beat me and mocked me, and the apartment I inherited was rewritten on her according to forged documents. But that doesn't make her a sister of me. This bitch is nobody to me, as well as the fraudster Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova, a native of Samara in Costa Rica. But the most important thing is to remember that Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna is not me. And don't confuse me with this home-made poetess with a certified mental disorder working as a prostitute in Moscow just for pleasure.

Now everything is cleaned from shit and polished.🎱

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