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Holy Bitch Diary: August 23rd, 2023.

📖August 23, 2023

🦈There is such a fairy tale about the Golden Antelope, which beat its hooves until the whole palace of the greedy stupid king was covered with gold. And only when the madman was buried under such a desired gold, as under the fruit of his own greed and stupidity, was it enough for him.

I write this diary for many reasons, but one of them is the transformation of gold into shards. These publications, along with the fact that the topic is highlighted in full, are enough to turn into shards and shit all the gold stolen and hostaged by criminals, including me - because I am held like a hostage, while they are doing everything to make me suddenly die at the real estate address, which the criminals will easily re-register after my death to the benefit of them. As long as the law has the concept of "unworthy heirs," the only will you get is fck, "relatives" from Orekhovo-Kokosovo hired by VTB headquarters from Mokhovaya Street 13.

I wrote a will, and that the two bastards from Orekhovskaya gang hired by AFK Sistema "VTB" are not my parents, now all social networks and investigative bodies know about it, and my heir is the Russian Federation, in favour of which I wrote a will. Your Orekhovo-Cocosovo degenerates will receive a life imprisonment under Article 277, not a mandatory share in my inheritance as elderly parents. You've been striving for that, aren't you? Well, keep your shards. Congrats!

People from outside may not understand my lines (I inherited a British humour as well), so I'll have to do what I hate to do - explain the joke. So now, actually, about why I'm stuck here in the "sweet" apartment 13 on Maslennikov Avenue 16 in Samara. In fact, this is the simplest case. Easy, of course, if you know the whole glade. But only a few people this mastered.

I am the heiress. In Russia, there is such thing as extrajudicial inheritance. To do this, the heir must perform actual and legally significant actions to accept the inheritance property after the death of the testator. By accepting one of the objects of inheritance, the heir accepts all property without exception, wherever it is and whatever it is. My hereditary mass includes, among other things, monarchical titles and rights to various interesting property. Including Vanguard and the 3rd Reich. Well, I myself did a good job, earned and invented so that I myself have different interesting assets, cars, inventions, and other things so nice to criminals.

Simplifying the narrative in order to enrol in the rights to my inheritance property, criminals must accept any of my belongings. Ideally, the real estate where I will actually live at the time of my death, such real estate will become the place of discovery of my inheritance, and the one who has accepted (re-registered) such housing will break the entire bank.

There is only one exception - unworthy heirs who tried to speed up the death of the testator (hello! motherfuckers from AFK Sistema and VTB! Evtushenkov junior, Ramazanova, Mubarakshin, and your sweety friends from Bunkovo, Sergey Tkach, parents from Orekhovskaya gang, and others "friends and family" - you are all fcked up! I am alive!) and illegally obtain an inheritance out of turn. The rules here are very rigid, and in some countries (Germany and the US), where I have an inheritance, treating me disrespectfully, and being rude and impolite in relation to me, is enough to get the status of an unworthy heir who never inherits anything either by law or by will. Even not talking about of starving me, posioning me, biting my hand, hit my head, steeling my car, and so on. Just in case - it is the fcking reason why nobody from VTB, Sistema, Alfa, and their "bullstaff" contacted me directly. As soon as you know the law, and the scheme of the crime, from this HasHeight you can observe the whole amazing picture. The complete map of human greed, hate, and stupidity. Until this, I really could not even imagine how many shity disgusting people just grazed near me in order to participate in the sharing of the benefits of my corpse, or actually take part in its appearance. Everyone gets high from their pleasures and passions. You understand what I mean.

Now that you know the mechanism, you can easily guess how offences in the field of inheritance law are realised.

It is obvious that the object of property, which includes the entire set of rights, appears at the time of the testator's death. Everyone is alive - well done, drink tea, there is no inheritance. The fun begins after the testator's death.

Inheritance law crime includes four major elements:

1. Operational seizure of the testator's property so that he cannot use it or alienate it. So that criminals have something to accept after the testator's death. At the same time, the capture must be hidden - not appear in the public field and official registers. It exactly what happened with my flats, house, cars, business, even with dogs, laptop, luxury clothes, watches, etc. That is, the property is actually "accepted" (illegally seized) until the testator's death, but is legally re-registered after death. It's already an imitation of acceptance of inheritance. All kinds of fake court decisions, hidden obligations, off-balance sheet debts are widely used for operational seizure, which will be used after the testator dies. Before that, these obligations exist as if not fully realised - with their help the property is not rewritten during life, otherwise it will not be an acceptance of inheritance, which can only be after death.

On the Internet, if you google it, there are about 140 "executive proceedings" on the FSSP website for similar to my personal data, different court cases (MTS-Bank, NP Bunkovo which represents A1, PJSC MKB, Tinkoff, Russian Standard and all sorts of trifles). These are all one group of persons who are DZK AFK Sistema and are part of VTB Bank Group. It's all the same Nikonor's office (kontora Nikonora), which is the Russian part of Vanguard's deerage. Well, actually, that's what I inherited to, since my great-grandfather Herman Göring died in January 2019. And those who seized his share really don't want to give it to me. Totally. According to these forged documents like "arrested" my house in Bunkovo (where they actually tried to burn me alive, so that I could then resurrect like Valeria Sergeevna Shumilova with my passport), shares in my businesses, my car and absolutely all my property. I owe nothing to anyone, and all these documents are the mythical obligations created by falsifications described in this paragraph, by which I (and my businesses) have actually carried out the operational seizure of my property in order to simulate its acceptance and repay my inheritance rights after my death. Please note that all the snot and tears of "friends" and "acquaintances" to whom I allegedly owe a lot of money are the same fake debts that criminals used to operationally seize my property and create off-balance sheet obligations for me and my businesses. I don't owe anyone anything. The money of "friends" and "acquaintances" was transferred to the bank card of fake Orekhovo-Cocosovo mom and dad. In addition, "friends" and "acquaintances" actively complied with all the actions specified here in these 4 points, and they owe me for the harm caused by their complicity in the crime, but not vice versa.

2. After the operational seizure of property, the testator, according to the plan of the criminals, should rather fall to the death of the brave and transfer all his wealth to the criminals. But, as mentioned above, the criteria for classifying as unworthy heirs are strict. Therefore, death should be, of course, unnatural and fast, but so that no one can guess it. Therefore, staging of accidents (well, as with my car five times in a row failed brakes, for example, exploded wheels, etc.) are used - this is how my great-grandfather Prince Golitsyn, Emperor Nicholas I, my uncle Alexander III died. A version of domestic fires is widely used (for this purpose there is a legend that the testator was an alcoholic and a drug addict who loves smoking in bed - in fact, a similar legend was told about me that I am constantly fucked up and start the morning with a bottle of vodka on an empty stomach). My uncle Alexander burned alive. Also in the course of the legend of sudden schizophrenia, as a result of which the testator was urgently hospitalised in a psychiatric hospital, from where he will never come out, at best another Orekhovsky gang bastard with his documents will exit. These cases are also enough. And, of course, exotic poisoning with drugs imitating natural death, in case of poisoning of which it is impossible to establish the cause of death. By the way, that's how all my dogs, 2 grandmothers and 2 grandfathers, dad and mom, great-grandfather Prince N.V. Repnin died, and many others.

Murders are carried out ritually, and usually before the death of the owner, his dog, or his favourite horse, is dying. Well, actually, starving me, shouldard poisoning, trying to make a live barbeque out of me and my dogs in the house in Bunkovo, legends that I am allegedly an alcoholic patient with schizophrenia, and all other topics are already sufficiently disclosed in previous publications.

3. After the testator suddenly passes away from the real estate chosen for him by the criminals, which will become the place of opening the inheritance, the criminals will re-register it by implementing documents for falsified obligations, and thereby repay inheritance rights. Exactly the connection with this is the case of NP Bunkovo, which simply billed for undelivered services, and even at home at another address, and enforcement proceedings were presented to me, and also, without documents. NP Bunkovo is part of the joint Alfa Group holding, which includes VTB and AFK Sistema. Actually, the name Bunkovo is the same as Bunicon in the Hermitage Capital case and in the Magnitsky murder case. Both names are both Bunkovo and Bunicon are single-rooted. Their root is Buna, the name of the concern, which occupied one complete sector in the Auschwitz death camp system. What the fuck? - you ask, - what does it have to do with the Buna concern, the Auschwitz death camp, Sergei Magnitsky, the Hermitage Capital and some collective farm shit in the village of Bunkovo? The fact is that it's not for nothing that I started telling my pedigree from afar and mentioning kinship with Hermann Göring. There are no accidents in this case. But now it's not about them, but about the technique of offence in the field of inheritance. In short, all the off-balance sheet obligations falsified to me and my businesses (because we do not have real ones) were going to be used by criminals to simulate the acceptance of my inheritance property. In 2020, after Ramazanova's case, I wrote a post titled "Imitators." Yevtushenkov Jr., Mubarakshin and Kostin from Black Dolphin have never reached the essence of fasting in three years. You guys are really oligophrene. Mentally retarded schizoids, that's why you around you constantly see that the whole world is like you, and that's how you do it.

4. The last on the list of elements of crime are actions to manage heirs - reducing their number. The methods are the same as in the previous three paragraphs. In my case, this is the fresh murder of my four sisters and two uncles, the murder of my parents and their replacement with Orekhovskaya gang degenerates. Well, there's a trifle - operations performed for me in Alfa Group clinics to deprive me of childbearing function, forced abortion, organisation of cases with all kinds of cattle and rape. I somehow even forgot to tell you that in 1997 I was raped by a drunken bandit under heroin, and I got pregnant. I had an abortion. It's hard for me to describe all the feelings I've experienced so far. I still have nightmares: an aunt who followed me for surgery in a bloody apron with marks of human flesh is a doctor from an operating aboratum, and the endless labyrinths that I saw under callipsol. It was done then as a short-term anaesthesia. Callipsol, endless corridors, stairs, and tunnels opening in the walls, which I remember with shudder, plugged an apron with pieces of children and other people's queens by the belt. Lady Gaga in her meat dress just sucks.

What do you even know about AFK Sistema, Alfa-Group and VTB to comment on my batch and give it grades?

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