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Holy Bitch Diary: August 28th, 2023

📖August 28, 2023

🦈A few months ago, I was investigating my pedigree on the male line. On a straight male branch, my direct ancestor in the 28th generation is Chingiz Khan. But how, as among the Gediminids and Rurikoviches, a branch of the Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese imperial dynasties suddenly appears in the pedigree of my great-great-great-grandfather Leo Tolstoy? It was amazing for me, and I didn't know what other discoveries were prepared for me by a simple methodical construction of a genealogical tree from available sources, which turn out to be enough, just to come out of the Internet. Later found in my direct ancestors, Herman Göring, who is also the Crown King of England and Great Britain, surprised me not so much after that. But actually what I want to say: the feeling that I had when compiling a complete family tree was not a feeling that is completely vainly cultivated in the brains of modern psychologists and marketers, called "I'm a prince" or "I'm a princess" depending on gender. It seems to me that such a feeling to raise self-esteem is required for those who are not a hereditary monarch. It's a kinda crown for the same kinda kings and queens. When I work with my own pedigree, a real monarchical pedigree, the only feeling that arose was not the sense of a crown on my head. This is a feeling of power, strength and spirit of my ancestors, which stands behind my back, and supports me every day, even in such difficult times as now. Physical, intellectual, spiritual strength: that's what this origin gives. To wear a real crown, the head and neck must be strong and hardy. And anyone who wants to wear the crown have to possess certain strength which allows to wear such a heavy thing on the head. What is Genghis Khan, my 28th generation great-grandfather, famous for? He created a mega-empire, the largest united state of Eurasia. And he was able to get the right to the Russian throne not by sword, but by dynastic marriage. This largest megastate under the empire of Genghis Khan, granted its heirs dynastic rights to the thrones of many monarchies, including the Gulf countries, Japan, Korea, China, the North Caucasus. Rejecting completely illegally (through direct murder) hereditary monarchs, through whose rights it is possible to solve bloodlessly many interstate and political conflicts, previously resolved, modern totalitarian states, in which the power of monarchs by birth has been substitution for impostors by birth, doom themselves to war. For they have long been divided by the legitimate rulers they killed.

But this is the abnormal new version of norms in ill society which consists now

from deceased, disabled, and other kinda biodiverse population. Violence and the craving for murder permeate the life of every person. Moreover, violence and death have entered so tightly into the life of each person that having essentially a life filled with these two phenomena, a person demonstrates the unimaginable pathology of the absence of all feelings, not noticing their presence and the amount of living space they occupy. If all food manufacturers are obliged for several weeks to label all products that contain ingredients of animal origin or in the production of which tests were carried out on animals, and the stores selling these products are marked by skull and bone, a human may become aware of the essence of his life and consumption model based on the total in-line murder of living beings.

In fact, everything a person does tries to destroy the order of things given by God, categorically denying everything at once - both the existence of God (when it is convenient), and the need to follow the norms of natural law (when they prevent a person from fulfilling personal whims). Hence, by the way, this attitude towards Jews who observe the Sabbath. There was no cause for which a Jew could break the commandment of the consecration of the Sabbath day. But then the Jews were drawn into conflicts, during which if they had kept the Sabbaths, everyone would have died. The essence of military and civil conflicts is spiritual abuse, invisible to the eye, the subject of which is the destruction of the established divine order, violation of the basic commandments: do not kill, do not steal, do not envy, do not lie, do not worship idols, do not create idols, do not commit adultery, love your family and people, love God. All these commandments are norms of natural law, on which all the norms of laws were originally based. Each conflict is based on a violation of these norms of natural law, or on creation of artificial barriers to commit the norms of natural law. I say artificial, because to follow norms of natural law It's such a natural process as breathing, seeing, hearing. It is surprising and incomprehensible how a human entering a conscious age immediately seeks to drive himself into a cattle stall, where it is necessary to shut his ears, close his eyes, hold his breath, and remain silent.

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