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Holy Bitch Diary: August 29th, 2023

📖August 29, 2023

🦈A few days ago, I published a letter from the Investigative Committee. However, I did not write about which criminal case we are talking about. And the correspondence itself is about the case when I was going to be burned in my house in the cottage village of Opushkino in Istra with all my white and spotted dogs. After, one day with my documents and the rights to all my property was to be declaimed Raevskaya-Repnina number two. Simply talking - Valeria Sergeevna Shumilova, many of my acquaintances mistakenly considered her to be my own sister. This bitch is not my sister. For several years, my teeth were methodically spoiled according to her basic parameters, so that my burnt corpse would be identified as her corpse. This "Raevskaya-Repnina number 2" was carefully nurtured in order for her to turn into a voiceless owner of my property and rights and would give it all to the final beneficiaries of the committed crime, at a price of a loaf of bread and a couple of new cowards. Approximately according to the same scheme, "Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy,"

"George Alexandrovich Bagration-Mukhransky," "Leonida Georgievna Bagration," "Maria Vladimirovna Romanova," and other scum of society, refaced into hereditary monarchs. I've written about them before, you can look at BOOST blogs, these are the topics "Netolstyie Tolstyie," #fakehares, the battle on the Krupskaya bulge, ZR/RIFLE, MKULTRA.

But in my case, the topic didn't work. And it has already lit up so much in several dozen of territorial units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the FSB of Russia, and the Prosecutor General's Office, that even if we assume that the plan to replace the player on the field (I am for Valeria Sergeevna Shumilova with my documents) even if it works, it is no longer able to bring any expected results to the criminals. Well, at least my belongings are pinched. They're mentally pinchers, tram pickpockets. How can such assholes be trusted with serious cases?

Can you imagine what degree of hatred Valeria Sergeevna felt for me, whose whole bright future was tied to the fact of my death? When I changed my name, she had a shock - how so, she was already set up to be Andreeva, she's already started such profiles in social networks, and then the epic fail. There was Andreeva - it became Raevskaya-Repnina. Of course, life didn't prepare her for that. In general, the young people didn't go to our place. She was not ready for disappointment. Take out and put the corpse, with the documents and property of which my failed double Valeria Sergeevna Shumilova was supposed to start a new life - instead of me, under my name and my documents.

I must note that there is also a character whose personality will play with new spicy colours in the eyes of her acquaintances, who will learn about her role in this story.

We are talking about an employee of PJSC AFK Sistema Ramazanova Asiya Kuanyshevna. She was supposed to, together with Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna and Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna (this is Voronina from the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, is listed as dead, this bitch is also mistakenly considered by many to be my mother, this mistake was made by me, not immediately noticing the substitution) to evict me to a house in Opushkino, where I had to be burned alive together with my dogs.

The fire show, as I understand it, was supposed to be provided by NP Bunkovo. All these three knew why I had to come to my house on June 13, 2020. At that time, I knew Asya Ramazanova for about 20 years. Well, have you eaten, Asya's friends? What do you even know about Asya to evaluate my relationship with her?

And about three weeks ago I received a letter from some local state-type bodies, for unknown reasons (Dementia and courage?), these Darwin Award winners responded to me to a request made by the FSB of Russia (they don't know Russian? can't read the sender part of the letter?). And the answer said a lot of different miracles, everything is so delicious that I don't want to make such fcking satirical material just passable notice. According to the answer, it is clear that the people writing it are in full confidence that there is no and there will be no criminal case, and I am invited to apply to some commission, supervision, in short, fck off. I laughed for a long time, I even had to watch a little Petrosyan to calm down. The case of my house in Opushkino is also here in Samara. The end of the case is here. Namely, the last episode, when two Orekhovskaya gang bastards Rysev and Voronin, namely Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna, a native of the city of Samara and Shumilov, Sergei Mikhailovich, a native of the city of Kuibyshev, first tried to send me again for the same purposes as it is written above to the house in Opushkino, and then put me in a psychiatric hospital under someone else's name. Actually, this July 2023 performance, together with the poisoning of me and my dogs, was the end of the crime. This was the letter from the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Asya Ramazanova was, of course, not my only "friend" who knew how to be friends. In addition to Asya, Dmitry Vladimirovich Shishkin, Dmitry Sergeyevich Mirny, and many other pretty people were able to be friends with me.

What do I feel after all this? I feel great gratitude to God, which I express in one simple phrase: thank you for being here and now. Not where I could be at the request of the biological individuals listed above, mistakenly called humans.

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