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Holy Bitch Diary: September 6, 2023

📖September 6, 2023

🦈Yesterday I was collecting documents for the court on the eviction of an Orekhovskaya gang mercenaries: stinky possum and his girlfriends from the apartment, and on the official recognition of the fact of my dad's death. I hope the nightmare will end soon. The fact is that the stinky bastard with his girlfriends Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna and Andreeva Olga Vladimirovna forced me to get suitcases with documents on September 1, but because of the rupture of the ovary, I could not roll them back, as I started bleeding and for four days I was almost motionless. As I wrote earlier, the stinky cloth poured all the documents with his chemistry, and from the documents there was such a terrible koumar that Harry immediately began to have conjunctivitis, and both dogs began to cough without interruption. As a result, this nasty thing to the joy of the stinky and his customers was near us for almost 5 days. At first I rushed to take the opportunity to finish sorting papers under the ready-made corporate archive, but it is impossible to work with this shit in the open for more than 15 minutes - it burns the whole face and hands, whims and itches. As a result, I have so far abandoned this idea.

Late tonight I was taking out the dogs, and the light was on in one of the windows. In the bright room, clean furniture, green flowers on the windows could be seen from the window, and I thought what happy people live there! In a clean, bright apartment, without an endor, a crazy oposssum from the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, without Tatyana Vladimirovna Shumilova, who is sick on her head, who sells other people's apartments, and without the care of relatives, expressed in non-stop beatings, poisoning and robs and robs with attempts to announce me crazy after each next incident. This nightmare in which I live - when three aggressive psychos from the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group (two with certificates about their mental illness - Shumilov Sergey Mikhailovich and Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna, and two inadequates just without certificates at all - Shumilova Tatijana Vladimirovna, who feeds the kids with her ginger bread prepared on the kitchen with a mustard gas everywhere, and Andreeva Olga Vladimirovna - bald woman with non-stop diarrhoea which starts every time when she must go for a work, in fact it was an explanation why she did not work almost all her life) who together poison my life every minute in every sense, making any productive and entrepreneurial activity impossible, because they have the motivation to enter the rights to my inheritance - it is simply unbearable. This bastard Shumilov Sergei Mikhailovich, who beat me, demanded that I bring him a portable refrigerator from the barn today. The man is fucked up - he will soon offer me to dismember myself and put myself in the fridge. This bastard is waiting for his girlfriend Tatiana Vladimirovna Shumilova to visit, with whom they discussed a clear and daring plan for them to quickly get rid of me (yes, yes, kill or donate to a psychiatric hospital - in their conversation it is identical to my eviction), and of course it all terrifies me. Do you understand? Two Orekhov's bastards are so fucked up that not only did they just move into someone else's apartment whose owner was killed, they are already discussing in plain text in my presence how to get rid of me in order to quickly enter into inheritance rights. I'm still in such a state after the beating that I can't leave the apartment (the language doesn't turn to call her home), and this has traditionally led to a sharp improvement in the health of dogs. I don't understand why these fuckers are not being arrested yet. I wrote a petition for the election of a preventive measure of this entire company of nuts with certificates that they are nut - Shumilov Sergey Mikhailovich, Shumilova Valeria Sergeevna and an uncertified psycho - simply confused in the testimony through the word Shumilova Tatiana Vladimirovna. I understand that it is customary to take such shit on hot, I hope that the hot reason for arrest will not be my corpse or the corpses of my dogs. In a word, the situation is called hanging in the air, and I'm waiting for it to be resolved as soon as possible and freeing my life from this scum. Their absence alone will bring tremendous relief and the ability to work normally. Tomorrow I'm already starting my studies, studying medicine with such bastards as apartment neighbours and conducting any creative activity is like having a picnic on the grass in the center of a minefield. I pray to God for deliverance and salvation. That's the only thing that can get out of such shit.

I think that most likely they are pulling to completely bury Kostin and his owners. We need to help him get back home to the Black Dolphin, with the finished line-up. Just adding for an escape is like in Matthew McConaughey's monologue in the Wolf of Wall Street, some funny, childish level.

I somehow did not write before, but the criminal case for the raider seizure of my business and property is combined with the case of the Bank of Moscow, it is in the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. There's also the Eldorado tax case, and the Hermitage Capital case. The last answer I received from the GSU, the sentence of Borodin and Akulinin should be extinguished by the sentence against these bastards. If this couple is justified (and actually with this plan I got into this process), honestly, I will consider that my life is not lived in vain.

I did not make the board for the Bank of Moscow before, so here it is:

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