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“Visiting the United States and using our financial institutions are privileges that should not be extended to the worst actors in the international system.”

Senator Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement.

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Bogle is the rare word from British English which means spirit, ghost, cast, goblin, specter, non-existent person, phantom.

Etymologists believe that the word boggle probably comes from an obscure noun in the British dialect bogle. A bogle is a goblin or ghost, or, more broadly, any object of fear or disgust. (Bogle is also the likely source of the scarecrow in the scarecrow and its variant scarecrow.)

Merriam-Webster. The History of 'Boggle' Will Boggle Your Mind.

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Fantoms Welcome


The etymologists were right. The spirit of Adolf Hitler is able to scare anyone. Only in the US could a person with the last name "phantom" run pension funds, financial markets, and the entire US financial system. But this is not enough. In the United States, the phantom of Adolf Hitler's successor continued building military aircraft, as the commander-in-chief backlash his hobby in the form of a special love for building aircraft, one of which he also called the spirit - we are talking about the B2 Spirit bomber, built using stealth flying object technology.

"If anyone is interested in what I'm doing, tell them I'm dead."

John Bogle.

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Rabbit Harvey's Cousin

"The first category includes, first of all, those numerous artificial devices of pretense, which the wanted criminal resorts to in order to change his appearance in comparison with what is indicated in the search order. It is characteristic that the novice criminal will first commit the crime and then make himself unrecognizable, while the experienced criminal will do the opposite. Consequently, the former is concealed in an altered form, and the latter in its natural form, and therefore is in more favorable conditions than the former. If the criminal is found or is under strict surveillance, then his pretense is exposed, and at the same time the whole matter is explained."

Gross G., A guide for forensic investigators as a forensic system.


The policy of genocide and political, financial, social, and economic transformations of Russia was consistent with the so-called Oldenburg plan launched by Hitler. Plan "Oldenburg" ("Green folder" of Gœring) is the code name for the economic subsection of the Nazi Germany attack plan on USSR Barbarossa. According to this plan, the most valuable industrial equipment was supposed to be sent to the Reich. The rest of the equipment and production facilities Nazis intended to destroy. The territory of the European part of the USSR was planned to be economically decentralized to serve Germany in the role of an agricultural appendage and vendor of extra cash income. The 3rd Reich approved the original version of the plan at a secret meeting on March 1st, 1941. Adolf Hitler said: "In the East, I intend to plunder, and plunder effectively. Everything that can be useful for the Germans in the East must be taken out at lightning speed and delivered to Germany."

After Hitler approved the Barbarossa plan, the Fuhrer instructed Reichsmarschall Gœring to develop a plan to exploit the territory of the former USSR. According to this, 3rd Reich intended to divide the European part of the USSR into seven states. Every district was to be economically dependent on Germany. Gœring planned to make the territory of the Baltic states a protectorate and later include it in Germany. The author of this plan was Gœring. After 80 years of the beginning of this plan, we notice that the Oldenburg plan was realized with some minor changes. Thus, the realization of the Green Folder meant that the 3rd Reich completed its' intentions. Next, we performed a walk-through of the list of the beneficiaries of the criminal activity who extracted the most value from the Barbarossa plan implementation. During the investigation, we found out that it was a long list of many organizations under the management of nominal shareholders (e.g., Appleby, Corporate Directors, Mossack Fonseca's companies, and many others subjects of Panama Papers and Osshore leaks), and controlled, in fact, by the Vanguard Group and its allies.

The author of the Green Folder, number two after Hitler, Hermann Wilhelm Gœring (in German - Hermann Wilhelm Göring), the official date of birth was January 12th, 1893, near Rosenheim, German Empire. The great-grandson of Wilhelm II (Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Albert of Prussia, German Wilhelm II), whose origin has roots in the dynasty of emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and its predecessors during the epoch of Ancient Rome. Gœring was one of the most influential people in Nazi Germany, next in influence in the NSDAP after Hitler. By decree of June 29th, 1941, he was officially Hitler's successor and had the authority to issue direct instructions to the Wehrmacht High Command. According to the official version, Gœring died on October 15th, 1946, in Nüremberg, the American zone of occupation of Germany. According to the investigation results, we suppose Gœring is staying alive to the current date.

Gœring is known as a politician, statesman, and military leader of Nazi Germany, Reich Minister of Aviation, Reich Marshal of the Greater German Reich, SA Obergruppenführer, Honorary SS Obergruppenführer, General of the Infantry and General of the Land Police. He played a leading role in the organization of the Luftwaffe, the German air force, the supreme command of which Goering exercised for almost the entire period of World War II in Europe (1939-1945).

The last place of his publicly available residence was the United States, where he lived under the name John Bogle (ghost), nominally led the Vanguard group, being the successor of Hitler and the operational head of the 3rd Reich. Under his management, Vanguard and its affiliates realized the Green Folder Plan on the territory of Russia and the related countries as a part of the ongoing military operation of the 3rd Reich that did not end with the official notice about the capitulation of Nazi Germany.

As follows from the history of the 3rd Reich, the official announcement of the surrender of Nazi Germany did not mean either the actual surrender or the true end of the war. Tactically, these events allowed the Reich to modify the organizational structure while retaining people, competencies, financial and production resources, and moving the headquarters to the territory of other states. To effect the transformation into a new organizational form, Hitler feigned suicide, and so did many other members of the Reich. In particular, to hide, Gœring used technics well-known by criminal investigators on how culprits transform their appearance before committing a crime by changing themselves beyond recognition and leaving his short-term portrait in the last photographs for which he probably could be announced on search. He abruptly gained excess weight immediately at the beginning of 1945, leaving no trace of it at the time of his escape from prison. A conflict with Hitler was probably a way to support the legend through public communications and did not exist in reality. On April 23rd, 1945, by order of Hitler, Gœring was deprived of all ranks and positions and expelled from the party. Later, by the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal, Gœring was recognized as one of the major war criminals and sentenced to death by hanging. On the eve of the execution, he faked suicide. To confirm Gœring's fictitious death, a photograph of a man with Ramsey Hunt syndrome, with his hands covered, was circulated across the Internet. However, Gœring did not suffer from this genetically determined disease, and had a very specific appearance of his hands. Therefore, the photograph presented as a photograph of Gœring in prison shows another person whose personality is not identical to the personality of Hermann Gœring. Then he eluded justice unidentified through a network of related organizations - drug cartels and mafia structures. Even if they were looking for him theoretically, they would do it from photographs in the spring of 1945. After a drastic weight loss, Gœring's exterior changed beyond recognition and added age to him, according to external data. Thus, Gœring was one of the few members of the 3rd Reich who did not undergo extensive plastic surgery to modify his appearance. He already looked a little like the old fat man. Under the new name of John Bogle, Gœring assumed the de facto powers of Hitler and proceeded to continue the implementation of the previously outlined plans of Ost and Gœring's Green Folder, which are a part of the military operation of Nazi Germany. That explains why the Vanguard Group for daily routine applies various technics borrowed from the military intelligence tools of Nazis - because the regular operations of the Vanguard under the management of Gœring, in fact, are undergoing martial activity. In addition to Gœring himself, his brother Albert Gœring, along with members of his family, integrated into the structure of the new Reich. Together, they formed one financial group, within which there were extraterritorial business and personal relationships with various divisions of the 3rd Reich, controlled by members of the same family, connected by organizational, interpersonal, family, and business ties.

As part of the implementation of the strategy of the 3rd Reich, under the leadership of the same persons who conducted a military operation against Russia during the 2nd World War, the serial crimes described in the Hateful Eight and Heritage sections were carried out as part of the execution of the Ost and Oldenburg plans. Managed by Hitler's successor Gœring, the 3rd Reich has transformed into a mega-corporation that derives shareholder value from the capitalization of organized crime activities. Unique examples are the transformation into operating models of business corporations of the latest models of modern crime such as the Sinaloa cartel, the outsourcer of services for carrying out terrorist attacks Al Qaeda, Hearst media holding, organizations providing services of nominal beneficiaries to manage the structure of the 3rd Reich holding Appleby, Corporate Directors, Mossack Fonseca, and other no less entertaining business units of the new mutation of the descendants of the emperors of Ancient Rome. As head of the Vanguard Group and these divisions of the combined company, Gœring serves as the heir of Adolf Hitler's empire and continues to oversee the military operation under the goals of the 3rd Reich, in particular the armed conflict in Ukraine and the war against Russia.

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