Before falling asleep, Mr. Bogle issued the instruction: "If anyone is interested in what I'm doing, tell them I'm dead." But even this is not the main thing in the personality of John Bogle. The main thing about him is that the Vanguard fund was built, among other things, with money from the sale of gold crowns knocked out of the mouths of Jews before they were sent to the gas chamber.

Substance of the case
Green Folder

The policy of genocide, and political and economic "transformations" in the Russian Federation pursued since the 70s is fully consistent with the so-called Oldenburg plan launched by Hitler Plan "Oldenburg" ("Green Folder") is the code name for the economic subsection of the Nazi Germany attack plan on USSR Barbarossa. According to this plan, the most valuable industrial equipment was supposed to be sent to the Reich, and those that could not be useful to Germany would be destroyed (see Sunrise, Bananamama, Teploservis cases). The territory of the European part of the USSR was planned to be economically decentralized and made an agricultural appendage of Germany. The original version of the plan was approved at a secret meeting on March 1st, 1941. Adolf Hitler said: "In the East, I intend to plunder, and plunder effectively. Everything that can be useful for the Germans in the East must be taken out at lightning speed and delivered to Germany." In the Russian Federation, the Oldenburg plan was implemented at the speed of sound. However, with one amendment: everything was removed and delivered not to Germany, but to the USA. We observed in the realization of Green Folder and Ost plans the active participation of two countries: the USA and the UK. The wealth of the Russian Federation and its population was moved out to the USA and the UK.

It is in line with the Ost plan and Green Folder.

In our investigation, we tried to answer three questions below:

  • How is that possible if the 3rd Reich was defeated?

  • Who, how, and why continue Hitler's Kampf against Russia and slavs?

  • And why did the USA and the UK actively participate in this process?


Nazis' Vanguard

Plan "Oldenburg" ("Green folder" of Gœring) - the code name for the economic subsection of the plan of attack by Nazi Germany on the USSR "Barbarossa." After Hitler approved the Barbarossa plan, the Fuhrer instructed Reichsmarschall Gœring to develop a plan for the exploitation of the territory of the USSR. The plan was supposed to divide the territory of the European part of the USSR into seven states, every district was to be economically dependent on Germany. Gœring planned to make the territory of the Baltic states a protectorate and later include it in Germany. The author of this plan was Gœring. After 80 years of the beginning of this plan, we notice that the Oldenburg plan was realized with some minor changes. Instead of the 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler, the beneficiary of the Green Folder became the US Vanguard fund. For sure, Vanguard created the distributed ownership structure by analog with Enron. Vanguard used Enron to test the basic assumptions about the bullshit sensitivity among the investment community. Next, Vanguard repeated the Enron scheme and multiplied that many times. The multiplication of Enron's model allowed Vanguard to stay the genuine invisible beneficiary and the owner of all property, cash, and assets previously owned by the Russian Federation and its population, and illegally disposed of Russia and further arrogated by Vanguard. No need to say that Enron is the Vanguard's SPV. So, we observe that the Gœring plan worked and went into life, but instead of the 3rd Reich, the Vanguard fund became its beneficiary.

At the end of World War II, thousands of Nazis participated in the systematic murder of some 6 000 000 Jews and millions of Gypsies, Poles, 26 600 000 Russians, millions of kids, disabled, ill, old, and other "Untermenschen." After the atrocities committed by the Nazis' mass murders industry, the Nazis slipped through the Allied net (including Ukraine). Nazis escaped to countries around the globe, where many not only still live in freedom. They continue their "Kampf" with the help of the prosecutors - the fellows, friends, and families, the same Nazis who made witnesses on the Nuremberg, Dachau, Shanghai, and Japanese trials, who allowed the mad mass murderers to escape prosecution. These countries were the US, the UK, India, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico, Japan, and China. Only 185 Nazis were condemned for monstrous brutal murders and tortures of tens of millions of people, whose comrades-in-arms continue this work until the present - this is a mockery of justice, a perversion of its concept. The Nazis continue to live without any limitations and penalties. Former 3rd Reich soldiers continue the 3rd Reich business, actively engaging their children and relatives to support the ongoing living of Nazi Germany. In Russia, they are German Gref, Michael Fridman, Pyotr Aven, Nuta Federmesser, Vladimir Evtushenkov, Yury Dud, Morgenstern, and Alexey Mordashov, Irina Khakamada, and many more "celebrities." There is such a thing as ancestral memory. The expression "children are not responsible for their fathers" is erroneous. Even under the law, heirs are liable for the debts of their testators. Since the concept of tribal memory among many compatriots has atrophied under the influence of delicious food, German cars, and Chanel bags, we want to remind you who are the people around you, who, and where they come from. As ancestral memory expels people with portraits to the immortal regiment every year. Likewise, the same tribal memory expels Nazis' children not once a year but every day to continue the work of their families. Thankfully, we and the Nazis have different families. By killing more than 100 million people, the main part of the criminals, and almost the entire leadership, escaped responsibility for this. Considering this, the end of the war is an illusion. The Nazis, who escaped justice, disappeared into the crowd and now are keeping up the work they started, using other hands for this. Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, Aum Senrikyo, the Monsanto programs, terrorism, drugs, processed food, punitive psychiatry, pseudomedicine, sects, reorganization of medical care programs, abortion propaganda, and other egregious crimes are all links in the same chain. an Enormous number of people shared Hitler's madness. For the benefit of the insane leader, Hitler's followers destroyed millions of human lives in such a monstrous way that any opponent and humanist of the death penalty would vote for the end of the life of werewolves for the safety of mankind. Even if one of them is alive, the mass madness of murderers will reincarnate again and again. There is no excuse for killing. It can't be religion, beliefs, and of course, economics. Nobody can give life, nobody can take that. No human can revive a corpse. The killers of 40 million people are free and live on the money earned by selling flayed things and gold teeth from those sentenced to a brutal death. The nightmare will go on because madness has no moral, logic, or rationality. The mad killer will kill again and again. This is the meaning of mad criminal mind existence, which he enjoys. Hitler, his insane followers, and the persons who allowed them to go unpunished must be removed from society forever. It is the only option that will save people's lives. Mankind is not threatened by the third world war because it has not yet finished the second.



The Vanguard fund was founded by John Bogle, who acted as CEO, owner, and founder. We started to check our assumption directly from John Bogle, whose age and Arian appearance allowed us to suspect that he was a part of the 3rd Reich activity. The surname "Bogle" in translation means "ghost," "scarecrow." As long as the criminals chose their names reflecting their substantial nature, this surname allows us to suppose that the personality "John Bogle" is a fictional, invented character, a scarecrow for disguise. The birthday of the Bogle in the open sources was pointed as 8th May 1929. However, if we trace his photos, we observe that he is much older than he should be, according to the open data about his age. Bogle looked significantly older than his declared age, primarily due to the severely saggy skin that usually occurs after a sharp and severe weight loss.

Thus, we suggest that his declared passport age was less than real. The date May 8th, his birthday, is a date on the eve of the Russian victory in WWII. Victory Day is a celebration of the win of the Red Army and the Soviet people over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 8th May 1945 and celebrated annually on May 9th. According to the publicly available biography, Bogle graduated from Prinston in 1951, at the age of 22, six years later the end of the war. After that, the Wellington fund employed him. In the US in 1951 an obligatory compulsory military conscription existed. That means that Bogle escaped this process or participated in this between 1945 and 1947, after the completion of the war. Compilation of the alignment of the precise dates, appearance which is much older, and the dates of his birthday which were probably arranged, allow no questions about his highly probable military experience during WWII. We suppose that data about his birth date were changed to avoid concerns regarding his military conscription during WWII. His thoroughbred military bearing makes it highly doubtful that he served in the army for only two years - it was impossible at this time.

Until the foundation of the Vanguard fund from 1929 until 1974, Bogle did not have detailed biography, which is quite strange. He looks older than his passport age. His birth date is matched to the date when nobody can suspect his participation in the war. This version does not match his military bearing, appearance, manners, and speaking style. Thus, we conclude his actual age was older and that he participated in WWII. As we told, between 1929 and 1974, according to his official biography, he was working for Wellington Fund since 1951, after his Princeton graduation. After 23 years of working in the company, Bogle left no photos from that, as well as any biographic details except only one: in 1988 Bogle bought his former employer, Wellington fund, out and became the ultimate controller of both - the Wellington fund history and the Bogle career in it. There is no traceable information about the past of the Wellington fund, that is quite rare for investment companies. However, that occurs often in family funds. So, Bogle probably was hired by Wellingtons' family fund and was allowed to buy this out. The conclusion is simple - Bogle is a part of Wellingtons' family. It is highly improbable that the outlier of the family could participate in the family business and even more - to own this.

Thus, the part of the biography of Jack Bogle's having worked in the Wellington fund (23 years) cannot be confirmed from open sources. And Bogle controls his biography and employment history in it. As soon as Bogle bought the Wellington fund later, there is no option to put into doubt his career as long as since 1988 officially he controlled the evidence, and can provide any.

Thus, we started to discover Bogle's former employer owned by Walter L. Morgan (July 23rd, 1898 – September 2nd, 1998), who was named the founder of the Wellington Fund, the first balanced mutual fund in the United States and one of the oldest surviving mutual funds. According to concise official legend, Morgan was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he prepared at the Hillman Academy. He became the youngest CPA in Pennsylvania shortly thenceforth after 1920 when he graduated from the University of Princeton. Occasionally, the same career made Bogle, who was born in the same state. After Princeton, at the same age of 22, both were employed by Wellington. According to the public data, Morgan performed crowdfunding to raise from his relatives about $100k in the 1920s, intending to use them to create a safe investment portfolio according to his beliefs. Bogle did not have a solid history about the source of funds for the Vanguard creation. The Industrial and Power Securities Company was founded in 1928 and later changed its name to the Wellington Fund in memory of the Duke of Wellington. Wellington Management Company was established later in Philadelphia in 1933. In 1951 Morgan hired John C. Bogle, who succeeded him at the company. It was possible only if Bogle was part of the Wellington dynasty. According to these data, both Bogle and Morgan started to work in Wellington at the age of 22. But with the 31 years of the time lag between these facts.

In the press or Internet, we did not find any photos of Mr. Walter Morgan born on July 23rd, 1898, who founded the "first mutual fund in the USA" which hired John Bogle in 1951 without any proof of this fact. However, we have many articles which name John Bogle as a founder of the first balanced mutual fund in the USA, and who, on occasion, was older in reality than his passport age, thus, presumably was born earlier than 1929.

According to the open data, Morgan lived 100 years. Also according to open data, at the age of 67, Bogle had a heart transplant. However, in the photo, we observed a person at the age approximately about 80-90 age. Thus, the most probable dates of birth of Bogle could be in the interval between 1898 and 1917. Our base scenario implies his birthday was in 1911: the foundation of the Wellington fund occurred in 1933 minus 22 years, the age of Gœring's first employment. The age of 85 in 1996, at the year of heart transplantation, corresponds well to his appearance. He can have a life duration of 120 years and more considering his heredity and current lifestyle (we assume he is living in Humza tribal residential area now). According to the open data, Bogle died in January 2019 due to a long-term oncology disease. However, if the story about long-standing cancer was true, it would be prohibited for Bogle to make the heart transplantation. According to the public data, his twin died in 1995, one year before the heart transplantation, but in 1996, Bogle got a new heart. Presumably, it could be the heart of his twin brother, which would be a best-case scenario with the lowest risk, but this version does not work because there was a long time lag. According to the rules, the heart can be stored for no more than 4-6 hours. Of course, not a year. Thus, we assume that Bogle got the heart from another donor, or his true family member who donated him a heart, died in 1996. The oficially fixed duration of the life expectancy with the transplanted heart may achieve 100 years, and the fixed lifetime of the transplanted heart is 36 years. That does not prevent them from being significantly longer. Thus, Bogle easily can still be alive, and he probably is. It is the one case with many extra questions to be investigated, especially the transplantation business of the creative butchers' dream team in conjunction with their integration with the monasteries managing the mass graves of unidentified corpses and massive sales of meat products with unknown origin. Concerning Bogle, we do not exclude any options regarding the duration of his life, and we consider it likely that its length is far beyond the average. In addition to heredity, Bogle was burdened with $91.2T in money, and a special desire to gain immortality. Even if he did not find a cure to become immortal, he was able to ensure a long lifespan in every sense of the word. For instance, through brain transplantation, or head transplantation. In China, successfully transplanted a human head onto a corpse by Italian professor Sergio Canavero (November 17th, 2017). On the other hand, this may be fake news that was published to convey other information, in particular, to report that the head of a criminal group has changed in Moscow. On November 17, 2017, Moscow celebrated the birthday of Dmitry Pavlov, the leader of the Izmailovo organized criminal group. At the birthday party, there was a big scandal and a shootout. This version is probable because Vanguard controls the Hearst company and widely used organized criminal groups (Russian mafia) in the realization of the Green Folder plan: assets illegal capturing, money laundering, homicide, terrorism, tax evasion, smuggling, and trafficking of drugs, weapon, human organs, slaves. Also, Vanguard has widely used the natural language of communication and the identification marks - visual ciphers, since the 3rd Reich. E.g., brooches by Elvira Nabiullina, collars by Ruth Bader Ginzburg - she made "signs" which verdict the judges or juries shall make (the mother is Ukrainian, the father is German, the husband is German), participated in the abortion permit, Magnitsky act acceptance, CROOK act passing, stop of the litigation against the Prevezon Group in New York, and so on. These visual ciphers shall give a certain sign to definite people when the criminals cannot have direct communication for security reasons. These symbols and natural language were a part of the war culture of Nazi Germany. It is not surprising that a judge of the US Supreme Court, of Ukrainian-German origin, the daughter of werewolves, brilliantly mastered this skill, in contrast to the norms of natural law, which remained incomprehensible to her, member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi. The visual ciphers were applied in particular in Ukraine for the collaboration, to communicate securely with werewolves. Communicating through apparel, flags, newspaper articles, advertisements, press ads, news, and cartoons is the language of military intelligence, fraternities in the US, and noble families. It is the royal language used by the high hereditary military aristocracy from the ruling dynasties. In this kind of correspondence in the style of the 3rd Reich on the territory of Russia, we noted at least the following companies: Visa, Master Card, Lipton Tea, Moscow Kredit Bank, VTB, MTS, S7, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Volkswagen Group, Government of Moscow, Aktivniy Grazhdanin, BMW Group, Avilon, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolf, Partiya Rosta, Medsi, Loko Bank, Gazprombank, Tinkoff, Megafon, Vympelcom, A101, LSR, PIK, Ingrad, Hals, Detsky Mir, Azbuka Vkusa, Tele2, Podari Zhizn, Podarok Angelu, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, McDonald's, Zara, KFC, Russ Outdoor, Raiffaisenbank, Gruzovichkoff, Tvoi Dom, Utkonos, Carprice, Avito, and public art graffiti. So, we assume that the 3rd Reich fellows were military nobles.

We do not exclude that Bogle regularly used the method of organ transplantation and blood transfusion to refresh the body. During the period of the 3rd Reich, Dr. Mengele and his assistants conducted a large number of classified studies and experiments on people, not only intending to destroy the Slavic race and Jews. The main task that Mengele was given besides this was to find a means for immortality. Therefore, for 70 years, the 3rd Reich could well find it. "Angel of Death," German Josef Mengele conducted medical experiments on prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of people became his victims. Much of Mengele's work consisted of atrocity experiments on prisoners, including the dissection of living babies, and castration of boys and men without the use of anesthetics. During his work in Auschwitz, for only 21 months, he got the recognition of the preeminent dangerous Nazis. By cute tradition of the "Nuremberg trials," he, like Hitler, Gœring, and many other high-ranking Nazis, escaped prosecution and fled to Latin America, fearing maltreatment. Attempts to find him and bring him to justice were unsuccessful. The flag of Bavaria, the native state of Mengele, now uses Mikhail Khodorkovsky, in his political activity. The father of Khodorkovsky was born, according to legend, in 1933, the date of the 3rd Reich and Nazi Germany's foundation. No data about the father are available. The name of "father" is Boris Moiseevich. In Russia, Boris Moiseev is a well-known gay artist. In the 3rd Reich, only one gay was born from Bavaria and appointed in 1933 to the 3rd Reich: Ernest Ryom. Presumably, this is the farther of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. However, Ryom died in 1934 and did not have children. Ryom did not have the portrait similarity with Khodorkovsky, unlike Dr. Mengele, who is Bavarian as well, is a copy of Khodorkovsky. This explains the love of Khodorkovsky for the Bavarian flag, and the medicine, in particular sponsorship of the Vera Fund, managed by Nura Fedemesser (German), which for unknown reasons instead of spending on the fight against cancer, was spent for her political campaign. She is the one more "bogle" - a woman without biography, with the surname "Pen Knife." It also explains Germany's love for Khodorkovsky awarded in Germany Medal named after Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt. For sure, the son of Doctor Mengele, Rolf Mengele, Bavarian by origin, deserves both respect and a medal for his impeccable service to the 3rd Reich. Thus, when Khodorkovsky started the “for peace” propaganda that he proposed to support by flying the blue and white flag, he had in mind to hang the flag of Bavaria, the birthplace of his father, a prominent representative of the Third Reich, Dr. Mengele.

These data match the life duration of Walter Morgan who died at the age of 100 in 1998, after the Black Thursday in Russia, which crashed the debt markets. This raises the doubts about the reality of the Walter Morgan personage. We also have many concerns about the reality of the real existence of the Bogle twins, we did not find any photos with his twin brother. That resulted in the following conclusion:

  • the birthdate of Bogle shall be earlier than announced in the biography;

  • without even a shadow of the military career, Bogle possesses strong military bearing;

  • the story about the heart transplant from his twin brother does not work due to the time lag and contradictions to the diagnosis later named as a reason for his death;

  • we were unable to find out any proof of the reality of the existence of both: the Bogle twin and Walter Morgan;

  • Walter Morgan was named as the founder of the first mutual fund, at the same time we know that the founder of the first mutual fund was Bogle;

  • Bogle's appearance indicates that he got a very fast and big weight loss;

  • the changes in the birthdate of Bogle were linked from one part to the date of WWII, from another angle they were intended to hide his participation in that.

These facts gathered together mean that Walter L. Morgan and John Bogle are the same people and that John Bogle did not have any twins. Thus, since the early 20th century, Bogle was working as a financier in the Wellington fund.

Next, we checked the history of the Wellington fund.

According to the legend, in the 1920s Morgan raised $100,000 from relatives and business people to create what he believed to be a stable investment portfolio. The Industrial and Power Securities Company was founded in 1928 and later took the name of the Duke of Wellington (Wellington Management Company), and 1933 was incorporated in Philadelphia.

Consequently, being 22 years old, and the "youngest CPA," Morgan founded the mutual fund without any special knowledge. That means, that the date of the fund creation is not true.

However, the dates of Wellington Management Company Incorporation in 1933 precisely match with the date of the 3rd Reich, Nazi Germany foundation.

So, Wellington Fund was created together with Nazi Germany and the 3rd Reich.

Considering that Walter Morgan and John Bogle can be the same person, we conclude that the Wellington Management Company was created to finance Nazi Germany and organize the financial infrastructure for its operations. This company was founded in the USA, Pennsylvania state, a former British colony. And the head of this fund, and consequently - the CFO and the treasurer of the 3rd Reich was John Bogle - Walter Morgan.

Therefore, we consider discovering the version of the first mutual fund created by Bogle according to the open data in 1920. As we noted many times, the behind the scene of the crimes that we observed stayed a financial genius, who many times repeated the market crashes in the US and Russia. One year in advance, in 1929, in the USA occurred the huge market crash started the Great Depression. In 1928, the fund, which was announced as initiated by Bogle, was created. As soon as we observed multiple cases of the Vanguard money-making on market manipulation, we suggest that Black Thursday in 1929 was the result of Bogle's efforts as well. Black Thursday resulted in the accumulation of initial funds sufficient to start the 3rd Reich in Germany and became the equity of NSDAP - the source of funds to start the war operation. During black Thursday, Bogle took control over many industrial enterprises in the USA, at almost zero costs, later included in the economy of the 3rd Reich. However, we still had an open question about the origin of Bogle and the source of the money falling into the market.

Wellington fund was a family business, a fund established by the dynast of the noble-born Wellington dynasty, Artur Wellesley 1st Duke of Wellington. Artur Wellesley was a military aristocracy noble of Angles-Irish origin, a Tory statesman, a prominent leading military figure and politician in Britain in the 19th century. Artur Wellesley 1st Duke of Wellington participated in the Waterloo battle in 1815 when Napoleon was defeated. Thus, this fund was a family office of a military aristocracy family with a noble-born origin containing a significant amount of Irish blood. In 1933 this family incorporated the family office Wellington Management company. In the same year, appeared the 3rd Reich and Nazi Germany.

However, the 3rd Reich was not the only organization. Exactly 100 years earlier, in 1833, the same dynasty created the so-called Skull and Bones Club in Pennsylvania, the logo of which adorned 100 years later, in 1933, the uniform of the punishers of the Nazi Reich. The Skull and Bones Club got the name to solve the same problem of eliminating the subhuman race of American origin, which, according to the Wellingtons' plan, had to be solved with the help of Nazi Germany in Europe and Russia.

The number 100 has a sacred meaning in this cohort of criminals, just like the number 33.

The "Skull and Bones" club targeted the same destruction of the American population and the implementation of the same plans concerning Russia. The result achieved by criminals in both countries is the same. $14T was stolen from Russia only in the period from the 80s to the 20th century. More than $30T was withdrawn from the US treasury through a network of affiliated funds.

In 1833, the first community of the Skull and Bones was founded. Only Anglo-Saxon American aristocracy and the Protestants denomination were allowed to become members of this. They considered themselves the "elite" of the society, and during their meetings, they called themselves "the center of the Universe." Also, they used to name themselves the word "knights," meanwhile the rest of the world they called "barbarians." The Skull and Bones, the 3rd Reich predecessor, is mentioned as the organization which is patronized by the Rockefeller family, which made his wealth through the large-scale market crashes. Presumably, the name BlackRock of the Vanguard's mutual twin fund was created from this surname. This fact clearly explains, who trained Bogle to organize massive financial disasters. Thus, this also fully explains why Americans and Russians were the first to suffer from the actions of this holy family. The British aristocracy did not forgive the Americans for their rebellion against Britain. The Wellingtons did not forgive the Russians for the old duel with the Ruriks. So, Russians and Americans have a lot more in common than they think at first glance: the English Nazis imperceptibly took them by soft power to the very balls, and with the other hand at the throat. Therefore, rumors about a "Jewish conspiracy" are now spread by you understand by whom. These rumor-mongers slaughtered and killed these "conspirators" in such numbers that they no longer had much to conspire with, even if such a conspiracy existed. The only thing the Jews "conspire" with is God at the Western Wall. Except for the Rothschild dynasty who participated in this Holocaust activity through financing, smuggling, and support of the Wellington dynasty, and, consequently, both the Skull and Bone and the 3rd Reich. This still creates many questions about MOSSAD and Israel's position regarding the search for the 3rd Reich Nazis, in particular, the situation about Adolf Eichman. We (Russians, Orthodox Jews, and native Americans) would be very disappointed to learn that such actions are carried out to hide war criminals and provide them with alibis.

The visual symbols of the 3rd Reich and Nazi Germany were built out from the Futhark runic alphabet which is used in Celtic religion by droids and is widely distributed across Ireland. We noted the portrait similarity of John Bogle with Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, and his successors. In our opinion, John Bogle was a part of this noble-born family and was closely related to them, was his grandson, and presumably also bore the title of Duke, and among other ancestors, represented such dynasties as Goldstein-Gottorps, and Windsors. According to the open data, His granddad participated in the First Patriotic War against Russia in the coalition and fought on the side of Napoleon. After the review of other probable family members of "Bogle," we conclude that he is a part of the noble-born dynasties of the military aristocrats. Thus, that allow zero opportunity that him to escape participation in WWII and military conscription. If we match these facts together, they create the following picture.

Nazi Germany and the 3rd Reich were created by the Wellington dynasty of Anglo-Irish military aristocracy, part of which was a person known primarily as John Bogle. To finance this activity, they established the Wellington Foundation in the United States on the territory of the former British colony of Pennsylvania to hide the traces of real equity holders and those who financed this activity. John Bogle as a brilliant financier was an author of the idea of "mutual funds." Thus, John Bogle led the organization of the creation and work of this fund. That is, he served as CFO and treasurer of the 3rd Reich. Later for decades, the Wellington fund continued to hide its real beneficiaries - the UK noble-born military aristocracy - through the same financial management structure, led by the same person - John Bogle, in the form of Vanguard Fund took over the Wellington to hide the traces of the 3rd Reich financing, and, to do not allow to trace the Bogle's biography.

About the genuine name of Bogle, we assume that we deal with one of the dukes of Wellington, with a family home in Berkshire, England. Taking a step back, we see that the English aristocracy funded the German Reich, which later did the same to the US as it did to Russia, on a similar model. Since there were a large number of crimes that could be categorized as revenge in those serial crimes that we studied, we hypothesize that the 3rd Reich was created to satisfy the imperial ambitions of Britain. And also for revenge on the SA for the fact that the British colonies cut off contact with their mother - the old Angles. Thus, the goal of the British aristocracy, which created the Third Reich, which belongs to the family of Windsor, Holstein-Gottorp, was originally the goal of returning Britain to its colonies located on the territory of North America. The person known to us as John Bogle was part of the Wellington Wellesley dynasty, and was Treasurer and CFO of both that dynasty and the Third Reich.

We began to try to identify the name under which John Bogle performed his role in the Third Reich.

To check our hypothesis, we reviewed the profiles of the 3rd Reich members focusing primarily on 3 categories: who was responsible for Finance, and who was responsible for the Church. Because in the Vanguard case we observed an extraordinary competence in finance, and we also observed similar possum transformations in the Church. In addition to these functional areas of the 3rd Reich workstreams, we also reviewed the biography and details about the 3rd Reich nazis with hidden biographies, or absent photos.

However, we did not find the match.

Thus, we changed the strategy and started to find the match of John Bogle with the people who participated in the development of plans further realized on the territory of Russia - Green Folder (Göring plan) and plan Ost to the benefit of Nazi Germany, and later to the benefit of the US Vanguard fund. And we found it. After the study and matching of more than 50 photos of John Bogle and several videos, we assure that the persons Hermann Göring and John Bogle are the same people. As a Shrœdinger Cat, Bogle (Morgan, Gœring) has two superpositions: he is alive, and dead at the same time. Heredity Gœring suggests longevity and life expectancy of 90-100 years. Presumably, to continue to live, he did a heart transplant. At the moment, according to our assumptions, Bogle, if our hypothesis that he is alive is correct, is in India, in the Himalayas, in the territory of the Hunza tribe. Presumably, the rest of his colleagues may also be there. The Hunza tribe is significant in that, in addition to having same-root genetics as the Scandinavian tribes, it has an average life expectancy of 120-150 years, and women in the tribe give birth up to 60. The descendants of Rorik have the same differences in genetics, which give us reason to assume that Wellingtons, closely related to Rorik may also have the same distinctive features. According to our assumptions, if the genetics of the Scandinavian kings and the Hunza tribe coincide, then the shorter life expectancy of the Kings is due only to their meat and fish diet. Immortality was the only thing disturbing the 3rd Reich members' minds. Also, we observe the unexplainable growth of many new "meat projects" started in India - the former British colony and the branch of Nazi in the WWII epoch, beloved by the son of Marta Goebbels (Gandi Projects which is a manager and owner of the ICIJ offshore leaks, Zoho, and the distribution of specific cults dedicated to Goddess Kali). The dates of these projects' development match the new dates of the 3rd Reich military operation against Russia - the serial revelations of the ICIJ started in 2013 with the Offshore Leaks and focused on Russia. Thus, probably our hypotheses are true. We would check the cash operations of Shyam Telelink, Zoho, and Gandi companies first.

However, experiments on twins were one of the main tasks of Dr. Mengele, who paid special attention to them. Since we do not see Bogle's twin brother, we know that Göring had a brother, Albert Göring, supposedly that they were fraternal twins. And this brother, according to open data, was born on March 9th, 1895. Thus, for the second time, Bogle demonstrates the example of living up to 100 years. The first time is Walter Morgan (1898-1998), and the second time is Albert Göring (1895-1995). Their cases may confirm the conclusion that we are dealing with Hermann Goering, his age, and that probably he did not have a real twin but had one more legend. However, the photograph posted on the Internet, and allegedly depicted Albert Gœring in 1914-1918 (that is when he was 19-24 years old) shows a young man in a German military uniform during the fighting, and not an entrepreneur saving Jews. Thus, the photograph does not correlate with either the age or the time of Albert Göring. There are also no photographs where the brothers were captured together. Therefore, either they had a bad relationship, or the brother is invented and such a person did not exist and is one more alias of Gœring. What, in the current situation, after the heap of lies and bullshit, we are no longer surprised. However, if we look at Laurence D. Fink, the head of the BlackRock fund, we will find many similarities in appearance between him and Goering's brother, Albert Goering.

It also explains the raison d'être of BlackRock as an affiliate of Blackstone, a parental company, organized by the twin principle with the Vanguard managed by Stephen Schwarzman. Going further, the BlackRock name was created as a result of a combination of two surnames - Schwarzman (Black man) and Rockefeller.

We have no idea how the Nazi's ancestors were managed by Gœring who developed the Genocide plan to deploy in Russia, appeared in the composition of the Russian RDIF board of directors, and permitted this. Schwarzman married Ukrainian Kristin Malarchuk (Hearst), she was previously married to Austin, the grandson of the legendary media mogul Randolph Hearst. Hearst's business is to make money on scandals and news. Hearst is the crap news and fake news generator about the Ukraine and Russia, which allow Bogle and Nazi's Vanguard to make money on that during the war conflict. How did Schwarzman, Adolf Eichmann's son, show up on the RDIF board of directors? The son of a Holocaust architect controlled the process of infecting Russians with the coronavirus, and then vaccinating them with an untested Sputnik V, deathly dangerous to life, ineffective against the virus, and represented the genetic experiment on the Slavs to distribute the COVID mutations, destroy the genome to provoke mutations in the future generations making Slavs unprotected facing to the new types of viruses. In addition to laboratories developing the special genetic experiments with the Slavs genome in Ukraine financed by Joe Biden's son, the RDIF activity regarding the Sputnik V development magically escaped such close attention again - probably due to the family chain with Hearst and Ukraine. Kirill Dmitriev of Ukrainian origin, born in Kiyv, is the CEO of RDIF. So, the conclusion is that the COVID vaccine development was an investment project of RDIF managed by Kirill Dmitriev, Ukrainian, and Stephen Schwarzman, American, CEO of Blackstone, which is a part of Nazis' Vanguard Group. Schwarzman presumably is a son of Adolf Eichman, the Holocaust Architect. Together with Sergey Sobyanin, who intensively closed hospitals and decreased down to zero the obligatory medical insurance services immediately before the pandemic, this trinity introduced the obligatory forcible vaccination by Sputnik V, even before completion of medical trials and before registration by the WHO. Thus, Sobyanin, Dmitriev, Schwarzman, and Evtushenkov (Binnopharm massively produced this dangerous vaccine), together with organized the forcible injection of this vaccine. After the vaccine, which is ineffective against COVID in principle, every time after the injection appeared the side effects, occurred in 100% of cases. We cannot even imagine now the postponed effects. The mass forcible injection by punishment and deception of people violated all the relevant norms of healthcare. It was the medical experiment that was comparable in scale, cynism, and technique only with the experiments of the mentally unhealthy Dr. Mengele. The vaccine was injected into everyone, with a forcible signing of an agreement to make it. People without vaccination were deprived of rights. Receipt of a medical exemption for medical reasons was not allowed. Cases of side effects were not registered, and complaints about the vaccine were not registered. The vaccination stations were not equipped with emergency kits (anti-shock packs), and the staff of the stations was not able to provide timely medical assistance in the event of anaphylactic shock. After its occurrence, the diagnosis was not reflected in the cards, and the occurrence of such reactions was not recorded and hidden.

Thus, we have the pair of two "mutual funds" that in its simplified form can be described in the short formula: Blackrock + skull and bones = Vanguard + 3rd Reich. This "theorem" can be easily confirmed by the Severstal case. The control over Severstal was taken by Rockefeller's offspring using the same technics as Vanguard did.

In the case of Mordashov, we see an example of modesty worthy of the Guinness Book of Records in the section "The Biggest Bullshiper Ever." Number one on this list would surely be Baron Rothschild, who has nothing to do with Jews - a Jew would finance the Holocaust never. So, we introduce another record holder. At the Severstal plant, somewhere in the 90s from nowhere, an incredibly promising young man appeared without a biography and origin. His name according to Wikipedia and probably to his passport was Alexei Mordashov. Just after coming - tadam! - it was like magic. The Severstal plant lit up the light, and Mordashov appeared. Probably, it was like a second of Jesus's coming. Because just after that, the director of the Severstal plant presented Russia's state-owned shares in the plant to Alexey and after that, he suddenly died. Alexey is included in the Forbes list, as he became the sole owner of the plant. At cost of the regular dividends divested from Severstal, he opened the Utkonos chain for selling Internet rotten onions and rotten potatoes packed in bags. However, Alexei still does not have enough money to pay taxes. His wealth is enough to buy factories and make deals with the USS (U.S. Steel, which is also coincidentally located in Vanguard's homeland in Pennsylvania). But for taxes to pay in Russia, money was enough never. So all the regions where Lyosha has factories are subsidized by the Russian state budget (e.g., Vologda). Lyosha takes the dividends and withdraws them to the USA through Severstal, and cashes them out through Utkonos. And the regions where Lyosha's companies operate finance the population of the Russian Federation with their taxes. That is, the road, infrastructure, energy, social programs - that's all - namely, the costs - this is ours, that is, Russia. And the rights to Severstal and dividends are Mordashov's. By coincidence, for sure, Alexei Mordashov with the never-existing dad "Alexander" has a 100% portrait resemblance to John Davison Rockefeller Jr. is, of course, also coincidentally the sole director and beneficiary of U.S. Steel. And according to the dates of birth of both steelworkers, it becomes clear that the father of Lesha Mordashov, even if he bore the name Alexander, was baptized. By Seventh-day Adventists. And in the Quaker community.

And Lyosha's patronymic is Jonovich Deyvisonovich. We suppose that it is precisely the inconvenience of writing a double patronymic that causes such an attack of modesty. Mordashov is a grandson of John Davison Rockefeller Junior. John Davison Rockefeller Junior is an owner of the U.S.Steel. The son of the famous John Rockefeller. Founder of the Skull and Bones Nazi organization in the USA.

In the US, the Skull and Bones "solve" the same tasks against native Americans ("barbarians") as the 3rd Reich solved in Nazi Germany against Russians. The Barbarossa plan had two symmetrical parts. Barbarossa = Barbarians + Russians. At the end of the war, by the plan of Gœring, the "barbarians" (native Americans) and Russians shall be destroyed. And in addition - Jews, Poles, and other "Untermenschen."

Another modest woman who should also enter the same section, the most modest billionaires, is the female heroine Joan Roaling, who hangs the same noodles at graduation speeches at universities, how she lived on welfare and got rich from a Harry Potter book. If Joan Roaling ever lived on welfare, it was from her uncles, Rockefeller and Rothschild, who invested in the Bordeaux vineyards of her grandfather Louis Vallon. This is a wonder who printed out them in such numbers with the forged passports and documents and why any Pinocchio has pierced this cardboard puppet theater so far. Probably they need a napkin. There is a little piece of bullshit on their lips. But since these humble guys control the entire media empire, including the bullshit written on Wikipedia, there is nothing to be surprised at. It was a brief explanation of the Anglo-Saxon law definition of "piercing of corporate veil." In the book "The Azkaban's Imprisoner," she described in detail the personalities of Boggle (Boggart), Hitler (Lupin), and other notable personages of the 3rd Reich after their reincarnation. Thus, there is no talent here, if a family member describes the ordinary clans' rivalry inside the opossums family. The same applies to the Lord of the Ring movie filmed in the homeland of Wellingtons. These Noble Simpsons were going to fool humanity endlessly, playing in their own lives in front of a fooled public.

We also noted that in some photos dated earlier, Bogle looks older than in the photos, which were made later. The same we observed in the case of Mordashov. Considering the many tricks with the 100-year age and the 100% similarity in the male line between direct relatives, we assume that this impression deserves additional investigation after the personality identification exercise. Considering the genealogy, history, medical facts, substantial nature of the Bananamama case and 3rd Reich war crimes, supported with the proper academic and scientific evidence about the reality of such an unbelievable conclusion, we do not exclude the version, that the name of the Werewolf Ukraine bunker precisely describes the genuine kind of the real personality with which we are dealing.


The Gold of 3rd Reich

According to public information, Gœring executed suicide in the Munich prison on October 15th, 1946. In the photo, we see an alive slim-jim with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome whose face is neither Bogle nor Gœring. However, it looks like one of Bogle's early photographs, where he is brunette. Bogle had a rare disease - drumstick fingers, a distinctive deformity of the connective tissues, a side effect of some illnesses. As evident in the photo, Bogle's exceptionally recognizable deformed hands, which could guarantee there is Bogle in the photo, were completely hidden. The fact that the hands were deliberately hidden, confirms the identity of Bogle and Göring and an intention to hide distinctive visible traits. We also see the photo of Göring dated 1945, where he is three times thicker than the corpse in the photograph. We do not know how this photo session was costed to Wellingtons. We cannot consider this photo and any evidence a reliable source to conclude that Gœring is dead. We observe him alive in the USA. And we suppose that the prisoners who held him in Münich shall be prosecuted within the second round of the Nuremberg trials for this monstrous lie lately resulted in millions of deaths, including 9/11, the Irak war, Ukraine War, Nord-Ost, COVID, and so on. Thus, we assume the highly probable version that Goering having been never imprisoned in Munich. Also, in history, including the Nuremberg trials, numerous facts are widely known - and not isolated anomalies - of imitation of own death by members of the Nazi Reich and disappearance, followed by the transformation into conscientious citizens of the United States, Israel, or South America's. Those states do not extradite their citizens. The United States was one of the master countries where members of the Third Reich emigrated to escape from justice successfully for a very long time (e.g., Hermine Braunsteiner, Trampling Mare). Similar to the opossums from the Russian Orthodox Church, they used the same methods of faking their death and identification of corpses: teeth printed by their own dentist, burnt remnants of documents in pockets, a piece of clothing on a decapitated corpse, as well as by killing doubles (outwardly very similar people) or faking death for photographs with the help of a corrupt prison administration. In particular, a Trampling Mare (Hermine Braunsteiner) was detained in the USA and sent to Nuremberg, the image of which was supposedly relayed with the help of terrorist attacks in the Lame Horse club and a mass execution at Perm University, was detained in the USA. The prosecutor of Düsseldorf, West Germany, opened an investigation into her acts during the war, and in 1973 the West German government made an extradition request for Braunsteiner, accusing her of contributing to the death of 200,000 people. The American court initially rejected the request referring to the fact that the request is political and comes from "external forces," that secondary prosecution is impossible, and so on. After the case of Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan, the US government established the Special Investigations Division within the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. Its task, among other things, is to prevent the granting of US citizenship to war criminals. However, as you know, this does not work. The United States not only grants them citizenship but continues to hide them from justice. Particularly, in the case of the BOOST, Magnitsky murder, and Hermitage Capital, we have at least three criminals who participated in these crimes - to realize the Ost and Green Folder plans of the 3rd Reich. However, these people continue to live on the territory of the USA. They are: Oleg Yakovlev, Oleg Tinkov, Zhanna Bulokh. We also know that the USA stopped the further litigation and investigation against Prevezon. As we know, Prevezon was a part of the same organized Group, which laundered money stolen from the Russian Federation to the benefit of Vanguard Fund.

Thus, after the investigation that we deal with the Göring, who performed the function of the CFO, and Treasurer of the 3rd Reich, and developed the part of the Green Folder exclusively dedicated to the capturing of Russia's assets, and who got his fame due to the extraordinary strategic finances skills and unique competence to crash the markets, we conclude that the 3rd Reich continues to exist.

And that the main actors and organizers of this activity did not just escape punishment for tens of millions of murders. They were never considered involved in the management of the activities of Nazi Germany at all and escaped punishment. All the anger fell on the head of those Nazis who were in public view.

And since these people were not identified either during the first world war, the revolution of 1917, or the second world war, they have been remaining behind the scenes in their destructive criminal activities.

After that, any questions about why Boris Jones, the Prime Minister of England, is so busy to be a defender of Zelensky (whose name has the origin in green color - "zeleny" in Russian means green) and inflating the military conflict in Ukraine are already superfluous. It's just that now the real Nazis have entered the world stage.

However, the United States is poorly aware that in the eyes of the Nazis they are not the chosen people. In the eyes of the Nazis of the Third Reich, the United States, as traitors to its mother Great Britain, which was abandoned by 13 colonies during the uprising, deserve to die.

As we have repeatedly written, the handwriting of criminals requires that the dirty work be done by others. Therefore, they used Ukraine to get the US and Russia to unleash a military conflict, destroying each other, and leaving the Vanguard Fund with the property of both states completely intact. Apart from motives for revenge, the Nazis' actions were not based solely on the idea of ​​racial superiority. Their beliefs are based on a powerful fusion of the religion of the Celts and the magic of the Druids, where Jesus Christ with his fish symbols, human sacrifices, cannibalism, and runic symbols coexist at the same time, from which the logos of Nazi Germany and its departments are composed. These people believed in the transmigration of souls, and immortality, and sincerely believed that a person would take with him to a new life what he would be buried with. Therefore, they collected assets to the Vanguard Foundation, with a piece of paper confirming their rights for the property or whose property they were going to lie in the grave. Where did these people get the money to buy up all the assets in the world, and what have they been doing for the last 100 years? They arranged market crises with the help of John Bogle's talents and robbed other states. Out of the US Through pension funds, index funds, hedges, mutual funds, war, terrorist attacks, and derivatives, they took out $30 trillion. They took 12-14 trillion dollars out of Russia through fraud, corruption, serial killings, terrorist attacks, genocide policies, and other activities from the Goering plan. НBut the most important source of their funding is the so-called gold of the Reich. The property was stolen and looted during the war. Starting from the gold crowns they knocked out of the mouths of the Jews who were sent to the gas chamber and ending with the masterpieces of world art from the museums they devastated, the fakes and originals which they now sell through their art galleries, auctions, and collectors like the founders of BBBY. The amount of gold in the Reich is approximately 800 tons of gold or 47.2 trillion US dollars without taking into account valuables in the form of things. With this money, the Vanguard empire was built. In total, these citizens are going to take with them to the other world an amount equivalent to approximately 91.2 trillion US dollars, only direct losses, excluding compensation for the use of other people's money, for the murders of our relatives and friends during the war, for the destroyed lives of hundreds of states. Ukraine has become the last stage in the process of preparing to sail into a brighter future to unleash a military conflict between Russia and the United States with the help of Ukrainian collaborators of Nazi Germany. Are there other famous people from the Third Reich in the Vanguard Foundation besides Goering? Yes. In particular, on the board of directors of Vanguard, we can observe a person named Peter Valanakis. He bears a strong resemblance to a man named Harald Quandt, the adopted son of Joseph Goebbels, son of Martha Goebbels from his first marriage. His biological father is Quandt Günther, Fuhrer of the Third Reich war economy, which includes the BMW concern. Now his descendant, raised by Joseph Goebbels, sits on the board of directors of the Vanguard Foundation. Since the investigation has not yet been completed by us and continues, we are sure that in the Vanguard Foundation there will now be other descendants of the ascetics of the Third Reich, in particular Ribbentrop, Georg von Küchler, Subhas Chander Bose, the Wellingtons, the Windsors, Albert Göring, Wellesley, Karl Eduard (Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), Adolf Hitler, and other eminent mean businessmen in finance, a knife, and an ax. Thus, the sources of competencies among Russian thieves in the law on the skill of reincarnation and imitation of their death are understandable. In particular, the thief-in-law Ivankov earned Bogle such favor by the fact that he is the son of a Tonka machine-gunner (Panfilova-Ginzburg), a woman - mass murderer and prostitute under the 3rd Reich, and the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, who loved prostitutes and geishas so much that during his funeral the coffin was especially carried around the house of his favorite geisha. This lineage gave him a distinctive eye shape, a special status in the Nazi hierarchy, and the corresponding deformation of a hereditary serial killer. This fully confirms our version about the cooperation of these butchers, and the presence in their environment, in addition to the peculiarities of instructing to organize nights of long knives, such specific nuances as human sacrifices, cannibalism, atrocities, dismemberment, and burning people alive, and other peculiar aspects of the investment business.

The hypothesis about the migration of the former Nazis from the 3rd Reich to the US to hide from justice, and the continuation to realize the Ost and Oldenburg plans is also confirmed by the naming and visual symbols of the companies which were involved in the crimes described in the Toxic assets section. The names of the companies that were used for this leave no doubt as to whose plans they carried out: Baring Vostok, Access Industries, and persons associated with them. The name of the companies matched the related sections of Hitler's plan to capture Russia. These companies were owned, controlled, and operated by natives of Ukraine with the citizenship of Israel and the United States. These people were born in Ukraine, in the western areas were presented the Ukraine Collaboration, and where was located the Reichkommissariate of Ukraine - Hitler's headquarters. We assume that a comfortable and trouble-free life for the Nazis in the USA was ensured by the bribes that they paid not only to civil servants who solved many tasks for them following the Reich plenaries but also to the US presidents, in particular, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who provided full support to the Nazis in their criminal activities in all aspects. In particular, the death penalty for the insane and the mentally ill. Concerning all representatives of the Third Reich who were even presented as dead, there are ineradicable doubts about the reliability of their death, since their cause lives on. Such a unique competence to brutally kill millions of people and steal their property was brilliantly mastered and elevated to the rank of skill only by the Third Reich. Now, we observe that this competence was alive and continues its deadly craft under the management of Hermann Göring (aka John Bogle, aka Walter L. Morgan, aka Duke Wellington), a man with a brilliant mind, but devoid of any conscience.

As long as there are no reliable confirmations of the death of its leaders, there is no reason to consider them dead, and assert that the Second World War is over.



The Twilight of the Gods is a generally accepted but misleading translation of Norse mythology's term "Ragnarok" (ancient Scandinavian Ragnarök, Ragnarøkkr). German-Scandinavian mythology describes the Ragnarøkkr as the death of the gods and the whole world, following the last battle between the gods and chthonic monsters.

Apocalypse and Ragnarok are identical concepts.

The Revelation of John the Theologian (ancient Greek Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, Latin Apocalypsis Ioannis) is the title of the last book of the New Testament in the Bible, referred to as the "Apocalypse" (O.G. ἀποκάλυψις - revelation, revelation), known as the Apocalypse of John, the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, or simply Revelation.

The Book of Revelation is the only apocalyptic book in the New Testament canon, although there are short apocalyptic passages in various places in the Gospels and Epistles. "Apocalypse" describes the events preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth, which will be accompanied by a world-scale battle against the Dragon which symbolized Lutsifer as a light-bringer (China), the Great Harlot (the Liberty Statue in New York, Manhattan), that will follow the Doomsday, the torment of unsealed sinners, binding a dragon with chains for 1000 years, and numerous cataclysms and disasters, The word "apocalypse" is often used as a synonym for the end of the world or a catastrophe on a planetary scale. "And I stood on the sand of the sea, and saw a beast coming out of the sea with seven heads and ten horns: on its horns was ten diadems, and on its heads were blasphemous names. The beast I saw was like a leopard; his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth was like the mouth of a lion, and the dragon gave him his strength and his throne and great authority. And I saw that one among his heads was, as it were, mortally wounded, however, this mortal wound was healed. And all the earth marveled, following the beast, and bowed down to the dragon, which gave power to the beast, and bowed down to the beast, saying, Who is like this beast? and who can fight him?" (John, 13:1-4). Thus, the Dragon (Lucifer, Baphomet) and the Beast (Satan) are two different personages.

From this definition, the terms apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic were created, denoting genres of fantasy about the actions in the world during the global catastrophe. The book also describes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the events after it.

The Death of the Gods or the Twilight of the Gods (German: Götterdämmerung) is the final part of Richard Wagner's opera tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen.

The Twilight of the Gods (German: Götterdämmerung) is the name adopted in German historiography for the period of the agony of the Third Reich at the end of April 1945, when the Nazi leadership ended up in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. The term comes from the title of the finale of Richard Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen, mentioned above, one of Hitler's favorites, and is often used figuratively as a period of agony for any regime, mostly authoritarian.

The surname Gœring together with Hermann's name references us to the word "herring," or "Mister Herring." The name göring (gering, herring, gœring) is the combination of two words Hermann + göring = herring, the fish, one widespread in Scandinavia. The creation of new words, and playing charades we observed many times (see Bananamama case):

  • Ivaschenko + Vasilyev = Ivasi

  • Luka + Mudischev = Ludischev

  • Butcha = Butcher

  • Slater = Slayter = Butcher

  • Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov = Dad = Nose = Papa = Gundiay = Kirill Gundyaev = Mitropolit Smolensky and Kaliningradksiy = Vladimir Isorukovich Panfilov-Yamamoto (Ginzburg) = Leader of Sorok Sorokov band = Tief-in-law Yaponchik = Serial murderer = Son of the Yamamoto (Japanese Nazi, Japanese Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II until his death). Panfilov-Yamamoto was born in Ivanki village, Vinnitskaya region, Ukraine, on December 31st, 1944, whose mother Antonina Makarovna Makarova (Panfilova-Ginzburg) was born in the Smolenskaya region and lived after the war in Kaliningrad with the new husband Evgeny Ginsburg. Panfilova - Ginzburg, a woman serial mass murderer, war criminal, and executioner of the Lokotsky district during the Great Patriotic War. While in the service of the German occupation authorities and Russian collaborators, she shot about 1,500 people, mostly Soviet partisans and civilians. At the time of the executions, she was also referred to the nickname as Tonka-Machine gunner. She later married and worked as an inspector in a sewing shop, but in the late 1970s, she was exposed and sentenced to death. Killed more than 1500 people. This explains the close relationship between the 3rd Reich Nazi staying alive and the trust in him.

  • Morgenstern (Deutsch surname) = Morning Star = Dennitsa = Luzifer = Devil, was hired by Alfa-Bank under the management of Fridman, Aven, and Khan (no Russian surnames) to incite hatred based on different religious views. Another meaning - is the star of Walter L. Morgan (Gœring).

  • Dud = Vdud. To blow Russia (in Russia, "vdut" the homonym of "vdud" means "fuck," "chew out") Alfa Bank hired Yury Dud. Yuri Alexandrovich Dud, german, was born in Potsdam, German Democratic Republic.

  • CROOK Act = Thief-in-Law, Magnitsky Act = CROOK Act, Magnitsky Act = Thief-in-Law. This simple logical task answers easily who killed Magnitsky - the main person is Vyacheslav Ivankov, thief-in-law, together with the A1 company doing business with the Delovye Linii company founded by thieves-in-law in form of JV with the A1 CEO Mikhail Khabarov. The name of Magnitsky as a victim also turned out to be not accidental, they were going to stick all the shit that was possible against Russia on him and this murder - by analogy with the magnet (created a "govnit," the combination of two words in Russian "crap" which is in Russian pronounces as "govno" and "magnet" which is in Russian pronounces as "magnit". Thus, the criminals created "govno" + "magnit" = "govnit." In addition to this small linguistic exercise, in Russia, the founder of Magnet "Magnit" the largest retailer has the surname Galitsky. During WWII, Galitsia was the main source of the Ukrainian Werewolves' recruitment. Thus, Magnet became a source of mass poisoning by the selling products after transferring control over that to VTB Bank and Marathon Group, managed by Alexander Vinokurov, the son-in-law of Sergey Lavrov, to destroy the reputation of both, and create the case for criminal prosecution. We want to hope that Lavrov cannot influence the choice of his daughter, and was not aware of the specifics of Vinokurov's business. By terrible magic, two persons died of poisoning. This means the onset of a qualifying sign for the reclassification of a crime under a more severe article - you need to have 2 corpses to apply the 105 part 2 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The sanction for part 2 article 105 is a deprivation of liberty for a term of eight to twenty years, with restriction of liberty for a term of one to two years, or life imprisonment, or the death penalty. The same magic match with the 2 murders we observed in the Evsukov case. Two corpses were enough to reach the goal of criminals. However, in the murder of Magnitsky, we have 4 corpses: Magnitsky, Gasanov, Korobeynikov, and Kurochkin. That means that part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation shall be applied, and the cases shall be combined according to article 153 of the Criminal Process Code of the Russian Federation. Considering the persons who executed Magnitsky, based on the results of our investigation, we have the supposition that the customer of the Magnitsky murder was Ivankov, the organizer was Fridman, and the executors were people from Bazel who took the necessary ingredients for poisoning, bar association A1 which the affiliate of A1 Investment Company (CEO if A1 now is Andrey Elinson, former CEO of Bazel), who interacted with the corrupted prison staff, and visited Magnitsky as advocates, and were able to poison him. Our hypothesis about personalities is easily confirmed by the fact, that during the raider takeover of BOOST by the NP Bunkovo ​​company, which was represented by the A1 bar association, all the dogs of Raevskaya-Repninna were poisoned with an unknown substance, and the veterinary clinics controlled by Alfa and Vanguard refused to do a toxicological analysis because a week before the poisoning they stopped doing such tests for unknown reasons. And the poisoning in dogs, according to the observed symptoms, was identical to the described symptoms of Sergei Magnitsky, and the symptoms of poisoning with Clerici's solution. Investment company A1 is widely practiced and it is its distinctive feature to provide related bad faith lawyers to victims who have become victims of crimes committed against them by company A1. As we pointed out above, A1 did various dirty work, including this one. We know this from the testimonies of victims and witnesses. Thus, Vyacheslav Ivankov (aka Kirill Gundyaev), Oleg Yakovlev, Igor Yakovlev, Mikhail Fridman, Pyotr Aven, Greman Khan, Vladimir Evtushenkov (Aven), Alexander Fine, Andrey Elinson (German surname, just in case), Andrey Von (German surname), aforementioned Alexander Vinokurov, Mikhail Khabarov, Alexey Maslov (A1 bar association), other A1 staff who was involved into that (both bar association and investment company), Bazel executives (Pechyonkin, Moldazhanova, Bulygin), Glencore International (owner of thallium production plant Kaztsink), Mikhail Gutseriev (thallium is produced in Kazakhstan), Uzhpolimetall (thallium producer) related parties Uzdenov and Ramazanova, alpha-lawyers who visited Magnitsky, all the A1 leadership that considered this issue and approved it in formal and informal way, the directorate of the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center who controlled it at that moment, and all the employees and imprisoners who had contacts with Magnitsky for any length of time at that time and handed over any items to him, and surely everyone who participated in organization and execution of Magnitsky's detention, including Ivan Glukhov and Vladimir Kolokoltsev shall be considered as co-participants in murder of Magnitsky. The same people excluding SIZO personnel, plus NP Bunkovo staff (Gorb Anastasia, Leonid Cherkasov, Andrey Matukhin, Alexey Marusov), its' owners and management, housekeeper of Raevskaya-Repnina flat Konovalova, Elmas Design Company, Maxim Entyakov, Natalya Evtushenkova, Felix Evtushenkov shall be prosecuted for the poisoning of Raevskaya-Repnina dogs and herself in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2018, 2019, and 2020. In our opinion, all these people were involved in the planning, organization, and execution of these serial crimes. For poisoning, the criminals used the same substance - Klerichi solution resulted in the huge hair loss of Raevskaya-Repnina in 2011, and in 2018-2019 - the poisoning was executed in several stages, by ongoing etching.

Only people who knew Russian, English and German very well at the same time could make such charades. Only those who have been dealing with Russia for a long time could have such a deep knowledge of the Russian language. In particular, the expression "thin as a herring" is a Russian expression, they say that a person is very thin. Goering could have obtained such knowledge of Russian during the years of the war with Russia. Also, we observed the playing charades in the advertising of Alfa-Bank and X5. As we previously noted, Alfa Group has an extremely strong presence in Samara, Middle Volga Region. After all, this power is explained not only by industrial interests. And first of all, the fact that captured Germans were transported to the middle Volga in the Volga region. Therefore, questions about why Gref, Fridman, Aven, and Andrey Fridrichovich Borodin worked never for the benefit of the Russian government and its population, being of Western Ukrainian and German origin with American and Israeli passports. The 3rd Reich hereditaries worked for the Vanguard Foundation to their benefit as well, helping to implement the Green Folder strategy instead. How and why the heirs of the Third Reich became the head of the largest Russian banks, the money from which further migrated to the Vanguard fund under the management of the Reichsmarshall Gœring, offsprings of Goebbels and other representatives of this holy family - a question for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the leaders of our state, who allowed this to be done. In our opinion, these people deserve a military tribunal within the framework of the Nuremberg trials, since this bacchanalia is a direct continuation of the functioning of the 3rd Reich.

Coming back to Goering, he could select of getting a fish nickname for his thinness and eyes. Therefore, his fullness was not his regular characteristic. It's hard for fatso to get the nickname "herring." In early photographs of Gœring, he appears very slim. At the same time, if you look at the portraits of the Wellingtons, there were no fat men among them. We assume that Gœring lost weight dramatically in 1945-1946, probably because this is his normal state, corresponding to his physique. Secondly, on the eve of his "death," the public remembered him as a fat man, so it would hardly have occurred to anyone that behind a long and thin man like a herring is the real personality of Reichsmarschall Gœring, nicknamed Mr. Herring. Because it was not difficult to mislead concerning the identity of the deceased, the difference in weight between Goering in 1945 and 1946 is about 80 kg.

For boggart Bogle, this date May 8th, which he selected to be his Birthdate in the new life, on the eve of the Russian win, means rebirth into a new quality before death. In the course of studying his habits, we know that once used the trick successfully, he will use it again. According to the broadly disseminated legend, in prison, on the eve of his death, Gœring took potassium cyanide. The execution of Gœring would mean the victory of Russia. However, we suggest he faked his death the day before - took his life back, and according to the documentary evidence, escaped the execution and death in prison. The fatal doubts about the authenticity of his death still exist not only among us but also among law enforcement agencies. These doubts have every reason to exist. The trial of the Third Reich was given to a state whose citizens were directly involved in the atrocities of the Third Reich. This mockery, when criminals are handed over to investigate a criminal case against themselves, we observed both in the Magnitsky case and in the crash of Aircraft MH17. The Nuremberg Tribunal became the same travesty of justice, when the aces and the main criminals escaped punishment, arranging a new life and continuing their atrocities. Moreover, as the Brausteiner case showed, the criminals of the Third Reich are not extradited for the Nuremberg trial, they are not searched for, they are not wanted, but they are discovered by chance. And that is most likely because one of the former colleagues decided to get rid of unnecessary witnesses to their atrocities. Therefore, the fact that they rule banks in Russia is a Kinder Garten. In Germany, the Third Reich judges itself. We don’t have any other explanation why the Third Reich completely fucked out and dispersed across the different countries, and happily live until the present spending their time as "retirees" and re-register the heaped assets in his name already through shares in the Vanguard fund. This is a mockery of history and the corpses of tens of millions of dead people - registration in the management of pension savings of the Third Reich in the USA - knocked out gold teeth, stolen paintings and fine art, clothes collected from the dead, and other "property" of marauders carefully collected and preserved.

In their new incarnations, the opossums tried to use the most reliable facts and don't lie too much that is so that some basic hypotheses can be confirmed, and the rest of the mismatches can be attributed to inaccuracies or photo retouching. It is impossible to lie about everything, it will be very noticeable. The criminals tried to repeat in both biographies - the truthful one and the faked - similar distinctive details of the biography of their soulmates to reach the maximum overlapping between the biographies of two persons: the real one and the soulmate. We observed that in particular in the pair Ivankov - Gundyaev: external exams, sports career, the match between the probable areas of residentship, and so on. The same we observed in the case of Walter Morgan and John Bogle: at the age of 22, they joined the Wellington fund, both invented the first mutual fund, both were brilliant financiers, and so on). Therefore, this confirms the fact, that Gœring is alive, and that he lost weight so that the corpse of a person similar to himself would be in prison. At 45, he was a well-fed fat man in the archive photos, at 46 became a goner, which means there was a sharp weight loss and sagging skin. You can easily see that on the Bogle's face, which looked similar to the corpse of possum-Gœring in the prison. We believe that in imitation of his death, perhaps Bogle himself pretended to be dead, and losing weight was done to further acquire unrecognizability after the escape to the USA. Be that as it may, he survived, and for this, in our opinion, a fantastically generous reward was paid not only to jailers in Germany, who were themselves Nazi werewolves but also to werewolves in the USA, who were then absolutely all destroyed to hide evidence of death. In this regard, we don't comprehend what mystery the depth Magnitsky got into. The paranoid killing of witnesses is easily explained in such a situation. Based on our review of the probable genealogy tree, we assume that boggart "John Bogle" is a brother, or brother by one parent, or cousin of Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke of Wellington. Thus, the true boggart's name of John Bogle aka Hermall Wilhelm Gœring aka Walter L. Morgan presumably is Arthur Charles Wellesley, the 9th Duke of Wellington.

To give the name Arthur is the family tradition refers to the roots of the Wellington dynasty, the successors of King Arthur, English and Wall, Irish Artúr from the Celtic "bear." King Arthur was the ruler of the kingdom of Logres, the legendary leader of the Britons of the 5th-6th centuries, who defeated the Saxon conquerors. Arthur was the son of King Uther Pendragon of Britain. King Arthur was one of the most famous Celtic heroes who were the central hero of the British epic and numerous romances of chivalry. A few historical accounts of Arthur come from various sources, including the Annals of Cumbria, History of the Britons, and the writings of the ancient British historian Gilda the Wise. The name of King Arthur can be noted in such early poetic sources as Gododdin.

The Wellington dynasty ancestors and the family continue their holy war through centuries to achieve the fame of Arthur, kelt king, and to destroy Anglo-Saxons. The position about the mythological nature of the personality of King Arthur is not reliable, the same applies to Vikings. The Viking saga "Ring of the Nibelungs" is a reliable historical source, the character of which is King George, known to Christians as George the Victorious. Saint George was known by Christians as none other than Siegfried (German Siegfried, Middle-Upper Sivrit), Sigurd (Other Scandinavian Sigurðr, from sigr - "victory", urðr - "fate") - one of the most important heroes of German-Scandinavian mythology and epic, the hero of the Nibelungenlied ". According to the myth, Siegfried was a great warrior who accomplished many feats. One of his feats was the victory over the dragon. Having smeared himself with the blood and fat of the monster, he gained invulnerability, but a small area of ​​the body on his back remained unprotected. The cutting off of the right hand by the Russians symbolizes the cutting off of the right hand of St. George, he is also King Siegfried, who represented the Roerik family, the sworn enemies of the Wellington family.

The chopped right hand is a greeting to George the Victorious, whose children ruled Russia - the Rurik dynasty. Ruriks for the descendants of King Arthur are also the same enemies as the Anglo-Saxons. We are dealing with enmity as ancient as the creation of the world. This is the enmity of the oldest royal families, the hereditary military aristocracy in the 40th generation. For this reason, the Britons fought with Scandinavia. The Scandinavian kings are their hereditary enemies, staying in the condition of the ongoing blood feud and sworn tribal feud since the creation of the world whose origins are rooted in the battle of Joshua Navin. The sworn enemy of the descendants of King Arthur were representatives of the Skjoldung dynasty and in particular Rorik of Jutland (Old Scandinavian Hrørek (ᚺᚱᚬᚱᛖᚲ), Hrœrekr (ᚺᚱᚯᚱᛖᚲᚱ), lat. Roric, Rorich, Rorik) - one of the most successful Danish kings in the service of the Carolingians. Hrōþirīk(i)az is a reconstructed Germanic name, the derived forms of which are used by many people in legend and history. Name Rœrik means "famous ruler" (also, Hrodric, Hrēðrīc, Hroðricus, Rørik, Hrœrekr, Рюрик, Rurik, Rodrigo, or in its short form, Ruy/Rui). Mentioned in the Frankish chronicles as the ruler of Dorestad and many Frisian lands from 841-873, an "ulcer of Christianity in the Xanten Annals. He was called to reign in Russia. The hatred for Russia from the 3rd Reich, the descendants of the Wellingtons, comes from this enmity, hatred for the Scandinavian kings, with whom they were at odds.

The substance of tribal enmity between Wellingtons and Hrørek is the power over a relic that gives immortality - this is the treasure of Nibelungs.

The Holy Grail (Old French Graal, Grâl, Sangreal, Sankgreal, from Latin Gradalis) — in medieval French legends, one of the instruments of the Passion — the cup from which Jesus Christ ate at the Last Supper and into which Joseph of Arimathea collected blood from wounds crucified on the cross of the Savior.

The legendary Knights of the Round Table spent their lives in a fruitless search for the Holy Grail. According to the legend, Joseph of Arimathea preserved and brought Britain the Holy Grail. In European medieval novels, the Grail is treated not as a cup but as a stone or precious relic. Those drinking from the Grail receive for that forgiveness of their sins, eternal life, and other benefits. In some versions, immortality can be given just for close contemplation of a magical object, as well as various advantages in the form of food, drink, etc. Often "Holy Grail" means a designation of some unattainable cherished goals which is difficult to achieve.

In the 9th century in Europe the Knights of the Round Table started to hunt for relics associated with the earthly life of Christ. This process reached its apogee in the 13th century when Saint Louis was brought to Paris from Constantinople and placed in the Holy Chapel built for this purpose many tools of the Passion, the authenticity of which few people doubted.

However, among the tools of the Passion, which were exhibited in various churches in Europe, there was no cup from which Jesus ate at the Last Supper. Which led to various ideas and legends about its' whereabouts. In contrast to Paris, which "monopolized" many of the shrines of Christianity, part of modern France, which belonged to the English crown, put forward the legend of the cup, which is hidden somewhere in the vastness of Britain.

In the medieval novels about Parsifal, the protagonist searches for and finds the magical castle of Monsalvat, in which the Grail is kept under the protection of the Templars. In some descriptions, the Holy Grail is extremely cherish Associate in a Nursing inexhaustible vessel from older Celtic legends, that in its operation is analogous to similar objects within the mythology of different Indo-European peoples, above all, with a horn of plenty.

Beginning with Robert de Boron, the presence of Joseph of Arimathea in Britain began to be associated with Glastonbury Hill. In 1190, the monks of Glastonbury Abbey announced the discovery of the sarcophagi of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. In 1278, a solemn ceremony of their reburial took place, which was attended by King Edward I and his wife. Since then, the Grail in the imagination of later generations has been inextricably linked with Glastonbury. If we turn to Celtic myths, then the magic cup is also present in them and, presumably, their image could influence the addition of the idea of ​​the Grail. They contain the witch's shattered magic cauldron of Ceridwen.

It is stored in a certain castle, where only perfect people with pure thoughts can get it. He is not visible to others. This place is called Annun:

“Annun is at the same time the original world Abyss, a place where death is stronger than life and where everything that exists is generated by death, but where all life is born, and the Other World, where the goods are found and where the Road to the wonderful island of the western seas – Avalon passes…”

The Vanguard Foundation, built with the money of Nazi Germany, is the ship on which the Third Reich, the heirs of King Arthur, was going to sail to the sacred island of Avalon.

Thus, the whole essence of war is a battle for eternal life and immortality. All non-representatives of the dynasty of King Arthur, starting from the most ancient generations, were enemies and were subject to destruction since everyone would not fit on a ship to the island of Avalon. It also has a reference to the Apocalypse, about the salvation of which there will be 144 thousand people sealed.

Since the essence of the religion of the 3rd Reich is the religion of the Celts, which combines ancient powerful magic and Christianity, in which sacrifice and cannibalism are sources of power, the relics of all the saints, with the help of the Romanov clan, were stolen and taken to Germany for worship by the Nazis from the Wellington family. Including so that none of the other clans with whom they are at enmity gain the same strength.

As for the murder of the Romanovs in 1918, they were killed by their representatives of the Holstein-Gottorp dynasty. The Holsteins in Russia came to power through the murder of Rurik's heir, through blood, since they have been in family enmity with him since the creation of the world. To eliminate all possible heirs to the throne, Solomoniya Yuryevna Saburova, who was pregnant from Vasily the Third, was slandered, accused of infertility, and being pregnant, she was exiled away to the Suzdal Intercession Monastery, where she died, leaving an heir named after her great-grandfather Siegfried - George.

The coming to power of the Romanovs through the assassination of the legitimate royal dynasty of Ruriks was also organized by the dynasty of King Arthur. Further, the Romanovs helped the Wellingtons to gain a foothold in Russia and prepare a springboard for conquest.

The death of the Romanovs was also supposedly a simulation. According to the ideology of werewolves, murderers, and criminals who have fulfilled their mission, after imitating death, move with new passports and new names to a new happy life, avoiding responsibility for all the crimes committed. In addition to the export of shrines, and relics to Germany, the rite of the liturgy was changed by the Romanov dynasty so that Orthodox Christians would not gain the power that the heirs of King Arthur receive. They replaced the two-fingered sign of cross with the three-fingered cross (visually - turned the cross over), began to serve the liturgy counterclockwise (everything is the other way around), changed the name of Jesus Christ, in a word - turned the liturgy of God into a satanic mass. In the bottom line, this has the following legal meaning. Since the murder of the heirs to the royal throne from Rurik and the elimination of the son of Vasily III and Solomonia Saburova is not a legal way to gain power, therefore the Romanov dynasty and all the tsars after Ivan the Terrible did not have any legal rights to the throne. Therefore, this is also a crime of seizing power, the decisions they made are illegal with all the ensuing legal consequences. Thus, all these facts explain brilliantly why in the confrontation against Russia we observe incredible inexplicable aggression from the UK in collaboration with the British colonies in the USA, which acted together against Slavs and native Americans. When you discard all the impossible, what remains will be the truth, no matter how incredible it may be. The essence of the generic conflict can only be described in natural language. Behind the Vanguard fund are the images of Leviathan - the so-called Vanguard in his homeland. Leviathan is the second widely known name of the Vanguard fund.

Leviathan (ancient Hebrew לִוְיָתָן‎, modern Hebrew לִװײָתָן‎, leviathan - “twisted, twisted”; modern meaning - “whale”) - a sea monster in the form of a giant serpent, mentioned in the Tanakh (Old Testament), including the Psalms, the Book of Job, the Book of Isaiah, the Book of Amos, and the Book of Enoch. Often described as the embodiment of chaos, and the devourer of the souls of the damned after death, although in the finale of the legends it is still destroyed. Christian theologians identified Leviathan with the demon of the mortal sin of envy. According to the Ophite diagram, Leviathan is so massive that it contains the entire space of the material world. That full consistent with the current status of Vanguard Fund accumulated 80% of the world's private resources, cash, and businesses having more than $91.1T of actual assets obtained by Vanguard through mass murders, robberies, fraud, terrorism, tax evasion, corruption, homicide, deception, and many others serial crimes. Leviathan from the Book of Job is a reflection of the Canaanite Lotan, the primeval monster that Baal defeated. Parallels with the role of the Mesopotamian Tiamat vanquished by Marduk have long been drawn in comparative mythology, as have wider comparisons with other legends of heroes fighting the world serpents, such as Indra slaying Vritra or Thor vanquishing Jörmungandr. Leviathan also appears in the Tanakh as a metaphor for a powerful enemy, especially the kingdom of Babylon (Isaiah 27:1). Later, the term "leviathan" was used to refer to both various sea monsters and early descriptions of large cetaceans. Leviathan was created and managed by the Wellington dynasties with such famous representatives as Adolf Hitler, Hermann Gœring, Goebbels, Ribbentrop, and their allies defeated many times in their attempts to capture Russia, the US, destroy Slavs and the Anglo-Saxon population, calling by them as "multiplying like worms." To kill worms this is the ideology of Vanguard. Behind the BOOST fund is the image of King Siegfried, George the Victorious, who struck the snake and is known in Christianity under the name of St. George, and his great-grandson, the invincible king Rorik of Jutland, who was called to reign by the Russian population itself. On the balance of BOOST, there are the voting rights and claims accumulated across every period of such a long blood conflict between dynasties, which are symmetrical to the Vanguard assets and are sufficient to offset Vanguard in full.