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The man who fired Reichstag.

If anyone is interested what I'm doing, tell them I'm dead.

John Bogle.


The Name

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Hermann Göring was the nickname, which has been formed by using 2 kennings. Hermann is a kenning that consists of two words: Herr + Mann. Goering (Göring in old Norse) is a kenning as well, that is consutued of 2 words: gö (that means sky in Turk language) and ring. Göring was in fond of sky and flights, and stay in the air for him was a natural condition. In English, his surname means Skyring. Thus, the mean of his invented name under which he was inscribed in the history as a Reichmarschall was not his real name, but the kenning that meant "Mister Skyring of German Origin." He created more names than just this one. During certain epochs of his time, he took two others to adequately explain the meaning of his activities in history.

The first one was the name of Walter Morgan, founder and CEO of the Wellington Fund, which got all the buffalo through the organization of Black Tuesday in 1929, that began the Great Depression in the US and global recession. John Bogle was the third name, and it was inspired by the prototypes of the Duma's Novel about the count Monte Cristo. Göring used the same method to escape Nurnberg prison and immigrated to the US with the aid of the Latin American party of the 3rd Reich. Under this name of John Bogle, the person who was known in the history like Hermann Göring, established the Vanguard Group in the US using the money of the 3rd Reich. The surname "Bogle" was never a standard american name. It is the rare british word that means "ghost." Americans and British never feel love to their dialects, thus, to use old british word as a pseudonime is impossible for ethnic american. Thus, the ethnicity of John Bogle was a british. Summarizing all three roles and legends, we can prove the identity of ethic origin of the one person living under 3 different names - Walter Morgan (head of Wellington Fund), Hermann Göring (German man Skyring, head of the 3rd Reich Luftwaffe), and John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard finally merged it with the Wellington.

"Kenning is a compound expression in Old English and Old Norse poetry with metaphorical meaning."

Oxford Languages, 2024.

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The Escape

"The first category includes, first of all, those numerous artificial devices of pretense, which the wanted criminal resorts to in order to change his appearance in comparison with what is indicated in the search order. It is characteristic that the novice criminal will first commit the crime and then make himself unrecognizable, while the experienced criminal will do the opposite. Consequently, the former is concealed in an altered form, and the latter in its natural form, and therefore is in more favorable conditions than the former. If the criminal is found or is under strict surveillance, then his pretense is exposed, and at the same time the whole matter is explained."

Gross G., A guide for forensic investigators as a forensic system.


To escape, Göring used the corpse of a prisoner who had died in the next cell. The photograph, distributed on the Internet as a photo of the corpse of Göring, who died as a result of suicide in connection with the alleged intake of cyanide, shows his deceased neighbor. In addition to obvious inconsistencies in appearance, in the photograph of the corpse, the hands are hidden under a blanket. Namely, the shape of the fingers was a characteristic feature of Goering. This same shape of the fingers, known medically as “drumsticks,” as well as the characteristic shape of the nails and joints, is constant in all photographs of Bogle and Göring. Of course, the hands of a corpse would give away the fake and substitute bodies. Therefore, they were hidden for photography. Under the influence of cyanide, the face of the corpse changes in a different way - the face becomes cherry red, and it has to be differentiated in color from the body. However, on the photo the face and body of kinda "goering" are of the same color, and it is normal color of human skin. The conclusion is obvious: the person in prison, who is depicted in the photograph as Göring's supposed corpse, is not Göring or the corpse of someone who died from cyanide poisoning.

Drum fingers are not an independent disease, but rather represent a substantial informative sign of other diseases and pathological processes. First of all, pathologies of the lungs and heart. As follows from the history of the case, Göring’s direct ancestors and descendants died as a result of poisoning by a mixture of gaseous toxic substances, the main component of which was FOV (cyclosarin, novichok). The main damaging effects of FOVs are on the lungs and heart. However, as a result of chronic poisoning of his ancestors, Göring developed resistance (mydritatism), which was inherited in an autosomal dominant manner on the X chromosome. Thus, although poisoning with OPA had a pathological effect on the body, it was not lethal. This was precisely the reason for the birth of only one child, since poisoning with FOV and a mixture of gases leads to temporary infertility in men and women, although reversible. Since in old age Göring’s symptom complex of the tympanic fingers became much more noticeable, this is direct evidence that until his last years he was exposed to chemical agents, from which he died as a result. The use of invasive treatment methods explains his long life expectancy: blood transfusion, hemofiltration, hemodialysis, and a triple heart transplant.

It is assumed that the reasons lie in a violation of humoral regulation under the influence of provoking factors, including chronic hypoxia, which leads to dilation of the vessels of the distal phalanges of the fingers. Hemolytic poisons, including phosgene, mustard gas, and FOV, disrupt the process of cellular respiration, leading to erythropenia and prolonged oxygen starvation. The lethal dose of the gas poisoning, and the new mix of them, resulted in death of Hermann Göring which occurred on January 16th, 2019. This excludes any justification of his death as natural. In addition, drum fingers can appear as a result of hypoxia, particularly in high mountain areas and during flights, that both took place in the life of Göring.


Göring recognized himself as a member of Ynglings' main line based on his origin. Kennings were commonly used for onomastics in Old Norse. The Carlovingians, a royal dynasty that had power and influence throughout Germany and the UK, were the closest kin of Göring. His father was Friedrich III, the King of Germany, and mother was Crown Princess Victoria Saxen-Koburg-Gottha, the daughter of Queen Victoria. The real dynastic name of Göring was Friedrich Karl Wilhelm, King of Germany, Crown Prince of the UK, Sir Arthur the 9th Duke of Wellington.

The Carlovingians and Ynglings experienced cross-expansion through dynastic marriages with Rurikids during their history. However, since the 19 century, in the countries connected with Germany and the UK by the closed dynastic rights, were started the rebellions by analogy with the rebellion in 13 british colonies. As a result, the new governments came into power through the murders of hereditary monarchs by misappropriating their ruling rights, and stopped to execute the obligations taken by the legal governments before they being killed. After the murder of his parents, and unsuccessful assasination attempt against him, in the sake of revenge, Göring startes the Wellington fund in the US to raise funds fr the key defendant, to use them further for the war against the main defendant.

The money collected by Wellington fund were spent for the return of the government power in Germany and starting the military machine to get back the assets and territories that were lost after the series of rebellions. To realize this strategy, Göring merge his efforts with a representative of long standing Spanish monarchy with a roots from the incs of Latin America, Mark Rich Reich, whose nick name (the third name is Reich) gave the trade mark of the new ruling organization acted in sake of revenge for the murder of their families, to recover the historical justice. The war began as per the Ragnarök prophets in Völuspá, Edda Sæmundar, who narrates the struggle between gods and monsters in parts 41-45.

In 1944, in the 3rd Reich started the internal conflict that led to the segregation between two main forces - the Göring and Glencore led by the dynasts of the royal monarchy, and the Roman Catholic Church with its mercenaries cosa nostra clan together with ZR RIFLE mercenaries. Instead of serve to customers, the subcontractor and cobtractor guided by the same ambitions historically explained by the ambitions of Borja clan, decided to turn the accumulated wealth to the benefit of only one part of the criminal group. Göring's dismissal and the false accusations against him were misrepresented publicly as a result. Both the imprisonment and escape were genuine, and they ended happily because there were multiple sources of interest in the group. This resulted in Göring's escape and immigration to the US.

After emigrating to the United States, Göring continued to implement the strategy he had begun, despite the split within the group with which he had originally entered into joint agreements during the Second World War. This behavior - to refuse agreements and use them for their own needs if there is a chance to make a significant profit - is a characteristic difference in the manner of doing business within the Cosa Nostra clan. This organization follows agreements only as long as following them brings more income than leaving them. As soon as a more significant piece appears on the horizon, Cosa Nostra will easily break off the agreements and act solely in its own interests.

Fake Hares

Fake hares is a homophone to the phrase fake heirs. Used to refer to people who attribute to themselves a biological and legal relationship with wealthy or famous testators, and illegally receive someone else's inheritance. In this case, the legal heirs are killed or completely procedurally eliminated.


Albert Göring

Albert Göring is the son of Salvador Dali and Galina Dyakonova. Despite the fact that Salvador Dalí was a titled marquis, and bore the name Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí y de Púbol, this circumstance does not make Albert Göring either the natural, biological, or legal brother of Hermann Göring the son of the King of Germany Frederick III and Crown Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Gotta. The fact that Albert Göring and Hermann Göring are not siblings is obvious even to a non-specialist - the “brothers” belong to different ethnic groups, which is impossible in the case of the identity of the biological parents. However, the fake biography of the “brother” is in demand and is not questioned, despite the obvious lack of any relationship.

fake italian heirs from cosa nostra.jpg

Kids of John Bogle

Hermann Göring had one only daughter, Edda Goering, who in turn gave birth to one only daughter, Tatyana Alekseevna Romanova. Hermann Göring's wife was Emma Carin Louise Johanna Nassau-Orange von Prueßen. Hermann Göring did not have any Italian children, nor was there any mention of them before his death on January 16, 2019. However, in most cases, representatives of the Cosa Nostra mafia clan, Italian in origin, are listed as false heirs to the hereditary monarchs after their murder. The children attributed to Göring (Bogle) do not bear the slightest resemblance to either himself or his wife. Since the laws of biology and genetics directly indicate that children inherit 50% of genes from the father and 50% of the genes from the mother, and genes are manifested through certain external traits in the phenotype, it clearly follows that none of the children attributed to Göring (Bogle) will ever was not biologically related to him. And we haven’t even gotten to genetic testing yet! It's hard to imagine what miracles are prepared here. As for the photographs with his “wife,” they represent a falsification by analogy with those photographs that were taken as part of the Nuremberg trials. The same photograph of Göring with different captions appeared in different book editions, and the context of the image in the photograph was created by the captions, and not a photograph. Thus, one could take any photograph of Göring (Bogle) with any woman, write that this is his wife, and post it on Wikipedia. The same applies to his children, who do not correspond to either the facts or the historical context. At the moment, the profiles of Göring and Bogle, as well as Edda and Emma Göring in various genealogical projects, are administered by completely strangers who are not family members, who have no information about either the family history or about its origin, while these “administrators” categorically refuse to make any corrections, and continue to polish and refine the distorting mirror presented to the public based on their fantasies and misconceptions. Actually, the role of the false heirs from the Cosa Nostra clan is one thing - to illegally take possession of the inherited property, and to prevent the legitimate heirs from taking over the rights to the inheritance, including by killing them. Based on these facts, a criminal case is currently being investigated. To make matters worse, the Vanguard group, which is part of the estate, consolidates U.S. sovereign and corporate debt. In this regard, it is not surprising that the activities of criminals are patronized by US officials.

Considering the history of the Romanov family, when a false heir - a creature of the United States - gave Alaska to the United States, this situation is not surprising. Apart from Göring (Bogle), all the heirs of the dynasties that were related to him (Tolstoys, Bagrations, Kochubeis, Romanovs, Volkonskys, and others) have the same falsified biographies and photographs on Wikipedia, and the source of the photographs is indicated by the Library of Congress. For many years, the public has been amused by serial killers Anatoly Onoprienko and Matteo Dinero, who pose as the great-grandsons of Leo Tolstoy, serial killers Maria and Delfina de Jesus Gonzalez, who visit Russia with the passports of the long-murdered princess “Leonida Bagration” and the false empress “Maria Romanova,” the heir of John Rockefeller, Alexey Mordashov, who is captured in photographs for two Wikipedia articles - one for himself and the other for John Rockefeller. Apparently, there was no other way to prove the relationship, and the external differences are dramatic. It is obvious that if the US Congress has entrusted itself with the obligation to store photographs of all heirs and testators whose descendants may lay claim to the property of Göring (Bogle), and provide them for placement in the same falsified articles on Wikipedia, and brazenly suppresses any attempts to publish real biographies, photographs, and correct the falsification, then this activity is controlled and managed by the US Congress. None of the families appointed the Library of Congress as the custodian of family albums, and did not transfer their photographs there, much less photographs of strangers, recognizing them as members of the dynasty. After the starting of criminal case, the names of the Göring's (Bogle's), "kids" and "grandsons" disappeared from the Wikipedia.

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By analogy with the generation of false heirs to Nicholas I, or Ilya Tolstoy, and their other unfortunate relatives, the same brood of false monarchs currently occupy the thrones of Great Britain and the Netherlands. None of the scammers are embarrassed by the obvious biological dissimilarity with representatives of the dynasties, and the presence of obvious genetic pathologies that, in principle, exclude any relationship with monarchical dynasties. Moreover, these contradictions and obvious inconsistencies do not raise questions among specialists. The so-called Orange dynasty received the throne of the Netherlands in 1816, after Napoleon's expansion and military campaign of 1812-1816. This accession to the throne was not based either on biological kinship or on the principles of law according to which succession to the throne was allowed in the Netherlands. Without discussing now the faces and phenotypes posted as an illustration of the external appearance of the monarchs presented as representatives of the Orange dynasty on the next batch of fake articles on Wikipedia, it is enough to dwell on those whose authenticity is not in doubt - these are photographs of the so-called Princess of Orange, Mongoloid type, and impostors introducing themselves as King William Alexander and Queen Maxima. According to the scammers, and in the opinion of the society that supports the false legend, the name Orange Dynasty comes not from the city of Orange in France, but from the hair color of the monarchs, which, according to the scammers, is fiery red, and their facial skin is freckled. Unfortunately, this phenotype is characteristic of the Irish, but not of the Dutch. It would be a big disappointment for scammers and Wikimedia to learn that monarchs who belong to the Nassau-Orange dynasty have large facial features, a regular skull shape, and dark curly hair. According to scientific research, it is the gene responsible for the color and shape of hair that is an unmistakable marker of biological relationship. So, these red-haired “kings” do not have such a relationship. The same applies to the “Windsor” dynasty, which appeared at about the same time as the mass of impostors and false heirs from the Romanov dynasty. In general, there are many common features between the three dynasties of Windsor, Romanov, and Orange invented by the United States. And the main one is the complete lack of biological similarity with their direct ancestors, and the complete contradiction of the external appearance of the declared pedigree. So, the so-called King Charles actually claims to belong to the Carolingian dynasty. However, he belongs to the Hispanic ethnic group. The obvious differences in the appearance of white Caucasians with direct ancestors from Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, and France do not in any way deter the dark-skinned Spaniard from claiming the status of their biological relative. Actually, there is an explanation for this - if the serial killers de Jesus Gonzalez were able to exist for so long with the legends of the Georgian Queen Bagration and the ethnic German Romanova, then in the case of “King Charles” originally from Mexico, there is essentially nothing to be surprised at. This is a shame for families whose names are smeared by falsified biographies and the attribution of false heirs who obviously belong to a different ethnic group and do not resemble any of their parents and relatives, a shame for the entire society, which for decades did not notice such an obvious substitution. We believe that this is selective blindness, when photos of Vladimir Putin, taken from different angles, are published on the Internet as photographs of his supposed doubles, and yet there are dozens of real doubles for murdered wealthy people, public figures, and state leaders (for example, Ahmad Suraji) , is due to the exclusive interest of the authors of such creatures.

fake heir in mask.jpg

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

A simple review and attempts to edit photographs and articles posted on Wikipedia about Hermann Göring (John Bogle), his children, Ilya Tolstoy, Maria Romanova, and other participants in the history of the hereditary case showed the simplest thing. In addition to the fact that articles are administrated by strangers who are not family members, and links are given to unverified sources that use the same falsified articles, Wikipedia deletes the history of changes. Thus, we corrected the article about John Bogle more than 20 times in April 2024. However, after this, all edits were deleted, the article was modified (all names of children and references to them were removed, and children and grandchildren were listed only by number), but the date of change in the article was indicated as 01/13/2024. Since to modify the history of changes to an article, administrator rights of Wikipedia itself and its administrative staff are needed, it is clear that the creation and administration of fake articles is carried out directly by the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. organization.

For instance, the same magic changes were observed in the case of Iliya Tolstoy fake biography allocated on Wikipedia. The eternal youth and obvious discrepancies of Iliya Tolstoy's appearance during the time, were not the only inventions of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. in the strong cooperation with the Library of the US Congress. They went even further. Having their exclusive vision on how Iliya Tolstoy looks like, they offered the unique, exciting version of his biography. As per Wikifakepedia's page of Iliya Tolstoy, in 1916 he has immigrated to the US, New Heaven, in the Connecticut state. There, he has been married to the "teosofka" Katulskaya of the Polish origin, and happily died in 1933. Just in case, the Theosophical sect is one of the widespread Satanic cults. Iliya Tolstoy's wife, Sofia Filosofova, also immigrated, first to Turkey, and later, in 1934, she has died in Chekhoslovakia. The list of their kids was changed and extended multiple times, but the only son of Iliya Tolstoy who left the true descendants alive, did not get even the brief personal page. Moreover, Wikimedia Foundation Inc. stated unexplainable by any reasonable motivation, hard resistance to build this page. Any attempts to create the Mikhail Iliyich Tolstoy's wiki page, or revise the wiki page of Iliya Tolstoy according the true circumstances of his life, were aggressively disrupted by the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., subsequent to this by an utterly impressive comment: "In Wikipedia, if on the cell with the lion there is an inscription "This is an elephant," this article about the elephant according to our opinion [the lion in real life], will not be altered until the initiator of the changes convinces the academic community [!] of Wikipedia in another state of things. You should persuade us that the lion is not an elephant, even we know that this is true. But without the quite persuasively persuasion, we will still insist to believe that if on the cell with the lion there is an inscription "This is an elephant," we will support this point of view, because the inscription is more persuasive persuasion than common knowledge that the lion is not an elephant and everyone knows how both animals look like. If the inscription says that lion is an elephant, we are persuasively persuaded enough to believe this fact. Until this, all your attempts to alter the article about the elephant by our opinion [the lion in real life] the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. will immediately stop." Thus, the wrong photo and biography on the page of Iliya Tolstoy are not just sudden errors, of misprints. It is the official position of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., aggressively prohibited to be unchangeable.

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