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The story of Hermann Göring

Created by Meggi Göring. All rights reserved. 2024. Copyright by the BOOST MC LLC.

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BOOST is a firm that specializes in alternative investments worldwide. USD 98.385T is the amount of assets under management, according to US GAAP on 31.12.2023. The BOOST was launched in Russia in 2014 and now includes more than 400 businesses and legal entities across the globe. The CEO, owner, and founder of BOOST is Meggi Bogle, who is the great-granddaughter of Hermann Göring (aka John Bogle, founder and CEO of the Vanguard Group and Wellington Fund). Since his passing, the BOOST has recognized in the accounting his legacy and inherited rights to capture the Gold of the 3rd Reich, royal trusts worldwide, and Glencore with its affiliates Rio Tinto, BHP Billinton, and X Strata. Don't wait - click now to get ahead of the game!

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BOOST aims to establish new standards for entrepreneurship. Our signature story is about why and how to redefine the concept of business based on social change. BOOST aims to show a positive example by demonstrating what is ethical, legally, and economically acceptable to achieve profit. We hold the belief that value creation in business can only be achieved through adhering to a higher purpose, enhancing the living environment, and changing people's minds. We trust in saving lives and improving the quality of living environments as the ultimate goals of every business targeting to stay in the black. The BOOST's beliefs dictate that we only invest in projects that align with our ethical beliefs and serve a life-saving objective. We are against any activity that profits from harming or destroying life. The commitment to cleaning up society from harmful structures is an essential part of BOOST's business model.


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The BOOST makes money by following the core belief that only life-saving and life-improvement activities create wealth and bring prosperity. BOOST buys toxic assets, secondary debt, junk securities, rights to captured companies, and other types of warcraft projects that are considered financial trash by ordinary people. BOOST cleanses and reinvigorates newly acquired businesses, recovers them if they are destroyed, and reinvests the derived cash income and assets into ultra-innovative, early-stage sustainable businesses that save lives and enhance living environment. We achieve a humanely positive value in the long run by doing that. BOOST liquidates businesses that are considered to be humanely harmful, fraudulent, and cannot be turned into legally profitable operating models. And we test nothing on animals or humans.

Our business is to save life.

Make the smart choice

Never and in any form does any of the BOOST projects support the ideas of reducing the population and animals, conducting experiments on people and animals, or conducting any activities that could potentially lead to the destruction or death of people, animals, and any wildlife objects. As long as our company exists, BOOST conducts exactly the opposite actions, aimed at preserving life, improving its quality, and providing technologies that will ensure the development of society without harming anyone.

Investment Magic

Knowledge. Practice. Execution.

The core income drivers in our projects are our knowledge, practice, and execution, which enable us to extract income from uncertainty, complexity, and conflicts. The BOOST turns war into profit through justice, professional management, extensive academic and industrial knowledge, and personal insights that let us grasp the very essence of the business case. The strength of our wit, grit, and integrity is boosted by our experience.

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In the heart of our operating model is the concept of being bootstrapped - to promote or develop by initiative and effort with little or no assistance. Find the solution here - discover our experience!

Smarter, not Smaller

Sustainability requires not to eliminate life, it requires to become smarter - to provide new technologies saving life and environment, which allow to continue ongoing development on the Earth, or beyond.

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The Backbone of the BOOST

Start your journey to discover the BOOST here. Following the US GAAP requirements, the BOOST group consists of legal entities, corporations, private individuals, their affiliates, and related parties. When the BOOST website names a party as a member of the BOOST group, this means the BOOST incorporates that party into the group's structure in accordance with US GAAP ASC 810 (810-10-15-22, 810-10-25-1, 810-10-25-1A, 810-10-25-7). The BOOST group encompasses more than 400 business organizations spread across the globe.

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BOOST's operation spans worldwide, on each continent without exception. Some of the assets, which the BOOST consolidates, remain beyond our control and bear the title 'toxic'. The BOOST holds the ultimate authority to control these organizations or property objects, and is currently focusing on gaining actual control over them, returning assets, which were illegally taken, reconstructing destroyed companies from the scratch, and recovering stolen assets according to World Bank guidelines. This property includes royal trusts that contain the legacy of dynastic families, which were robbed and killed. Their heritage was illegally captured after their deaths. The killing of royal dynasts, who were Meggi Bogle's direct ancestors, has resulted in BOOST starting to account for these types of portfolios since 2022. Companies that manage the assets of royal families across the globe, including Vanguard Group and Glencore, are part of these operations.

Your cautious citizen of average means, looking out through the eye of his dull world of seeming fact, is often the first to forgive or condone the grim butcheries of theory by which the strong rise.

Theodore Dreiser. The Titan.

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Freedom to Act

This is the ultimate driver of BOOST performance, that allowed us to make our fortune. Explore our history and track record!

We are in control

BOOST takes pride in its ability to run as a self-sufficient business. Four business streams are being grown on a stand-alone basis without external equity or debt. The highest concentration of capital gives us the luxury that is inaccessible to all other players - the freedom to act. BOOST maintains the full control over our operations and ensure that we are always working in the best interest of our customers.

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Global alternative investments offer a diverse range of investment opportunities beyond traditional instruments. These investments, if done professionally, can diversify your portfolio, potentially reducing risk and increasing returns. The BOOST has a 10-year history of providing the highest possible returns in the industry, surpassing any top-tier players. Let us help you explore your choices and find the right alternative investments for your financial goals!

Straight from the gut

Love life. Save lives. Use science,

BOOST plays on the field on science, economics, law, history, and human biology. That defines the assets we choose. Usually, alternative investments include shares in existing businesses, startups, secondary debts, various property rights, investment funds, trusts, real estate, hedge funds, collections of art, antiques, expensive jewellery, and other unique rare items. A part of the non-standard assets in the BOOST's portfolio includes the rights to the gold of the 3rd Reich, rights to businesses in the structure of drug cartels, rights to the Vanguard group, rights to trusts of monarchical dynasties, rights to businesses controlled by organised crime groups, and other rights acquired by BOOST as a result of fair market transactions, or inheritance.

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Craft, not magic.

Asset management is the value creation machine. It is the essence of the investment business, which is crucial to get the benefits and eliminate risks. Asset management entails strategic guideline, meticulous tracking and follow up. It requires informed decision-making on how to use the portfolio asset and what are the ways to extract the income. Professional asset management ensures compliance with relevant regulations. By implementing effective asset management practices, the investment firm enhances operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately drive. This allows to earn higher returns, and regulate cash income.

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BOOST cares about business results and customer service. We believe that a successful investment firm is not a community of financial geeks sitting in a fancy office and posting forecasts on the internet. To truly earn money in investment business, it is vital to have the standby production capability - people, resources, infrastructure, equipment, processes - in place, ready for operations 24/7. For this reason, we maintain self-sufficient competencies in-house, which are necessary to deliver top-notch performance in the alternative investments and asset management industry.

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The BOOST is the ultimate professional solution for public sector and large institutional investors seeking entrusted asset management and alternative investment services to achieve your financial goals. Capture the magic to achieve new heights of performance!

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BOOST operates the specific business units as self-sufficient financial institutions to ensure that they perform at the expected quality level throughout the investment life cycle. This allows us to avoid missing out on extended opportunities in specific market segments by offering tailored solutions to precisely focused groups of customers outside of our main scope of business. It is the way to eliminate infrastructure costs, enhance the return on invested capital, and increase profits.

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The BOOST has an absolutely unique distinction that none of the hired staff or other investment companies have. Your money won't make us rich as we are already wealthy. We are encouraged by the excitement to deliver the highest possible returns to keep track of historical performance. BOOST came to stay, and any kind of cheating, fraud, or deception is impossible. Your property's safety can be guaranteed by our reputation, track record, and wealth. Go beyond the ordinary with the BOOST!

Knowledge. Practice. Execution.

Blaze a new trail to the new level of investment performance! We know the value of money and how to earn it. Success in investments and asset management requires much more than just talent, intuition, and common sense. Expert knowledge, decades of extensive practice, a disciplined routine, and professional maturity are the components of BOOST's success formula. Contrary to the stereotype that in order to grow a big business, you need a lot of money or receive a big inheritance, BOOST grew up due to its own intellectual resources. BOOST is not the company that will demand huge investment budgets from business owners. By the end of 2023, BOOST's consolidated portfolio of assets exceeded $98 trillion, starting with $83,000 in equity in 2014. It is the best evidence giving assurance that your assets will be in good hands. The BOOST fortune is a clear indication that we are wealthy enough to take on your projects. The inherited rights to the Vanguard group appeared on the balance sheet only at the end of 2023. BOOST has zero debt, and even before the consolidation of inheritance rights from John Bogle, BOOST was an independent and completely self-sufficient player, showing a 5-digit annual return on ongoing basis year-on-year. The history and success of BOOST are a self-made journey driven by our knowledge, curiosity, courage, and freedom to act. Hiring the BOOST, you can be confident in the safety of your assets and in the maximum efficiency of your investments.

To win is when your competitor is even not considered.

David Aaker.

The worstdays make thebest stories.

The Ours

We went off the well worn path.

Established in 2014 as a full-service investment company, by 2024 BOOST had become a standalone player in the asset management and alternative investments space, growing its portfolio from $83K up to $98T. The BOOST still be the largest private company in the world, debt-free, and with the highest concentration of capital. Unlock your dreams by following our experience!

How do Rabbits grow?

There were three key success factors that allowed BOOST not only to survive, but also to make lemonade out of lemons. This is the ability to creatively respond to any unfavorable changes, deploying them to benefit your business, the Reverse Direction strategy, a synopsis of academic knowledge, professional competencies, and strict adherence to the rules of the law and healthy human morals. Master the art of investment craft! Discover our track record!

Track Record


Foundation of the BOOST

Foundation of the BBH

Entrance into Green Fuel Rus

The incorporation date of BOOST is May 15, 2014. The company's initial strategy was focused on providing services in the field of investment banking. Due to sanctions and the Ukraine case, the initial strategy did not work. This was the first and only year in BOOST's history when we reported negative returns and a net loss. We changed our strategy before adverse developments hit the market and ended 2014 cash positive, but the financial and investment results of the change in strategy have impacted our reporting since 2015.


Looking for partnership

Creation of Smartlinks

In 2015, we tried to use partnership to speed up entry into the market. Having gained experience, we abandoned this idea in order to maintain concentrated control over BOOST. Therefore, our income was significantly greater than 0, but not as large as it could have been. Asset NAV crossed 0 and TSR reached 4 digits.



Investing into Audazzle

Acquisition of Smart Expert

Since the investment segment remained closed, BOOST focused on what could bring the current cash flow. In fact, the emerging vision of what could be offered as know-how in the field of asset management served as the start for the HASHEIGHT. At the end of the year, our portfolio of assets did not show a breakthrough, however, compared to the returns of the S&P and other players, our TSR went well beyond the top quartile of the market.


Acquisition of Bananamama

Start of EVA

Acquisition of CIMT

In 2017, BOOST finally stopped looking for any partners. The strategy of self-sufficiency and the absence of debt provided the only opportunity for maneuver and normal business conduct. By the end of 2017, BOOST had amassed a sufficient portfolio of disruptive startups for venture capital. A reasonable question is how to finance these startups and run the business. The answer was found - due to competencies in the field of toxic assets that can act as cash donors. Following this strategy, in December 2017, BOOST signed a deal to acquire the rights to Bananamama. The result of the transaction exceeded even the wildest expectations.


Acquisition of Sunrise

Acquisition of Slater

Acquisition of Teploservice

Consolidation of Smart Expert

By purchasing the rights to the Bananamama company, BOOST bought a real ticket to war in the literal sense. While examining the case, it turned out that a complete picture can only be put together by combining the criminal cases against the Sunrise and Eldorado companies. In December 2018, BOOST completed the consolidation of the full case for the Slater company, placing on its balance sheet the claims against the organized crime group of Gennady Karkov and his son Oleg.


Acquisition of Smart Heat

Acquisition of ARSP

Consolidation of Slater

Consolidation of Bananamama

Consolidation of Sunrise

Consolidation of Solo-I

Consolidation of Priladozhie

Consolidation of Smart Heat

Consolidation of Teploservice

Consolidation of RMC

In 2019, BOOST made its last inorganic acquisition - the rights to the Smart Heat business. Due to the joint activity of the sellers - Oleg Karkov and his accomplices, BOOST fully offset all existing obligations to them that arose at the time of acquiring the rights to Bananamama, Slater, Sunrise, Teploservis, Smart Heat, ARSP, and increased the own rights to equity in these businesses to 100%. At the end of 2019, the NAV of the consolidated asset portfolio according to IFRS amounted to $189 billion, completely debt-free. The TSR was 338.64%.


Acquisition of rights to claim Investlesprom

Start of Heritage Project

Joining the Ecogif Team

In 2020, BOOST focused on working with its existing portfolio of toxic assets. The work proved unpleasant and posed significant existential risk to the lives of both the company and its owner, Meggi Bogle. At the end of the year, due to the addition of the Heritage project to the balance sheet, the revaluation of previously acquired assets due to an increase in the share in them, and the receipt of grounds to claim equity in the Investlesprom company, the NAV of the portfolio of assets managed by BOOST increased to $460 billion. TSR amounted to 244.37% . How much did other companies and investors earn? The S&P index was (-15%).


Consolidation of HASHEIGHT

By the end of 2021, BOOST completed the consolidation of the HASHEIGHT project. Taking into account the progress in the Hateful Eight and Heritage projects, assets were revalued in connection with the merger of criminal proceedings with the case of the murder of Sergei Magnitsky. Starting in 2021, BOOST began to prepare consolidated financial statements under US GAAP. The NAV of the portfolio of assets under management increased to $5.74T. BOOST still be profitable, debt-free and cash positive.


Nuremberg Ring

During 2022, BOOST managed to consolidate all existing projects on toxic assets that expected to receive income as a result of the completion of criminal proceedings. As a result, criminal cases, which were supposed to be a trigger for obtaining funds, were added to criminal proceedings initiated on the commission of criminal offenses on the territory of the USSR in the period after 1917. As a result, the statute of limitations and the terms for bringing to criminal liability were restored. New objects of rights were also identified and also accepted for accounting. As a result, as of December 31, 2022, according to US GAAP, the AUM indicator exceeded $32T. The BOOST beneficiary retained 100% legal and operational control of its business. BOOST remains a profitable company with zero debt.


Vanguard's Legacy

Consideration of royal trusts

Previously, BOOST received for management all the inherited rights of Meggi Bogle, among which were also the rights to the Vanguard group. In 2023, as a result of work on the criminal case of Hermann Göring and the Nuremberg Ring project, within the framework of criminal proceedings, strong legal grounds emerged for a re-evaluation of the Heritage and Hateful Eight projects. The assets of the project currently include rights to the gold of the 3rd Reich, and a number of other non-standard assets inherited by law. According to consolidated statements (US GAAP), as of 12/31/2023, BOOST's AUM has exceeded $98T.

Pioneer New Path




Avoid Highways


Blue Ocean




Reverse Direction

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BOOST makes business on turning the war into profit. Bogles are not the same monsters that come at night to scare children. The Third Reich Corporation and the Bogle organization are different companies. Discover the differencs here.

Witness a new era in business, which is turning war into profit. For centuries, it was the only way to make a truly big fortune. Now it's time to turn the history around! BOOST's toxic assets portfolio includes three working streams together combined into a one headline process against the totalitarian religious sects, which for centuries conduct the destructing and malicious policy of genocide justifying this by "lack of resources," "sustainability," "race," "necessity to create world government," and other mad ideas which together at the end of the day has the only one visible consequence. This is the serial ritual mass murders, and misappropriation of the property of the murdered. All these sects have a many centuries of history, and their names are quite famous - Teutonic Order, the Third Reich, The Club of Rome, and numerous others. The attitude of the BOOST is to make money on opposing the crime and bringing criminals to justice for the sake of life saving. Explore unchartered territories of the hidden business opportunities with the BOOST. Read more here>>

Hateful Eight


Nüremberg Ring

Hateful Eight

Toxic Assets

The toxic assets that we merge into the Hateful Eight part of our portfolio include projects dedicated to the confirmation of the continuous 3rd Reich genocide activity on the territory of the Russian Federation after the official announcement of the end of the WWII. These assets represent the property rights of the individuals and legal entities presented themselves to the public as honest entrepreneurs, and lost as a result of the business capturing by the structures linked with the 3rd Reich. After the acquisition and the merging of the cases, we discovered the complete legal structure of these businesses, and their true role in the ongoing military activity against Russia after 1945 until present time. The most disgusting projects bring the most money. They are intended for fearless, experienced and not squeamish players. The Hateful Eight is not as disgusting as the Nüremberg Ring, but the vibes of the nastiest side of human nature make it one of the most toxiс projects. Discover the depth of the bottom of the fall of people, pursuing the opportunity to stole someone else's property! Read more>>


Hermitage Capital

The Hermitage Capital is the instance of postwar military activity on the Russian Federation that was conducted by the 3rd Reich's Group. Read more>>

Prince Repnin's Grave

Many of Prince N.V. Repnin's relatives and progeny were involved in the Russian-Turkish conflicts, and they were killed in a combined serial murder case. Read more>>


Slater was established to incorporate the money of the 3rd Reich into the legal economic turnover of the Russian Federation to support constant military activity. Read more>>


November of 2018 saw BOOST acquire the rights to claim 100% stakes in the Sunrise business. The 3rd Reich's operations on the territory of Russia also included Sunrise. Read more>>


The most toxic operations of the 3rd Reich's Group in Russia during the postwar period were undertaken by Bananamama, who had connections to the church. Read more>>

Smart Heat

During 2017-2020, BOOST acquired the rights to claim 100% of Smart Heat, later combined with the claims associated with the hostile takeover of the Rossiysky Capital Bank. Read more>>


The Teploservice project was used by the son of Mongol in the attempt to illegally capture back the consolidated toxic assets that the BOOST acquired. Read more>>


The consolidated case against VTB and its affiliated with regards to the serial ritual murder of the hereditary monarchs on the territory of the Russian Federation to illegally capture their hereditary rights and replace them by fake heirs. Read more>>

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Toxic Assets

Discover the legend! The Heritage Project is the management of Meggi Bogle's inherited assets, including rights to claim numerous funds, trusts, financial groups, real estate, businesses, intellectual property, fine art, other objects of the material world, and intangible assets. The second key component of the project is the acquisition of ruling rights obtained in connection with the succession of dynastic titles. The third key component is ancestors' rights protection and recovery, who passed the inherited rights and property. It includes bringing to criminal and civil liability those who killed testators, who defiled the graves of testators and destroyed their remains, as well as those who destroyed archives and documentary evidence of the existence of hereditary assets and the presence of kinship. The last element of the Heritage project is to obtain actual and legal control over all patrimonial property, including the rights associated with the inheritance of titles and over unique religious artifacts, most of which are elements of the Passion of Christ, King Athur's artifacts, Imperial Claynods. Read more>>.


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Nüremberg Ring

Toxic Assets

Transform your world! Discover the history as a source of earnings. The toxic portfolio has a working stream called the Nüremberg Ring that deals with the combined process against the 3rd Reich as the defendant for all toxic assets on our balance. The Group of the Third Reich consisted of legal entities, private individuals, and state-owned organizations, which were involved in the execution of the Third Reich's military activities against Russia and its predecessors. The significance of this asset portfolio lies in the Nürnberg Trials and the accusation of the Hermann Göring and Rudolf Heß. Reimagine greatness by discovering the new world of opportunities to make money on pursuing higher purpose. Read more>>.

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If you have projects or assets that involve criminal proceedings related to terrorism or war, you have come to the right place. Non-standard assets, work with which is associated with obtaining compensation in such criminal cases, is our specialization.

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Drive Change

For the BOOST, to be successful in business means more than just financial success. To feel that our work makes world better place for everyone means more than the paycheck. We consider every project from the prospective beyond just sales and profit. Meaning creates money.

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bigger wealth.

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The stories that matter. Change your attitude to life and business - discover the Signature Story of the BOOST.

Services forInstitutionalInvestors.

"If everyone grabbed stars from the sky, there would be no starry nights."

Stanislav Jerzy Lec.

Honest business.
Highest returns.

Reverse Direction

According to ordinary people, only drug trafficking, prostitution, arms trafficking, loan sharks, and other inherently criminal business models bring high rates of profitability. The fact that an honest business can bring high TSR, higher than any crime, is not familiar to most, not because it is not so. But because running an honest, profitable business is much more difficult, and in principle there cannot be many such projects. The competencies, knowledge, and personal qualities that allow you to do business in such a complex way are rare in the market. The BOOST business model is initially focused on an exclusively legal business model and high ethical business standards. Oddly enough, only in such a model can one obtain prohibitively high returns compared to the market. This is called the Reverse Direction strategy, which BOOST has been following for 10 years. Do what others don't and move in the opposite direction. On the most difficult and difficult path there is no competition.

BOOST delivers.

Unmatched TSR. The top-of-the-line.

We serve public sector.

Effective asset management is a critical component for governmental organizations, as it involves the systematic and strategic management of any business assets to ensure their safety, profitability, and due care. By obtaining efficient asset management practices, organizations can significantly reduce costs, enhance efficiency, improve service delivery, and ameliorate budget efficiency. BOOST provides the unique expertise and knowledge to assist your organization in achieving your goals. If you are looking for safe, secured, and effective asset management and investment process, look no further.

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We are well-educated professionals in sustainability and offer a unique asset management services to support the transition to the sustainable and ethical business models.

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