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Settlement rules for professional services and exclusive services of Turnaround Guide, Ultra Antifraud, 2R, Holy Witch, Turnaround Guide Online, BOOST Business Tuning Atelier, BOOST, Blek Sheep. The rules do not apply to the provision of retail services of the mass segment for accounting, inventory, and other similar services.


  1. We guarantee our clients an exceptionally high quality of services. This guarantee is based on complete standardization of any of the most non-standard and complex situations, intensive training of our personnel, constant quality control of our employees' work, technologies we have successfully used for many years, and unique irreproducible know-how. We recruit honest, competent employees who meet our professional standards and share our ethical values. Together, these components allow us to guarantee you a consistently high quality of services, regardless of who will interact with you within the framework of the project. All our employees work according to the same methodology and the same operational standards, from which they cannot deviate. The quality control of our services and products is not carried out by our clients, but by our internal services, much demanding than the most hard-driving and captious clients. Each of our services, solutions, products are continuously monitored by our quality control department, in which we hire attentive, meticulous, and unbiased people who closely monitor what our employees are doing. The quality control service verifies that our prescribed processes, regulations, standards are perfectly adhered to, that the work of our employees is in compliance with the standards, and immediately corrects any discrepancies if they occur. Our standards prescribe every step that our employee must take within the framework of the project, even if you may consider the project as very complicated and non-standard. For many years we have been dealing with just such special situations and non-standard projects, and we can standardize how to deal with them. Strict adherence to standards and prescribed algorithms is a key allowing us to work with any non-standard projects of any complexity.

  2. The quality and content of our services, the infrastructure, applied materials, and the exceptional level of expertise of our staff - all together, they determine the cost and the price for you of our services. That always fully corresponds to the real value that our service creates for you. Having spent $1 in our companies, you can be sure that you have increased the capitalization of your business by at least the paid $1 and have not thrown them away. The price of our services for our professional services and exclusive engagements includes a net profit margin of 10%. The remaining 90% of the price of our services is direct labor costs, direct material costs, proportionally allocated material costs, and taxes.

  3. We do not use credit funds for the development of our business, we do not finance our company with the money of third parties, and our activities are legally compliant, transparent, and we pay all taxes.

  4. We do not accept credit funds as payment for our services, and we do not accept credit cards as payment.

  5. The business of all our companies is to add value to your business by applying our products, services and solutions. We earn income through the sale of such products, services and solutions. We sell you things, services, solutions with the help of which your businesses getting more profitable and becomes more productive.

  6. We understand that even a careful selection of clients cannot guarantee that our clients will share our ethical values ​​and attitude towards professional integrity. We expect that we will receive profit from the core business and not from litigation with dishonest or "thrifty customers."

  7. We understand that your internal processes and organization may not be as effective as ours, and due to your organization, business traditions, or corporate culture, you may need a lot of time to perform the simplest actions, such as: paying the bill, approving, and signing a contract, accepting an invoice, signing an act of completion, signing a timesheet. Unlike many other companies on the market that have created a vicious practice of careless and delayed payments to increase their market presence, we have a professional, competent, competitive advantage that has its price and value. In this regard, we are not ready at our expense to pay for the client's internal bureaucracy and managerial inefficiency.

  8. We don't provide our services free of charge, since they include the resources we paid for: infrastructure, materials, electronic devices, licenses, software, personnel, personnel training, know-how, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property. It is impossible to "just ask" without payment in our companies because we do not employ untrained people named "hey you."

  9. When contracting, some clients like to use the process of agreeing on a technical task, receiving a commercial proposal, and discussing a work plan, as getting free consulting. In our companies, professionally trained competent employees prepare commercial proposals, contracts, technical specifications. We can't provide that to clients free of charge. In addition, the agreements themselves, the texts of the terms of reference, the types of services and rates are also know-how that we do not provide free of charge. The misconception that "services are worthless" is held by those who have never created a professional services business, or have never rendered professional services professionally. Our services are not air. They have a cost, including rather impressive direct material costs, and are not created free of charge. At the same time, some "thrifty clients" imitate the process of contracting and holding tenders, during which they collect commercial proposals. Such thrifty clients ask to describe in as much detail as possible the scope of the work to be carried out, describe the work plan in all details, describe the proposed detailed steps within the project, and the other technical details of the project. Thrifty customers usually say they can't make a business decision otherwise. After that, having collected commercial offers from all the participants in the "supplier choice," thrifty clients try to implement projects on their own, making a prefabricated hodgepodge of them. If the client can't complete the project on his own, according to the submitted commercial proposal without involving the company that made it up in the process of providing services, this client may even give a negative review of the contractor company, which, in principle, did not provide services to the client at all, but only provided a commercial offer. We do not cooperate with such "thrifty clients," and we minimize the risks of such customers appearing with us. We are not interested in cooperation with such organizations.

  10. Because of the above, all our organizations follow one unified standard for contact-making and service rendering. We don't allow to deviate from in many cases, and no exceptions to anyone. We are indifferent to the size of your company, your place in the ratings, your credit ratings, your solvency, and other status attributes. When working with us, all our clients follow the same rules.

  11. The contracting and payment process provided for in all contracts for the provision of professional services or the provision of exclusive services without exception includes the following steps:

  • The client fills out an online order form on the company's website, which services the Clients intends to purchase. See the Order Online Regulation section for details.

  • Within 48 hours after online order receipt, a customer support employee contacts the Client by phone to fill out a questionnaire for a project quotation. An employee of the cost estimate department validates the questionnaire.

  • Within 24 hours after that, our customer service employee sends a commercial offer to the Client. The offer includes the price calculation of the requested service and a general description of the scope of services provided. Also, the proposal contains a detailed breakdown of the services to be provided, price per 1 unit, the cost structure of the project. The offer also contains information about the available time for the provision of the service, and the availability of places on the waiting list if you order exclusive services.

  • Based on the commercial offer, the Client decides to conclude a contract with us, about which he informs us in the manner specified in the commercial offer.

  • When the Client decides to enter into a contract with us, we bill the Client at the rate for the project that the Client is interested in, based on the amount of time it will take to agree on the contract according to the Client's forecasts, but not less than 24 working hours at the rate of preliminary work. Until the invoice is paid, we don't start the process of the contract preparation, description of the detailed scope of work, and technical appendices to the Contract.

  • The Client pays the invoice for contract making under which the services will be rendered and paid.

  • Upon completion of the project, we deduct the amount within no more than 24 working hours at the preliminary rate from the total amount payable for the project. We perform the final settlement taking into account the reduction in the project price.

  • The checkout time for all services and receipt of payments from the Client is 7-00 am Moscow time. If, as of 7-00 am, the Client has not paid for the current working day or the project stage, we will not start work on that day. In some cases, we do not continue the project if it requires daily presence and daily involvement.

  • In case of random ad-hoc advisory, the service is provided based on an invoice, without a contract, according to an offer on the standard conditions for the provision of professional service on a 100% prepayment basis no later than 72 hours before the start of the service. Checkout time is 72 hours before the service begins. If money is not received 72 hours before the service, we will not start the service provision.

  • At 7-30 in the morning, if the funds have arrived in our bank account, we send to the Client a timesheet and start contract preparation. When agreeing on the contract, the beginning of the estimated valuation time for the contract making process starts from the moment of the actual time of the beginning of the preparation of the contract, but not earlier than the estimated hour of the day of payment receipt, and not later, than the time when the employee of our company sends to your e-mail the draft of the contract with supplemental appendices. The end of the time for calculating the process of a contract making begins from the moment when our company in person gets from the hands of Client's representative two printed copies of the contract signed by Client, a signed timesheet indicating the time of receipt of the draft contract, and the time of delivery of the signed contract to us, and signed by the client the act on the provision of services according to the contract approval. If according to the timesheet the time on contract approval spent less than expected by the client, the overpayment is returned to the client to his bank account on the same day (if the contract is handed over and the timesheet is returned before 15-00), or until 15-00 the next day, if the contract was handed over and the timesheet was returned after 15-00 of the current day.

12. Further settlements for contracts for the provision of professional services or the provision of exclusive services are carried out following the rules set out in such agreements. However, the principle of payment is the same - the Client pays the day before the next working day/working period on the invoice, which is issued by us daily until 13-00 of the current day. If, as of 7-00 am Moscow time the next day, funds have not arrived in our bank account, we will not start work on the project on that day. If that affects the project results, we can also terminate the provision of services unilaterally. You may find completely standard terms of settlement and payment in our contracts, service level agreements, and regular offers. These rules are provided for informational purposes only and do not contain all the terms of interaction and settlements with clients.

Moscow, Russian Federation,

May 17th, 2021

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