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"- Oh, is that you, Judas? I didn't recognize you right away. However, this is good. We have a sign that the one who is not recognized will become rich."

Bulgakov M.A., Master and Margarita.


Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire (Latin: Imperium Romanum) was the post-Republican period of ancient Rome. As a polity, it included large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. From the accession of Caesar Augustus as the first Roman emperor to the military anarchy of the 3rd century, it was a Principate with Italia as the metropole of its provinces and the city of Rome as its sole capital. The city of Rome remained the nominal capital of both parts until AD 476 when the imperial insignia were sent to Constantinople following the capture of the Western capital of Ravenna by the Germanic barbarians. The adoption of Christianity as the state church of the Roman Empire in AD 380 and the fall of the Western Roman Empire to Germanic kings conventionally marks the end of classical antiquity and the beginning of the Middle Ages. Because of these events, along with the gradual Hellenization of the Eastern Roman Empire, historians distinguish the medieval Roman Empire that remained in the Eastern provinces as the Byzantine Empire.

After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the destruction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem, and the mass extermination of Jews and Christians, the Roman Empire adopted a new religion called "Christianity." However, this religion did not have anything in common either with Judaism or Jesus Christ. It was a synthesis of various cults which together allowed Romans to follow its main pagan beliefs taken from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Babylon. 3rd Reich is the legal successor of the Roman Empire, possessing close family ties with the Roman Emperors. The Roman religious beliefs became a ground base for the holocaust, the genocide of slavs, and the Armenian genocide.

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Battle for Faith

  • In the history of Russia over the past one and a half thousand years there is not a single battle that would not be a battle for faith. No state in the world has been subjected to so many raids. Russia is constantly the object of military aggression, and has been forced to spend its main resources throughout its history to protect its population and territories. Like other wars against Russia, this one was started after the refusal of Alexander Nevsky to move under management of Pope (Holy Roman Empire), after that the roman troops invaded in Russia. Just keep in mind that Germany is the direct successor of the Holy Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire, and that dynasts from their ruling dynasties now rule Germany, the USA, the UK, European Union, India, and Japan, and everything will fall into place.

  • Battle on the Ice (Schlacht auf dem Eise, Prœlium glaciale), also the Battle on Lake Peipus (German: Schlacht auf dem Peipussee) - a battle on the ice of Lake Peipus on Saturday, April 5 according to the Julian calendar (April 12 according to the proleptic Gregorian calendar) in 1242 with the participation Novgorodians and Vladimirians under the leadership of Alexander Nevsky on the one hand and the troops of the Livonian Order on the other. The Livonian Order (“Brotherhood of the Knights of Christ of Livonia,” Latin Fratres militiae Christi de Livonia, German Brüder der Ritterschaft Christi von Livland) was a branch of the Teutonic Order in Livonia subordinate to the Pope of Rome in 1237-1561.

  • In December 1237, Pope Gregory IX proclaimed a second crusade against the Baltic pagans, and in June 1238, the Danish king Valdemar II and the master of the united order Herman Balk agreed on the division of Estonia and military operations against Rus' in the Baltic with the participation of the Swedes. The Holy Roman Empire expected an easy victory over Russia, believing that the Russian lands were weakened by the Mongol invasion. However, the dreams of the Pope were not destined to come true.

  • On July 15th, 1240, the Swedes were defeated on the Neva by the troops of the Novgorod Republic, and in August 1240, the Order began a campaign against Rus'. The Livonian knights opposed the Russians (the Landmaster of the Teutonic Order in Livonia himself), the militia of the Derpt Bishop Herman Buxgevden, the squad of the Russian Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich, the army of the Estonians, and the army of the Danish or Swedish king, mentioned, among other things, in the Livonian rhymed chronicle.

  • The Romans took Izborsk, defeating the Pskovites who came to his aid, 800 of whom died, and laid siege to Pskov, the gates of which were opened a week later by their supporters from the Pskov boyars. These events did not prevent the Novgorodians from expelling Alexander to Pereyaslavl-Zalessky in the winter of 1240/1241, and only when the Germans captured the land of the Vozhan and Koporye and approached Novgorod at a distance of 30 miles, the Novgorodians turned to Yaroslav for the prince. He sent Andrei Yaroslavich to them, but they insisted on the candidacy of Alexander. Arriving in Novgorod in 1241, Alexander marched on Koporye, took it by storm, and killed most of the garrison. Some of the knights and mercenaries from the local population were taken prisoner but released, and traitors from among the Chuds were executed. In March 1242, Alexander waited for help from Vladimir, led by Andrei, and took Pskov. The knights concentrated their forces in the Derpt bishopric. Alexander then led the troops into the possession of the Order. After the defeat of the advanced Russian detachments at the stern, the main forces retreated to the Chudskoye lake ice for a decisive battle.

  • The opposing armies met on the morning of April 5th, 1242. The Rhymed Chronicle describes the moment of the beginning of the battle as follows:

  • "The Russians had many shooters who courageously stepped forward and were the first to take the onslaught in front of the prince's squad. The banners of the brothers penetrated the ranks of the shooters, it was heard how swords clanged, helmets were cut, how the fallen fell on the grass from both sides." In the center, the Germans broke through the Russian line: "The Germans, and the Chud, made their way through the shelves like a pig." But then, the troops of the Livonian Order were surrounded by the Russians from the flanks and destroyed, while other German detachments retreated to avoid the same fate. The Russians pursued the fleeing for 7 miles.

  • In the same year, the Teutonic Order concluded a peace treaty with Novgorod, abandoning all their recent seizures not only in Rus', but also in Latgale. There was also an exchange of prisoners. Only ten years later, the Teutons again tried to capture Pskov. According to the point of view traditional in Russian historiography, this battle, together with the victories of Prince Alexander over the Swedes (July 15th, 1240, on the Neva) and over the Lithuanians (in 1245 near Toropets, near Lake Zhiztsa and Usvyat), was of great importance for Pskov and Novgorod, holding back the pressure of three serious enemies from the west - at the very time when the rest of Russia was greatly weakened by the Mongol invasion. In Novgorod, the Battle on the Ice, together with the Neva victory over the Swedes, was remembered at litanies in all Novgorod churches back in the 16th century. In Soviet historiography, the Battle of the Ice was considered one of the largest battles in the entire history of German-knightly aggression in the Baltics. The battle on the ice is unequivocally described as the largest battle that ended in the defeat of the Germans. The Holy Roman Empire, together with the "Christian" Pope, who commanded the order to kill slavs, needed revenge.

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The Man Who Changed Everything

What profession could be more dangerous than, for example, a military man, or a high-altitude worker, or a snake venom collector, or a tamer of predatory animals?

As follows from the article "Statistical Analysis of the Most Dangerous Profession: Roman Emperor" (Saleh J.H., 2019), 62% of Roman emperors died due to violent death. In terms of mortality, it is 427.58 times more dangerous than the most dangerous of traditional occupations (according to Business Insider), and 17.7 times more dangerous than the most dangerous occupations according to the Bulletin of the US Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022).

However, according to our statistical study, the profession of a Russian tsar is even more dangerous than the profession of a Roman emperor, since in almost 100% of cases from the cases we studied, the death of Russian rulers and members of their families, including representatives of other dynasties with whom dynastic marriages were concluded, occurred as a result of violent death. Death was not only violent, it had the character of a ritual ceremonial crime. The objects of encroachment were not only empowered rulers but also holders of titles by birth, their heirs. Inheritance of a title by birth is carried out on a patrimonial basis, regardless of anyone's will, and no instrument of deprivation can legitimately deprive an heir of a title inherited by birth. The inheritance of the title is carried out when receiving life within the framework of belonging to a certain genus. From this follows the direct conclusion that the deprivation of a title by birth can be carried out in the only way that will allow other heirs or claimants to sleep peacefully - by depriving the heir of the title by birth. There are no other ways.

"It is difficult to find a more convenient springboard for all sorts of impostors than our vast state, overcrowded with either excessively suspicious or extremely gullible administrators, business executives and social activists. All over the country, extorting and begging, the false grandchildren of Karl Marx, the non-existent nephews of Friedrich Engels, the brothers of Lunacharsky, the cousins of Clara Zetkin, or, at worst, the descendants of the famous anarchist Prince Kropotkin, move. Detachments of mythical relatives diligently develop the natural wealth of the country: kindness, servility and servility." (Ilf I., Petrov E. Golden calf.)

Initially, the "dynasty" of the Romanovs derives its origin from a citizen named Kambila Glanda Divonovich, whose real existence for some reason is not confirmed. But even if it were confirmed, the exotic name of this citizen, rather, does not look like a Russian boyar, but a Teutonic knight, shortly before whose appearance on our long-suffering land, the great-grandfather of the last murdered tsars, Alexander Yaroslavich, called Nevsky, qualitatively cleaned the snout of his relatives on Chudsky lake. Broke, so to speak, the system. Consequently, after a session of swimming in an ice hole on Chudsky Lake, it is unlikely that some swineherd in armor would have stopped by our country by chance to visit Altai, Crimea, and go to Red Square. Therefore, if there was such a character, then his children - Andrei Kobyla - were conceived immaculately (without the participation of a woman) outside of Russia, because in Russia he would be rolled into the asphalt as soon as he clanged with his iron spur. Therefore, the question of the "primordially Russian roots" of the "Romanov" dynasty as "Russian emperors" should not be discussed at all.

The next after a man without a patronymic, Andrei Kobyla, who was born without a woman, immaculately, like Lucifer and Jesus Christ, from the Livonian knight Kambill Glanda Divonovich, he was born Fedor Koshka. The cat was also conceived immaculately, without the participation of a woman. And if in the case of the Mare, one can still somehow say that the surname is incorrectly recorded, and she is actually not the Mare, but Cambilla, then in the case of the Cat, it is generally unclear why trying to make a connection, since people with the name and surname Cat in this noble primordially Russian boyar family of 3 people, where men multiply like giants in the Old Testament with the help of the separation of the holy spirit without the participation of a woman, is also not present.

Any specialist (or just a representative of the dynasty) knows the basic principles of onomastics and the etymology of names and surnames. To get the surname Romanovs, it is necessary that the founder of the clan bears the name Roman, and bear it for quite a long time, and that the name be unique. Or so that "novel" was a nickname (for example, "burdock" or "found" - but somehow no one deduced the Naydenovs from Repni of the Obolensky family). It also does not happen that within the framework of one male dynasty, the names alternate like lard, honey, shit, and nails in the assortment of selpo (general store in Russia). Usually, these are 2-3 names, which alternate from generation to generation, and names of noble origin. What is the difference between the names of noble and peasant origin, I hope it is no longer necessary to speak. But the name "Roman", alas, aha, sadly, was not among the noble and boyar families of that time. This name was, I must say, rather exotic. The heirs of the ruling dynasties did not call their children by this name. And even more so the boyars, who called their children Old Orthodox names, among which the name Roman was not listed.

So where did this fucking trendy name Roman come from?

Roman (lat. Romanus ← Greek Ρωμαϊκή - Roman, Roman) is a male name of Latin origin.

"Romanovs" - in the view of inexperienced townsfolk who are not familiar with the genealogies of real-life dynastic houses - several emperors who ruled Russia, and ingloriously ended as a result of an act of regicide in July 1918, and then canonized ahead of schedule, not for expected not only to observe the rules of decency established on this subject but even in the absence of such banality as confirmation of the fact of death and verification of the remains. Legally, members of the royal, and then the imperial family, called in Russia "Romanovs" did not have any surnames at all ("Tsarevich Ivan Alekseevich", "Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich", etc.), and belonged to the dynasties of the Holy Roman Empire, the Ynglings, who to come to power, they used unsqueamish nominal "emperors" from several small families of impostors.

In Russia, the Romanovs are still erroneously known as the Russian boyar family, and subsequently - the "Dynasty of Russian Tsars since 1613". In fact, the emperors who went down in history as "Romanovs" were neither Russians, or boyars, nor legitimate emperors. This is a group of people who were related to the Nazis of the 3rd Reich through several dynastic marriages with small feudal lords of the counties and estates located on the territory of modern Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria. In the period from 1613 to 1762 on the throne of Russia there was a successive change of several interims - intermediate emperors - denominations that were not in a real relationship with famous and hereditary dynastic houses, where the appearance of impostors would be impossible. Denominations called themselves descendants of "junior lines" or ascribed high-profile dynastic statuses to themselves, having at their disposal a tiny allotment or a single castle. Then the legitimate ruler and his family were killed, the nominal came to power with the help of religious beliefs, exploiting the paternalistic beliefs of the divine origin of power, then he was also killed, and the next one came to his place. This was called the imitation of a conscientious acquisition of power. And when the number of denominations was sufficient so that the history of the coming to power of the first of the micro-dynasty of impostors was forgotten, and the metrics and archives were lost or destroyed (on average 100 years +), then power was transferred to the denomination already from the real beneficiaries to lead the state. So, in particular, Karl Peter Ulrich of Holstein-Gottorp (known in Russia as Peter III), and then Paul I, who legislated new rules of succession to the throne, according to which the Oldenburg family received the throne, received power. The House of Oldenburg (Danish Oldenborgske slægt, German Haus Oldenburg) is a dynasty of German origin, whose branches reigned in various countries of Europe. The direct line of the Oldenburgs reigned in Denmark from 1448 to 1863, 1523 Sweden and Norway (Kalmar Union) were in a personal union with Denmark until 1814 only Norway (Danish-Norwegian Union). In honor of his family, Göring named the Oldenburg Plan, called Göring's Green Folder. Plan "Oldenburg" ("Green Folder" Goering) - the code name for the economic subsection of the plan of attack by Nazi Germany on the USSR "Barbarossa". In fact, it was a plan for the exploitation of the territory of the USSR after its capture by Nazi Germany. Thus, since the end of the 18th century, Russia was actually ruled by the Oldenburg dynasty.

The Oldenburgs gained power after several generations of impostors, who entered the history of Russia under the name of the Romanovs, changed.

The direct branch of the Romanov family on the All-Russian throne was cut short after the death of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna on January 5, 1762. According to her will, the title of emperor and the Russian throne were inherited by her nephew, the son of Princess Anna Petrovna and Duke Karl-Friedrich of Holstein-Gottorp, Karl Peter Ulrich of Holstein-Gottorp, who took the name of Peter III, whom the dynastic treaty recognized as a member of the imperial house of the Romanovs.

Initially, the "Romanovs" gained the right to occupy the throne in Russia with the help of regicide and falsification of the Sheremetev family trees, where the Koshka, Kobyla, and Bezzubets, and other persons who were never related to the Sheremetevs were attributed to the last known Sheremetev in the metrics since the Sheremetevs did not change either dynastic names or dynastic surnames. The etymology of the surname "Sheremetev" is of Turkic origin. When transferring family surnames, they were passed down sequentially from generation to generation, and the change of 5 surnames in a row without any explanation the horizon of fewer than 2 centuries was not practiced by any dynasty, as well as the use of non-traditional names of Roman origin, and the change of these names without any dynastic logic and in violation of the sequence. Accordingly, the mention of the ancestors of the Sheremetevs - the descendants of the Turkic Kaganate (either the Crimean Khanate or the Mongol Empire) disappeared from the genealogies of the Sheremetevs, and fantastic characters Glanda Kambilla Divonovich, Andrey Kobyla, and Fedor Koshka appeared instead.

It seems impossible that the invented and aggressively communicated legend about the origin of the "Russian family of the Romanov boyars", lies in the fact that a person with the name of the Livonian Glanda Kambilla Divonovich (Teutonic knight) appeared First, with the help of an immaculate conception, for some reason, two purely Russian boyars with different surnames Andrey Kobyla and Fyodor Koshka from him, after which all of a sudden these "Russians" gave rise to the Bezzubtsev family, which is an unknown way as if by magic, transformed into the Sheremetev family, which originates from Turkic Khaganate.

The Teutonic Order (lat. Ordo Teutonicus), also the German Order, the German Order[1] (German. Deutscher Orden) is a German spiritual and knightly military order founded at the end of the 12th century. The predecessor of Germany is the Holy Roman Empire. The "Romanov boyars", who were born immaculately from a knight of the Teutonic Order, have no Russian roots at all. The Teutonic Order was subordinate to the Pope, Holy Roman Emperor, and German Emperor.

The Livonian Order (full name - “Brotherhood of the Knights of Christ of Livonia”, lat. Fratres militiae Christi de Livonia, German Brüder der Ritterschaft Christi von Livland) is a branch (landmaster) of the Teutonic Order in Livonia in 1237-1561. Submission - the same, the Pope.

Under the founders' "mare" and "cat", the adoption of the hereditary surname "Romanovs" only means that these "boyars" were never Russians, but were real Romans, offspring of the Teutonic knight.

The Livonian Order began to form in 1237 from the remnants of the Order of the Sword after it suffered a major defeat from the Samogitians at the Battle of Saul. After losing a master and about a third of the knights in battle, the Catholic colonialists needed a military force to protect the lands they had captured, for which it was decided to combine the Order of the Sword with the Teutonic Order. However, this required the consent of the Danish king Valdemar II, from whom the sword-bearers, as a result of the campaigns of 1225 and 1227, conquered the territories of Northern Estonia belonging to Denmark, including the fortress of Revel (Tallinn). The Danes, in response, began to delay the ships with the crusaders in the port of Lübeck, preventing the influx of fresh forces of knights into Livonia. The seal of the Livonian Order depicts an act of human sacrifice - a person and babies to the Golden Calf.

Thus, the only real person in the pedigree of the "Romanovs" is Glanda Kambill Divonovich, who is none other than one of the Roman colonialists, the founders of the Nazis of the 3rd Reich, a Teutonic knight, presumably of the Livonian Order. The 3rd Reich is known in history for its serial ritual murders, including children (the T-4 euthanasia program, serial terrorist attacks with children burned alive, or mass murder of children). The etymology of the surname "Romanovs" - is from the word "roman", Roman. Devon, historically also known as Devonshire (Eng. Devon [ˈdɛvən], Devonshire) is a county in South West England. Devon takes its name from the state of Dumnonia, which was inhabited by the Celtic people of the Dumnons during the British Iron Age and Roman Britain. As a result of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain during the 8th-9th centuries, Dumnonia was partially absorbed into the Kingdom of Wessex. King Æthelstan in 936 drew the western border with Cornwall along the Teimar River. And later Devon became the Shire of the Kingdom of England. Since the Norman conquest of England, Devon has been the scene of many civil conflicts and warfare - including the War of the Rose and the Rose, the rebellion of the impostor Perkin Warbeck in 1497, the Western Rebellion (due to the Reformation of the Church) of 1549, of course, did not bypass the county and English revolution. In 1688, the arrival of William of Orange started the Glorious Revolution in Brixham.

The patronymic "divonovich" was given to the Teutonic knight at his place of birth in Devonshire. It is also the historical homeland of representatives of one of the branches of the Nazi family tree from the 3rd Reich (Oran dynasty), who came to power in England through the assassination of the last English king from the legally ruling house of Godwin, who is related to the Ruriks through marriage to Gita of Wessex. In addition, like the Romans, the Celts have very specific religious traditions associated with human sacrifice. So Glanda Kambilla Divonovich and the study of the possible etymology of his name gives a reasonable answer regarding the probable roots of the origin of the Romanov dynasty. And since earlier the same dynasty in England gained power through the murder of a king who was related to the Rurikovichs, whose offspring would have inherited the Russian and English thrones, the murder of rulers in both states, and the displacement of legitimate power by replacing it with impostors who subsequently transferred power 3rd Reich, is one crime.

In general, the legend about the accession of the first "king" of the Romanov family is about the same in terms of the quality of its study and reliability, as the magical transformation of the "non-existent" Livonian Glanda Kambilla Divonovich into the "Russian boyars" of the Romanovs, who immediately launched the Sheremetev dynasty, descendants of the khans from the Mongol Empire. The name of Glanda Cambilla Devonovich is the cousin of Rabbit Harvey, since with such a name a person is unlikely to thrive. But the etymology of individual words in this phrase gives a more than exhaustive answer about the origin of the ancestor of the Romans on the Russian throne and gives a reliable search direction to establish the identity of this unusually exotic Russian boyar.

The word "gland" comes from lat. glandulae, and in medicine means "glands". Putting together the words "iron" and "devonovich", it remains to find only the last syllable in this charade, what is Cambill.

When automatically detecting the original language, the word Cambila is determined as Italian, and is translated as "a changer," or "changed", "change it."

Thus, Glanda Kambill Devonovich, translated from the language of onomastics so beloved by the 3rd Reich, means "The Iron Knight from Devon who changed everything."

What could change the "iron knight from Devon", who arrived in the 13th century on the mortal Russian land? Most likely - the defeat on April 5, 1242, from the Grand Duke Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky. Consequently, the arrival of the Teutonic knight to the Russian land was supposed to bring revenge on the Holy Roman Empire in the conquest of Russia and the Baltic states, and change the balance of power not only in Europe but also in Russia. Since the "son" of this character of the Teutonic Order died after 1347, then his "dad" if existed (since such a name could well have been, in principle, a phantom character, these tricks were repeatedly used by the 3rd Reich), then he existed in the period from 1242 to the 1347 year. Consequently, he declared to Russia a response to the Battle of the Ice and military operations on the part of Alexander Nevsky. In this regard, the origin of the "Romanov" family was never a conscientious appearance on the throne of dynasts who bear titles by birth. It was the "response" from defeated Germany (the successor of the Holy Roman Empire) in the form of a seizure of power in Russia through regicide, fraud, and falsification of documents and historical data. And Germany, it must be said, took revenge - by completely killing several families of legitimate rulers, falsifying genealogies, church archives, and metrics, and burning any documentary evidence of falsifications and crimes carried out by Germany, after which it planted careless interims to rule.

The first interim of the “Romanov” family, according to this delightful legend that does not stand up to criticism, fanned by a train of the romance of the nobility of the surnames Koshka and Kobyla, was Patriarch Filaret, who was so pious and spiritualized that he conceived as a result of sexual intercourse with the same spiritualized and pious “old woman Marfa "whose child was put in the kingdom to replace the previously killed Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible with all his children. Given the generally negligent attitude to dates in the biographies of such remarkable people, regardless of whether the child was born to the monks in tonsure or shortly before it, it does not change the overall result - tonsure was associated with the birth of a child, and gave this child the charm of being chosen by God - when to the throne, among the well-born, eminent, and more than worthy princes from the Rurik and Gediminovich, behind whom there were military exploits, and significant political and economic achievements, they planted a 17-year-old rootless jerk, and not one of the dynasts even objected to anything.

This small incident of inconsistency and illogicality of the legend:

  • the birth of children from sexual intercourse between monks

  • election of a rootless boy to the throne in the presence of dozens of hereditary princes who had legal rights to bear the title

  • ritual murders and ritual desecration of all, without exception, the graves of hereditary princes from the dynasties that ruled Russia from the middle of the 1st millennium, including with the help of invented "canonization", as a result of which the remains of the rulers were destroyed

  • canonization of the false kings of the "Romanovs", who received the throne as a result of fraud and the murder of legitimate heirs, and who were allegedly killed by the whole family

  • the absence of reliable confirmation of the fact of the murder of the Romanovs (a gross contradiction in the results of a genetic examination of their alleged "remains" of their pedigree), combined with the appearance of one of their family members of the living daughter of Nicholas II, and the early canonization of the living swindler tsars,

is present in everything related to the accession of the so-called Romanovs: from the legends of the origin of their representatives of dynasties, and ending with the genetic relationship with each other and their common ancestors. The legend of the history of the Romanovs' house refutes all the laws of biology, genetics, and logic contradicts historical facts and actual circumstances, and the pedigrees of much more worthy and respected dynasties that were somehow connected with the Romanovs' house.

The unprecedented case of the birth and accession of a false emperor after the murder of two families of predecessors in full force, of which the last (Ivan IV the Terrible) also occupied the throne illegally, in violation of the order due to regicide, became possible only thanks to an unprecedented level of trust in all Orthodox church paraphernalia. Nonsense from the point of view of church law and religious norms - the birth of a child by a patriarch and a nun - was not only joyfully accepted as a sign from above, as a "God-chosen king", while common sense was not present in principle in such an election. Only church paraphernalia saved the life of the fraudulent false emperor. However, later, the people raised their hand against the archbishops and monks - the plague riots in which Archbishop Ambrose Zertis-Kamensky was killed, the burning of churches and the murder of priests after the 1917 revolution, or during the era of church schism in the 17th century. But in the case of this king from the patriarch and the "old woman" - the actual events were unprecedented both in terms of their admissibility and legality and in terms of subsequent events. This completely excludes any chance and spontaneity in the issue of succession to the throne. The stand of the impostor with a sign of quality in the form of an Orthodox cross was planned, organized, thought out, and moreover, during the period of accession, the population and the boyars were manipulated in order to avoid regicide. As for the story about how the parents of the boy-king were supposedly forcibly tonsured monks after his birth, it also does not stand up to criticism, since it is in complete contradiction with the religious status of both persons assigned to them as a result of tonsure, and attributes to their spiritual status. An old woman is an elderly Orthodox nun or a religious elderly woman of non-monastic rank, who enjoys respect and authority for her ascetic life. Asceticism means fasting and spiritual achievement, while sexual life is excluded. It is impossible to become an old woman at the moment of tonsure. And judging by the legend of the "old woman Martha", either she led an active sexual life in her piquant "senile asceticism", or the old woman became closer to death, and this is another legend and another story. Martha, as the wife of a swindler king, whose son was fraudulently elevated to the throne, could not become an old woman. The spiritual feat of an old man is incompatible with either sexual life or complicity in crimes.

As a result of this original sexual act of spiritual asceticism, the Romans (Romanovs) became a group of impostors, through which the inbred representatives of the Brandenburgs, the Counts of Nuremberg, came to power in Russia. It is easy to remember that it was in Nuremberg that the trial of their closest relatives, the Nazis of the 3rd Reich, took place. The counts of Nuremberg, in addition to titles, also inherited such family heirlooms as mental disorders, obesity, characteristic pathologies of external organs, and other malformations, and subsequently brightly entered into world history as the 3rd Reich. It is to them that we owe memorable mass serial murders and particularly serious crimes of fraud and illegal seizure of power - such as the French Revolution, the beheading of Marie Antoinette, the assassination of King Harold Godwinson, the fire of Moscow in 1812, the genocide of Russians in Austria-Hungary and the Czech Republic, series financial crises of the same type, the road to Canaan through the death camps where about 100 million people were brought to wash in showers with Zyklon-B gas only during the years of the 2nd World War, not counting the previous military events, and everything that followed, and other very dubious feats. It was they who enriched world history with massive serial ritual murders and fraud to illegally gain access to public administration and other people's property. Despite the fact that the typical profile of a serial killer or serial criminal is a white sane man, he is distinguished by anthropological and physiological features that are genetic, and which manifest themselves in all their glory only in the presence of appropriate external stimuli. These wonderful citizens were born genetic serial killers. But the fact that they became them in real life was due to the influence of the external environment, which brought their system out of balance.

So, in the bottom line, if we look into the genealogies of the "Russian Romanov boyars" from the Livonian knight Kambila, then a little further away from the noble, as is obvious by their surnames, very noble ancestors of Koshka, Mare, and Bezzubets, we will see that this is a trio of Russian people born with the help of an immaculate conception from a Livonian knight of the Holy Roman Empire, which any Old Testament forefather would envy, from completely different dynasties, as is clearly seen from their names and surnames, and other features of their false legends are attributed to the beginning of the Sheremetev family of Turkic origin. In principle, it makes no sense to dive further into the intricacies of the genealogies of impostors - to study how it happened that Russian boyars were born from a Roman, who gave the basis to a family that descended from the tyoguns of the Turkic Khaganate.

The falsification of the Sheremetev family tree was carried out, they were attributed to the "noble family" of the never-existing boyars "Romanovs" who got their name not from mythical people, but from the name of the dynasty, whose descendants illegally gained access to the state government administration in Russia through several successive transfers of titles between impostors in order to simulate a bona fide acquisition to the so-called Emperor Paul I. This was the first in a series of kings between Ivan IV the Terrible and the Ascanius dynasty, who was a real-life person who was in a real direct relationship with the carriers' birth titles. It was he who adopted the act of succession to the throne, according to which the dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire was entrenched on the throne of Russia, controlling the administration through a series of their descendants who, from the point of view of genetics and pedigrees, came from the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire who married with small-scale feudal lords - counts of one castle, such as the so-called "Hohenzollerns". In reality, the throne of Russia was controlled by the genetic Romans, through their offspring who mistakenly gained fame as Germans due to the presence in their genealogies of such "dynasties" as the Welfs, Brandenburgs, Askanias, Hohenzollerns.

However, if even a modest and not very detailed genetic check is carried out, all these "dynasties" of supposedly Germans do not have pedigrees after the 14th century. At the end of the genealogies, their character usually has errors or inaccuracies in the spelling of the name, which can attribute to real-life dynasties (for example, Luitpoldings, Burchardings, and others) and their ancestors. As a rule, the last character - the "ancestor" in such "dynasties" from phantoms has contradictions in the pedigree, and according to some data, he can be his own father or son, meeting in the same branch of the clan in different guises. Such "dynasties" as a rule do not have any family ties with eminent real dynasties, glorified by a large number of descendants who left their mark on the history of politics, religion, and military skill, and are closed to kinship in themselves. These are predominantly inbred marriages with a large number of hereditary diseases due to non-stop incest. A distinctive feature of such marriages is the presence of congenital mental disorders, brain pathologies, various chromosomal disorders (vitiligo, Williams syndrome, Ramsey Hunt syndrome, and others), connective tissue defects, and autoimmune conditions. These dynasties actually fronted the offspring of the Holy Roman Empire, emerging from their "family nests" (for example, the empire of "one castle" like the "dynasty" of the Hohenzollerns) only for the sake of committing a dynastic marriage with impostors, after which they came to the throne after 2-3 generations are real contenders. Falsification of pedigrees is not the only method of artificially creating kinship with an eminent family. In addition, such elegant methods as the replacement of the baby and the tossing of the baby, followed by the sudden death of his eminent parents, as soon as the baby was registered in their name, were widely used. There are no parents - but the child supposedly is from them.

Thus, the origin of the Romanov dynasty has nothing to do with the Slavs and the Russian boyars. These are impostors, "Harvey Rabbit brothers" - phantoms, ghosts, fictional characters with falsified documents, who usually came from the four indicated dynasties, and whose role was to intermediately gain control over the state and its property, including taking over all related with this risk, the transfer of acquired rights a couple of times to ensure pseudo-legal purity, but rather reputational purity - so that in the eyes of ignorant townsfolk the story looks smooth and more or less believable.

After the Harvey Rabbit brothers gained power, they were further assigned the role of "the death of the brave has fallen." The impostors went to the other world in much the same way as the predecessors killed earlier, who was killed by the impostors in order to gain temporary control over the state and property. After several impostors dropped out of the game for decency, the real beneficiaries took control. The Vanguard Foundation, as indicated in the relevant section, was created by the descendants of the Holy Roman Empire, who were born in marriages mainly with the dynasty of the Ynglings, Habsburgs, Luitpoldings, Konradins, Alsace-Lorraine House, the Saxon dynasty. Their dynasties are based on the Holy Roman Empire, and their great-grandfathers were its emperors in the era of imperial heyday. All the ambitions of the 3rd Reich and, accordingly, the organizations that were part of its group served one goal - to restore the former greatness of the Holy Roman Empire, and to fulfill the related goals of a financial, political, and religious nature. In particular, the Holocaust was not an accidental extermination of Jews simply because they are not liked or, in the opinion of the 3rd Reich, are inferior beings. The Holocaust is based on a very solid foundation from the events of the Old Testament and the time of the crucifixion of Christ, and its purpose was the fulfillment of the prophecies described in the book of the prophet Ezekiel, the prophet Isaiah, the Apocalypse of John the Theologian. The entire activity of the 3rd Reich was not a series of excesses of random psychopaths. This was an organized, planned activity of serial crimes, including serial ritual killings, which were carried out based on very specific religious beliefs and tribal traditions, including the methods of mass execution used by the 3rd Reich (mass burning alive, mass bloodshed, and others).

It is obvious that the series of "emperors from the Romanov dynasty", and, the descendants of the dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire, from the name of which the name of the Romanov surname comes from (from the word "roman" - Roman) has nothing to do with the "Russian boyars" since it is related to him never even in the genetic was not, but was born as a result of falsification of pedigrees. Further, the "Romanovs", so that their German exterior would not irritate the Russian population, took the surname "Romanov", which they supplemented with the name familiar to the Russian ear (Peter, Pavel, Ekaterina, Anna).

Similarly, in the same period, the 3rd Reich did this trick with the descendants of Sophia of Weimar (analogous to Paul I in Great Britain), who came to power already in Great Britain according to the same scheme with the help of regicide and the successful establishment of petty criteria (for example, belonging to a certain religion), only under the name already familiar to the English ear - the next "dynasty of one castle" of Windsor.

The Windsors and the Romanovs are genetic relatives, brothers and sisters not only to each other but also to the 3rd Reich, and its most odious characters, including Hermann Goering and Adolf Hitler. Thus, with the help of impostors, regicide, and interims who took the risks of illegal seizure of power and property, the 3rd Reich gained control of power in Russia, Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Norway, and other countries, acting like any serial criminal. according to the same model, with deviations only to the objective environment of the crime.

Like all impostors who had the role of "the death of the brave" after the transfer of power to the descendants of the Romans, the family of Nicholas II left the scene as a result of the murder, transferring their powers to a genetic German from the Brandenburg dynasty, known in the history of long-suffering Russia as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The fact of the murder of the family of Nicholas II is not confirmed at the moment by proper evidence. There are strong arguments that do not allow us to consider the results of a genetic examination of the so-called "remains" discovered in the Sverdlovsk region as reliable and confirming the circumstances of the death of the emperor's family stated to the public due to the discrepancy between the haplogroups and haplotypes of the found remains, not only with their relatives from whom the "murdered Romanovs" should inherit such haplotypes and haplogroups but also among themselves. Earlier, as we remember from history, the Russian Orthodox Church had already helped one impostor from the "Romanovs" to ascend the throne of Russia. The events of the canonization of living kings should be seen as another act of the Russian Orthodox Church to contribute to helping the 3rd Reich organize a beautiful outcome from the political arena of their closest relatives. Thus, the Romanov dynasty has never been a legitimate dynasty of the rulers of Russia, and is one of the main defendants in the cases of the 3rd Reich before the BOOST company in the framework of the Hateful Eight and Heritage projects, since it is the genetic brothers of the Nazis of the 3rd Reich, took part in the committed crimes including serial regicide, embezzlement, fraud, and other illegal activities. It is especially worth noting that this fantastic incident in Christianity, when in Russia they were canonized as holy living criminals who participated in serial fraud and regicide, was especially appreciated by the 3rd Reich for outstanding achievements in the field of religion by the Russian Orthodox flock. This assessment is similar to the one that the Jews received for the sacrifices and the crucifixion of Christ before the destruction of the 2nd Temple by the Romans and the Jewish war of 60-70 AD. AD, and later, in the Holocaust.

With regard to a citizen with stage 4 obesity, suffering from vitiligo, and speaking Russian poorly, introducing herself as Maria Vladimirovna Romanova, and claiming that she is the daughter of Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna Bagration and Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov, we hereby inform you that the citizen "Maria Vladimirovna Romanova" is not genetically related to the Romanov dynasty (taking into account the above general description of the appearance of such a "dynasty" with the help of falsification of genealogies), and is not related to the Bagrations. We also consider it necessary to note that even if theoretically "Maria Vladimirovna" would be related to the "Romanovs" and the royal family of the Bagratids, she would not have the right to claim any titles of the Romanov dynasty, firstly because such titles are inheritors - The Romanovs - as is obvious from what was written above, they never received by law, and therefore could not transfer. Secondly, if we assume that the "Romanov" titles were legally received, and therefore they can be legally inherited, then "Maria Vladimirovna" could never legally inherit them, since before her the BOOST beneficiary is the heir older in turn since he was born from senior branches of the testators and according to the "Romanovs", and even more so according to the Bagrations. And therefore, to paint other people's titles her dad "Vladimir Kirillovich" never had the right and could not, and no one authorized him to do so. Even if we proceed from the hypothesis that the titles of the never-existing "dynasty" of the Romanovs with honorary origins from the certainly noble names of Andrey Kobyla and Fyodor Koshka inscribed in the church records of the Russian Orthodox Church, famous for the destruction and modification of archives, the remains of princes from the ruling dynasties, and the erasure of any traces of legitimate rulers of the Russian state, can exist legally and be inherited, then the senior heirs never asked the opinion of "Vladimir Kirillovich" how to dispose of the inherited titles, they are not familiar with this city and never were. As a member of the Romanov family, this citizen never existed in it, he did not receive the title Member of the Russian Imperial Family, which was worn by legitimate dynasts (as far as, in principle, in the dynasty of impostors, descendants can be legal). Simply put, the stable environment of the clan of false emperors from the Romanov dynasty, which deduces the real origin from the Holy Roman Empire in honor of which the dynasty got its name, does not know people named "Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov" and "Maria Vladimirovna Romanova" and does not know the authority to transfer other people's never gave titles to each other and third parties. The same applies to all the freshly hatched "great-grandchildren" of Leo Tolstoy, Prince Alexander Iraklievich Bagration, all pseudo-princes who introduce themselves by the surnames "Bagration-Mukhransky" and other very funny personalities who have no genetic and legal relationship with the dynasties with which they claim to be related. As for the legend of Maria Vladimirovna "Romanova", we report that such genetic diseases that Maria Vladimirovna suffers were noted only among the counts of Nuremberg, including Albrecht Medved, the great-grandfather of Hermann Göring, while none of them suffered from vitiligo like "Maria Vladimirovna". The ethnogroup "Maria Vladimirovna" refers to the nationalities of the Balkan Peninsula (Romanians, Gypsies). Therefore, Maria Vladimirovna is not a genetic relative even with the Nazis of the 3rd Reich. The very marriage of Maria Vladimirovna with the son of the Knight of the Iron Cross of the 3rd Reich Karl of Prussia, and the convincing resemblance of the non-Russian speaking "Maria Vladimirovna" of exotic appearance to the leaders of the pharmaceutical businesses of the 3rd Reich such as Sinaloa, the Medellin Cartel, and other progressive organizations, exhaustively answer the question about the real genetic origin of "Maria Vladimirovna". The same applies to her closest "relatives" - the Tolstoy-Miloslavskys, who were never related to the Tolstoy dynasty, and other categories of children of Lieutenant Schmidt, grandchildren of Clara Zetkin, and sisters of Rosa Luxembourg.

"From Adam to the flood, from the flood to the division of nations, from the confusion of nations to Abraham, from Abraham to the passage of Israel through the Red Sea, from the exodus of the sons of Israel to the death of David the king, from David to the beginning of the reign of Solomon, from Solomon to Augustus Caesar, from the power of Augustus to the Nativity of Christ, from the Nativity of Christ to the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord, from His Resurrection to the Ascension to heaven, from the Ascension to heaven to the reign of Constantine, from the beginning of the reign of Constantine to the first council, from the first council to the seventh - We are well aware of all this, but we do not accept teachings from you."

Grand Duke Alexander Yaroslavich (Nevsky).

The response to the Pope of the Holy Roman Empire.

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