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#8 Official Sales Contacts

🎱Important!!! We hereby inform you that PJSC AFK Sisema, PJSC VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa Group, IITD, ITG, RRC, Sofline, ITIKVIK (ITQUICK), PJSC Sberbank, BOOST Technologies, NVision, Zephyr Lab, as well as Vladimir Varivoda, Konstantin Sidorov, Alexander Seldemirov, Asya Ramazanova, Ali Uzdenov, Tatijana Romanova, Valeria Shumilova, Anna Luneva, Dmitry Shishkin, Dmitry Mochenyat, Iosif Hamer, Sergey Mednov, Viktor Gudkov, Anatoly Dralin, Ksenia Kalemberg, Pim Bemmelmans, Roman Kvartalnov, and any of their affilates are not the legitimate business owners, inventors, and copyright holders of any product family of any of HASHEIGHT products, including business artifact #8 plug-and-play business tracker, Smart EVM, HETL, and are not authorised distributors and vendors for the supply and sale of any of these products, or using of these trade marks.

The only author, inventor, developer, and copyright holders for all these products are Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina (Meggi Göring) in person, and the only official reseller is the BOOST MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC and HASHEIGHT.

🎱Authorised sales contact:


Posting information about the sale of HASHEIGHT products with contact details other than those given in this publication is a criminal offense.

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