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HIRO Neuronet Connector

🐶🐾HIRO Neuronet Connector is the artifact of clairvoyance. It is a special device with a distinguished software solving a number of tasks:

1️⃣Be a tuning fork 💓🏄‍♀️ connecting people with no devices by teaching them to use waves. To use waves to communicate - it is the human in-born capability which can be mastered like swimming. Thus, people can connect to each other without using written speech, talking, so they can not use their regular speaking device, ears and eyes.

2️⃣Change the physiology 🧠🏄‍♀️ of human brain, which impacting on brain biochemistry and biophysics, neurophysiology. As a result, HIRO can treat certain brain areas selectively and separately, that traditional pharmacology doesn't do.

Both effects have a sound applied meaning for therapy of

🤯mental disorders



🍪🫦food eating disorders.

🐶🐾Also, the HIRO amends criminal

behaviour, can be applied in prisons, juvenile detention centres.

🐶🐾Finally, HIRO is an inclusive product which can be used by deaf, dumb, blind people to become involved into regular life of society.

🔮The device itself represents the new class of personal electronic gadgets which combine functions of multiple other devices. This is not the only computer, brain-computer interface hardware, or functionality of smartphone. This is HIRO.

👩‍💻More information about the product is available on the HIRO's website:

🐶🐾💓🏄‍♀️Follow HIRO up and right:

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