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🛞We made of trash. The mass of things created by human exceeds the mass of the globe. Aggressive marketing, extensive industrial strategies, and the pursuit of artificially invented financial indicators have led to an exponential increase in the production of final garbage, which is sold on credit, and all this has a devastating impact on society, well-being, people's happiness, and the environment.

RVC is an independent business in the HASHEIGHT group, the main mission of which is two things:

1. To satisfy 100% of the group's raw materials demand by recycling waste and things that have been obsolete for various reasons.

2. To satisfy 100% of the group's energy demand through alternative energy sources.

In total, due to this, the group will have at least 0-carbon footprints. The HASHEIGHT business group itself, funded by the BOOST alternative investment firm, is a sustainable business that fundamentally creates only ethical products and services, the production and consumption of which contribute to the achievement of SDGs. Simply put, they increase the level of overall happiness.

There are 6 main segments of the RVC business:

1 Scrap Dating: a platform for commodity transactions with garbage, waste, unused equipment.

2. Recast House: processing, production with its own technologies, supplying raw materials for HASHEIGHT products.

3, Green Fuel: a supplier of alternative energy.

4. Invisiblox: 3R smart packaging integrated with accounting and tagging.

5. Happy Turtle: 3R is a closed solution for the turnover of food-grade plastic.

6. Russian Virgin Coin: an internal token cryptofarm for making transactions within all HASHEIGHT solutions and products.

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