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Green Fuel

🦖💚✅Green Fuel is the ESG alternative energy business of the HASHEIGHT Group. As fuel sources, Green Fuel considers exclusively natural resources that do not require any additional manufacturing or processing during the production cycle which may include "dirty" processes. The business model chosen by us explicitly explains the origin of our brand name. The Green Fuel was created as a new business since 2021, and has no other beneficiaries and participants other than the BOOST group, and its HASHEIGHT business. Both groups are 100% owned by Meggi Göring (Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina).

👨‍💻❗️Please do not confuse Green Fuel Rus LLC and Green Fuel Nordic Oy with our Green Fuel business. These enterprises were created by the Finns with the participation of Sergey Malkov and Alexei Kononov (Makorus company) and Denis Volgin (VTB, MKB banks, managed by the native Americans and other foreigners). These individuals hired the investment bank BBH, which is part of the BOOST group, to raise funds for a Green Fuel Rus project to build a pyrolysis oil plant from wood waste, asking the BOOST for support and partnership, which were mistakenly provided at the initial stage as a result of deception and trust misappropriation. During the cooperation, it turned out that the Green Fuel Rus project has other real conditions of activity, about which these persons inform neither BOOST nor BBH when signing the contracts: funding was required 2 times more, the "founders" did not have their own funds (but at the same time they wanted a block package in the equity), in fact there were no declared by them valid agreement for off-take of manufactured products, the supply of equipment to Russia due to sanctions was impossible. In this regard, BOOST and BBH refused to continue cooperation with these individuals. However, Malkov, Volgin and Kononov could not pay for the services rendered by the BOOST and BBH companies. Instead, as a payment for the work done, in their understanding, they registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in Russia the transfer of a 10% stake in the authorized charter capital of Green Fuel Rus LLC (TIN 7714880610) to Meggi Göring's wrong name (to the benefit of her invalid personal data), without any documents signed by BOOST and BBH, which she worn in marriage. After that, following a symbolic awaiting pause, this organization Green Fuel Rus LLC was liquidated according to forged documents, since Meggi Goering did not take part in any meetings of the participants of Green Fuel Rus LLC, namely, the unanimous decision of the members of the Company is required for its voluntary liquidation by the law of the Russian Federation. According to these facts, we submitted a statement about initiating a criminal case to the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow, at the moment investigative actions are being carried out.

In this regard, please do not identify the independent alternative energy business Green Fuel, developed by the HASHEIGHT group, with the organisations Green Fuel Rus LLC and Green Fuel Nordic Oy. We do not conduct any joint projects with scammers. JSC "Boost Capital Management Group" has built never, and does not build now any plants for processing wood waste into pyrolysis oil in Voronezh region, and has no obligations (especially unfulfilled ones) to the Administration of the Voronezh Region for the construction of this plant. The decision to resume the project in Voronezh by the BOOST group will be made solely upon completion of the investigation.

Consider this as a comment responding to this publication which was made without any notices of us and without any approvals:

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