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Press Release

HASHEIGHT announces about 1-year delay with the release of #8 and HIRO as a result of illegal actions intending of illegally capturing HASHEIGHT's business and intellectual property that resulted in liquidation of the legal entity operating in Russia HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC.

This criminal activity has been executed by the following offenders primarily participants of the Cardin List: Investigation Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Tax Service, and Federal Bailiff Services serving the exotically styled "M&A activity" of the following companies:

  • AFK Sistema PJSC, its beneficiaries, Board, and executives

  • PJC VTB, its beneficiaries, Board, and executives

  • PJSC MTS, PJSC MTS-Bank, and their affiliates

  • JSC Tinkoff Bank guided by Alfa-Bank and its affiliates

  • LLC Investment Company A1 guided by Alfa-Bank and its affiliates

  • Troika Dialog and its affiliates in the Avica Group.

  • ITQUICK LLC company and its partners IITD Group and their affiliates

  • Non-commercial partnership BUNKOVO and its affiliates

  • company LLC HASH MAKER that was created presumably based on stolen from HASHEIGHT intellectual property and started to operate for the purpose of monetization of seized assets as an independent company in Lipetsk on September 1st, 2021.

We hope that this case will not affect the announced date of the Game Release. Follow this website section to get more news.

Further announcements coming soon.


Moscow, Russian Federation

January 4th, 2022.

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