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BOOST holds 100% voting rights for 100% of the former SLATER IMPEX LTD. destroyed as a result of the combined series of crimes and raider captures. The main activity of Slater was money laundering, drug trafficking, financing of corruption schemes, terrorism financing, money smuggling, tax evasion, and serious fraud. Among other types of businesses, Slater performed management of the Russian Orthodox Church's financial flows - the distribution of the black cash, and legalization of the assets acquired illegally as a result of the crime. One of the crucial roles in the mechanism of criminal activity that Slater played was to counteract the disclosure and investigation of committed crimes, including the concealment of corpses. As part of the 3rd Reich assets consolidation in Russia to bring them under one "roof," Slater had to transfer the title of beneficial ownership from nominee shareholders to interims. As in the case of the Sunrise company, the nominees, taking advantage of the absence of any legal operations in business and the regulation of ownership, control, and management relations, mistakenly decided to greenmail genuine beneficiaries. That almost led to the most tragic consequences for the beneficiaries, who had every chance to share the fate of Sergei Magnitsky. Their unlawful prosecution was carried out by the same group of individuals later included in the Cardin list. One of the nominees, who performed the functions of the group's treasurer, emigrated to the United States, where he will continue to conduct his activities. To achieve the emigration of Oleg Yakovlev, a custom-made illegal criminal prosecution was initiated against him by analog with Sergei Bobylev, Igor Yakovlev, and Sergei Magnitsky. It was based on falsified documents and false testimony by employees of Alfa-Bank JSC and related persons, a line of petty creditors, and prejudice based on sham court decisions obtained in the absence of legal requirements and documents. Next, a similar mechanism was used concerning the BOOST company and its beneficiary Raevskaya-Repnina to seize the acquired rights for Slater in connection with the raider takeover and ruin of the Slater company. Since Oleg Yakovlev accepted complicity in the raider takeover of BOOST to avoid criminal prosecution for his activities in the position of the treasury and the nominal beneficiary of the Slater company, this allowed BOOST to consolidate 100% of the rights to Slater. Slater's most well-known asset was the Eldorado company, named after the Colombian airport in Bogotá. Eldorado was created with the money of the 3rd Reich, which was previously hidden presumably underwater by the Nazis who escaped justice. This money went through the first stage of purification and its introduction into legal business circulation through the drug trade. The main operations of the cartel were carried out in Bogotá, Colombia. El Dorado Airport connected the cities in the continents on the territory of which the main "business" operations of the cartels were conducted. The same role in Russia was performed by the Eldorado company, which, with the extensive flow of export-import operations, actually carried out the distribution of financial flows of varying degrees of legal purity between different parts of the entire Reich holding. Organizations, which were engaging in the erasure of Slater as a part of the crime mechanism representing counteraction to the investigation and disclosure of crimes previously committed by them were A1, Alfa-Bank, PPF, Safmar, AFK Sistema, VTB, Sberbank, Taif, their affiliates. The same players participated in a similar activity against BOOST after we acquired the Slater toxic case to investigate this. The most famous part of SLATER IMPEX LTD. was Eldorado retail, Bananamama Retail, Sunrise retail, Mobile Retail of Eldorado, Smotri retail, Omskiy Sibzavod, Nizhny Novgorod flour mill, ADG, Baltmikst, Telebalt, Kaliningrad Plaza, Sibirskiy Gigant, Donskoe LLC, Sibirsky Bereg, Rentol, Invest-Nedvizhimost. Because BOOST possesses rights related to the Heritage project, Nüremberg Ring, and received the drop-off claims due to the activity of both nominees Oleg and Igor Yakovlev, we hold on balance 100% of the voting rights for the whole Slater Group. The claims against the parties involved in the erasure of Slater and further of the BOOST, and against those which financed and controlled Slater before, relate to the list of Panama Scandal entities. This is explained by their engagement in the operations of the LA drug cartels founded by the 3rd Reich Nazis after they escaped from Germany.

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