BOOST holds 100% of voting rights for 100% of the former SLATER IMPEX LTD. Slater has died as a result of the combined Hermitage Capital series of crimes and raider captures. They were committed by A1, Alfa-Bank, PPF, Safmar, AFK Sistema, VTB, and their affiliates from 2007 to 2021. The most famous part of SLATER IMPEX LTD. was Eldorado retail, Bananamama Retail, Sunrise retail, Mobile Retail of Eldorado, Smotri retail, Omskiy Sibzavod, Nizhny Novgorod flour mill, ADG, Baltmikst, Telebalt, Kaliningrad Plaza, Sibirskiy Gigant, Donskoe LLC, Sibirsky Bereg, Rentol, Invest-Nedvizhimost. For further queries regarding the information in this section contact our PR department.

Substance of the case

In the early 1990s, various fraudulent methods of stealing money became widespread in Russia. The most profitable business was the cashing out of fake avizos. This type of theft was hugely popular in uncontrolled Chechnya and Dagestan. The advice note (avizo) of the 1990s was an instrument of the banking system. That played the role of a money transfer notice sent from one cash settlement center (RCC) to another. The RCC that received the submitted avizo was obliged to send the amount indicated in the document to the correspondent account of one of the commercial banks, which transferred the money directly to the client. In the USSR, such settlements were made through the Main Information Computing Center of the State Bank. Control was strict. According to the former chairman of the State Bank, Viktor Gerashchenko, such a system has not failed for decades. After the collapse of the USSR, the Main Computing Center of the State Bank also ceased to exist. It transited the functions to the regional RCC, which was engaged in payments transfer on the territories under their jurisdiction. Thanks to this settlement scheme, it became possible to push fake avizos. The task of the scammer was simple. He negotiated with a bank employee who, for a certain fee, entered the named amount into a false avizo. Then the document went to the Central Bank (Promstroybank, Softbank, and Agroprombank often appeared in the scheme) for processing, next the money was transferred to the recipient's bank. Banks discovered the shortage of funds not earlier than a month later. By this time, all the traces have passed away.

In 2009, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote that from 1992 to 1994, 485 false avizos worth more than a trillion rubles were received from Chechen banks. About 900 Russian banks and at least 2,000 firms participated in the scheme. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the estimates of the funds stolen with the fake avizos reach up to 4 trillion rubles. These estimates mean that crooks stole an amount equivalent to more than £4T from the budget of the Russian Federation, considering the currency exchange rates. This case represents the evident attitude of the UK and the US towards Russia. No surprise that the UK and the US, the direct beneficiaries of the theft of £4T from the Russian budget, are doing everything possible to prevent the investigation of this crime and use the incitement of war in Ukraine to avoid responsibility for the theft as soon as the criminal proceedings entered the active phase. So, the crooks stole £4T in cash, even not talking about the illicitly disposed assets. In 1994, when the main episodes of theft of money using false avizos ended, natives of Dagestan, the Yakovlevs brothers, founded the Eldorado holding. The sources of origin of funds for the opening of the holding presumably were the funds received as part of crimes upon presentation of false avizos. These funds were laundered through Alfa-Bank and a chain of related banks. This process was covered by the Izmaylovskaya organized criminal group. In addition, the Izmaylovskaya organized crime group acquired control over metallurgical plants, which subsequently came under the control of Rusal. Therefore, the rat fuss that Alfa and Deripaska are publicly bred does not carry any real redistribution of property. The ownership is concentrated in the Vanguard fund, while Alfa and Rusal are nominee holders, and form together the one business group. Close cooperation in money laundering explains, among other things, why Andrey Elinson, the former CEO of the Basel group, held the position of head of A1. And you say "Jews." What the hell are Jews, there are no any. No self-respecting Jew would launder the money of the Izmailovskaya criminal group. In addition to Alfa-Bank, the Izmaylovskaya organized criminal group laundered their money in Russian Standard Bank. This is a completely frostbitten gangster bank that issues loans without documents and contracts, and charges 108% per annum, after which it wrings out property according to fake documents and left decisions of the Izmailovsky District Court.

Now A1 is a holder of Russian Standard bonds, more precisely, a holder of Russian Standard eggs. Both banks laundered the money of the Izmailovskaya organized criminal group through forged loans to private individuals issued via bank credit cards (Tinkoff Bank was also used for this in full). The Russian Standard and Tinkoff banks produced bank cards which criminals used to pay bribes and "salaries" of corrupted law enforcement officers. Thus, this astonishing holding - Izmailovskaya OPG, Alfa-Bank, Russian Standard, Tinkoff A1, Basel, and Rusal were part of the same group, with a parental company the Vanguard fund. We have no idea, how the leaders of Izmaylovskaya OCG Mikhail Chyornuy, Andrey Malevsky, and Andrey Skotch got the citizenhip of Israel. However, we have not found out these elegant combinations in the explanatory notes to the financial statements of any of these companies, and none of the banks. We did not observe the organized criminal group, Izmailovskaya is on the list of persons under the influence of both banks and Rusal. We note the effective control mechanisms on the part of the Federal Tax Service and the Central Bank which have been keeping their tongues in the asses for all 30 years on this issue. We note that international auditors, a "best practices" of due professional care and integrity from the Big Four, have certified the reports on a blue eye. Enron is just a kid's party. Not a single auditor in the world has yet certified the reporting of the Izmailovskaya organized criminal group. Except FBK, BDO Unicon, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC. We applaud to the amazing financial talents. Even the devil would ask what the hell is going on. And since the money of the Izmaylovskaya organized criminal group was laundered through Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Russkiy Standart Bank and vodka business, and, accordingly, via Rusal, Slater and Sunrise under the Prevezon scheme, this part of the criminal community was allegedly a co-perpetrator of the murder of Sergei Magnitsky in a pre-trial detention center. We hope that in order to certify the financial statements of these organizations, which included the expenses for the murder of Magnitsky, the employees of these audit companies will also meet their well-fed and calm old age behind bars. Not in Russia, but in the United States, together with the Vanguard, where they will have much more fun discussing with the courts the reporting of murder costs according to the US GAAP.

Thus, Slater was a landing space for money laundering for the most dangerous organized criminal communities in Moscow (Solntsevskaya OCG, Izmaylovskaya OCG, Orekhovskaya OCG, Taganskaya OCG, Podolskaya OCG), Kazan (the origin of Izmaylovskaya OCG is from here), and Samara. Later in these regions were fabricated the sham court judgments to erase Bananamama and hide the traces of crimes. In Samara, bandits had an extensive presence due to the specific WWII consequences. As we noted (read the rest of the Toxic cases), the criminals were a part of the 3rd Reich community. Samara (the Middle Volga) was one of the most influential clusters of criminals. The biggest camps for the germans - prisoners of WWII - were allocated there. Particularly, the Slater was used as a laundromat in Samara organized crime during the Togliatty criminal wars. They ended with the fire in the Samara General Police Department. Immediately after that, Slater's affiliates which operated in Samara during this time were liquidated. See the explanations below and in the Bananamama case. Avtovaz, Togliatti, and even Samara police turned out to be powerless in the fight against organized crime and corruption. Representatives of the organized crime group subjugated the shipment of cars from the plant, and took control of the head center of spare parts, as well as the supply of fuels and lubricants, and oil products. The situation went so far that in 1997 the bandits entered the plant management building, entered the managers' offices, and tried to force them to make the "necessary" decisions. There was a real threat that they would completely "take over" the management of the auto giant. The emergency forced the board of JSC AVTOVAZ to apply directly to the Government of the Russian Federation with a request to protect the plant from criminal lawlessness and ensure the safety of the enterprise. It turned out to be easy to "accumulate" violations. As a result of Operation Cyclone, about 200 criminal cases were initiated at AVTOVAZ. After that, all the materials burned down along with the employees who led them. During a fire in the Samara Central Internal Affairs Directorate, all traces of special operations to investigate the criminal activity of organized criminal groups at AVTOVAZ (Cyclone) were destroyed. 57 people died, someone was burned alive, and someone died as a result of injury got when they jumped out of windows. The tradition to burn people alive together with the documentary evidence was widely distributed during the 3rd Reich time (e.g., T-4 program, Mauthausen, Treblinka, Sobibor, Auschwitz-Birkenau).

After the fire, the building of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate was no longer possible to operate - the roof and all the ceilings collapsed in it, as well as part of the walls. At the place where the Central Internal Affairs Directorate was once located, a memorial is now installed in the form of a list with the names of the dead and the Eternal Flame. The criminal case to investigate the circumstances of the fire was suspended due to the impossibility of identifying the perpetrators. Next, the Chechen OCG under the management of Said - Khasan Tsentroyev which controlled AVTOVAZ stole the money from the Russian budget, laundered that, and the Slaters' companies which were used for money laundering in Samara and Togliatti, were liquidated.

SLATER IMPEX LTD. became the parent company of the Eldorado holding with an account opened at Hapoalim Bank in Israel. In the same Hapoalim bank, the Prevezon company carried out money laundering operations through BUNICON IMPEX and ELENAST COM, Moldavian firms, with the help of Alfa-Bank and Far North Bank. The choice of jurisdictions (we mean Moldova) was not made by occasion due to the origin of the criminals and their family ties. Hapoalim Bank was many times included in the list of banks that violated the AML norms and were involved in race and ethnic-based terrorism financing. Subsequently, Alfa-Bank was the largest lender to the companies of the Eldorado group. In addition to Alfa Bank, Home Credit Bank (a part of the PPF group) Russian Standard (currently controlled by Alfa Group) MKB Bank (managed by American management), and Otkritie Group (MDM Bank) became the biggest donors of cash for the development of SLATER holding and its assets. Thus, these banks together formed the so-called "bank ring" specializing in money laundering and cash smuggling through the chain of banks and retail conducting large-scale import-export operations (this is the meaning of IMPEX part in the name of Russian firms). Among these banks and retail, the ring included the largest banks and public companies involved in the money laundering and illegal disposal of the Russian state-owned assets - RAO UES, Gazprom, and RZD.

Prevezon, SLATER IMPEX LTD., BUNICON IMPEX, ELENAST COM, Eldorado holding, Alfa-Bank, their affiliates, and related parties were the parts of the same group of entities in sum forming the "bank ring" structure. The ring had a backbone consisting of Alfa-Bank, Otkritie Group, VTB, Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, MKB, Gazprombank, Tinkoff, Russian Standard, MTS-Bank, AK BARS bank, Kazakh bank BTA. These banks consolidated the real sector of the Russian economy. At the same time, they fell their capitalization up to almost 0, allowing their creditors or shareholders at 0 price to get control over almost 100% of the total of Russia's economy and its business, and get a surplus bonus in form of cash (stolen bank deposits). To make bank equity equal to zero, they moved money out through the NPL granting, junk bonds, wind bills, and interbank operations (REPO deals, credits). With the help of these banks, money stolen from the Russian budget using false avizos was laundered through illegal cashing out, business laundromats, illegal tax refunds, and corruption (See Hermitage Capital case). Later, in 2013-2015, through these banks, foreign individuals and organizations poured money into the Russian Federation for the collapse of the ruble and oil prices. Also, in the "bank ring" were included quasi-funds with the directly speaking names - e.g., Access Industries and Baring Vostok (both are a part of Alfa Group). The names of these funds and applied terminology repeated the vocabulary which was exploited in the 3rd Reich plans: Ost, Oldenburg, Barbarossa. These funds provided illegal access to foreigners to the unlawful purchase of state-owned Russian enterprises and extracted speculative margin on capitalization of fraud and deception through b2c subprime businesses (Avito, Tinkoff, Carprice, Wildberries, La Moda, La Redoute, Shein, Ozon, MKB bank, Renaissance, Russky Standart, and others of the same kind).

As a large part of the Slater, Eldorado participated in the same "system" that helped carry out the Hermitage Capital case and played the role of the laundromat. That became possible through import, smuggling, and integration into the Eldorado business of specific double management and operating structure for tax evasion, money laundering, and smuggling into its operating model, including customization of the SAP R/3 ERP system to support black operations. In 2007, a "customized" tax audit was conducted in Eldorado. The same people who participated in a criminal proceeding of the Yukos case also performed the illicit tax audit of Eldorado company and issued the tax audit report (they were Anton Ustinov and some other employees of the Federal Tax Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs). According to the tax audit results, Federal Tax Inspection №28 (the Magnitsky list includes this tax inspection and the names of its staff) made claims against Eldorado for 15 billion rubles of "underpaid tax" and penalties. The tax inspection determined the volume of the claim by a calculation: without documents, based on the judgment and feelings of the tax inspection employees. Eldorado was unable to hire lawyers because the well-qualified refused to work with Eldorado. They said: this is the second Yukos, and we cannot help - the same tax act, the same people, the same accusations. Raevskaya-Repnina knows that because she represented the interests of the Eldorado in this case. During the process, she was heavily poisoned twice. In January 2008, as a result of the "negotiations" of Igor Yakovlev, during the "settlement" of disagreements with the Federal Tax Service, the claim size fell by half. The tax inspection gave a 50% discount. Eldorado transferred its assets from the "Eldorado old" legal entity to the so-called "Eldorado new." After that, control over "Eldorado-new" and other Slater's assets was transferred at a price approximately at least 20 times less than the fair value of the company to the PPF group, AFK Sistema group, and then to the Safmar group and Mikhail Gutseriev. Next, the real control over Eldorado was passed in favor of VTB. After gaining control over Eldorado and the largest part of the SLATER holding, Peter Kellner, the owner of PPF, transferred that to Safmar. Next, the Eldorado got the encumbrances in form of VTB debt, and Peter Kellner died in a helicopter crash. We observed the same types of deaths in the change of control over illegally captured assets to the benefit of VTB (S7, Investlesprom). Just after that, PJSC AFK Sistema disclosed the acquisition of Home Credit Bank. That doubled post-death acquisition also occurred in the Bank of Moscow. VTB illicitly captured the operating control over the Investlesprom after the illegal prosecution of Borodin, Aculinin, the death of Dmitry Maslov, and 47 people more in a Petrozavodsk plane crash. After that specific VTB-styled assets clearance, AFK Sistema bought Investlesprom.

When the Federal Tax Service (Mokretsov, Serdukov, Shevtsova) granted a so-called 50% tax discount, the Eldorado old changed its name to LLC Optovik and nominated bogus directors - Evgeny Mikheev (born in Kazan, later employed by the Mercury Group) and Evgeny Blinov. To solve the tax issue Eldorado old (Optovik) changed its business address to the South-West District of Moscow, controlled by the Tax Inspection №36. In this tax inspection, that was possible to resolve the tax issue that could be tackled for bribery and then went bankrupt. Based on the result of a tax case, the criminal proceeding has been started. One of the two owners of SLATER, Oleg Yakovlev, emigrated to the United States and lost the rights to 50% of SLATER business. The criminal case has been used to blackmail him and illegally capture his 50% stake in Slater's business. At the same time, that held him as a key witness outside Russia. After the capture of Slater by transferring Oleg Yakovlev outside Russia, Igor Yakovlev sold all Slater assets. He acted with his family office EVH, TBC, Andreas Sophocleus, and other companies. Next, they organized the illegal liquidation of Slater. All Slater assets were disposed to various parties. Oleg Yakovlev did not receive income from the sale of Slater's assets. Instead, Igor Yakovlev got these sales earnings. Later, Igor Yakovlev opened the Kari and Hoff! retailers acquired luxury real estate, including a house in London, and apartments on Tverskaya street in Moscow. Eight billion rubles tax debt was written off. The court hearings took place in the Arbitration Court of Moscow, the Gagarinsky District Court, according to the statements of the Federal Tax Service No. 36, №28 of Moscow. The other Eldorado old affiliates were illegally liquidated. We noted the highest intensity of this process in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Samara, Kazan, and Saint Petersburg.

Slater (in the Russian language this means the person who build a rooftop) played the role of the rooftop of the money laundering scheme which was administered by Oleg Yakovlev. All "scheme" companies did not execute active business operations selling real goods or products. They formed the criminal group serving the financial flows transferring between the members of the criminal organization. They took their legal names using the English name representing their role in the criminal group (Sistema, Troika Dialog, Baring Vostok, Slater, Access Industries, Millhouse, Bin Group, Summa, and others). Also, the companies got their names following their religious beliefs (L1, A1, Yasha, ZZZ, etc.), and their personal names (AFK, CTF, Safmar, Tinkoff, etc.). Thus, "slater" Oleg Yakovlev was at the top of the money-laundering scheme of the "system," he also performed the payments to the corrupt officials, terrorists, money smuggling operations, and spent criminal money for other criminal objectives following the strategy of the criminal community. These operations were carried out primarily through Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, VTB, BTA Bank, Hapoalim Bank, Hellenic Bank, Home Credit Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Russky Standard Bank, Otkritie, Bank Zenit, AK Bars, MTS-Bank (former MBRD), Bank Aval, NadraBank, Bin Bank, Uniastrum Bank, Unicredit Bank, Intesa San Paolo, Bank of Cyprus, Bank of New York Melon, J.P. Morgan Chase, Raiffeisen Bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and several others.

In December 2018, BOOST (its legal entity BOOST MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC) acquired the claims of Oleg Yakovlev for 50% of the SLATER business. Oleg Yakovlev did not disclose the whole substance of the Slater's activity. We discovered that during our investigation performed by our staff. Being misled by Yakovlev about his intentions and the substance of the deal, after this acquisition BOOST initiated a criminal case on the raider seizure of the Eldorado company and the Slater's business. After that, to the owner of BOOST Raevskaya-Repnina in the Gagarinsky District Court (where Eldorado criminal proceedings took place), №217 judicial districts of the Gagarinsky Judicial District (the same Gagarinsky District), Moscow Arbitrary court (the case of Eldorado bankruptcy), №417 judicial districts of the Arbat Judicial District (home district of AFK Sistema), with the help of forged claims, including those from the IFTS №36 (included in the Magnitsky list, and participated in Eldorado bankruptcy), IFTS №25 (included in the Magnitsky list), as well as on the falsified claims of the NP BUNKOVO organization (of the same name with the organization BUNICON IMPEX), 63rd judicial department of the Istra district of Moscow region (where criminal episodes from Buloh criminal case took place), numerous sham court decisions were issued based on forged documents. Earlier, Istra was like a "capital" of the Prevezon activities related to Zhanna Buloh, Alfa-Bank, the bankruptcy of the Moscow Region, and the manipulation of the agricultural lands.

Based on these illegitimate sham court judgments, all the property of Raevskaya-Repnina was arrogated, destroyed, robbed, or illegally captured. Subsequently, the criminals made perjury against Raevskaya-Repnina to accuse her of that she herself stole her own property from herself, allegedly for non-fulfillment of the “legal claims” of the “creditors” - the forged enforcement proceedings prepared based on six invalid passports of Raevskaya-Repnina and sham court judgments. Read the toxic assets section for more details. The employee of AFK Sistema, chief accountant of Investlesprom assets acquired by Sistema as described above - Ramazanova Asya - stole the charter documents for the BOOST MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC. Before that, Ramazanova was a best friend of Raevskaya-Repnina. Ramazanova was hired by PJSC AFK Sistema, by the former boss of Raevskaya-Repnina Ali Uzdenov, who has close relationships with Alfa-Group, Prevezon, and FSB colonel Zaharchenko recently prosecuted for corruption and the crimes where, presumably, participated Uzdenov in-person. Ramazanova did not tell about that fact to Raevskaya-Repnina. Instead, using the trust of Raevskaya-Repnina, Ramazanova stole the originals of charter documents for MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC, patent applications, trademark applications, seals, bank accounts credentials, and other material documentation. Besides, the criminals destroyed or stole all the property of Raevskaya-Repnina, including all her businesses and companies that belong to her. The companies were liquidated on forged documents and data cooking in the EGRUL by the Federal Tax Service in conjunction with criminals. So that Raevskaya-Repnina, had nothing left except an equity stake in the MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC.

Next, the crooks, wannabe creditors, applied to the Istra City Court for foreclosure of the 100% of the equity stake in the BOOST owned by Raevskaya-Repnina based on their forged claims in favor of MTS-Bank, A1, NP BUNKOVO, and a few of their affiliates. As the court hearings were unsuccessful, the miscreants arrested the shares in MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC using the forged documents for further illegal foreclosure. MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC owned the voting rights to 50% of the SLATER business acquired from Oleg Yakovlev. Afterward, the fraudsters falsified the personal data in the EGRUL of Raevskaya-Repnina to make them similar to the personal data of the "debtor" noted in the forged claims. Crooks used these claims to arrest Raevskaya-Repnina's equity stake in the BOOST. That blocked to Raevskaya-Repnina from any options to make changes in the EGRUL. After this processual elimination of Raevskaya-Repnina, the crooks undertook the steps to falsify documents and EGRUL records to destroy the BOOST MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC. In this process took part: Interdistrict Tax Inspection №46 of the city of Moscow, Tax Inspection №4 of Moscow, Tax Inspection №25 of Moscow, Regus, Avica, Federal Bailiff Service (Moscow, Moscow Region), Federal Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund of Russia, NP Bunkovo, A1, MTS-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, PJSC AFK Sistema. In the tax inspections, №3 and №4 of the city of Moscow were registered PJSC AFK Sistema and its core affiliates. In these tax inspections, we also observed the traces of the Yukos case - the same-kind illegal liquidation of Volgotanker.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to illicitly capture the equity stake of Raevskaya-Repnina in MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC based on forged documents, IFTS №46, together with IFTS №4, №25 (Yukos list, Magnitsky list), had a bash at illegal liquidation of the MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC and all its subsidiaries possessing on balance another claims in connection with the SLATER case (SMART EXPERT LLC, HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS LLC). For these purposes, officials of the Federal Tax Service - IFTS №46, №4, №25 of Moscow falsified the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and entered deliberately false data there - changing the data about the owner of the company, fabricated documents about the unreliability of the address of MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC and its affiliates HASHEIGHT and SMART EXPERT. Also, these tax inspections falsified evidence of alegged inactivity to liquidate MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC and its affiliates. The tax inspections did not enter into the databases of the Federal Tax Service the tax declarations and financial reports submitted by MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC and its affiliates. Then, they illegally blocked bank accounts of the BOOST and its affiliates, falsified data on non-existent tax debts, and maliciously blocked the electronic gated to make impossible the submission of electronic declarations on the Federal Tax Service servers - they made the intentional misprints in the name of the authorized signee to sign declarations, illegally requested the powers of attorney to sign declarations in contradiction to the law and BOOST charter, voluntarily made unauthorized changes in the name of the management company in HASHEIGHT. The territorial divisions of the Federal Social Insurance Fund and the Pension Fund of Russia accomplished the same fraudulent actions.

To fabricate the forged evidence of the BOOST's and its' affiliates' business addresses "unreliability," the criminals sent the letters to MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC and its owner Raevskaya-Repnina addressing them to deliberately incorrect postal addresses in different cities. The criminals distorted the full name of Raevskaya-Repnina and the names of the organizations written on envelopes. Instead of the correct data, they wrote the name of non-existing people and legal entities. That made us able to receive them never. The miscreants also falsified data in the electronic systems of the Russian Post. In particular, we discovered the information in the electronic records of the Russian Post that the postman unsuccessfully attempted to hand us the letter at 2 a.m. (court letters), 7-30 a.m., 8 a.m. (all of them were court letters), and that Russian post marked these letters as "impossible to deliver." Hence, the central office reception of the building where the BOOST's office works starts from 9 a.m., and the BOOST's office starts working day at 10 a.m. Several letters were sent to Samara, to the address of Raevskaya-Repnina's father, in the name of the invalid passport Raevskaya-Repina (that did the Pension Fund of Russia). Some letters were sent to Raevskaya A.M., Repnina S.S. In every court, in the sham judgments, every time judges noted that the BOOST or Raevskaya-Repnina were duly informed about the court hearings. In parallel, the Departments of Pension Fund illegally amended the personal data of Raevskaya-Repnina in the electronic databases. They changed the data in her SNILS to make them look like data of the debtor in the sham court judgments. In addition to this input into the raider seizure of the BOOST and illegal capture of Raevskaya-Repnina property, the Pension Fund of Russia submitted more than 40 forged claims to various courts to get sham court judgments. Later, criminals used them in the BOOST's illegal capture and attempts of malicious liquidation of the BOOST, HASHEIGHT, Fialka, and Smart Expert organizations. Sham court judgments in the favor of Pension Fund were issued by the Moscow Arbitrary Court, Judicial District Courts №247 and №417 of the City of Moscow.

Thus, when we made this deal, we acted based on an assumption about the honesty and integrity of Oleg Yakovlev, considering him a fair entrepreneur. The information listed above became accessible during the investigation of the Slater case after its' acquisition. The actions of criminals which were followed the deal verified the correctness of our conclusions. The culprits desperately tried to get the illegal seizure of the BOOST equity after the acquisition of Slater. They attempted to capture control over the claims against themselves. Also, they tried to steal the documents related to the deal, hacked accounts to destroy the traces of the deal's transaction (e.g., PayPal account), and sabotaged to provide the documents verifying the deal-making (Sberbank, Russky Standard Bank). The criminals also executed a large number of murder assaults against Raevskaya-Repnina. In particular, they undertook the attempt to burn her alive in her house together with her six dogs. The culprits organized the starvation of Raevskaya-Repnina to imitate the "natural death." They starved her for several months until she reached the weight of 38 kilos. For these purposes, the criminals left her homeless without a passport, money, car, food, or communications, in the iced home without heating, water, sewerage. and electricity, to live in inhuman conditions, with blocked bank accounts, with no bank cards, stole the bank accounts credentials, and so on. Many former friends of Raevskaya-Repnina, her neighbors, and even family members took an active part in these crimes. For the participation in the murder assaults against Raevskaya-Repnina, theft of the documents, poisoning of her dogs, robberies, and other crimes, they were generously paid by criminals. The culprits paid them their 30 pieces of silver by repaying their credits, mortgages, granting bonuses, promotions, and so on. So, the criminals used the same methods that were widely used by Nazis during WWII, and Orekhovskaya Organized Criminal Group - "friends shall kill friends."

Voting rights for 50% of SLATER business enabled BOOST to enforce criminal and financial prosecution concerning the raider seizure of the Eldorado business, various assets of the SLATER group, Hermitage Capital case, the Magnitsky murder, and many related processes. In particular, the forged claims of the BUNKOVO organization (of the same name as BUNIKON IMPEX - part of the Prevezon and Alfa-Bank money laundering scheme) were submitted and judged in Istra. In Istra, Alfa-Bank previously illegally received control over the lands as part of the bankruptcy of the Moscow Region. NP BUNKOVO and A1 falsified the claims concerning land plots controlled by Alfa-Bank and the Prevezon group, subjects to the criminal proceedings against Zhanna Bulakh and her husband Kuznetsov. Bulakh was a partner of Katsyv in Prevezon Holding and conducted a joint business with him in Moskovskiy Zalogoviy Bank. Now Bulakh lives in the United States, not extradited, not put on the wanted list. The Prevezon case in New York is closed with no consequences for anybody from the Cardin List. These facts provided the evidence that the crimes against Raevskaya-Repnina and the BOOST which were perpetrated by NP BUNKOVO and A1, were connected to the criminal activity in Magnitsky's case, and that both A1 and NP BUNKOVO were involved in the crimes included into Hermitage Capital case, the murder of Sergey Magnitsky, and the closely related series of crimes - fake avizos case, the bankruptcy of Moscow region, etc.

Slater's case is closely related to the Sunrise, Bananamama, and Hermitage Capital, almost doubling the list of offenders. The investigation of Bananamama, Sunrise, and Smart Heat cases brought to the BOOST the 100% of voting rights for 100% of SLATER's business.

First, BOOST acquired the Oleg Yakovlev's rights for Slater's business concerning his loss of control over that. At the time of purchase, we did not know the intrinsic role of Slater in the criminal scheme. Before that, BOOST obtained the claims of Oleg Yakovlev against Igor Yakovlev with regards to the illegal capture of Bananamama.

The acquisition of the Sunrise voting rights with the associated claims from Oxana Bobyleva allowed BOOST to increase the claim package against Igor Yakovlev. This acquisition brought us the claims came out from illegal capture of the Sunrise business committed by them with the participants of Cardin List in 2007-2012. Besides Igor Yakovlev, the claims, which we acquired from Bobyleva, were addressed to the broad list of other defendants - A1, Alfa-Bank, Samsung, Dvornikov, MKB, EVH, and more. Next, both "sellers" Oxana Bobyleva and Oleg Yakovlev acted in conjunction with the criminals. They undertook malicious actions against Raevskaya-Repnin to illegally seize the BOOST's stake and get control over the assets on the BOOST's balance through the organization of the illegal criminal prosecution against Raevskaya-Repnina. The criminals issued in name of Raevskaya-Repnina falsified powers of attorney. Oleg Yakovlev provided the invalid power of attorney with the falsified apostille and falsified signature of the notary to submit that on the shareholders meeting in the ARSP company affiliated with the PJSC AFK Sistema. Bobyleva and Martynov organized an issue to Raevskaya-Repnina of the falsified power of attorney with a fake signature of Tatyana Martynova to provide that to the Moscow Arbitrary Court. Due to this criminal activity of Oleg Yakovlev, Oxana Bobyleva, Oleg Martynov, Sunrise, and the Smart Heat cases, BOOST consolidated 100% of voting rights for the Slater's business by obtaining cross-eliminating claims enabling the BOOST to drop off the crooks - former business partners. Finally, Slater, Sunrise, Bananamama, Smart Heat, Teploservice, Investlesprom, BOOST, and Raevskaya-Repnina have overlapped lists of defendants and participants who also committed the Hermitage Capital and murder of Magnitsky series of crimes.

The value of the Slater voting rights acquired by BOOST is equal to the debt-free enterprise value of the Slater's business in 2008 before that ruins, plus the present value at the current date and compensation for losses (the value of the ruined business plus interest for using other people money during the ruin period). We address the claims to everyone who participated in the destruction of the Slater, undertook attempts of the BOOST's raider capture, murder assaults and illegal criminal prosecution against innocent Raevskaya-Repnina to avoid liabilities concerning the Slater case and its' related parties.

That enables the BOOST to vindicate the seized assets, get the compensation of all damages incurred by both Yakovlev Oleg and Yakovlev Igor as a result of the hostile takeover of Slater. Also, BOOST has rights to indemnify all losses incurred by BOOST in connection with the initial claims and the collection process. Raevskaya-Repnina, her family, and the other businesses affected by the criminal activity have separate claims against Yakovlevs, Bobyleva, Martynov, and other defendants listed above. The description of this case is not exhaustive and will be supplemented and detailed later. This information is provided on the BOOST website for informational purposes only.