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My name is Meggi Göring

Meggi Göring (Goering, née Anna Sergeevna Tolstaya, by Russian passport Anna Mariia Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina) was born on March 1st, 1978 in the family of Sergey Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Tatijana Alexeevna Romanova.

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Name Change

Yes, I changed my name.

I did it twice.

1. I changed my passport name in 2017 in accordance with federal laws that require the use of surnames and prohibit the use of titles as part of the name. Anna Mariia Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina was born to me as a result of the criminal activity against me for the murder of my parents.

2. In 2023, I started using the dynastic name Meggi Göring by the direct female line to fulfill the dynastic commitments in relation to my great-grandfather John Bogle (aka Hermann Göring, Karl Wilhelm Friedrich IV), and my great-grandmother Emma Göring (aka Emma Carin Louise Johanna Nassau-Orange von Prueßen).

I was also known as Anna Andreeva, under the name taken in an invalid marriage with the fraudster Evgeny Andreev. The criminal investigation is currently underway.


I was born during the marriage of Sergey Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Tatijana Alexeevna Romanova. The death of my parents caused two fraudsters (Sergey Shumilov and Tatijana Shumilova) to illegally adopt me. In order to illegally control my hereditary rights and the assets I acquired during my professional career, these fraudsters made multiple attempts to kill me. Moreover, ritual serial murders resulted in the murders of all of my direct ancestors. They were the product of the same criminal group that specializes in the assassination of legal heirs of monarchical dynasties.

My family is the hereditary military aristocracy of royal origin.

The direct ancestors of my 4th generation are listed below.

Male line:

Mikhail Iliyich Tolstoy

Elena Lvovna Koutchubei

Roman Ivanovich Bagration

Elena Alexandrovna Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova

Female line:

Nikolay II

Alexandra Fyodorovna

John Bogle (Karl Wilhelm Friedrich IV (Hermann) Goering)

Emma Carin Louise Johanna Nassau-Orange von Prueßen Goering.

A complete list of their dynastic names and titles is not included in these names.

Questions about origin? Ask me!

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We are the newborn, the world knew all about us. We are the future and we're here to stay.

Tim Bergling.


I am an entrepreneur.

Being the CEO and owner, I hold both positions in the following companies.

BOOST. Alternative investments firm based globally. AUM $98.385 (31.12.2023, US GAAP). The main focus is on the struggle against the Third Reich, which encompasses the combined Hermitage Capital case, the reconsideration of the Nürnberg trials, and the acquisition of hereditary rights on the property of my great-grandfather John Bogle. Founded in 2014 in Russia.

HASHEIGHT. A new-age technology corporation is creating sustainable, life-transforming products. Founded in Russia in 2015.

Roadup. Roadup is a provider of innovative, ready-to-use transformative products for both the business and public sectors. Founded in Russia in 2018.

Get the BOOST



10, Vozdvizhenka

Moscow, 125009, Russia


I possess a substaintial expertise in these fields.

General management

Corporate governance


Asset management

Irregular law


Corporate turnaround

Change management


Industry & Technologies








I have the ability to succeed on my own.

My business is solely owned by me. I am the senior, biological, and legitimate legal heir of the ancestors listed above.

The only one who really knows about the Reichstag is I, because I set it on fire!

Hermann Göring.

Personal Interests

Self-development is a source of joy for me.

My professional and academic life revolves around my main hobbies, which include Linguistics, History, Science, Criminalistics, Music, Karate Kyokushinkai, Billiard, Active Driving, and Writing for Social Change. In addition, I have earned my alpine skiing instructor certification.


The story of Harry Potter is very close to my heart.

During my adult years, I discovered that both of my parents were murdered and two fraudsters took me in to kill and inherit the legacy. This discovery is not something I enjoy. The terrifying truth that Evgeny Andreev, whom I believed to be my husband, had to face as part of their activity. He made an invalid marriage with me to prevent me from creating a dynastic marital union and giving birth to healthy children. This'sweet gang' contaminated me with toxic substances that had mutagenous and teratogenic effects, that resulted in reversible infertility. As a consequence, I was in a fake marriage from 1999 to 2003, with no children, the marriage was terminated as a result of criminal activity against me regarding my hereditary rights. The marriage fraudster was Evgeny Andreev, who in 2003 initiated a fake divorce to concentrate my legacy rights before murdering me. Since my attempts to conclude the dynastic marriage, the criminals have undertaken numerous assassination attempts to prevent me from getting married. The investigation is currently underway for the criminal case.

I am an orphan.

My both parents were murdered earlier as a part of the same criminal activity in the field of hereditary rights with regards mainly to the dynasties of Gediminid, Rurikids, Johi, Minamoto, Carlovingians, Baratids, Nassau-Orange, Saxen-Koburg-Gottha, Oldenburgs, Bonaparte, de Bogarne, and numerous others, including the rights to claim the whole Vanguard Group, and assets of the 3rd Reich's (Mark Rich) Group that consists of Glencore, Rio Tinto, BHP Billinton, and X Strata businesses. The criminal case is currently under the same investigation. It's a sad truth that even if I meet all my business targets and fulfill all my family obligations, my dead parents won't be happy with my achievements and won't share the joy and happiness of my success with me, just as they won't share the joy and happiness of the other murdered family members. I am eager to give birth to healthy, clever, and beautiful children through a valid dynasty marriage, who can continue the mission that has been passed down to us from our family legacy, origin, and culture.

Black Rabbits

I am not alone.

Many of my siblings and close relatives became the victims of the same group. Leo Tolstoy, Sofia von Bers, Iliya Tolstoy, Sofia Filosofova, Golitsyns, Bagrations, Urusovs, Volkonskiys, Nikolay Vasiliyevish Repnin, Hermann Göring, Emma Göring, Edda Göring, Rudolf Hess, Tim Bergling, Alexander McQueen, Amy Winehouse, and many others were murdered as a result of the same ritual killings by the same group. Read the story of all of us in the Rebird blog, following the hashtag #whoframedblackrabbit.

Remarkable Facts

Being a member of a hereditary military aristocracy of royal origin is both an honor and a substantial responsibility. My name shall be a testament to my service, dedication, and loyalty to the nation. By embracing the values of my family and striving to serve my country with selflessness, I shall fulfill this legacy obligation. I am optimistic that I can keep up with this obligation and make a lasting impression on history.


Nüremberg Ring

BOOST's main project is Nüremberg Ring, which is focused on the fight against the Third Reich and the reassessment of the results of the war trials against Nazis. The Heritage project was started by me in 2020 to uncover the actual circumstances behind the deaths of my relatives, including my parents. It was discovered that the process was implicated in the cases of Nüremberg Ring and itage Capital. Through my genetic genealogy and investigation of the authentic pedigree, I was able to identify many fake heirs, which appeared to be mercenaries of the MKULTRA and ZR/RIFLE programs. These false heirs represented the serial killers, who were officially listed as either dead or imprisoned and sentenced to lengthy prison terms. In reality, they gained their liberty and fake passports, being completely hooked, that was uncovered by the criminal records. In order to misappropriate state power and property, these criminals were employed to assassinate powerful or rich individuals, including hereditary monarchs, talented celebrities, leader of states. Avicii, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, Rudolf Hess, John Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and many others are just some of the notable examples that stand out. These members of my family, who were hired by the CIA as part of the ZRRIFLE and MKULTRA programs, stole the legacy of my family after the ritual serial killings of my direct ancestors, including both of my murdered parents, and tried to do the same thing to me. It's clear why I'm worried about cases like the murders of Tim Bergling, Alexander McQueen, Rudolf Heß, Amy Winehouse, and other siblings.


Leaving Sistema

In 1996-2013 I was a corporate employee. Over the years, I discovered the unethical and deceptive nature of every business I worked in, regardless of its size or ownership. In 2013, I made the decision to terminate the careers of being a hired staff so that I could no longer be involved in illegal and fraudulent activities that were mistakenly referred to as 'doing business.' In September 2013, I refused to continue the participation in the raider seizure of the Bank of Moscow and Investlesprom. The major assets were taken over by an illegal plane crash in Petrozavodsk, which was the major part of this 'deal'. As a result of this accident, 47 people were killed. After leaving Sistema, I spent 5 years trying to connect the dots in regard to this raider capture. Being punished for signing the withdrawal agreement, I lost huge bonuses that constituted more than $10 million to keep my face, dignity, and stay clean from this crap. I resigned and informed the law enforcement agencies about the Investlesprom case, and provided Borodin and Akulinin with free legal protection services. Leaving Sistema, I ended up in the middle of nowhere. I was going through a very tough time and didn't have anything in common with the romantic lives of young startupers who are smart on Sezame Street, rent offices in Workme, and introduce Sequoia and Y-Combinator to equity. There were times when I was left with nothing to eat, even bread, and no water to drink. I have been sleeping on the floor with my dogs for almost 6 years, and they have rescued me many times. During these nights, I was dreaming of taking a shower and sleeping in bed. I paid a very high price for my business, which resulted in a loss of more than just money. However, I believe it was a success. Investing just $100k in cash in 2014, resulted in $56 bln of net equity by 2019, being sustainable, debt-free, legally compliant business. Since the BOOST consilidated Vanguard as a resut of hardworking with dangerous and toxic in true sense assets, the total AUM was estimated at $98T (31.12.2023, US GAAP). It's not a bad start for someone starting with $100k. It's important to note that this lengthy route I traveled was without any staff.


Harry and Hiro

My dalmatians have been owned by me since 2002. I have relied on the distinctive traits of my dogs to save my ass and life on many occasions. These dotted white friends were more effective in keeping me and my property safe and secure than any bodyguards. It's no surprise that my white lovely pets made it difficult for the'sweet gang' to send me to the rainbow. These fake parents and their colleagues killed 9 of my dalmatians, castrated 3 of them, and only 2 were left alive until 2024. Even though I had nothing to eat, I did everything in my power to feed my dogs and saved their lives. The murder methods will remain untouched until February 2024. Early February saw me and both of my dogs receiving a lethal dose of poisoning substances, which were later identified as a mixture of zarin, mustard gas, lewisite, VX, and phosgene. To ensure the survival of my last two dogs, I quit the apartment holding that was linked to the access to the heritage, including the hereditary rights of John Bogle. I had to live in this flat because it was the only one available and I didn't have any other options. I resigned from the flat occupied by the'sweet gang', leaving behind all of my documents and clothing that cost over $2 million. In order to save the lives of my closest fuzzy friends, I gave everything up. I have spent the next several weeks raising money to save the lives of my dogs, but it was too late for my beloved dog Harry, who has been sharing his sleeping space with me nose to nose for the past 5,5 years. Giving his life, Harry saved mine and allowed me to obtain the evidence of the murder through the same methods as my other relatives. To commemorate my dogs, I am undertaking four projects: Repnin Kennel Yard, Red Collar Dog, Happy Harry, and Hiro. I established the Happy Harry business as a way to honor and respect my dogs by offering high-tech emergency care through a charity initiative. In my opinion, the lives of humans' closest companions should not depend on having access to cash. The cash I receive from the business will be utilized to support private veterinary hospitals that offer free complex invasive treatments like kidney transplantation, hemodialysis, surgery, and emergency care for troubled dogs. I believe that this is the smallest thing I can do to show my gratitude to my dogs for saving my life and giving their own lives, which enabled me to uncover the serial ritual murders of my family members.


The 3rd Reich

In 2017, I acquired the rights for the captured Bananamama, Sunrise, Eldorado, Slater, Teploservice, and Smart Heat to recover the rights of the legal beneficiaries and share the profit earned as a result of these projects. I bought a portfolio of assets with an estimated NAV of more than $56 billion paying just $6 in cash, with the obligation to return half of the collected value to the sellers. Upon starting to work with this portfolio, it was later determined that all of these companies were part of the 3rd Reich structure. On the territory of Russia, all these organizations were engaged in activities of introducing the money of the Third Reich into the official economic turnover in order to continue military operations against it during the postwar period. On the post-acquisition stage, it was discovered that the 3rd Reich is the main defendant in the cases of the Nüremberg Ring and Heritage, and that the sellers of these assets also participated as defendants in these projects. This discovery allowed to consolidate 100% of these businesses, offset any obligations to pay off the second half, and collect evidence about the substantial business and legal structure of the 3rd Reich. Among the recognition of $56 billion in deferred income, this $6 acquisition gave the clue to the 3rd Reich and the legal basis to claim the 3rd Reich's Group, which includes Glencore, Rio Tinto, BHP Billinton, and X Strata. This combined acquisition has resulted in the discovery of the Hermitage Capital case and the murder of Sergey Magnitsky, which we can tie together as a series of terrorist acts that represent the post-war military activity of the Third Reich. As discovered, the 3rd Reich has the one simple meaning: it is the third name of Mark Rich, the founder of Glencore, who built his empire and wealth on the military conflicts, including the human heap leaching in the death camps during the new series of Crussades in the first half of 20th century. Since the real NAV of Glencore was approximately $1T, I was able to add this last drop, along with the holiday pants of Pope Garavito, to the BOOST portfolio. This piece of cake I will consider in the reporting in 2024, thus, the $98T is far not the end. For Russia, it just means the return of all rights for the natural resource sector back to the stage ownership: oil and gas, mining, forest, and energy, completely ending the historical mincing of the infrastructure by RAO UES, Watch the movie until the end to view the complete consolidated portfolio. As you may observe, I received a good return on my $100k initial cash investments and $6 acquisition expenses. If you desire to earn something like this, you can rely on me to handle your assets. My competence, honesty, and intelligence are sufficiently affirmed by my origin, track record, and current wealth.

Knowledge and Courage.

Our family has been committed to serving the countries and people with the highest level of honor and integrity for centuries. In today's world, it's not sufficient to solely rely on our lineage and reputation. To stay ahead of the game, we ought to keep striving to boost ourselves. My focus is on remaining up-to-date on the latest innovations and other spheres that may be of interest, as knowledge is the only competitive advantage.


2023-at present

Qualified Program


Data, Economics, and Design of Policy: International Development.

2023-at present

Bachelor, Health Science

The University of the People

Health Science, Medicine, Genetics, Psychology. She got the full scholarship grant.



The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, St Hugh's College. EMBA8. She was admitted without exams, with the GMAT and TOEFL exemption. Vice President of the Oxford Business Alumni Steering Committee, Russia (2016-2020).



Samara State Economic University

Graduated in Law, with distinction.



Samara State Economic University

Graduated in Economics, with distinction.


Secondary School

Technical Lyceum

After the graduation, she was admitted to the Engineering and Economics Faculty of the Samara Polytechnical University. 


I have some intriguing ideas.

My focus has been on inventions in neuroscience, criminalistics, and general management since 2014.


I love linguistics.

My curiosity lies in discovering new languages, actively using visual-spatial ways of communication, studying slang, and other foreign languages to understand people from different cultures better. My language skills include Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Modern Literary Arabic, and Mandarin. I have a grasp of criminal slang and the diverse communication methods that exist in different parts of society. And I have a deep love for writing.

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I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the world through my charity projects. You can learn more about my current initiatives and how you can get involved by exploring this section of my website.

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