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My name is Meggi Bogle

Meggi Bogle (Göring, Goering, née Anna Sergeevna Tolstaya, by Russian passport Anna Mariia Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina) was born on May 1st, 1975 in the family of Sergey Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Tatijana Alexeevna Romanova.

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If anyone is interested in what I'm doing, tell them I'm dead.

John Bogle.

Male Line 4th Generation

Mikhail Iliyich Tolstoy

Elena Lvovna Koutchubei

Roman Ivanovich Bagration

Elena Alexandrovna Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova

Female Line 4th Generation

Nikolay II

Alexandra Fyodorovna

John Bogle (Karl Wilhelm Friedrich IV (Hermann) Goering)

Emma Carin Louise Johanna von Prueßen Goering


I was born during the marriage of Sergey Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Tatijana Alexeevna Romanova. My parents married in March, 1974. On May 1st, 1975, I was born. Acute poisoning caused me to fall into a neonatal coma after birth. For the same reason, I am not tall. Coma is one of the main consequences of acute poisoning with toxic substances, in particular - phosphorganic poisons like cyclozarine. The dose that an adult could survive became almost lethal for me. To give me a chance to live without being stigmatized, my family organized to issue the fake birth certificate dated March 1st, 1978. I was able to visit the children's garden, school, and university because of this without explaining why I did it later for three years than the most people do. To conceal the fact that I was born on a different date, a record of my death was made on the date of my birth simultaneously. This date is May 1, 1975. The intention to make the situation better by the falsification of documents, led to the fatal consequences. Read more>>

Name Change

The most important part of identity.

Like many other of my family members, I changed my name 5 times, and I feel no confusion about it. It is nobody business, except me. But if you still questions why I did it, the explanation is below.

Who cares what the public chatters?

the bogles' way

According to my pedigree, I was born as Anna Sergeevna Tolstaya. Since my family did not live under their own names, the birth certificate was issued in the name of Anna Sergeevna Shumilova. Of course, I did not take part in this process. In 1999, as part of an inheritance case, marriage swindler Evgeniy Vladimirovich Andreev married me. The marriage was declared invalid. When I got married, I changed my last name, and lived with the last name Andreeva for quite a long time after the marriage ended. In 2017, when I began to actively engage in inheritance matters, I took a complex passport name and a long passport surname Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina, following two goals: to make it more difficult for scammers to forge documents, and to obtain a passport name corresponding to my pedigree. I deliberately did not take the surname Tolstaya, Bagration, and Volkonskaya for the reason that with these surnames there were a large number of scammers registered both in social networks and in genealogical projects. I took the surnames of my paternal great-grandfathers, with whom I felt the greatest spiritual unity at that moment. In 2023, when I finished compiling my family tree and had information from investigative authorities that allowed me to declare my ancestry openly and confidently, I began to use the short dynastic name Meggi Göring for social networks and correspondence. Knowing that Hermann Göring and John Bogle are one person, as soon as I had information confirming that I had the right to enter into the inheritance of my great-grandfather, I completed the process of renaming myself, essentially repeating his fate.

We are the newborn, the world knew all about us. We are the future and we're here to stay.

Tim Bergling.

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I came to stay.

I've got my first job when I was 13. My first entrepreneurial experience I get it in 2001, by creating the law and accounting firm Konsul. My firm was working for almost 2 years. I was not ready to offer the services demanded on the wild black market of the Russia in 90-s. I stopped the business. In November 2002, I started my corporate career, which has been remarkably completed on December 31st, 2013. Since 2014, I have been working in the one role - CEO, owner founder of the BOOST. Everything else is secondary. On May 15th of 2024, the BOOST has celebrated the 10 years since the date of incorporation, and 10 years in ongoing business. I believe, this is that called success.

Get the BOOST



10, Vozdvizhenka

Moscow, 125009, Russia

Magic Formula

The BOOST is a sufficient reflection of the 26 years of professional experience, 5 university degrees, and 3 the US professional recognitions that I possess. I have been graduated with honors in economics and in law early in my professional career. In 2010, I have been admitted to the University of Oxford, SBS, EMBA 8, and graduated in 2013. Later, I started my education at the University of People, pursuing the degree in Computer Science. In 2023, I started my another education there on the faculty of medicine. Since 2024, I have been studying the Public Policy in MIT in online mode. My diversified interdisciplinary professional experience includes numerous profound skills in asset management, leadership, investments, corporate turnaround, criminal law, medicine, and many other topics which form the whole focus of my current business activity. The knowledge and practice are the 99% components of my results. The rest 1% is an execution.

Knowledge and Courage.

Our family has been committed to serving the countries and people with the highest level of honor and integrity for centuries. In today's world, it's not sufficient to solely rely on our lineage and reputation. To stay ahead of the game, we ought to keep striving to boost ourselves. My focus is on remaining up-to-date on the latest innovations and other spheres that may be of interest, as knowledge is the only competitive advantage.


2023-at present

Qualified Program


Public Policy.

2023-at present

Bachelor, Health Science

The University of the People

Health Science, Medicine, Genetics, Psychology. She got the full scholarship grant.

2021-at present

Bachelor, Computer Science

The University of the People

I decided to refresh my skills in programming, and get the academic knowledge in the field of my core business activity.



The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, St Hugh's College. EMBA8. She was admitted without exams, with the GMAT and TOEFL exemption. Vice President of the Oxford Business Alumni Steering Committee, Russia (2016-2020).



Samara State Economic University

Graduated in Law, with distinction.



Samara State Economic University

Graduated in Economics, with distinction.


Secondary School

Technical Lyceum

After the graduation, she was admitted to the Engineering and Economics Faculty of the Samara Polytechnical University. 

A part of my legacy. Nobody pretended.


I took everything

My linguistics skills are genetically explained. I speak Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Modern Literary Arabic, and Mandarin. From my great-great-great-grandparent Leo Tolstoy, I inherited the DNA of long phrases and love to writing. I am curious to discover new languages, actively using visual-spatial ways of communication, and studying slang, to understand people from different cultures better. This is the best DNA test. Never lies.

I never played the lottery. I was a casino dealer.

My wealth

Nothing fell from the sky on me. Anybody didn’t give me gifts or grant the business. This difficult path benefited me a lot giving me an exclusive freedom to make decisions and capability to manage my own business and my life. This 36 years of working and studying hard are the price I paid to succeed on my own. I got my first job at the age of 13. My first million of dollars I earned during my corporate career in AFK Sistema. The BOOST made my fortune. After the BOOST, the legacy of my family is the essential part of organic growth and heavy burden. It is the game bonus add-on, which has been planted on the well prepared base, not vice versa.

The only one who really knows about the Reichstag is I, because I set it on fire!

Hermann Göring.

My dogs are my family members.

Signature Story

Being a member of a hereditary military aristocracy of royal origin is both an honor and a substantial responsibility. My name shall be a testament to my service, dedication, and loyalty to the nation. By embracing the values of my family and striving to serve my country with selflessness, I shall fulfill this legacy obligation. I am optimistic that I can keep up with this obligation and make a lasting impression on history.

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I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the world through my charity projects. You can learn more about my current initiatives and how you can get involved by exploring this section of my website.

"How can you survive knowing your documents confirm your death, and that your status quo will be made consistent with the documents at any moment? Live like a bogle."

Meggi Bogle.

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