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Hermitage Capital


At first, the Hermitage Capital case was a series of criminal cases that were initiated due to the illegal acquisition of shares in enterprises of strategic importance for the Russian Federation. Among other things, the purchase was made by utilizing stolen funds from the Russian budget and altering tax returns prior to submitting them to the tax authorities.

Substance of the case

In 2008, when the investigation into the circumstances of this crime began, one of the participants in this scheme, lawyer Magnitsky S.L., was killed by an undiscovered way in the Matrosskaya Tishina prison. The individuals who investigated and prosecuted his case and were involved in the conflict over the Hermitage Capital case were added to the so-called Magnitsky list.

According to the text of the law enacting the Magnitsky list and the rules in connection with this case, starting from the date of entry into force of the Jackson-Vanik appeal, decisions on guilt and punishment against certain persons who took part in the investigation of criminal cases on Hermitage Capital cases will be made not by the Russian court and legal courts in accordance with the applicable law of the Russian Federation, including international norms, but by the sole decision of U.S. President Barack Obama. The fact that Ahmad Suraji, an Indonesian serial killer of Malaysian descent and a member of the Orange Asli ethnic group, was hired by the CIA's ZR/RIFLE program is a significant fact. Although Ahmad Suraji was listed as dead, he was actually still alive as a result of being interned in the MKULTRA special training program. Thus, in the history of international law, the introduction into force of the shameful Magnitsky Law, there was a stunning precedent in terms of impudence and madness, when the U.S. Senate adopted a decision overturning the decision of the official legal authority of Russia and its judicial and legal system, replacing all these decisions with the decrees of a mentally ill serial killer, a eunuch of Malaysian origin. Shabama killed women because he believed that drinking the saliva of 70 victims would make him a powerful shaman and a healer. There are no analogies in world history for this unique case. Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin, sectarian Boris Nemtsov, and his friend Vladimir Kara-Murza were the primary lobbies for this dreadful legal precedent. All these lobbyists, who actively promote the adoption of an incredible irrational law in the United States, which abolished official power and legality in Russia and replaced them with the decisions of a mentally ill failed Malaysian shaman in the United States and Russia, were almost elevated to the rank of saints. The crimes mentioned in the case of desecration of Prince Repnin N.V.'s tombstone are similar to those that stem from the cultivation of denial of official power, legality, and the judicial system.

Sergei Magnitsky and Sergei Bobylev, bogus owner of the Sunrise company were both held in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center during their illegal criminal trial. The people who prosecuted Magnitsky illegally also prosecuted Bobylev. The purpose of this criminal prosecution was to seize the property of those in pre-trial detention, resulting in the use of procedural and physical barriers. Alfa-Bank, Moscow Credit Bank, Investment Company A1, Igor Yakovlev, and Mikhail Dvornikov were the primary organizers who seized Bobylev's business in a clear and visible manner.

According to the model of the Sunrise seizure, criminal prosecutions were initiated by the owners of the companies Eldorado and Bananama, Russian Capital, the Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, and several others during the same period. The group of entities responsible for all of these seizures consisted of Alfa-Bank, AFK Sistema, PPF Group, VTB Bank, Sberbank, and the joint holding AK Bars-Taif. They form together the one consolidated business group.

Upon further investigation of the functioning of all seized enterprises, including Hermitage Capital, it was discovered that they had never moved beyond the boundaries of the group of individuals who were in possession of them. The concern was expressed about the money that was alleged to have been stolen as part of illegal criminal charges against Bobylev, Yakovlev, Borodin, and others. Alfa-Bank, A1 Investment Company, and associated individuals, along with other entities that were taken over, where a component of the legal framework of Los Zetas drug cartel holding, the Medellin cartel, Sinaloa, the Cali cartel, and CJNG. The raiders' seizures were not the authentic hostile takeovers. They were the internal conflicts between the members of the same organized criminal group who decided to eliminate dangerous witnesses - the nominees who owned the part of the operational criminal structure in Russia. It was a natural selection, when the senior group of criminals attempted to discharge the hired middle-level nominees, without being greenmails. The problem was that the nominees who managed the criminal businesses for decades, sincerely started to consider them like their own. The other angle of the problem was that the exit of nominees out of business and erasure of the organizations involved in the criminal activities, had to be explained. The real explanation was avoided by the use of fictional stories for laymen, such as the raider capture of Bananamama, the illegal prosecution of Borodin, the cancer of Tinkov, and so on.

The names Sunrise, Eldorado, Costa Classic, Solo-I, Bananamama, Slater (translated from English butcher - roofer) had an etymology related to Latin American culture and drug cartel business. Drug cartels have been using these enterprises for drug smuggling and money laundering ever since they were introduced into the legal economic market in the Russian Federation. The continuation of the 3rd Reich's aggressive military policy in the Russian Federation following the official announcement of the end of WWII was financed by this money. The name "Hermitage Capital" was named after the Pergamon altar for human sacrifices, which was moved from Berlin to St. Petersburg. BOOST completed the acquisitions and projects allowing to consolidate on the balance sheet the cases of Sunrise, Bananamam, Slater, Russian Capital, Yukos, Hermitage Capital, Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, that is, - formed a complete base for proving the circumstances described above and received the related property rights. In relation to BOOST, the group of individuals listed above, which also includes those linked to the Magnitsky list, attempted to raid, and seize the BOOST, and assassinate Meggi Göring (as evidenced by the passport of Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina).

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