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The Vanguard Group is the top-1 largest private independent investment company in the world. Vanguard's HQ resides in the town of Valley Forge (Pennsylvania). According to the official version, Vanguard was created in 1975 by John Bogle (May 8th, 1929 - January 16th, 2019), who was Hermann Gœring, empowered successor of Adolf Hitler, acted under the pseudonym "John Bogle" with a meaning "ghost," or "spirit." In the military operation of the 3rd Reich, Vanguard played a headline role in the realization of the Green Folder plan to consolidate companies paying the lowest possible price and hold the beneficiary ownership over controlled criminal organization. Like its' predecessors, Vanguard solved various tasks for the 3rd Reich, including raising funds for the implementation of the 3rd Reich strategy by committing of aggravated crimes of economic nature aiming to get cheap consolidation of as many assets as possible and get enough resources for the war using market manipulation, corruption, mass media, and terrorism.


"On balance, the financial system subtracts value from society."

Hermann Gœring


Vanguard (from Old Norse Vanrgarðr): 
earth inhabited by vans, group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future. Vanir are fighting with Æsir, humans semigods originated from Odin. Vanguard got its' name from the founders - dynasts of Inglings' dynasty, which has its roots from Njörðr, a god among the Vanir.

Operating Model

The distinctive rigid approach to managing the performance of Vanguard's subsidiaries, when even hierarchical organized crime groups have transformed into marketable brands (for example, T-shirts with a portrait of El Chapo), is explained quite simply. Germany, as the natural homeland of the 3rd Reich, has never been a large country and has not been distinguished by a large population. To conquer the world with the imperial ambitions of the Reich required enormous resources. The maniacal approach to cutting costs and maximizing profits is due to the small size of the 3rd Reich and its incredibly ambitious goals. This found its expression in absolutely all manifestations of the policy and military strategy of the 3rd Reich:

  • in manipulating market prices for companies to buy more for less money, which can be easily observed across the study of a series of handmade financial and political crises that led to a collapse in the value of the asset;

  • in a unique conveyor of mass deaths in camps, when absolutely all items of clothing and personal belongings, including prostheses, and personal items were removed from victims before transitioning them to the gas chambers, and sent for reuse or recycling;

  • in the use of collaborators to kill as many as possible with the someone else's' hands, saving life of Germans and its' resources, including weapon;

  • in developing weapons of mass extermination to kill as many as possible with less cost, and to shift the sin and the cost of killing to the victims themselves (this can be seen in the example of the opioid epidemic, COVID-19, Monsanto's case, Vietnamese Orange, processed food with the addition of large amounts of sugar, salt, and refined fats, etc.);

  • extensive use of propaganda to involve collaborationists, and to manipulate the collective conscious and unconscious;

  • extensive use of mass-destruction non-traditional weapon like various spiritual practices distributed through sects, religious rituals (e.g., Singapore's ba-gua mirror case), traditional church (e.g., Russian Orthodox Church case), FMCG (e.g., Maharishi cakes case);

  • the use of mechanisms of mental influence and hypnosis so that the victim relaxes, and loses a sense of danger and voluntarily allows a crime to be committed against himself: the use of the victim’s favorite numbers, dates and names in the commission of crimes, the use of concepts familiar to the victim and objects of her familiar environment. Thus, in Auschwitz, Jews were not driven at gunpoint into the gas chambers. Jews were deceived to Auschwitz, promising deportation to Eretz Israel, with an offer to wash before meeting God in the showers of a hospitable death camp, where instead of water they were given cyclone-B gas.

  • and, finally, the ultimate masterpiece of the Reich martial craft and cornerstone of its' strategy - the Werewolf approach when victims themselves kill themselves at the costs of themselves. The maintenance of the death camps facilities and execution of daily operations were performed by the same prisoners - victims killed themselves serving the mass death production line with the fantastic economic effect. For many years, this strategy allowed the 3rd Reich to save almost all its troops, financial resources, weapon, and continue the war without losses for decades. The transformation of people into werewolves who, while remaining citizens of the state - the object of the military attack of the Reich, will work in the name of the Reich and to achieve its goals - became a favourite method of Nazi Germany. It is a kind of military art of Nazis, which allowed it to seize the mass consciousness of millions with a tiny resource and make them work to self-destruction, by transferring the associated risks of prosecution and guilt to the victims themselves, in order to achieve the goals of the 3rd Reich. Therefore, the word "werewolf," and wolf symbolism is one of the central symbols of the brand identity of Nazi Germany. The Werewolf strategy explains the cooperation with local mafia clans when for the 3rd Reich, local criminal groups carried out their tasks using the same methods. This allowed the Reich not only to kill people and achieve its criminal goals in the most efficient way delivering the highest economic returns, and do this discreetly - stay invisible and continue to realise the Nazis' strategy under the facade of various criminal groups without official announcement of them as Nazis collaborators. The slogan of the Orekhovskaya OPG "friends shall kill friends" that went down in history, came to the group as one of the methods of the operating model from the 3rd Reich, observed in its' death camps. Victims killing each other with the help of family members or close friends are not only economical, efficient, and discreet. It also ensures the concealment of the traces of the crime with the help of mutual responsibility and allows the crimes to remain unsolved for a long time.

The military objectives and the economic strategy predefined the wide usage of military intelligence tools for communications with werewolves, management of daily operations, and planning organized criminal activity. For coordination, Vanguard's allies used public advertising, newspapers, movie making, apparel, jewelry, onomastics, and other professional tools mistakenly recognized by laymen as an interesting intrigue or individual fight for human rights - the Simpsons' prophets, Pussy Riot's performances, collars of Ruth Bader Ginzburg, broches of Elvira Nabiullina - all this stuff has one substantial nature, the language of military intelligence, widely used by Nazis to communicate with the collaborators yet since the 1st World War. Also, the same language they engaged to communicate the criminal message to the government, like mafia clans, to "send the message" to the government by committing specifically brutal atrocities, murders, and terrorist acts - we call it "meatphone." The werewolf strategy also included the use of individuals undergoing the mechanism of identity replacement through body modification, falsification of personal documents, and alteration of personal data. This allowed the Nazis to seat their representatives under the guise of innocent respectful citizens of the countries that were the targets of a military attack, even in their authorities (e.g., Tolstoy's "grandsons" case, Prince Bagration's case, Rurikids case, Prince Repnin's case, Three Patriarchs case, Werewolves in Uniform case). The legends of such werewolves were reinforced by falsified kinship with representatives of neutral dynasties or organizations that, according to the Reich, were extremely trustful like church, and capable of inspiring confidence among the local population, like police. This allowed the werewolves to work for the Reich in the structure of state administration and management of the largest enterprises of the countries that were the objects of the Reich's military attack. We observed multiple examples in the USA, Russia, European Union.

Thus, on the post of the Vanguard's CEO, Gœring solved military tasks using the sophisticated economic instruments, considering the small size of the 3rd Reich and underlying big ambitions.

According to the legend distributed across public media sources, Gœring under the name Bogle was an American entrepreneur, well-known investor, founder, and former CEO of the Vanguard. In 1999 "Bogle" was named "an investment giant of the 20th century" by Fortune magazine, owned by the Vanguard. In fact, Vanguard performed a part of the martial activity of the 3rd Reich on the financial markets of debt and equity. In addition to the Black Tuesday of 1929, which brought to the 3rd Reich money for the military operation executed since 1933, Black Monday, the Japanese recession, the dot-com crisis, sophisticated laundering of the 3rd Reich money through the drug cartels, loan sharks, retail businesses, securities, and managing complicated hidden financial structures like Enron case, he was the author of the derivatives scheme, which in 2007 led to a global financial disaster caused by cross-securitization. This allowed to obtain multiple land-plots and property, following the main 3rd reich strategy to consolidate territories. Besides crisis making, Gœring was the inventor of index investments and mutual funds concepts. In 1975, he founded the Vanguard 500 investment fund, the first-ever index fund available to the general public. From 1975 to 2002, Vanguard's assets under management increased from $1.8 billion to $600 billion.

An index fund is a type of mutual investment fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF), that follows an index investment strategy. The concept of an index investment strategy involves the purchase of all assets available for investment in shares proportional to their market capitalization. Gœring compared the index strategy to "betting on all the horses in a race at the same time." Fundamental analysis is not necessary, because according to the communicated assumptions the market is perfect, and the prices of all assets are fair. It is clear even to a child that this is not true. Otherwise, the lemon-peaches paradox, the concept of moral hazard, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which did not save the inflated Wall Street bubbles, would never have appeared. The progressive invention of Gœring allowed mixing the crapy assets with good ones, which later resulted in the 2008 crisis of derivatives.

The most famous of the index funds, the Vanguard 500 Index Fund, operates based on the S&P 500 index and was personally founded by Gœring. The main advantage of index funds for investors is the maximum simplicity of the strategy, one of the consequences of which is the minimum management costs. Index funds blindly follow the market and cannot guarantee the return. The strategy of index funds erroneously based on assumptions of perfect market, which is wrong. As a result of index investing, the investor becomes extremely vulnerable to market bubbles. In the market as a whole, the widespread using of index funds can pose a danger to the global financial system, as it potentially reduces the efficiency of pricing financial instruments and may contribute to the formation of market bubbles which perfectly responded to the military goals of the 3rd Reich. For instance: dot-coms, the Japanese stock bubble of the late 1980s, and the bubbles of mortgage derivatives in 2008. Now Vanguard Group, after making money on handcrafted bubbles, is the largest shareholder of the largest American banks: Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, which ensures hyper-concentration of capital. Because of this, the company is called the "investment Leviathan." In addition to banks, the Vanguard Group participates in the management of such global giants as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, General Electric, AT&T, and Alphabet.

Why the 3rd Reich created such an empire and consolidated so many assets is directly indicated in its strategic military goals - to create an ideal racially pure Arian state existing over a vast territory for indefinite period. As we know from the Nüremberg trials, immortality, life longevity, and living in the high mountain areas were the top priorities for the medical experiments of the 3rd Reich conducted in the death camps, together with the mass extermination tools testing. This combination of the test working streams is explained by the initial intention of the 3rd Reich to achieve immortality and a new quality of life for the Arian race and, from the other side, to exterminate the rest of the world population.

Among extermination of non-Arians, the 3rd Reich strategy required the consolidation of all property and assets. In particular, the purchase of land was carried out not only by Vanguard but also by its other affiliates - for example, drug cartels that bought real estate and land with drug proceeds, ensuring that the money of the 3rd Reich was invested in the actual direct purchase of territories. Vanguard followed several of the religious and dynastic traditions, became a ship on which it was necessary to collect all the wealth to use it in the afterlife. The name of the fund Vanguard should be translated not as the foremost and going ahead of everyone but as the guardian of the caravan.

For public community, John Bogle represented the radical marginal Christianity which was sharing the natural religious beliefs of Arians. The Vanguard's logo reflects the initial idea of its activity: to prepare for the impending second Christ coming and the necessity to build up an Ark of the New Testament to rescue. According to Bogle, the Vanguard is the number one leader guiding salvation. In the concept of Bogle, Vanguard should become a business Ark of the New Testament. Vanguard should collect all the assets to take them to a new life on the Ark, which will arrive at the paradise with just men on board. Surely, $1.8 bln was not enough to buy all assets to bring them on the Ark to paradise. However, the true beliefs of the 3rd Reich were based on the pagan cults of Ancient Babylon and included such rituals as human sacrificing through burning. Burning the victim alive was supposed to bring the fragrance desired by the gods and arouse their favor. That explains the applied ways of mass extermination preferred by the 3rd Reich - mass burning, mass shooting, and mass poisoning, together led to the sudden death of a large number of victims. By committing these crimes, the 3rd Reich decided not only rational strategic goals understandable for everyone. Also, sacrificing itself as a part of the esoteric activity of the 3rd Reich aimed to get big luck, winning the war, immortality, endless wealth, and eternal prosperity. It is an explanation of why the 3rd Reich moved to Berlin in one place the Ishtar gate, the Babylonian goddess of the mistress of harlots, the road to the gate, and the Pergamon Altar for sacrifices. Meanwhile, it cannot be said that the strategy of the Reich was based solely on the pagan beliefs of Ancient Babylon or Ancient Rome. In itself, the spiritual component of the politics of the 3rd Reich is a powerful cultural fusion of religious beliefs with a dynastic background, and serving to achieve the goal in all possible ways. Therefore, in the politics of the Reich, we can see elements of satanic cults, pagan polytheism, marginal Christianity, and other very specific religious and esoteric traits. It is wrong to attribute the Holocaust only to the old enmity since the destruction of the 1st Temple, because in addition to the Jewish wars, the extermination of the Jews was also due to revenge for the crucifixion of Christ. As we remember, although the Romans crucified Christ, they did it at the request of the Jews and Romans, while the procurator of Judea, the Roman governor Pontius Pilate was about to let Jesus go. The destruction of the second temple followed immediately after the crucifixion of Christ, however, as follows from the prayer verses of Judaism, this fact was never considered by the Jews as the reason for their extermination, in particular during the Holocaust, although it is obvious that Lutheranism is a Christian religion, professed publicly in particular by Hitler, and its followers from the 3rd Reich. So, from historical sources it follows, in particular, the kivot for 9 Av, that during the destruction of the second temple, the Jews actually experienced many events of the murder of their own children after the killing of the God's one. Since Christ, the Son of God, was crucified before the destruction of the 2nd Temple, and the historicity of his personality is irrefutable and confirmed, then in general it is impossible not to note the general nature of the events experienced by the victims in both cases, quite Old Testament ones, and directly stipulated in the Old Testament - seven times will be rewarded for the murder of Cain, seventy-seven times will be rewarded for the murder of Lemekh. It is obvious that vengeance was also due for the murder of Jesus Christ. So the reasons of extermination on the basis of race attributes is much more complicated than just race extermination. It is a sound religious and race ideology undiscovered during the Nüremberg Trials, covers a much longer period of time, and goes beyond the 3rd Reich crimes of the 20th century. The hypothesis that the basis of the Holocaust and the further integration of werewolves into the Christian church to transform it into satanic messes also confirms that Christian views were still dominant in the basis of the religious beliefs of the 3rd Reich, and the role that the 3rd Reich and, accordingly, Hitler was going to take on himself was the cleansing of the earth from sinners and building a new ark of the covenant - the analog of a kind of interpretation of the Last Judgment, which is correlated with the "last word" of Gœring during the Nüremberg Trials, werewolf strategy to transfer the sin of killing to the victims, using of interims, nominees, and bogus directors which allowed to stay clean for the 3rd Reich, etc.

Thus, Gœring in the process of the perfect Arian state creation, aimed to collect as much wealth as possible acting in a cheapest available price. Vanguard accumulated money, fell the prices for the assets to buy them all at a lower price, destroyed sinners because the Ark is not flexible, and performed the erasure of the non-Arian population. Reaching the goal, Bogle solved two tasks:

  • To collect treasures: get enough money to consolidate all precious assets

  • To consolidate righteousness: to destroy non-Arians, sinners, or followers of other religious beliefs (in particular, Jews - e.g., in the Auschwitz death camp, the road of death to the gas chambers was called "the road to Canaan") and promote the Vanguard values based on the Ancient Babylon beliefs, including the cult of the goddess Ishtar.

Thus, he invented several tools to manipulate the markets - using of twins concept for fund management to double the assets and raise the debt twice pledging the assets only once (this creative approach gave life to the derivatives allowing to double assets' value and take unsecured over-debt), market manipulation to drive the trajectory of the stock price, and index investing.

As a part of its military operation, using the Vanguard and its affiliates, the 3rd Reich undertook several handmade state and financial crises across the world.

Black Monday - the global, sudden, severe, and unexpected stock market crash, that occurred on October 19th, 1987, falling down all indexes. A sharp decline affected twenty-three major world financial markets in October 1987. Due to the time zone difference, in New Zealand and Australia, the day was named "Black Tuesday." 40% of markets declined by 20 to 29%, 13% by 30 up to 39%, and 13% by more than 40% (Asia and Australia) in terms of USD volume. The least affected was Austria (a fall of 11.4%), while the most affected was Hong Kong with a drop of 45.8%. 19 out of 23 major industrial countries suffered a decline greater than 20%, and the total losses worldwide were estimated at US$1.71T. The severity of the crash called a scare of a reprise of the Great Depression and extended economic instability.

Market in 1987 went through a crisis of trust, spreading collapse of securities firms followed by the liquidity crisis, bankruptcies, and margin calls, repeating the trajectory of 2008. The decline in Black Monday became and still is the biggest fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Saturday, December 12th, 1914, is sometimes erroneously cited as the largest one-day percentage decline of the DJIA. In reality, the ostensible decline of 24.39% was created retroactively by a redefinition of the DJIA in 1916." The same trends we observed in Q3, and Q4 in 2008. Russia, in 2014, also watched out for the manipulated market shaking related to currency, FX trade, and commodities. Can one company ruin the entire market? For sure. That was successfully done by Enron, Rothschild, Standard Oil, Fannie Mae, and Freddy Mac, and was repeated many times by Vanguard.

Black Monday brought to Gœring money to buy out the Wellington Fund, which was in fact his family asset. Thus, as soon as the index investing worked well, Vanguard obtained the the largest assets portfolio using the margin call technique and decided to make the success manageable with a participation of a special SaaS firm to repeat the ongoing market shaking exercises. Al-Qaeda, the Russian mafia, and Chechen terrorists were born to outsource not only military activity, but as a tool to manipulate markets and governments. Also, Vanguard invested in the news-making firms - Hearst, Bloomberg, CNBC, Deutsche Welle, BBC, rating agencies, UNILAD, and many others. Vanguard consolidated the news-making industry intended to derive money from the public securities markets, debt instruments, hedge, FX funds, ETF, and private equity, which are very sensitive to the news and information. The news-making industry works well if you control the Internet, and can control the [fake] news production and distribution. As a response to that, Vanguard started to buy dotcoms and technology companies working in the digital segment. Thus, this mega corporation supported the Werewolf strategy globally through such giants as Alphabet, Meta, Microsot, Samsung, Apple, Disney, and many others. The Vanguard mechanics once being trained on Black Monday, became a standard operating model to manipulate indices. The mechanism brought the 3rd Reich again more prosperity and success. Altogether, that became an ultra-powerful resource to drive the capital markets in the direction that Vanguard needed pursuing the targets of his martial operation. It was not insider trading. It was the creation of intentional malicious stock price manipulation to achieve the military purposes according to the war strategic plan of the 3rd Reich: a crash of the markets before acquisitions, and a rally at the exit before selling. The name Vanguard became corresponding to Bogle's business - the market moved where Vanguard wanted, and how Vanguard wanted to make money on it.

After the falling down of DJI, Vanguard created the dot-com crisis to consolidate the media and news-making business with the digital infrastructure for that. The dot-com bubble burst on March 10th, 2000, when the NASDAQ Composite index of high-tech companies crashed. Before that, it hit its high of 5048.62 doubling its year-over-year. Most dot-com companies collapsed. Hundreds of internet businesses became insolvent, dissolved, or changed their proprietor as a result of the crisis. Several executives have been convicted of fraud and embezzlement of shareholder money. Something like that we observed in 2008 with the Russian retail. For Vanguard, that harvested many buying opportunities, and an official excuse to make certain write-offs. The profit increased, and the losses faded on Enron's balance. Enron itself was a part of the Los Zetas business group involved in the laundering of the 3rd Reich money to organize the initial qazi-legal infusion of 3rd Reich Gold into the real economy. That is how the Sarbanes-Oxley law appeared to bring more money to Vanguard as a group that controlled all IT, auditing, and accounting firms. The new regulatory requirements did not become an obstacle for the 3rd Reich in its' criminal money-making and laundering. Instead, SOX became again the tool serving the 3rd Reich criminal objectives instead of stopping it. SOX created a new source of money making for the Vanguard by controlling the infrastructure for the SOX compliance. SOX did not save either the market or Enron. Thus, the one-on-one black Monday scheme repeated in the 2008 financial crisis. The result we all know - the dot-com bubble, due to the optimisation of purchasing costs by Vanguard, and multiple episodes of aggressive information wars after consolidation of resources and infrastructure for these under the Vanguard.

The competence to crash and manipulate the global financial markets is unique rare expertise, unreplicable, and requires extraordinary intelligence, outstanding business skills, proficiency, resources, and infrastructure. Only Vanguard and Gœring had it. The competence to ruin the markets only a few people master. So, the 2008's author was the same person. To hide the committed crimes among creative accounting and contract killing, the Vanguard began to use the instrument of the Nazis psychiatry in the United States. Any competent person would notice that the market is repeatedly storming in the same way, but only Vanguard and those around that make money on these disasters. In response to these people who were asking many unpleasant questions, a new diagnosis of mental disorders appeared in US psychiatry - the delirium of a conspiracy on Wall Street. Technically the statement about the conspiracy on Wall Street was false. The conspiracy was not on Wall Street, but in the 3rd Reich HQ, and Pennsylvania, where Vanguard headquarters are located. And in the neighboring states with the same beliefs: Maryland, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey. Thus, the people who can count, read and understand the economic theory, finance, and the practice of capital markets, who began to ask a lot of correct questions, the Vanguard simply declared them mentally ill. This tool has been successfully applied by the 3rd Reich in Germany long before 1933, to hide the traces of committed crimes. So, the 3rd Reich used the same technics which were serving the same criminal objectives of the Nazis' military operation.

After Black Monday, Vanguard got an impressive yield having increased its declared official capital by 333 times. Certainly, Vanguard was not the only one firm in the consolidation. It acted together with its allies - affiliates and mutual funds, through the complicated chain of ownership. The size of the declared proprietary rights should not be misleading. The real beneficiary was covered underwater through the complicated corporate organization maintained by the Big4 companies, law firms, and providers of nominal management services across the world. The legal construction was managed abroad by using cross-ownership, a large number of intercompany transactions, and nominees. To hide the real business structure, Vanguard widely exploited the model of trusts, registered agents in the various jurisdictions, and the model of "scouts" - bogus directors.

During the WWII, Nazis actively experimented in the death camps with the twins. The twins concept was one of the most favourite topic of the 3rd Reich, lately implemented not only for medical and political prospective. The twins mechanics was used to create operational models of the 3rd Reich together with the specific military intelligence features. E.g., after success in business operations at the end of the 80s, when Gœring tried to solve another task - how to collect more assets possessing limited financial resources. For this purpose, Hermann Gœring created the twin - mutual fund Blackrock under the management of Albert Gœring's family, which was initially a part of the Blackstone group. That allowed them to double the leverage: to blow the balance sheet by inter-company operations, and raise more cash and debt using the bubble assets as collateral for brokerage and trading operations in the margin call option. Thus, Gœring tripled the funds to be spent on the assets gathering. Also, this segregation helped to achieve another objective - to stay hidden by acquiring assets together in minority shares which cumulatively gave control over companies.

The next task to be solved was to fall the prices for the assets to buy more at the same funds. From this perspective, after tripling the leverage through the mutual fund construction, Vanguard created the special resources - the raiders-werewolves who worked in the countries with the highest upside potential. The raiders included not only investment companies, Vanguard widely used organized crime, and terrorist organizations. They were in Russia, Africa, Asia, both Americas, Gulf countries, and Europe. Vanguard cooperated with the local mafia and paid briberies to the officials (including the US) to illegally capture stakes in the state-owned companies as a part of the Ost military plan of the 3rd Reich. Vanguard used the hidden ownership structures to avoid prosecution and consolidated the public securities markets, private sector, the state-owned assets using such progressive instruments as contract killing, plane crashes, terrorism, and mass murders to buy assets cheaper. The investment giant Gœring together with his allies organized sophisticated schemes to withdraw extra cash from the countries, which are non-Arian sin bearers. In Russia, it was the fake avizo scheme aimed to stole money from the central bank and the financial pyramids. Both schemes were complex and very sophisticated. These operations in Russia brought to the 3rd Reich the estimated capital in the amount of $8T. The companies which participated in that were the Alfa-Bank, Prevezon Group, Slater, MMM, Chara Bank, Tibet, Vlastilina, Hopyor Invest, Russkiy Dom Selenga, and their affiliates, even by onomastics directly associated with the 3rd Reich definitions, and managed by the 3rd Reich which was acted in form of various state and commercial banks, organizations, "respectful public individuals." After that, Vanguard acting through his allies in Russia organized the scheme of illicit money disposal from the Russian banks. After the crash of the financial pyramids, the Russians became to bring their money to the private and state-owned banks, which also crashed. The banks were built based on the same financial pyramid principle. Capital of banks was moved out, and banks went bankrupt. Their creditors did not get their money back. Instead, they got the goods - apparel, food, electronics, and other stock which the criminals purchased at the cost of bank deposits to cover the money smuggling operations. The operation brought to Vanguard, by our estimates, about $3-4T of additional cash. Thus, Vanguard acted in collaboration with its' Russian allies - the corrupted public officials and representatives of organized crime Ivankov, Mogilevich, Mikhailov, and Timofeev - to steal from Russia and its population about $12-13T during the period 1988-2000 as a part of the Green Folder plan. After the extraction the most cash from the financial sector, Vanguard started the retail business which worked for money smuggling, and served the objectives of the Green Folder plan - to increase import making Russia vulnerable and incapable to protect itself, to erase Russian production facilities, and extract extra cash from the slavic laymen. In fact, the Vanguard activity aimed to destroy the defence, military industry, and make Russia completely dependent from Germany using soft power of financial debt, product import, currency rates, etc.

Yesterday's engineers and designers, the bogus directors of Vanguard in Russia, could not become so sophisticated overnight in complex financial schemes, global financial markets, and tangled investment transactions that require the involvement of foreign jurisdictions. This is beyond the power even of an ordinary financier. A criminal brain that designed the crime was not only savvy in finance but well understood the possibilities and techniques of the malicious application of traditional financial instruments. A very sophisticated and experienced financial geek stayed behind the scene. Again, very few people can master such skills to execute regular ruining of the global markets and financial systems and make it regularly as it is their core business what the 3rd Reich did in fact. It is worth noting that immediately before the collapse of the USSR, the United States warmed the organized crime of Russia on its chest. This relates to "patriarch" Ivankov who persuaded the court in the USA, that in the church he hid from the illegal prosecution and chasing by "the regime." But in the court records, there were no information that Ivankov is a son of Antonina Makarovna Makarova (Panfilova, Ginzburg). This lady was known in the narrow ring of the 3rd Reich Nazis as "Tonka-machinegun," a woman-executioner, who murdered at least 1500 people of Russians on the territory of Ukraine, fighting on the side of Nazis Germany in the structure of the Ukrainian collaborationists. Also, in the court records, there was no information about the father of Ivankov - Isoroku Yamamoto, a Japanese Nazis army admiral. Isoroku later gave the name to Ivankov's army of Neo-Nazis "Sorok Sorokov." Ivankov hid from the "Communists" never. He hid as a son of a traitor, and a child of Nazis, who continued the business of his parents through the organization on the territory of Russia of one of the cruelest organized criminal groups, committing atrocities, mass murders, serious fraud, robberies, and other crimes widely known in history as Nazis crimes. This correlates well with the witness of Oscar Gröening - when 80% of Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazis-criminals got freedom because the USA planned to recreate the 3rd Reich on modern Germany after WWII, and use this against the USSR in the "containment policy." In all US foreign policy, the so-called containment policy of the USSR, and its successor Russia, occupies 70%. However, the people in the US who managed this process were the yesterdays' Nazis from the 3rd Reich, just changing their passports and went through the body modification. This is present not just in the daily activities of the United States. It is permeated by the programs of the law schools of US institutions. The United States has been training lawyers and civil servants for war with Russia for decades. The lectures were not reminiscent of a course in the history of the state and law of the United States. They teemed with agitation against Russia. The USA was not even mentioned in the context of studying their internal problems. According to the lectures, 80% of the internal US issue is the containment of Russia. The rest 19% were devoted to KKK, Irish immigrants, and the disagreements between Catholics and protestants, which is more important than being republican or democrat. The 1% has been dedicated to the FED, pensions, and healthcare. 80% of the material is devoted to the importance of containing Russia (in particular, at the Kennedy Government School at Harvard in the course of US domestic politics, more than 50% of the lectures were charged with statements that containing Russia is the main task of the United States). However, after the emigration, the 3rd Reich acted on behalf of the official government if the US, started to act not only against Russia, but against the local the US population. The appetites of the 3rd Reich were not limited just by the territory of Eurasia.

In 1988, Vanguard founded Al-Qaeda, organized the functioning of Orekhovskaya OPG under the coverage of the Old Believer Church, and invested the stolen cash from Russia into the financing of the war on Chechnya, Kavkaz, Afganisthan, and creation of the special locations for terrorist training. Since that time, the terrorist organizations under the management of Vanguard solved several tasks:

  • weapon, drugs, money smuggling

  • human trafficking (including slavery of kids by pedophiles)

  • shake the public securities market

  • contract killing

  • inciting hatred, islamophobia, Rusofobia, Asian hate

  • jihad - holy war against sinners.

Among other blood-chilling crimes, these market-shaking bands executed the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Nord-Ost terrorist act, the murder of Dody Al-Fayed, and Diana Princess of Wales carried out the sentence of the Sharia court for adultery (the death penalty), etc.

By example of Sinaloa, Al Qaeda became the largest outsourcing companies in the industrial terrorism, building the criminal organization by analog with the regular commercial business. Since 1988, Al-Qaeda being on the top of terrorist organizations, making money on the terrorist craft through planning, organization, execution of terrorist acts, training of the terrorists, and shipments of materials, weapons, ammunition, and infrastructure for training and execution.

Vanguard actively used various religious organizations and sects. Through the Seventh-Day Adventists, and the allies in Russia (Slater, Alfa-Bank, Prevezon, Tinkoff, and their affiliates) Vanguard financed the corrupted officials in Russia and the US to pass the Magnitsky Law, CROOK ACT, Ukraine War, sanctions imposing, and illicit seizure of Russia's property.

But the money stolen by the 3rd Reich and swollen on its balance sheet of Vanguard was not enough to buy all assets in the world, Vanguard also managed the US pension funds and private pension savings aiming to get control over the territory of the US through the bankruptcy of the largest financial institutions and the FED. As a result, Vanguard moved the money of the American retirees out.

The disposed money went through the chain of affiliates, bogus directors, allies, and a complicated legal structure to spend them on acquisitions including shares on the public markets later re-registered in the name of Vanguard. As a result of this operation, the $14T black hole appeared on the balance of funds - Fannie and Freddy, other pension funds, and investment banks involved in the scheme. Hiding that, Vanguard provoked the derivatives crisis. Staying in the index investing game, next Vanguard organized the hidden buyout of building construction companies in the world to manually affect the homebuilding indexes in the US market, which are crucial for Wall Street, interest rate, and the forecast of the US economy: it affects indices that determine the volume of housing construction, and related volumes of construction permits, mortgages programs, the key rate, forecasts for economic growth, unemployment and inflation. However, the black hole did not disappear. Saving this piece of uncovered debt and junk securities through the complicated transactions to postpone the disaster, tripled its size by 2020. Recently the US arrived at the destination with the $30T of sovereign debt, $9T of the hole on the Vanguard balance, and about $8T of the hole on the balance of banks and pension funds. $14T out of this sum is money stolen from the budget of the Russian Federation and the pockets of Russians. The rest of the money Vanguard stole from the pockets of fellow citizens and the United States. Thus, engaging terrorists, mafia, financial institutions, corrupted officials, and the controlled allies ("oligarchs" and corrupted state employees) Vanguard continues to shake the markets, consolidate assets, and earn on indexes. By February 2022, assets under the management of Vanguard were $8.4 trillion, its mirror Blackrock's managed $9.464T. Vanguard and Blackrock did their investment together in pairs, and form one group. The group is divided into pairs for two purposes: for security, segregation of ownership holding from operations, and the second - to increase the leverage for mutual funding and collaterals to support the bubble through the cross-collaterals and derivatives. That's the symbolical segregation that legally allows them to meet certain requirements, distend the balance, launder money, support the assets bubble, and decrease reserves in the regulated activity. Vanguard and Blackrock form the same groups of individuals that retain cross-ownership of each other and their assets.

Until 2018, the funds speeded up the bubble on the public securities market to hide the real reason for the pension fund crisis. Vanguard decided to create something deadly enough to shake the markets, bury the losses, earn extra margin, and create a new source of indices fluctuations. It invested in both - COVID creative laboratories and vaccine production. Considering the possum sanctuary story, when the criminals brought to Russia from the US the practice of imitating the death in case of danger, we assume that immediately before the COVID pandemic in 2019, Bogle imitated his death. After this, Vanguard's allies completed the last preparations and opened the door for COVID distribution. The name of the COVID should mean the 2nd coming of Christ, during that Vanguard intended to come to the world power (read the Gœring, 3rd Reich, and Nord-Ost cases). After one year of the pandemic, Vanguard's allies (other laboratories) started the sales of the vaccine. By this time the prices, indexes, and economics reached the condition when Vanguard became able to complete the consolidation, and the accumulated losses on the balance (black hole) could be explained by the COVID market consequences.

Since we have several reliable examples of death imitations exactly repeating the death of Hitler, a greater propensity to reproduce many times once successful business practice by the same people in this criminal community, we suppose that the reality of the death of Bogle is doubtful. We have many reasons to consider the version of the creation of the Vanguard as the product of the cooperation of Bogle and Hitler as one of the fundamental investigation streams. As we pointed out above, rare and unique competencies cannot be found among a large number of people. Such unique competencies in imitation of one's death, demonstrated several dozen times in our case: Ivankov, Timofeev, Irma Grese, Ilse Koch, Gœring himself, and their other accomplices raise the question of the source of knowledge and the bearer of such possum's skills. Anyway, the clue is in the examples of the 3rd Reich.

Shall we distribute the americanophobia and hate against Americans? The same corpus delicti applies here as well. Following the mens rea principle, the guilty criminal shall derive benefits from the committed crimes. We see the country with many economic and social problems, starting from the obesity pandemic (because Vanguard expected high yield in the food and beverage segments), fentanyl epidemy, huge $30T debt, stolen pension savings, upcoming bankruptcy of pension funds, mass shooting in the school prepared by terrorists hired by Vanguard and presented as "kids protests" against bullying, the war in Iraq, stagflation, and finally coming hunger because Vanguard controls the commodities market, including markets of food through the securities, hedge, and trading. And, Vanguard left the US to bury 2996 corpses after 9/11. The simple Americans and the US with its $30T debt did not get any benefit from the Vanguard operations. Only the 3rd Reich harvested the income. There is no reason to call the US the Empire of Evil, the corrupted US officials are not the Americans, and thankfully are not all of the US. The Empire of Evil and the Temporary Residence of Evil are different definitions.

Since Hermann Gœring and John Bogle are the same person, the Vanguard group, with all its assets and liabilities, is wholly included in the heritage of the beneficiary of BOOST, who is the sister of Hermann Gœring. This means that the issues of regulating the obligations arising from the 3rd Reich activities will be considered within the same legacy case.

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