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Nüremberg Ring

Many-faces and mimicry.

Make fascism unrecognizable for centuries.

Invisible Fight

Take the journey of a lifetime - discover the fascism phenomena to save your life, your family, and understand the comprehensive events around you in the society! Many people put the sign of equality between the definitions of the Third Reich and Fascism, but this is not academically correct. If we trace the activities of fascists through centuries, based on the principle of the crime series, we will find that the phenomena of the 3rd Reich was born much before WWII and started its operations a very long time ago. In fact, it is the history of Crusades and its predecessors - when the religion and totalitarian spirit what is right, what is wrong served as only the justification to commit mass atrocities crime, robberies, and large scale fraud. Many of Crusades distinguished activities you can recognize very quickly: the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Armenian genocide, the Revolution of 1917th in Russia, Red Terror, GULAG, WWI, the extermination of Tutsis, unrest in Russia, and a series of palace coups followed by a series of regicides, the war of 1812th, la Révolution française, 9/11 terrorist act, drug wars in Latin America, pandemic of obesity, COVID, opioid crisis, Panama Papers scandal, Hermitage Capital loud case, and many others others. To comprehend the Third Reich's phenomena, and to differentiate the beliefs as a ground base for the multiple fascists activity from the organizational form of fascism, it is essential to uncover the definition of what fascism is.


Push beyond boundaries of standard vision - discover the features of fascism to recognize it!

Cross Symbols or analogues

Individual beliefs as a Justification

Financial income as a result of crimes

Exist in form of totalitarian cult

Application of mass murder Weapon breaking the causation

High level of penetration into mass media

The modern fascist organizations propagate the theory of "Golden billion," to explain why the other 7 billion of the world population shall be murdered for the sake of "sustainability." Together they form the largest part of current business operations on the consumer markets, healthcare, home building.


Discover the Right Word!

The main distinguishing element of a fascist organization conducting aggressive military actions is the use of weapons of mass destruction, and the organization of military actions in such a way as to break causality. Causality is a key element of a crime in modern law, which allows us to establish the relationship between the adverse consequences that have occurred and the actions of a particular person. In criminal law, the accused is an individual. By artificially breaking the connection between the commission of a crime and the death of the victim, criminals actually create a causality gap. This is the main rationale for organizing processes in the gas chambers of death camps. The process was arranged in such a way that neither the victim saw the killer, nor the killer saw the victims, nor the gas chamber personnel could see the poisoning process. The method of extermination used, despite the obvious presence of piles of corpses, from the point of view of criminal law, really required a huge burden of proof of the connection between the fact of placing a capsule with Zyklon B granules and the occurrence of death in people for some reason in the shower room. The indictment must indicate who, when, how, in what way, for what purpose committed the crime, and what adverse consequences it led to. The casuistry of this case is so complex, despite the apparent obviousness, that for this reason the Nuremberg Tribunal was created. However, he also failed to cope with the task of finding and bringing to justice all the criminals. For this reason, the trial was demonstrative, but extremely far from what is meant by the word “justice.” Mass poisoning, as a method of mass extermination of people, which is inherently extremely difficult to prove, remains to this day the main method of achieving the goals of fascist organizations.

Mass Poisoning With No Victims.

However, the transformation of justice into the most convenient form for criminals with the help of weapons of mass destruction in the form of toxic substances was not the only tool for avoiding responsibility for the events of World War 2 and obtaining indulgence. The second way to escape justice was to add to the list of symptoms of the disease “schizophrenia” a “symptom” such as “complaint of gas poisoning through ventilation,” and, in principle, poisoning. Poisoning from a method of exterminating people, according to modern standards of treatment, written by far from independent organizations, has turned into a diagnosis of a mental disorder for those people who make such complaints. From victims, abused people were transformed to mentally ill, according to the standards of psychiatry created during the WWII by the Institute of Hygiene. Existence of victim - is the vital component to confirm the crime composition. In the cases with the fascist organizations, victim will be claimed as "mentally ill."

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death killing 1 out of 16.5 people worldwide. 70% of lung cancer patients smoked never.

Chemical Weapon Convention

The Chemical Weapon Convention becomes the biggest failure in world history since the Nuremberg trials. Chemical weapons, including extremely toxic substances, continue to be easily produced, stockpiled and widely used. The convention has not led to an end to the proliferation and use of chemical weapons. Mustard gas, phosgene, cyanide, dioxin, BZ, organophosphorus poisons, chlorine, ricin, botulinum toxin, their precursors and other toxic toxic substances still remain the main product of the modern chemical industry, making a leading contribution to China's GDP. and the USA. The fertilizer industry, which is experiencing exponential growth, is not growing at the expense of food production. Strategic herbicides and insecticides constitute the bulk of the chemical industry's supply. These components are the main sources of raw materials for the production of dual-use chemical compounds: arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen, fluorine, and chlorine compounds. Chlorine is still the champion product of the chemical industry. The ongoing inhalations of the poisoning substances even in the micro doses leads to the lung cancer, and other disease of respiratory system, kidneys, pancreas, liver. The respiratory system is the organ that is affected first. Depending on the dose and exposure, the symptom complex varies from a runny nose to purulent pneumonia and lung cancer. The next blow falls on the excretory system, which cleanses the body - the liver, kidneys, as well as on the hematopoietic homeostasis system - the pancreas, spleen and bone marrow. This is one of the reasons for the rapid increase in the incidence of blood cancer in children and pancreatic cancer in adults. Children suffer much more often than adults, and get sick faster, since due to their low weight, the size of the toxic and lethal dose of the toxic substance is much smaller for kids and pets.

The 12,4 out of 15,5 people worldwide die as a result of "Non-reported Diseases."

Feel the Word Difference

Chronic Poisoning vs Non-reported Diseases

A more harmless option is to make a deliberately false diagnosis when a symptom complex of acute or chronic poisoning appears - indigestion, dysbiosis, pneumonia, ARVI, bronchitis, reduced immunity, allergies, acute thrombosis, myocardial infarction, acute cerebrovascular accident, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer's disease, infertility, congenital pathology, oncology, diabetes, kidneys failure. Symptoms of acute or chronic poisoning by toxic substances in low concentrations look somewhat similar to these diseases. The system of organism that harmed first, shows the way of the poisoning. The respiratory system - gas, the digestive system - food, the skin - gas or direct contact through creams and other home chemicals. The symptom complex of poisoning is close to similar to the symptoms of the illness. Doctors in the compulsory medical insurance system have the task of saving budget money, and therefore patients do not undergo the full examination necessary to make a diagnosis. Now in Russia, in 100% of cases, the diagnosis is made without any examination at all, and this diagnosis is incorrect. The doctor does not even perform basic examination procedures on the patient. For this reason, instead of chronic poisoning, people are treated for strokes, ARVI, allergies, diarrhea, depression, nervous tics, convulsions, and other diseases that medicine still cannot explain. However, it is worth adding one missing component - a small man-made factor in the form of mass poisoning - and everything will fall into place.

Gas, food, water.
Cheap, fast, secure.

The murders and extermination of the civilian population before or during the war are crimes against humanity that have no statute of limitations.

the Statute of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg


What is Fascism?

Fascism is the highly dangerous radical religious totalitarian sect which exists in the form of traditional religion organizations, educational companies, personal development firms, psychological assistance, charity, businesses, state organizations, scientific institutes, criminal gangs, and many other forms, using the mimicry as a core operational model for centuries. Thanks to this, fascism was able to penetrate all levels of society with much ease, staying unrecognizable. The goal of fascist organizations and figures is to commit mass murder and obtain financial gain. Everything else - beliefs, ideology, and slogans - is just a way to give some digestible form of communication to society in order to veil the true purpose of existence. The main component of the activity of any fascist organization is to commit mass ritual murder, and to extract maximum financial income from this. Death camps worked according to this model during World War 2, and organizations of the 3rd Reich are working according to the same model now. The victim must not only voluntarily enter the gas chamber, but also pay at his own expense the costs of the killing. It is a critical component of the operating model of a fascist organization.

The genocide pursuing the financial benefits.

Redefine Your World

The fascism has the long-standing history. The Third Reich's military operations, specifically the Crusades, made it famous for centuries. The justification for them is the ambitions of the Roman Catholic Church, striving to achieve extraordinary power, influence, wealth, and ruling rights. The WWII is not an exception. Fascism and the Third Reich are not decrepit ghosts of the past. This is the present, which is becoming the future.

The genuinePhenomena ofFascism.

Longevity. Resistance. Mimicry.

The most awful episodes of the fascism activities through the epoch were the three: mass murders in the death camps, mass murders of civilians, and mass murder of the prisoners of war. Nobody has been accused for these murders following the norm of criminal and international law, and nobody was punished for this. Consequently, those who administered justice within the framework of delegated structures were part of the criminal organization of the 3rd Reich, since it is otherwise impossible to explain the absence of any punishment for the committed atrocities crime.

Fighting atrocity crime.

Nüremberg Ring

This is a project that is dedicated to the revision of the Nuremberg trials, the acquittal of innocently accused, bringing to justice those responsible for committing ritual mass serial murders and war crimes that actually occurred during the era of World War 2, and beyond this historical era in connection with a series of similar crimes - the Crusades of Roman Catholic Church. Obtaining inherited rights such as rights to the Vanguard group, Glencore, and other entities are necessary as part of this project. The 3rd Reich continued its military operations after the official announcement of the end of WWII. We came across these crimes committed by the Third Reich while working on two parts of our portfolio: Hateful Eight and Heritage. The main defendant, who shares similarities with all Hateful Eight and Heritage cases, has been identified through our investigation. This is the business group of the 3rd Reich, consisting of legal entities, private individuals, government organizations, and its allies acting on behalf of the fascist organizations. We were able to incorporate both the Hateful Eight and Heritage into the Nurnberg Trials because of this. This allowed us to retrieve the procedural deadlines and extend them until now without any restrictions regarding the entire crime series. The main criteria to merger the cases was the similarity of the group - organizations and people who committed the crimes, based on the biological and legal ties existing among the members of the criminal community. Many of them were tied by the biological kinship and linked as family members. This organizational model, which is based on the family structure and biological kinship, allows to apply the criteria of genocide crime, and the terrorist criminal activities.

How to Escape Justice

Decriminalization precedent.

Crimes committed during the era of World Wars 1 and 2, namely serial ritual mass murders motivated by religious hatred and enmity, committed with particular cruelty by an organized group of people, are criminalized in the criminal law of almost all civilized states. To bring them to justice, no special instruments were required other than justice performing its functions in accordance with the law. However, following the results of World War I, no such criminal cases were opened at all. And following the results of World War 2, the so-called trials of the Nazis were organized. The created “tribunals” were not created by law, did not make decisions in accordance with the applicable rules of local and international criminal law, and every single one of their decisions had no legal force. The “Nazi trials” ended with several ostentatious verdicts for the public and a series of staged executions. We still have the pleasure of seeing those “executed” among US government officials until now.

The Journey of a Lifetime

We all still in extermination travel until now. Decriminalization of mass ritual serial homicide, decriminalization of especially serious economic crimes, decriminalization of terrorism is the only real result of the trials of the Nazis. Of course, the purpose of these hearings was not to punish the criminals. The purpose of these public proceedings was to reassure the public and to obtain prejudice in order to further commit such crimes with impunity. In Anglo-Saxon and continental law, practice is precedent in nature. Further laws passed by the United States, in particular NAFTA, TTP, the Jackson-Vanick Appeal, the CROOK Act, and others, were based on case law formed by the Nuremberg trials and the trials in the death camps. To free the hands of criminals by decriminalizing the crimes they commit - this was the goal of the Nuremberg trials. Armed with a series of documents that, in the opinion of the criminals, had the nature of prejudice, since no one challenged the legitimacy of the Nuremberg Tribunal and the trials in the camps, the criminals recreated the structure of the 3rd Reich and continued their illegal activities with virtually an indulgence. The Nuremberg Tribunal or other artificial configurations were not required to be convicted of the crimes committed. The local law of the states where the crimes were committed was sufficient to convict the criminals and impose punishment on them.

to decriminalize serial mass homicide and aggravated economic crimes was the task of trials over Nazis.


The criminals who committed aggravated serial mass murders escaped justice after WWII. They have been unpunished for decades, residing in the US, Latin America, and Africa. In Japan, the prosecution did not take place at all. Instead of prosecuting the criminals, the post-war trials were meant to achieve the main conflict's objectives of destroying legal dynasts and misappropriating their ruling rights and assets. Court hearings where death sentences were imposed on the inheritors of dynasties were held in their main hereditary object for these purposes. In this case, a representative of the monarchical dynasty would have to be executed at the place of his main property rights, and this would make it difficult for the other legal heirs to receive them. However, this also played a cruel joke on the main beneficiary of this activity, thanks to such phenomena as the court of chivarly. Hereditary dynasties' representatives were convicted in prison and court by those who were subordinate to them. This allowed them to avoid the actual execution of death sentences. The actual perpetrators of brutal mass ritual murders, including those during the Second World War, have not yet been brought to justice. The Nuremberg Tribunal should be perceived as a process that lacks any connection to justice. This trial initially had the goal of eliminating the main heirs of the dynasties who had the authority to govern Great Britain and Germany within the monarchies, and therefore the British colonies, including those located in the eastern United States.

Common Wealth

After the failure of home justice in Nüremberg, almost all Nazis who murdered more than 100 mln of people escaped to countries around the globe, where many still lived in freedom. The werewolves continue their activity by changing their passports and names. The official end of WWII did not mean the end in reality. During the post-WWII, the 3rd Reich reincarnated. The resources of the 3rd Reich and accumulated killing competencies were continuously used since 1945, pursuing the same objectives - ritual serial mass murders and accumulation of the whole world's wealth into the group of affiliated companies controlled by one beneficiary, Roman Catholic Church and its associates. Like Leviathan containing all the objects of the material world, the 3rd Reich group attempted to collect the Common Wealth - all material world's objects. Common Wealth included businesses, property, land plots, multiple intangible assets, music records, inventions, copyrights, and everything which has value in terms of gold. To collect them, the 3rd Reich used the same methods of human heap leaching as it used to engage during WWII. The main objective was to achieve infinitely great wealth, power, and immortality.


The chilling serial mass murders of the Third Reich, which went down in history as the Holocaust, murders in death camps, the T-4 program, murders during the drug wars, war crimes, were not accidental. In its actions, the Third Reich was guided by religious beliefs that were borrowed from numerous religious cults. For example, the ritual murders of the Guarani tribe, the solar cults of Peru, the cult of the goddess Kali, the cult of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, numerous sects of marginal Christianity, pagan Old Norse cults, satanic sects. In essence, the totality of beliefs and rituals of the 3rd Reich well reflected the period of the Roman Empire, during which it was obligatory to make human sacrifices without fixing the obligation to do so in favor of any specific deity. Sacrificing mattered, but which deity was less important. It was assumed that sacrifices could be made to any god who allowed one to achieve the desired goals - wealth, longevity, prosperity, fertility, military victories and others. The murders were carried out through the development and observance of certain rituals, the implementation of which was supposed to bring the Third Reich benefits that, in their opinion, were inaccessible to everyone else - infinitely great wealth and immortality. This also explains the special commitment to monstrous medical experiments. Together they were also called upon to serve the Third Reich in achieving its goals of everlasting life, boundless authority and unlimited richness.

Totalitarian Inconsistency

By participating in the criminal activities of the 3rd Reich at all stages of its existence, the Christian Church actually confirmed the true values that guide it. The Roman Catholic Church, the headline player in the religious world, under the leadership of dynasties, whose members over the centuries were engaged in the destruction of Jewish temples, the crucifixion of Christ, the genocide of Jews, the mass extermination of the first Christians, the Crusades, one of the last of which was the Second World War with its death camps in which Jews and Christians were brutally exterminated in mass. The belief that the Christian Church professes Christian values is not based on factual circumstances and common sense. In a church where masses are celebrated in the robes of patriarchs by serial killers, committed capital punishments, who are fugitives from justice or listed as dead using forged documents, there is nothing in common not just with the Christian religion, but with basic moral standards. In history, religious associations based on moral standards contrary to the Christian commandments - do not kill, do not steal, do not envy, do not commit adultery, do not deceive - are called satanic religious sects, in which everything is the opposite, starting from the position of the cross, and ending with the content of the fundamental norms of life.

The Resurrection

In the course of its work, BOOST was able to collect a sufficient amount of evidence of the actual restoration of the activities of the 3rd Reich after the announcement of the false surrender of 05/08/1945. This evidence formed the basis for the consolidation of criminal cases within the portfolio of toxic assets that BOOST has on its balance sheet. We publish those materials that can currently be distributed in the public domain on our website. As long as the Third Reich alive and has been conducting its military activity until today, no problem to extend the boundaries of procedural deadlines following the Nuremberg Trial Statute. Discover the most important episodes here.


3rd Reich

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Drug Cartels

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Fake Hares

Break the Barriers

Discover the full face of the atrocity crimes committed by the totalitarian cults. They execute thousands of ritual killings daily. You and your family can become a victim of them, or be involved into the crimes commitment. Be aware to protect yourself and your families, and to escape the criminal activities. Do not be a part of crime! Find the information of the organizations which form the structure of the Third Reich nowadays, and the violent crimes committed with the participation of these companies, including financing of terrorism and hate crime.

"To see the world in the pink glasses means to see it with the excessive optimism. I hope so."

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If you have projects or assets that involve criminal proceedings related to terrorism or war, you have come to the right place. Non-standard assets, work with which is associated with obtaining compensation in such criminal cases, is our specialization.


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