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Toxic Assets


BOOST is the go-to company for managing toxic assets that are beyond the control of their legitimate beneficiaries. Toxic assets act in a harmful and destructive way with regards to society, making it impossible to create moral value. We have a range of customized solutions that are tailored to meet specific needs to convert such businesses, or erase them. Below you may find the explanation how and why did we collect this portfolio. Experience a new level of freedom - dive deeper into our story!

The Meaning of Ragnarøkkr.

Ragnarøkkr is the last battle between good and evil. According to prophets, Ragnarøkkr will lead to the end of the world and the rebirth of the Universe. After Ragnarøkkr, only two humans and a few sons of Odin will give birth to the new generation of life, Ragnarøkkr marks the beginning of a new epoch of the world history.


Stop atrocity crimes of totalitarian cults.

Atrocity crimes do not generally happen suddenly or spontaneously. The processes leading to them take time to unfold — time we should use to act on the warning signs. One of the most common of these signs is the dissemination of hate speech, which spread hostility and encourage people to commit violence against specific communities, often based on their

Plan of Action to prevent Incitement to Violence that Could Lead to Atrocity Crimes. The United Nations.

More Than Meets the Eye

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Redefine sustainability.
For the sake of life.

Totalitarian Cults

Form Follows Function

Educational Organizations

Charity Organizations

Religious sects


Political Parties

Government Authorities

The pretense of having the true doctrine gives to the totalitarian movements their basic character. They are intolerant. They aim at the extirpation of all other doctrines and philosophies. They cannot tolerate any limitation of their claims and their power. Totalitarian movements cannot conceive of realms of life outside and beyond their control; they cannot accept the fact that there are other doctrines or institutions with the right to remain independent, having a dignity and a validity of their own.

Gurian, W. Totalitarian Religions.

Playing Apocalypse Game

All religious fanatics explain the ideology of genocide and the restriction of people's access to education by concern for the future of the population. None of the apocalyptic predictions of religious fanatics have yet come true. And the lifespan of religious fanatics and their average age suggests that they will objectively never experience the apocalypse. However, these apocalyptic predictions allow religious fanatics to profit personally from the moment by gaining short-term advantages in their businesses, spreading misinformation, and manipulating the market. Examples of such cases are statements that milk should be an obligatory part of the human diet, that eating animal protein is absolutely necessary, that cheese is harmful, and margarine is very healthy, and so on. Depending on what religious fanatics need, “completely independent public organizations” founded and controlled by the same religious fanatics, will publish pseudoscientific articles that inspire confidence in ignorant ordinary people, beautiful presentations with pictures that look like trustful scientific research, and other intellectual garbage that has zero scientific evidence. Only well-educated people can filter this array of lies published for the purpose of making money from deception by “predictors of the Apocalypse.”

Empower your knowledge!

The Inquisition was a powerful army created by the Catholic Church, which, under the guise of eradicating and punishing heresy throughout Europe and America, committed mass atrocities crimes and ritual murders - mass burnings, brutal torture and maltreatment. Heresy meant not only disagreement with the dogmas of the church, but also scientific research, including medicine. Beginning in the 12th century and continuing for hundreds of years, the Inquisition was notorious for its brutal torture and persecution of Jews. It is difficult not to recognize the Third Reich and its death camps behind this description. Actually, the characters remained the same. One of the first events with which the reincarnation of the Order of the Crusaders began its activities in the 20th century was the destruction of libraries and the mass burning of books. For 800 years, the methods of the Roman Catholic Church, which has its roots in Spain, have not changed. This explains both the ethnic characteristics of the murders committed in the death camps during the Second World War, and the structure of the exterminated people - the population of the European part of Eurasia, including Russia, the intelligentsia, scientists, and aristocracy.

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There feeds he full

on the flesh of the dead,
and the home of the gods

he reddens with gore;
Dark grows the sun,

and in summer soon
Come mighty storms: would you know yet more?

41, Völuspá, Edda Sæmundar.​​

Historical Evidence

There are many historical sources, including modern ones, which together contain similar indications of the possibility and probability of Ragnarøkkr. Many historical events, if you delve deeply enough into the details, contain already fulfilled prophecies about Ragnarøkkr. The culture of the 3rd Reich to some extent included representatives of dynasties whose worldview was based on Old Norse mythology. Having studied quite thoroughly the activities of the 3rd Reich during the era of World Wars 1 and 2, we found out that the development of these historical events was based mainly on two historical sources. They are the "Apocalypse" of John the Evangelist, and Völuspá, Edda Sæmundar of Snorri Sturluson. No matter whether these events were staged or whether they happened by chance, regardless of the will and desire of their participants. The fact remains that the events described in these sources actually happened. Therefore, there is a high probability that others will happen.

Resurrection of the Third Reich

During the regular asset management process applying for the portfolio of toxic assets that BOOST had accumulated on its balance sheet, we discovered very deep and old historical background of all cases acquired by the BOOST. As it was explored, all these cases had nothing in common with hostile takeovers. The first reason for that was the persons who communicated as the victim - the legal owner of the assets - was not a legal owner of it. For example, the Bananamama company was a part of the business structure of the drug cartels and the business group of the 3rd Reich. During the investigation, we discovered that the 3rd Reich is alive, and continues its military operation.

The Roots of the War

Dynastic conflict.

The main reason for the events that went down in history with the name World War 2 was the old dynastic conflict of monarchical dynasties and low-bar nobility that controlled the Roman Catholic Church. The conflict led to the very powerful territorial and economic consequences. The origins of this conflict lie long before World War II itself, and ignorance of its existence does not allow the absolute majority, who form public opinion and value judgments in the field of world history, to speak sensibly and objectively about the historical and political events of the 17th-21st centuries.

Passionate desire to acquire someone else's power and property.

“Now Garm howls loud

before Gnipahellir,
The fetters will burst,

and the wolf run free;
Much do I know,

and more can see
Of the fate of the gods,

the mighty in fight."

44, Völuspá, Edda Sæmundar.​​

Toxic Assets

The historical background and fundamental causes of the events that led to the emergence of such a category of non-standard assets as toxic have their roots in the events described in the Old Norse sagas. Since the events of the Second World War are based on a dynastic conflict stretching through centuries, all the projects that were on the balance sheet of BOOST as part of the investigative actions were combined with the events of the Second World War, qualified within the framework of criminal proceedings. Since the study of historical reasons in this process went very far to establish the full series of crimes, we, of course, did not get to Adam and Eve, but we had to get to the bottom of the Old Icelandic sagas and the genealogies of the sons of Odin. Since, according to the sagas, the sons of Odin will eventually enter into an open duel to end forever the conflict once started, and this duel is called Ragnarok, then all projects in the “Toxic Assets” category that are on the balance sheet of BOOST are united under this name.

The ideology of totalitarian cult is a just a way to justify the crime.


At BOOST, we work relentlessly to uncover the truth behind unlawful inheritance property loss and investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the testators. Our recent projects demonstrate our commitment to providing justice to those who have been wronged. Learn more about our work and how we can help you. Read more>>

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Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight crimes have inflicted immeasurable harm on individuals and communities. BOOST is focused on investigating and prosecuting these crimes to the fullest extent possible. Our recent projects have produced significant results, but there is still much work to be done. Learn more about our efforts and how you can support our mission. Read more>>


Nüremberg Ring

As we continue our work, we remain dedicated to uncovering the complete truth about the Third Reich and the horrific crimes that were committed. Our projects are aimed at bringing a new understanding to the legal processes used during this time and ensuring that future generations never forget the lessons learned from this dark period in history. Read more>>

You waited fight?
We brought the war.

Movie Making

At BOOST, we have a proven track record of turning pool of scattered outdated toxic assets or collectibles into consolidated valuable investments. By gathering, analyzing, and building portfolios of toxic assets, we help our clients dramatically increase equity value and extract cash. Visit our Movie Making page to see how our approach can help you maximize the value of your assets.


“Brothers shall fight

and fell each other,
And sisters' sons

shall kinship stain;
Hard is it on earth,

with mighty whoredom;
Axe-time, sword-time,

shields are sundered,
Wind-time, wolf-time,

ere the world falls;
Nor ever shall men

each other spare."

45, Völuspá, Edda Sæmundar.​​

Sustainable Genocide

For centuries, humanity has been under the influence of religious sects promoting the Apocalypse. The sect does not limit itself to propaganda, periodically reproducing epic scenes from various literary and historical sources. The leitmotif of the activities of sects is the deprivation of humanity’s ability to reproduce and develop, and the appropriation of the property of the murdered sect members. The most striking mark in history was left by the Crusades, an example of which is the activities of the so-called Nazi Germany in the mass extermination of people and genocide in Turkey. But the remarkable Crusade of the 20th century did not stop in 1945. It continued further in India by the organization of the mass sterilization camps, Cold War, Vietnamese War and others military agressions. The most fresh example is the slogans of the "Club of Rome," "Carnegie Endownment," and others fanatics promoting the misinformation about the no way of humanity development except genocide and refusal of consumption and development.

corpses in the church pink serial murderers pope nazis _edited.jpg

Soul Catchers

Propaganda of the apocalypse and the need for self-destruction, self-restraint, refusal of reproduction, consumption and development - this is the main message of any totalitarian sect. For centuries, gullible and ignorant ordinary people cut off their genitals “in the name of spiritual enlightenment,” subjected themselves to voluntary suicide in the form of burning alive or drowning, and performed other equally brutal and monstrous acts in the name of obtaining the promised “guru” of the sect of future salvation. We must not forget that the guru never took part in these events, watching as his gullible flock engaged in self-harm and mass suicide.

According to Llorente, the official historian of the Inquisition, the total number of “heretics” burned just in Spain between 1412 and 1808 totaled nearly 32,000. Llorente adds that another 300,000 were put on trial. About 125000 were died as a result of torture or maltreatment. The inquisition also practiced the vanity fires, when the belongings of noble people were burned

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Are you a sect member?

It's time to say them FCKU! They do not bother about your success and spiritual health, or the future of the humanity. They just need your money, our your corpse! You cannot recognize, are you a sect member or not? It is normal.All totalitarian sects follow the rule of mimicry, so their members often even do not know whether they are sect members or not. The sect can be your employer, business partner, vendor, educational organization, alumni association, university fraternities, charity fund, and many other types of private or public communities. Check the main features of the totalitarian cult to decide - are you in trouble our not. Reach beyond limits to live happy life!

terrorists in the church pink.jpg

Take Your Life Back!

Transform your path!

Totalitarian cults very easily attract new adherents into their midst. It should be remembered that entry into the sect is very easy, and exit in most cases is impossible, as it threatens death. The seriousness of the consequences at the stage of entering the sect is not clear to the future adherent. It is obvious that such organizations to attract new members at the acquaintance stage are presented as innocent, sweet friends who sincerely want only the best, to help the poor lost sheep achieve unprecedented success in life. There are many signs by which you can immediately determine that you have problems - you are already in a sect, or you are being drawn into a sect. These signs will immediately alert any professional involved in counter-terrorism activities, but are not at all obvious to the average person. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the 4 main characteristics that totalitarian organizations have. The most important one is the invented language. All these cute, at first glance innocent, and funny words, their own special language, which always appears in the sect, the manner of addressing oneself always in the masculine gender, this is especially characteristic of the sects of Scientologists, Lifespring, Eunuchs, Business Youth, and others - in there is nothing funny or cute about this. These are words that serve to depersonalize adherents and create a new base of conditioned reflexes.


The discrepancy between the declared goals and principles and actual deeds is the main distinctive trait of totalitarian sects. By declaring the commandment “thou shalt not kill,” a totalitarian sect easily commits the act of murder, justifying it with “higher interests.” This applies to people, animals, and objects of the living environment.

Invented Language

This invented language “is not for everyone” is needed to fix the adherents of the sect on certain rituals that cause emotional support for communication - the feeling that the adherent is in the family, among his close people. For this reason, cult adherents either leave their families "because of my family does not understand me" to join the sect, or involve their entire family in the sect. To break the ordinary environment of the adepts - is the main target of the invented language, making the sect the only place where the adept finds understanding.


Intolerance to other points of view, and the absence of logically sound and scientifically substantiated arguments confirming the correctness of the tenets of the totalitarian cult is its characteristic feature. There is no objective confirmation of the legends that are propagated by cult leaders as the fundamental dogmas of the existence of the cult. The main emphasis to gain trust is on emotions and methods of psychological manipulation, including cultivating a sense of guilt in adherents through constant confession.


In any totalitarian organization there are many prohibitions that are not based on any logical or scientific arguments. As a rule, prohibitions serve to remove an adherent from society and replace his communication environment only with members of the sect. Prohibitions typically include requirements regarding food, sex, entertainment, speech, socializing, reading, education, and receiving medical procedures. For example, the sect of eunuchs required its members to cut off their genitals in order to abstain from sexual activity.

What should you do if you find all 4 signs in the organization you belong to? Get out immediately.

Ignorance. Unawareness. No education.

According to statistics, the smallest number of children per family occurs in families where both spouses have higher education and high income. The higher the level of awareness, education, and income, the more responsible people are about procreation and their own consumption. And vice versa - in the absence of education, and in the absence of sufficient sources of income, families have the highest birth rate. In such families, issues of procreation and lifestyle are regulated by primitive ideas. It is in such economies that there are early marriages with girls, the problem of rape, and a distortion in the understanding of the traditional role of men in society. The presentation of the problem by religious fanatics looks completely different from what it really is. To retain illegally obtained property and power, religious fanatics use all available means to restrict the population’s access to education and reliable information. Otherwise, the complete inconsistency of the theories of religious fanatics and the true reasons for their appearance would become obvious to everyone. Ignorance, unawareness, and misinformation are the best friends of religious sects for inciting discord, justifying terrorism, hatred and enmity.

Education makes free.

Make Impact!

Access to knowledge.

BOOST conducts only impact investing project, redefining the sustainability as the life saving process, which shall promote the ongoing development of humanity in the context of knowledge, technology, and ethics. As an important part of this initiative, we develop the free educational multilingual projects accessible to everyone. Education empowers the growth of intelligence, changes the beliefs and attitudes in the society to make humanity acknowledged, responsible, smart, and peaceful. BOOST offers the special services to support companies and state organizations on their way to the cruelty-free sustainable development.

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