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Ignite your vision of portfolio management! Our asset management services are designed to help you navigate the complex legal issues surrounding inherited assets. Our experienced team will work with you to get actual and legal control over your ancestors' assets, and ensure that their last wishes are carried out. We take pride in protecting the rights of the dead, and in cases of murder, we will provide appropriate support of legal prosecution.

The Lord of the Rings.

The portfolio of assets managed by BOOST includes the rights and obligations of the heirs of monarchical dynasties. This volume of assets includes things that go far beyond the usual concepts of inheritance. Of course, real estate, land, jewelry, businesses, shares, art objects are of great value. But even greater value and burden are the inheritance rights associated with territorial claims, monarchical titles, and settlement of the results of military conflicts. Not everyone can bear such a burden. However, BOOST is a company that it manages to carry, despite the risks involved and the complexity of the processes.

The Third Reich & Vanguard.


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Craft the Destiny

BOOST has on balance the full range of non-standard assets as a result of the multiple hereditary rights. Among many, they include such extraordinary items as the Gold of the Third Reich, drug cartels, assets of multiple organized criminal groups, royal trusts, and the cherry on pie - the Vanguard Group. These assets are not the Jackpot in the lottery, as they are supplemented by the heavy burden of complicated cross obligations.

Drug cartel is not Leprechaun's pot.

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A large part of the heritage property consists of buildings, land plots, certain territories, estates, and palaces. This property is either used by persons who illegally took control over assets. Many items exist in a ruined condition and suffer ongoing deterioration. Nominal owners who have seized property illegally do not take actions to handle the stolen property and maintain it. Control of property by its current illegal owners was obtained through the killing of its rightful owners. Some of the objects were simply burned, and in some cases, along with the owners of the property.


Fine Art

Many works of fine art were stolen and illegally exported in the post-revolutionary period. The rest were stolen and collected in various museums in Russia and abroad. Museums and galleries are now displaying these stolen works of art, made up of family portraits and possessions, as if they were their own, calling them "the public domain." Control of this "public property" was taken from its rightful owners through their massacres and through particularly aggravated ritual serial massacres. During the wars of 1812, the First and Second World Wars, France and Germany illegally seized and removed from Russia many objects of art and worship. Stolen fine art represents a significant portion of the 3rd Reich's assets from assassinations, war crimes, theft, looting and terrorism.

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As part of the hereditary property, titles and the rights associated with them also pass by inheritance. The exclusion of legitimate heirs of titles from the order of management, state governing, gaining access to property, and other benefits of a tangible and intangible nature was also carried out with the help of murders, fraud, falsification of documents, destruction of archives, destruction and desecration of the graves of deceased testators to hide reference DNA samples.


Unique Objects

Among the unique objects included in the scope of the heritage project, there are unique intellectual property, inventions, archives, chronicles, sagas, intangible assets, religious objects including spear of fate, imperial kleinods, sword of the King Arthur, icons, items in the form of physical objects used during the crucifixion of Christ or by Jesus Christ during his lifetime, in particular - a bowl of which Christ drank at the Last Supper - Holy Grail Cup.

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Since Hermann Gœring and John Bogle are the same person, the Vanguard group is wholly included in the heritage of the beneficiary of BOOST Meggi Bogle, who is the great-granddaughter of Hermann Goering. A major part of Vanguard operations includes the Glencore Group, the corporate and sovereign debt of the USA, the Third Reich, assets of the Roman Catholic Church and its affiliate Cosa Nostra clan, and the drug cartels: Sinaloa, Medelien, Los Zetas. According to the law, this exotic property is inherited on a general basis.

Make a Leap Beyond the Edge!

According to the opinion of the absolute majority, a large inheritance is a great happiness, which brings pleasant emotions, big money, and the absence of problems. People are sure that receiving a large legacy is like winning the lottery - hitting a big jackpot that will immediately solve all life's problems. We don't think so.

I See a Man Sitting on a Chair, and the Chair is Biting His Leg.

Robert Scheckley.

This happiness is not for everyone.

To take legacy assets in an alternative investment portfolio from virtual and hypothetical to real property and money, BOOST used the same principles as when working with the Hateful Eight project. Understanding the circumstances of the death of each of the testators and the lines of inheritance, it was discovered that the deaths of the testators were violent in nature, and that after their murder, the property passed to the same group of people who committed the crimes identified within the Hateful Eight project. This made it possible to identify one series of crimes, which ultimately formed a new independent case called Nuremberg Ring, the subject of which is cumulative rights and obligations in connection with the activities of the 3rd Reich. In this section you can familiarize yourself with some of the important episodes that served as the basis for combining criminal cases and projects. The crucial point was the murder of John Bogle.

Corpses. Obligations. Weapon. Drugs. US Debt.

Drug Cartels

Russian Church


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Let’s Work Together!

If you have additional information about any of the cases described on this site or information about the illegal receipt and use of property included in the inheritance estate, the rights to which are on the balance sheet of BOOST, please contact us. We guarantee confidentiality and adherence to the principle of "do no harm." Share with us the information you have - eyewitness accounts, documents, photographs, and other evidence. This can greatly assist in restoring the rights of rightful owners and bringing criminals to justice. You can also use the feedback form below, or utilize social media as messengers.

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